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Tiger Wood’s exploits in the Costa del Sol

16 June 2017

When Woods first visited the Costa del Sol, Couples sent him a message pretending to be a blonde who was pursuing him and waiting for him at the golf course.


Nine recommended tourist attractions for golfers who choose to stay at La Cala Resort

6 June 2017

The Costa del Sol is one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations, and not just for golf. Every year, over twenty million visitors flock to the region of Andalusia, Spaniards and foreigners alike, drawn to its multiple attractions.

One ideal place for discovering the whole of the Costa del Sol, thanks to its handy location and proximity to the airport (just fifteen minutes away), is La Cala Resort, with its four golf courses, hotel and spa.

For golfers who wish to make the most of their free time after finishing a round of golf (or for partners who do not wish to play), we have suggested ten day trips you can enjoy during your stay at the resort:


If you do not have Seve’s talent, learn golf at an academy

21 October 2016

From the beginning, it is essential to be taught by a good golf teaching professional in order to convert our natural swing into a movement that has no flaws or defects and which allows us to make progress more quickly and effectively to our game.


Unless one has the inherent gift of genius like those have been bestowed on some sporting treasures and unrepeatable figures in world sport, such as Severiano Ballesteros; it will be very difficult in a sport like golf, to forge a career – even a small one – without the help of a teaching professional.

And there are sports in which it is very difficult to be self-taught, especially those which require the use of additional ‘tools’ to develop your skills.

Golf is typical in this sense, although you can also try to emulate Seve and many other great Spanish players from that era and earlier (Piñero, Cañizares, Rivero, Garrido …) who developed their skills mainly from working as caddies and teaching themselves, based on observation and practice and, if they were lucky, some advice from the most experienced golfers. In those harsh economic times in Spain, they had instinct, talent and the desire to build a future in the world of golf.

Their natural swing carried them very far, but those days are far behind now, and it keeps getting harder and harder in Spain, to hire the services of a caddie, simply because they have become a rare and endangered species. And if you do find them, they are so different from those from half a century ago, who were trying to make a living by bringing home a few pesetas to help the struggling family economy.

Times change as does the way in which golf is taught. The number of golf fans in Spain has grown enormously in recent decades and there are now approximately 300,000 amateur federated players. To meet the demand for golf lessons, the presence of golf academies has grown, with many of them now equipped with modern technological swing analysis equipment.


Benefits for golfers of using a spa

6 October 2016

To prevent technical errors and bad body posture that may result at the very least in muscle discomfort, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a good golf teaching professional.


Controversy surrounds the origin of the word spa. According to some scholars of this subject, it comes from the Belgian town Spa, known for its thermal baths and excellent natural baths since Roman times, and as mentioned by Pliny the Elder in ‘Naturalis Historia’ in the first century of our age. According to another version, the term is actually the acronym SPA: salus per aquam or Sanitas per aquam (health through water), as this was a deeply rooted concept in Roman culture, which was famous for its hot springs.

Either way, the ancient Roman & Arab baths have been transformed today into modern spas, those establishments where water works wonders on the body and mind. And it is precisely these two elements that come into play in a sport as complicated and enjoyable as golf.
The benefits provided to anyone by a spa are numerous and irrefutable. Pools, hot tubs, whirlpools, water jets, sauna, steam …, all forms contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing.

Although it could be applied generally to all people, spas have additional benefits to golfers, who, by the very nature of the sport, are forced to adopt awkward postures and make sudden rotations. The repetition of movements always on the same side of the body generates imbalances in the muscle groups. The abruptness of one’s own impact against the ball and the vibration it generates pose a risk to the entire musculoskeletal system. Most injuries in the golf world are caused by overloads affecting especially the shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back and knees.

Not swinging properly, using equipment that is not adapted to the characteristics of the golfer and not warming up sufficiently are all very important factors in the development of muscle ailments that could eventually result in injury if not treated in time.


The most dangerous golf courses in the world

20 September 2016

Floods have carried sharks to a lake at a course in Australia, which takes advantage of this peculiar visitor as a tourist attraction


There are many more dangerous situations, apart from hitting another player with your golf ball. For example, let’s have a look at the golf course which Sports Illustrated has dubbed “the most dangerous place in the world”. This is the Bonifas Course and it is situated just 400 meters south of the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, in Panmunjom.

This is a unique golf course as it only has one hole, a par 3 of 175 meters, just for the enjoyment of the United Nations Command (UNC) stationed there, and which consists of a few hundred military personnel.

The danger with this peculiar short course, whose name honours an American captain killed by North Korean soldiers when a tree was removed which blocked the vision of two observation posts, does not lie in the threat of a North Korean attack in the event that President Kim Jong-un may wake up in a bad mood one morning … but by the amount of land mines which are situated around the golf course.

“Danger! Do not attempt to retrieve balls from the rough. Active Mines” Players who risk venturing around the golf course know exactly what the risks are. Do not expect to find perfectly presented and well maintained grass, although the green is always a lovely emerald colour, not thanks to the green keeper, but because it is artificial lawn. (more…)

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