Aesthetic Area Promotion

Get your appointment with Dr. Campos this Tuesday October 30th…
at La Cala Spa

Free personal consultation
As a special promotion, his team will be offering a micro-needling treatment for a very special price this day only.

This revolutionary therapy clears away blemishes and fine lines, includes a nutrient-rich facial infusion and personal consultation with Dr Campos’ medical staff, and for this special event is priced at just €80.

If you’d like to show off soft, beautiful skin ~ free of marks and imperfections ~ with no large pores or undesirable little wrinkle lines, La Cala Spa has the perfect solution. Discover the revolutionary mesotherapy treatment of Dérmica’s GOLD PEN.

Various electronic systems have been developed to maximize the nutrition and hydration of the skin, with the latest generation of techniques employing microchanneling to allow vitamins, minerals and other bioactive agents to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers.

A process known as Microneedling is now revolutionizing the aesthetic world. This technique not only achieves superior penetration of the active principles needed for the skin to remain young and healthy, but also provokes a natural cellular reaction that stimulates the immediate production of collagen and enhances elasticity within the skin. All of these benefits multiply the effects that a patient looks for in Mesotherapy treatments.

YOU CAN SLOW THE BIOLOGICAL CLOCK AND DISCOVER THE SKIN HIDING WITHIN BY BOOKING A GOLD PEN MICRONEEDLING TREATMENT FROM DERMICA. Doctor Campos’ team will be at La Cala Spa on Tuesday, October 30th to offer this treatment for just 80€ per session. Also this day, the team will give free personalized consultations.

Aesthetic Medicine Area at La Cala Spa