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Treatments for men

More and more men are realizing the benefits that Spa treatments offer for de-stressing, energize, pamper and cleanse the body and mind. Although most of our treatments are suitable for men and women, here you will find detailed those especially for male needs.


Facial dermalogica

Deep cleansing regenerating Facial, the perfect skin preparation especially designed for men.

Facial dermalogica (60 min) €75

Aromatic Salt Exfoliation

An aromatic oil and salt scrub,  leaving skin deeply nourished, smoothed and hydrated.

Aromatic Salt Exfoliation (25 min) €39


Indian Head Massage

An uplifting treatment working on the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face. Can be used to relieve eyestrain, insomnia, migraines, stiff necks and shoulders and headaches. Also relaxes & tones the facial muscles and stimulates and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Indian Head Massage (25 min) €35

After Golf Back Therapy

A self-heating marine mineral mud treatment for the back, neck and shoulders designed to release tension and combat tight muscles. The feet and lower legs are carefully massaged to improve circulation allowing a powerful sense of wellbeing.

After Golf Back Therapy (55 min) €69


Waxing for men

Say goodbye to undesired hair on specific parts of your body. Men back or chest.

Waxing for men Ask for price

Foot Reflexology

Stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet this treatment is effective for promoting good health.

Foot Reflexology (40 min) €45


Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap

A detoxifying, slimming and energy boosting treatment, this envelopment begins with gentle exfoliation to boost circulation combined with seaweed extracts to harness the powerful cleansing and re-mineralizing benefits of the ocean.This natural seaweed re-metabolizes the body to efficiently kick start and maintain the elimination of toxins and waste. An essential body treatment to support a detox or weight management program.

Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap (55 min) €75

Traditional Hot Towel Shave

Traditional Hot Towel ShaveThis includes the application of two steaming hot towels enriched in Lemon Grass essential oil, Dermalogica calming serum and an undercoat cream, brushed on with a pure badger hair brush. The ritual is then finished with a tepid towel, a face massage and finally a deep moisturizing cream to feel revitalized and refreshed.

Traditional Hot Towel Shave (45 min) €25