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Golf Dress Code

Dress Code at La Cala Resort


  • All caps with a peak must be worn with the peak at the front.
  • All recognised and accepted golfing headwear are accepted.


  • Golf Shirts must have collars, with either long or short sleeves.
  • Shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times.
  • Rugby/football shirts are prohibited, as are any shirts carrying logos, slogans, numbers or illustrations on apparel that are not golf related.
  • Ladies must conform to the essence, spirit and intent of the dress code.
  • Please note that collarless shirts/tops must have sleeves and sleeveless shirts/tops must have collars and must have a modest neck line (no more than 10 cm below the neck).
  • Halter tops and Tank tops are not permitted.

Long Trousers

  • Must be tailored and appropriate for golf.
  • All types or colour of denim, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, combat trousers (multiple pockets), cut-offs or tracksuits are strictly prohibited.


  • Tailored Bermuda shorts (no patch pockets – these will typically have 2 side pockets and up to 2 rear pockets) may be worn subject to being not below the knee or more than 10 cm above the knee.
  • Short shorts, training shorts and athletic shorts are not permitted.
  • Trousers/slacks, tailored Bermuda shorts and golf skirts/culottes are permitted. Shorts that are deemed excessively short (hot pants) are not permitted.


  • Shorts must be worn with socks, which, if long (Knee-length) must be of a single plain colour.
  • Short socks must be of an appropriate sports style.


  • Shoes designed for the purpose of playing golf with Soft Spikes only are permitted.
  • No sandals or open toe footwear of any variety is permitted.


  • These rules apply to all golfers, as well as to caddies and any visitors accompanying golfers.
  • Persons not appropriately dressed will not be permitted access to the course.
  • This policy also extends to the Golf Academy, driving range and club house practice areas.
  • The dress code will be strictly enforced at all times.
  • All members of the La Cala Golf Staff are authorised to insist that any golfer whose attire does not comply with the dress code must leave the course.
  • The team have been instructed not to permit any exceptions to this rule.
  • Golfers that are uncooperative or abusive to staff will be asked to leave the area of the golf, and may be subject to suspension.