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La Cala Spa

Due to necessary annual maintenance works, the spa will remain closed from November 27th to December 3rd 2017 (both inclusive).

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

La Cala Spa, your natural retreat on the Costa del Sol

La Cala Spa will bring you the healing power of nature to harmonize your spirit. We believe that when the body and soul are in balance; the person is wrapped in a positive energy cloud that makes every day enjoyable. And this is simply the memory that we want you to take with you after your stay with us.

La Cala Spa is full of natural light, totally immersed in a breathtaking landscape surrounded by plenty of manicured green gardens, trees and a variety of indigenous plants. The combination of the enchanting scenery viewed through the large glass walls, the selected music and our signature aroma will immediately relax your mind.

Our Spa installations are especially designed to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed, while enjoying the unpolluted and peaceful ambiance.

All of our Spa team is trained to professionally deliver the benefits of our natural products through specially designed protocols, holistic massages and treatments.