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Body Therapy


Swedish Massage.

Is a relaxing tissue massage of medium pressure to aid relaxation, stimulate circulation and assists in detoxifying the body. This treatment alleviates aches and pains in addition to keeping muscles supple.

Swedish Full Body Massage/ Back, Neck and Shoulder (55 minutes) €65
Swedish Full Body Massage (80 minutes) €90

Deep Tissue Massage

Is a massage treatment specifically targeted at deeper lying muscle groups. This treatment stimulates circulation, assists lymphatic drainage and oxygenates stagnant tissues.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage (50 min) €75
Back Massage (25 min) €35
Back Massage (40 min) €45


Lymphatic drainage is accomplished by gentle, rhythmic massage following the direction of lymph flow. Mild stretching movements are used on the walls of lymph collectors to redirect the flow away from blocked areas.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (55 min) €75


Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, is focused on maximizing quality of life and movement.
When function is diminished by age, injury, or the environment. Physiotherapy helps restore and develop the movements.
Includes (maso-therapy, bandages, taping, stretching or massage if necessary).

Session (45 min) €45
Session (60 min) €65
Sport Massage (55 min) €70


Indian Head massage

Is an uplifting treatment working on the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face. This particular form of massage can be used to relieve eyestrain, insomnia, migraines, stiff necks and shoulders and headaches. It also relaxes and tones the facial muscles and stimulates and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Indian Head massage (25 min) €35

Foot Reflexology

Is a holistic method of stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet .In the absence of any particular malady or abnormality, reflexology is effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness and it also releases symptoms of stress.

Foot Reflexology (40 min) €45