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Newsletter April 2015

Oh, to be in England now that Spring is here.

By no means an original statement but how true it proved for Lilian and I. A whole month away from La Cala and blessed with good weather throughout. Aubretia, daffodils in profusion, tulips, and rightly protected primroses brightening the hedgerows and colouring the landscape. Wonderful magnolia trees in full bloom, and early blossom everywhere. No golf though! No trips into London either this time. Now heaving with a population of 8.6 million, 38% of whom were born abroad, the capital has less attraction these days.

Members Newsletter April 2015
Members Newsletter April 2015
Members Newsletter April 2015
Members Newsletter April 2015
Members Newsletter April 2015

Nor has there been much forthcoming in the way of anecdotes, scandal, or comment on special golfing achievements at La Cala. In fact, apart from the scores there has been virtually nothing! Nor, at this stage, do I know whether there will be any photos so this issue could well set some sort of record in terms of brevity. However, having just taken a self imposed dose of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy which, the label says, gives you focus and productivity, let´s see what can be done for the April issue.

Texas Rainbow Easter Scramble, Sunday 5th

  • 1st 59.3 Linda Jackson, Jill Davies, John Mills, Cees Lagerwerf
  • 2nd 59.4 Les Wicks, Libby Robinson, Matti Kaarnakari, Heimo Kupsu
  • 3rd 60.1 Dean Moore, Elizabeth Lagerwerf, Danny Rees, Roy Davies
  • 4th 60.7 Gordon Edwards, Carol Rees, Ray Clarke (three person team)

Unsubstantiated reports have it that “copious amounts of wine” were consumed along with the tapas provided after play finished.

There appears to have been some confusion over who was nearest the pin on the designated par 3, caused because the marker was moved to allow putting – and not put back. Organiser and Lady Captain Sonya used her discretion in awarding a sleeve of balls to both Jenny Chesterton and guest Tina Eugstrom, together with a chocolate Easter Bunny. Other winners of The Two’s were similarly rewarded. A nice traditional touch, although the religious significance of Brer Rabbit has always been less than clear?

Stableford Competition. Tuesday 7th


  • 1st 36 Val Wicks
  • 2nd 36 Ann Mills on handicap
  • 3rd 34 Anna Edstrom


  • 1st 43 Alan Jewett
  • 2nd 38 Brian Farmer
  • 3rd 37 Peter Hannam

From a distance this looks like a great showing by Alan for which he was duly cut 1.7 bringing him down to a handicap which son Sean will find a spur for his already considerable talent.

Bramble. Sunday 12th

  • 1st 102 Peter Penny, Pearl Fisher, Preben Post, Peter Robinson
  • 2nd 101 Jill Davis, Libby Robinson, Michael Dawson, Bill Field
  • 3rd 96 David Gilchrist, Louis Lentelink, Loraine Murphy (only 3 in team)
  • 4th 95 David Moody, Cathy, Gulya, David Bottomed (only 3 in team)

The Cudeca Cup

This traditional event is not until June 27th but already Jenny Chesterton has started collecting what she calls “shrapnel coins” which, roughly translated, means any loose change you might otherwise put in a busker’s cap, or in a giant bottle on the bar of a pub. When you see her please re-direct such coins, as often as you can! Or collect them at home and then hand them over. It’s amazing how they add up. Last year she raised 127 euros and is looking to improve on that this time. With your help.

Rumours have been heard of Radio and/or Tv Coverage so come groomed and ready to be interviewed!

March Issue

There were two errors. Neither world shattering. The heading “March in Action” was omitted. The people seen swinging clubs in various styles were not connected with those returning from South Africa, as it may have appeared.

The weight of newly born Auriel was not, as stated, 8130 gms., a figure I passed on in good faith but without checking the arithmetic. Although a healthy child it would have set some sort of precedent, I suspect, even in Peru, to be 17.88 lbs at birth. Interesting that the little being has already been mentioned in two issues already, yet probably hasn’t even swung a club yet? Although Grandad David is there and we all know what he is like with his videos, DVD’s, and ever changing swing techniques?

Members Newsletter April 2015
Keep your stomach in. Grip softly with your left hand.

Medal. Tuesday 14th . America


  • 1st 71 Sonya Foster
  • 2nd 72 Irene Grek
  • 3rd 72 Yvonne Post on handicap

As Sonya has already qualified for the Medal Play-offs Irene thus also looks forward to a special day.


  • 1st 69 Arthur O’Connor
  • 2nd 71 George Kirk
  • 3rd 72 Chris Slattery

It is pleasing to see Arthur doing well. Makes me feel marginally better about losing to him in the singles. I was hoping for a Snoopy v The Red Dragon result but it was not to be.

Waltz (1-2-3). Sunday 19th

  • 1st 84 Jill Davies, Felima O’Callaghan, Brian Farmer, Peter Penney
  • 2nd 83 Carol Rees, Dean Moore, Yvonne Prost, John Mills
  • 3rd 81 Ria Van Wershoven, Peter Robinson, David Lansdowne, Preben Post

Resumption delayed

Time in Liphook went swiftly and demandingly thanks to the usual TO DO list which took us to some interesting places. Like

Members Newsletter April 2015

Then the week in the Algarve passed by with a somewhat different schedule. One which even allowed for a round of golf at last. My right foot is still far from right but who could resist the chance to play San Lorenzo again? One of my favourite courses. Scenic, lots of water, bird life galore, flat, and challenging. Still rated very highly in the Euro list of courses, and deservedly so. The Portuguese “holiday” delayed our return to La Cala and embraced Lilian’s 80th., birthday which, at her understandable request, was quietly celebrated with friends from way back when and of similar vintage.

However, the reason I shall be quite pleased when this issue has been put to bed, is that I started it on the Dell in Liphook and, without thinking properly, assumed it would be on the Mac here. It wasn’t! Silly me. Fortunately I ran off a hard copy which, I guess, I now have to scan into the Apple?
Anyway, back to work.

Ladies La Liga v Guadalhorce

Having been trounced 6-0 in the away match, back in March, our Ladies were thirsting for revenge when the teams faced up again on April 29th. Thanks to Carol Rees, Karen O’Connor, Lotta Syversen and Ritva Hagglund, this was achieved 4 games to 2. Early days yet but already a bit of catching up to do.

Accent on the social?

Whilst Lilian was moving from one decade to the next our Lady members were meeting up for their monthly gathering, the brief report on which yet again includes the phrase “and the wine flowed”. This may explain why the only picture available is somewhat blurred?

Members Newsletter April 2015

Competition took the form of a Bramble which was won by Sonya Foster, Wendy Hinds, Lisa Lindstrom and Mary Evans “with a wonderful score”. What it was is not known!! Libby and Shirley won prizes for the best total scores on the par 3’s. A highly commendable 17 points each from just 5 holes. Joy Garvey was punished for returning an untidy scorecard and got a packet of erasers, whilst Wendy Warren won a bucket & spade for being in the most bunkers.

Important note for the next wine tasting

The Ladies Social Day will break with tradition and be held earlier than usual this month. On Thursday May 21st to be precise. Vivienne Youngs is organising this time and can be got at by email on or you can sign up on the notice board as usual. The proceedings will include lunch. Of course! Doubtless with wine.

Ladies Liga v El Candado

Little to report here other than the Ladies won home and away matches 2-1. The team had a familiar look about it with Lotta Syversen, Ritva Hagglund, Carol Rees, Karen O’Connor, Anne Hannam and Felima O’Callaghan all featuring. Beating the strong El Candado team anywhere doesn’t happen too often, so well done our Ladies.

Something in the April air?

Members Newsletter April 2015
Members Newsletter April 2015

Judging by some of the fantastic scores it has been a good month for playing at La Cala? Not a great time to be away in the UK it would seem! Look at Preben and Yvonne Post for example. Now getting into their golfing strides with a vengeance. Good to see.

Stableford April 21st, results were

  • 1st 41 Karen O’Connor (Handicap cut by 1.7)
  • 2nd 38 Ritva Hagglund
  • 3rd 37 Yvonne Post


  • 1st 42 Michael Hall (Handicap cut by 2.4)
  • 2nd 39 Preben Post (Handicap cut by 3.8)

St. George v The Dragon re-played

On Sunday April 26th., these traditional and historic antagonists did do battle once more on the rolling slopes of La Cala. The contest, a Pairs Better Ball Matchplay, was fiercely fought in conditions which became more than demanding after the interference of the Rain Goddess as she once again nears our shores. Ultimately Good prevailed and St.George’s troops duly bathed themselves in glory and, yes, “copious quantities of wine”. The scoring was close at 7 1/2 – 6 1/2 Odds were equally even when it came to choosing lunch, with roast beef narrowly edging out fish & chips.

April 28th. Stableford. Europa

The last competition of the month produced an amazing performance by Bill Field, which led to his handicap being slashed by 4.4 no less! This has been coming for a while now? Johan too, seems to be on a high(red wine, he claims, having discovered the medicinal benefits rather later in life than most). A little adjustment of his altitude levels and he could be a threat. Anyway, to the details:


  • 1st 37 Maggie Coombs
  • 2nd 36 Lilly Lagerwerf
  • 3rd 36 Vivien Shute
Members Newsletter April 2015
Lilly Lagerwerf
Members Newsletter April 2015
Vivien Shute

Mens (category 1. 0-14.4)

  • 1st 35 Mike Tait
  • 2nd 34 Alan Jewett
  • 3rd 33 Gordon Edwards
Members Newsletter April 2015
Alan Jewett
Members Newsletter April 2015
Gordon Edwards

The best score of the day though, came from a Guest, Jan V D Valk who registered 38 points odd 12.4.
As I understand it this two-tier competition is to be applied whenever the field exceeds 40 but I only have that second hand. Maybe there will be a formal statement between now and the next issue?

Mens (category 2. Handicap 14.5 and up)

  • 1st 44 Bill Field
  • 2nd 40 Johan Van Vershoven
  • 3rd 37 Merv Coombs


Members Newsletter April 2015
Johan Van Vershoven
Members Newsletter April 2015
Bill Field

Just going back to the Bill Field round for a moment, I hear that on Europa’s 11th., par 5, index 1, he hit a mighty drive, an iron into the green, and sunk a three metre putt for his eagle! “That’s the way to do it” my Punch & Judy memory suggests.

As if a 4.4 reduction wasn’t enough, rod-of-iron Arthur O’Connor then docked him a further 2 shots on the basis of his general play!

April may go down in the history books as Bill Field Month.

Peter Stock Memorial Trophy

A reminder that this long standing competition will take place over two days at the very end of May. Full details to follow but it looks like being a Better Ball event. Make a note of May 30 and 31, please. Gordon Edwards will be posing as Mr.Betfair and organising the usual tote.


One of the nice things about being in Portugal just as the UK election fever was hotting up, was being anywhere except the UK. This is no campaign document for any party but it would seem that we have learned little since someone said 2069 years ago:

The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.”
Cicero, 55 BC


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