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Weather in Mijas

Weather in Mijas

Due to Mijas’ proximity to the warm Mediterranean Sea, there is hardly any frost in the mild winters neither extreme heat in the dry summers.

Yearly Weather in Mijas

The temperatures settle on an average of 18°C throughout the year. With less than 600 mm of rainfall, which mainly occurs between November and March, Mijas prides itself with 2920 hours and approximately 320 days of sunshine a year.

The Sierra Blanca mountain range protects Mijas from the worst weather and extreme elements.


Spring: brings along nice temperatures with mild breezes, but the sea takes time to catch up.

Summer: the hottest months are June, July and August with temperatures around 30°C, 11 hours of sunshine and 15 hours of daylight every day and a maximum of 3 days with rain per month. August is the hottest month and it can get up to 40°C. Cooling breezes make the heat more bearable. The sea temperature settles around 23°C.

Autumn: is very mild, with even still some hot days. The sea remains warm and you can still swim well into October. Occasional plenty of rain and storm can occur.

Autum/winter: the coolest months are November to March with temperatures around 13°C and an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day. A number of 12 days with some rainfall can occur, with a monthly maximum of 90 mm of precipitation. The sea temperature levels at about 14°C.