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Newsletter April 2017

April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter

Delayed recognition

This month begins with photos of those who did well in the Stableford on Tuesday March 28th.
Derek Steele won with 35 points but wasn’t available for the pictures. To the right of the Captain is Rob Garner (2nd – 34) and then Mike Robbins (3rd – 33).

April 2017 Newsletter

Turning to the ladies we have Laura Thompson (1st – 38) and Isabella Rippinger (2nd – 35). Connie Maphar was third but also not available.

April 2017 Newsletter

Outright winner

Staffan Johansson made a brave stab at translating the Cockney Slang paragraph last month. Not 100% but he won the competition by several kilometres. Partly because he was the only member who responded. Mainly for him, therefore, here are the answers:

Adam and Eve = Believe
Artful Dodger = Lodger
Apples and Pears = Stairs
Barnet Fair = Hair
Boat Race = Face
Battle Cruiser = Boozer(pub)
Britney Spears = Beers
Dicky Bird= Word
Bell = Call/ring
Jam Jar = Car
Joanna = Piano
Lemon Squeezy = Easy
Trouble and Strife = Wife
Two and Eight = State
Tom and Dick = Sick
Rosie Lee = Tea
Ruby Murray = Curry
Porky Pies = Lies
Sweeney Todd = Police
April 2017 Newsletter

Self actualisation

No, never heard of it either! Apparently, in some roundabout psychological way, it is why some people scribble and most don’t. Good to know. Meanwhile the urge persists but being in Hampshire with a broken collar bone doesn’t help either the creative juices or the ability to type. Hence this edition is thin on pictures and thick on more formal contributions. Don’t forget you simply need to click on photos to enlarge them. Doesn’t work with imported pictures though.

Minor correction

Come Cudeca Day Damien Murphy will be doing his thing as auctioneer, and not running the tombola, which remains in the unfailingingly good hands of Derek and June Steele. The other small administrative change is that the two volunteers willing to store goodies for the day are Alison Kirk and Brian Farmer so, when you have rummaged generously your contributions can move from your house to theirs whenever it suits you.

Welcome visitor

Once was when Gordon Edwards was very much part of the golf club scene, to say nothing of his skills on the darts circuit, and enthusiastic support of local hostelries. Unfortunately his health let him down rather badly and he returned to England for treatment and attention. Now, he reports, he is on the mend and “feeling quite good”. To the extent that by the time this is being read he will have spent a nine day holiday back here in La Cala, including a return to the golf course no less. Having not played since last July he will find the game has not got any easier. Welcome back, Gordon, and get rid of the “quite”.

Captain’s away day

This high spot of the social calendar has been set next year for Hotel Golf Almerimar Resort, from 23 to 25 May, and full details have been sent to all members. If you haven’t had an email from Thomas Widegren please contact him at

April gets underway

America hosted the Bramble on Sunday the 2nd with some very familiar faces trotting forward to collect their rewards. Lady Vice Captain Felima O’Callaghan handed them over and thus manages to appear in all the photos!

The winners were Anne & Peter Hannam with their guests.

April 2017 Newsletter
The one in the foreground is thought to be Anne Hannam!

Second came Isabella Rippinger, Anders Engstrom, Ron Chesterton, & Brian Farmer

April 2017 Newsletter
Isabella with male support squad

In third place we had Thomas Widegren, Laura Thompson, David Moody, and the absent Heimo Kupsu.

April 2017 Newsletter
Filemi deputising for Heimo

Next up

Two days later, on the 4th, America was the challenge with the male Stableford winner a comparatively new name on the rostrum. For some reason unknown to the newsletter Sten Valentin was roped in to hand out the prizes. Unfortunately the traditional photos are not very clear but, let it be emphasised, Sten is not to blame.

1. Hans Linderborg, winner with 37 points and cut to 19.3
2. Richard Hinds, second on handicap, with 34
3. Isabella Rippinger, winner with 37 points and cut to 21.1

April 2017 Newsletter
Hans Linderborg
April 2017 Newsletter
Richard Hinds
April 2017 Newsletter
Isabella Rippinger

Time to dance

Thirteen teams turned up to Waltz round Asia on Sunday 9th and this time Sten Valentin earned a place in the photographic archives on merit. He was in the Captain’s team who came in just ahead of the field.

April 2017 Newsletter
Loraine Murphy, Isabella Rippinger, Sten Valentin, Peter Edstrom with 82 points
April 2017 Newsletter
Ron Chesterton, Anne Mills, Vivienne Youngs, Peter Hannam with 80
April 2017 Newsletter
Brian Farmer, Anders Engstrom, Verena Haas & Ruth Johansson

Hypothetical new rules

The subject is ripe for ridicule as this latest batch of suggestions confirms.

Click here to read

Three way male tie but Isabella has day’s best score

There was a Medal on America on the 11th, with conditions favourable and competition fierce. So much so that Dean Moore, Campbell McGarvie and ever spritely Erling Johnsen all finished with nett 70. Handicap difference decided final listing which was in the sequence named just now. All suffered cuts. Dean to 7,7. Campbell to 14.3 and Erling to 20.0. Well done all.

However, the form lady of the moment was not to be pushed aside, winning the Ladies section with a nett 69, and earning herself a 1.2 cut to 19.9. Isabella has been on fire recently, yet appears almost modestly apologetic when reaching out for her bottle or voucher! Anne Hannam(71) and Anne Mills(72) followed Isabella home with very commendable performances which cost them 0.3 and 0.8 respectively to 17.7 and 22.1

April 2017 Newsletter
The two Anne’s missed the photo shoot but Lilly Lagerwerf was collecting an earlier prize and happy to help fill the frame with Isabella. We think!

(MUCH LATER. As if to make a mockery of the foregoing piece comes eleventh hour news that the real star of the day was Chris Parks with a 68. There is an explanation but it involves the Spanish Federation and a bank’s inadequate or inefficient Direct Debit system. One is much tempted to have some fun at their expense but David Wilson has been stretched trying to sort it all out, others have suffered, like Chris, so probably best to leave things alone.)

April 2017 Newsletter
Obviously not Chris but had to put it somewhere to avoid complaints

Easter and party time

Sunday the 16th found a healthy turnout of members competing in a Rainbow Scramble on America, followed not only by the usual distribution of prizes but the celebration of Easter and the Captain’s birthday. Felima O’Callaghan produced a lovely chocolate bunny as a lucky loser prize, Arnaud Gontero Jnr.picked out the card, and Campbell McGarvie, initially mystified it seems, was happy to go home with some goodies.

April 2017 Newsletter
What on earth is this?
April 2017 Newsletter
Lovely. Thanks Felima

Fellow Swede and current Vice Captain Thomas Widegren organised a cake with candles to mark Peter Edstrom’s birthday. Four flickering flames only had no chance against Peter’s extraordinary lung capacity, and those sitting close were also swept aside by his appetite for the cake, whose life was short lived but obviously appreciated. Felima had also arranged for members to sign a birthday card so at least Peter had something to take home with him.

April 2017 Newsletter
I huff and I puff
April 2017 Newsletter
I love cake so no, you can’t have any

There were four prizes up for grabs in the Rainbow Scramble, these going to;

1. Winners with 58.6 were l/r Rob Garner, Arnaud Gontero & Son, Sten Valentin – again!
2. Second with 61.4 came l/r Peter Edstrom, Verena Haas, Anne Hannam & Iain Macaulay
3. Third with 62.0 were l/r Alan Jewett, Monique Peters, Peter Robinson, Peter Hannam
4. 62.3 earned fourth place for l/r Wayne Leach, Jenny Chesterton, Sylvia McGarvie, Chris Park

April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter

Very sorry to hear

Ron Sullivan, recently widowed, had a personal accident in England which required him to be hospitalised. An ambulance actually took him to Edna’s funeral. He is still in care and, obviously, a very saddened person. If you get to read this, Ron, please know that everyone is thinking of you.

A bird by any other name

Some, like Thomas Widegren, say falcon. Others, including your editor, say kestrel. Either way Thomas has captured two good shots of the birds which do so much to keep unwelcome pigeons away from Los Altos.

Wikipedia’s pictures slightly confuse the issue but if you say raptors you will be right for both.

April 2017 Newsletter
Falcon by Thomas
April 2017 Newsletter
Falcon by Thomas
April 2017 Newsletter
Kestrel by Wikipedia
April 2017 Newsletter
Kestrel by Wikipedia

Parador Ladies on top

Our Senior Ladies confronted RCCM Parador twice this month and from the sound of things enjoyed both encounters greatly. Home(America)and away courses each in very good condition. Weather kind. Opposition friendly. Both meals described as “great” and “nice”. Won 3-0 here but lost 1-2 there. Camera was a last minute thought so only one picture for the archives.

April 2017 Newsletter
Our away team minus camera operator
April 2017 Newsletter
Great, nice meal table

Males in action too

It is hoped to include an article later all about the Mens’ Senior league, not least emphasising that once you reach 50 you are eligible for selection. Not everyone agrees with this rather youthful cut off point but, rules are rules? The section could well do with more support from members.

Meanwhile our team travelled to nearby Miraflores on the 17th. where they were beaten 1-2. According to captain Roy Davies the course was in the best condition he has ever seen, and our Roy has been there a few times. On top of which the company and hospitality were rated as “excellent” so, apart from the scoreline, it sounds like a good outing. Roy paired with Peter Hannam and chalked up a lop sided 6-5 win. David Wilson and James Reid lost on the last hole after a really great game finally decided by a couple of missed putts. John Brooks and Peter Edstrom went down 4 & 2 in a game closer than it sounds.

Attempts to obtain meaningful information about the return match with Guadalahorce, which saw our very own Bob Gordon lined up against us, led to a flurry of emails between interested parties. These culminated in one addressed to “Dear Grumpy”, your editor, providing little of interest other than we lost overall 2-4, our team comprising Thomas Widegren, Ronald Chesterton, Peter Edstrom, Dean Moore, Richard Hinds and testy David Moody. “You may imagine that the lunches were good”, it added. Has there ever been a lousy meal? “The stories from Bob -came thick and fast”, a statement akin to “Is the Pope a Catholic”.

April 2017 Newsletter
Many a true story, Bob

One hopes that, when the current mood for section improvement translates into fact, match reports will include rather more adjectival phrases and details. Meanwhile, and again late in the day, we have at least a couple of photos confirming that the match did actually take place.

April 2017 Newsletter
Forget the result. Let’s eat

Please amend your records

Ladies Vice Captain Felima O’Callaghan has a new email address –

Mens’ Roll-up

David Wilson promised a few words on this popular Thursday gathering, and here they are.

“I took over the organisation of the mens roll-up from Arthur O’Connor at the beginning of the year. Since then we have been able to hold a roll-up every Thursday and although we have had rain on some of those days we have never been completely rained off.

I now have a distribution list of some 80 members, all men, (Lilly Lagerwerf organises a ladies roll-up on the same day) and we have a turn-out every week of some 30-40 who take to the fairways between 11:00 and 13:00. We tend to play brambles and to keep the participants on their toes, I add in every week a number of “complications”. These range from getting extra points for a certain number of players in a team hitting fairways and/or greens to extra points for keeping net bogies off the cards. I mix the teams, courses and start times up every week, but we still have had a number of multiple winners.

As you will see from the attached photo, we tend to keep the spirit of the roll-ups light-hearted and not too many of us take the competition too seriously, unless perhaps a team think they have a chance of taking the money. Due to the number of complications every week it is difficult to predict a winner and sometimes the difference between the score of the first- and last-placed teams is huge.

If any of the (male) members would like me to include them on my mailing list, they should send me an email ( I cannot promise they will always get on to the start sheet, as we have many who are keen to play and a limited number of tee-times available.

I hope to see some new faces in the roll-ups in the near future.”

After the competition on April 13th., and it being Ron Chesterton’s birthday, the players gathered to enjoy the drinks for which he kindly paid, and also to have their smiling faces recorded for posterity.

April 2017 Newsletter

At last the cream surfaces

One wondered how long it would be before the very talented and experienced Bruno Schaefer topped the Tuesday leaderboard. 38 points off a handicap of 4 takes some doing, and he needed to do it to edge out Mr.There or Thereabouts.

1st. 38 Bruno Schaefer (on handicap) (cut 0.4>4.5)
2nd. 38 Chris Park (cut 0.6>8.1)
3rd. 35 Roy Davies (on handicap)

Come the following Sunday none of the three were to be seen so a consolation photo was taken of Paul O’Callaghan, just pipped into fourth place, and still managing to look happy despite the Munster and Leinster rugby results.
(ED. Late adjustments continue to flow in. It now transpires that Alan Jewett finished third, which pushes Paul down to fifth and makes his picture even less warranted. Still, he has a nice smile?)

April 2017 Newsletter

1st. 42 Laura Thompson (cut 3.0>19.9)
2nd. 34 Jill Davies
3rd. 31 Isabella Rippinger

April 2017 Newsletter

Not many competitions are won by a margin of ten shots so Laura, always in the hunt, must have been right at the top of her game, and deserves special mention.

La Cala Resort, host venue of the Challenge Tour


April 2017 Newsletter

There will be a Pro-Am on the 17th., which will be monitored and photos taken. Captain Peter Edstrom will be on parade, amongst others, and would probably welcome some support? The Match-Play event which follows is an important challenge for La Cala. If the professionals go away happy, who knows, this could become an annual fixture and a real feather in the cap of our administrative and green keeping team.


April 2017 Newsletter
Please try and keep up
April 2017 Newsletter
Can anyone identify this, please? Serious question

A reminder of British (?) History

Come April 23rd every year rarely used flags are unfurled and St.George’s fight with the Dragon remembered, albeit less aggressively. This year Asia was the battlefield, Peter Edstrom(Dragons’ Captain) and James Reid(Loyal nationalist leader)heading their warriors into mighty conflict. This year it was the turn of the red shirted Dragons to lift the trophy with an 8-5 victory. Extra time was played but not on the course. Cava and other drinks being put to better use than after F1 races.

April 2017 Newsletter
The two captains
April 2017 Newsletter
The winning team

All of which is jolly good fun and a reasonable excuse for a party even though based on no provable facts. It is believed in some quarters that the original battle took place in Silene, Libya, between King George and a real live dragon who was eating all the local population and threatening to swallow the Royal daughter. Nowadays it is used to stoke the England v Wales fires of old.

Clarity of Carding

We have been down this path before, and quite recently, but, it is reported by the authorities, little improvement has been noticed. Indeed almost the opposite. The picture below has appeared before in these pages, and is on constant view on the notice board. As far as some members are concerned it might as well be invisible. Extra care is invited on Tuesdays when cards run the gauntlet of both human and computer eyes. The results, as on the 18th for example, can be delayed for several days due to badly entered score cards. Please be reminded that our Captaincy Team are volunteers and shouldn’t have the extra burden of unravelling score card queries due either to poor handwriting or lack of knowledge. Once a card has been signed it is dead.

April 2017 Newsletter

Upper Case Request

It would be most helpful to our organisers if members would use CAPITAL LETTERS when entering their name on the time sheets. De-cyphering some of the hyrogliphics must be a nightmare and certainly explains some of the unfamiliar names ultimately appearing! This is a serious request.

Viva La France

A very nice family from Reims, in the beautiful champagne region of their homeland, have set up a second home in La Mairena and joined our golf club. There are five in all, of whom we have so far met only two. Father Arnaud Gontero is a Harley-Davidson dealer and his wife is part of that team too. They have three children, the youngest of whom is just 10 – and a very useful golfer already. 19 handicap but still a bit to do to match his father’s 13.3. Together they have been up to the prize giving rostrum more than once. The family love affair with our region sprang out of a holiday in our hotel two years ago. Work and distance means that we are unlikely to see them often but nevertheless we welcome them warmly into our midst.

April 2017 Newsletter

Now for a mode change

From the irreverent, light hearted, trivial at times, it is now at the request of our Captain and Committee that we turn your attention to matters of more import. Some of these you will have read before but possibly not taken as seriously as the Committee would like? Now is your chance to refresh memory and take action.

The following notices will be broken up by irrelevant pictures inserted just to make your journey more pleasant over the next page or so.


April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Members

Here follows a letter from the Captains and Committee.

“Two very important competitions are coming up in the next 2 months:

1. Peter & Joan Stock Memorial.

A 2-day Betterball/Medal Members-only competition, played this year on Europa & Asia on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28TH May. The inscription sheet is already on the Noticeboard, and should you not be here at La Cala to put your names down, please email … ….. and she will place you on the list. Your name, playing partner’s name and current Federation handicaps are all required. If you are not Federated, then proof of current handicap must be sent to the Handicap Secretary, David Wilson…..

There will be a Prize Presentation Dinner on the evening of the 28th May, which we hope that all players will attend…… Menu & price to be published at a later date.
We look forward to having a full field of 36 pairs to contest this prestigious Trophy & Honours Board event , which is the oldest running competition in our calendar. Joan Stock herself ran it for many years, and her collection of photographs from 1993 to 2012 are to be found in the glass cupboard in the PODIO room…A veritable trip down memory lane for past winners and contestants alike, if you care to take the time to look at them.

2. Cudeca Trophy: To be held this year on Saturday June 24th.
This is an Open Competition, again run in the past by Joan Stock, who over the years raised around €150,000 for Cudeca. Much of it on this particular day at La Cala Golf.
Your Captain Peter Edstrom and the Committee would like to make it another fruitful day for Cudeca this year, but we need the help and support of you, the members, in order to do this. Here are some of the ways we hope to raise funds:

Judi Lentelink, like Jenny Chesterton in past years, will be collecting any small coins you wish to donate.

There will be a Tombola on the day, ably run as always by June Steele and her sister, Jean. Derek will no doubt accept items for this, but if he is unavailable you can always give them to Judi or any of the Committee, and they will pass them on.

There will be a Raffle, drawn at the BBQ lunch.
We would like to invite you to donate items to be raffled, and if you can, obtain Meal Vouchers from your favourite restaurants to also be included in the Raffle. Any items you wish to donate can be given to Judi at the clubhouse on a Sunday afternoon, or to a member of the Committee.
Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of June.

There are 54 Tees available for Sponsorship. Please find attached a note from Cees Lagerwerf who will be the person to contact should you wish to donate in this way.

Finally there will be an Auction at the BBQ lunch, presided over by our well known Auction Maestro Damien Murphy. Again any items for the Auction will be gratefully received.

If for some reason you are unable to help us out in any of the above ways, our Treasurer Cees Lagerwerf will also accept any monetary donation you care to part with, no matter how small, as every little cent will be a help towards the total.”

Pause, reflect and enjoy the scenery


April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter

Now, are you ready to go again? Good. We hand the pen back to David Wilson again:

April 2017 Newsletter
All yours David

Click here to read the document “Scorecards and some other matters – A message from your handicap secretary”

What you may not know about our Captain

April 2017 Newsletter

Due to circumstances beyond his control Peter Edstrom found himself catapulted into captaincy a year ahead of schedule. However, as one might expect from a man who has made a success of his life in various fields thus far, he is already demonstrating his high energy level, good sense of humour, and a growing command of the English language.

Life began for Peter 19590416 which is Swedish and, translated, means April 16 1959 making him 58 this month. Reference to his self indulgent birthday celebrations appears elsewhere in this newsletter. He is of Swedish origin with his base camp in Tjorn. Other homes are now in Lagos, Portugal and, of course, here at La Cala. He has two sons, Henrik(28)and Erik(26).

Peter spent four years studying business economics but reckons working for his father’s business was the more useful training. It was an exporter of fish and substantially so. Sold in 1990. By then Peter had begun to gather a cluster of companies to which he was then able to devote more time. These embraced facility management, accountancy, and engineering. He was also involved as a partner in producing balticum pipes which, it is learned, are of plastic and used for feeding wells.

In between study and business there was sport. A lot of it and varied. Predominantly ice hockey in which he maintained a place in his club’s A team for 19 years as right defence. Looking at his barrel chest and strong legs one can only be pleased not to have been a left attacker during the same period. A less aggressive role was as a football goalkeeper and then along came golf. First games in 1984 but only a few rounds a year due to other demands of his time, not least the family. Now it is a rare day when he doesn’t play, or practise, or train for the sport. Claiming to have had but one lesson only he can be proud of self improving close to the single figure handicap level.

Peter is as strong of mind as he is of body. A believer in honesty, straight talking, and a man of his word. Turncoats and false people get short shrift. The signs are already obvious that, despite being nudged into the deep end of captaincy, and without a full running mate, Peter is looking after us all very well.

April 2017 Newsletter
Peter loves fishing, but obviously not for marlin

A welcome surprise

Our Senior males entertained Miraflores GC in a return fixture on Monday 24th. Victory was achieved 2.5>0.5 which, overall, gave us a 3.5>2.5 margin. Unfortunately the proceedings were disrupted by a serious accident, one of the visitors falling and breaking his leg in two places whilst trying to retrieve his tee shot on the 13th. The game was abandoned. Ashley and Flavio took control, got the poor chap back to the clubhouse, from whence an ambulance then collected him. It was later learned that the breaks were bad but the sufferer was “in good spirits”. Within the framework of an otherwise enjoyable day it was agreed to call that game a half.

What also makes this match special, and is the surprise to which the heading refers, is that we have an unusually smart and clear photograph. In fact it is not really necessary to name our team but, for the record they are, left to right, Peter Hannam, James Reid, Richard Hinds, Roy Davies, John Brooks, Alan Jewett. Just a pity about the sunglasses?

April 2017 Newsletter

Dates and memories

My late brother Peter got married on the 25th April, in Nassau, Bahamas, but way back in time. Even so my thoughts are of him and not of those battling away on America in the Stableford competition. Hopefully it is warmer there than here in Hampshire where, after a lovely April of good weather, there was a very heavy frost early this morning and the sun is still struggling a bit to rid us of greyness. 15 teams on parade at La Cala including names new to this newsletter, Peter and Janice Marler, of whom it is hoped to reveal more later. Meanwhile we wish them well, and welcome them into the fold..

As for results it proved another good day for the Thompson family who have settled in so smoothly amongst us. Details are:

1st. 37 Kate Bradley (cut 0.4 to 19.3)
2nd. 36 Sylvia McGarvie
3rd. 35 Laura Thompson

1st. 38 Geoff Thompson (cut 0.6 to 16.7)
2nd. 37 Peter Marler
3rd. 36 Asbjorn Wangerud

Kate Bradley was the only one on photographic parade so steals the pictorial honours.

April 2017 Newsletter

Update on an important event

Planning a year ahead is essential if you want to go somewhere nice and it sounds like Thomas Widegren, our current Vice Captain, has exactly that in mind. As already advertised his Away Day will be at the Hotel Golf Almerimar Resort May 23-25 2018. Thomas, assisted by Danny Rees, has booked an initial 40 rooms and already has 31 names by way of support. Thomas will be in Sweden for the summer but, of course, is easily getatable in this age of the internet.

Golfing action ends

As Lilian and I were quietly celebrating her 82nd., birthday in the Parador, Merida, en route back to La Cala after a lovely April in Hampshire, the last competition of the month was being played out on Asia, on the 30th., to be precise. Asia is being prepared for the forthcoming Tour Event so we are all benefitting. Some more than others, of course.

1st. 86 Hans Linderbourg, Peter Robinson, Monique Peters, Sylvia Robbins.
2nd. 85 (on handicap) Philip Shute, Peter Bradley, Helena Widegren, Carin Olsson.
3rd. 85 Brian Farmer, Ron Chesterton, Pearl Fisher, Isabella Rippinger

April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter
April 2017 Newsletter

David Wilson on the new rules

Click here to read

April 2017 Newsletter
Now over to a less difficult task

Introducing the Marlers


“Like many expatriates, British couple Peter and Janice have had a variety of experiences before landing as new members of La Cala Golf. They first met in 1980 in Dubai where Peter was working and Janice passing through. Several dates on various continents ended when Janice moved to Dubai in 1982 with the couple marrying there in 1985.

Janice originally hails from South Benfleet in Essex where her father still resides although she moved to Sussex as her career in air travel demanded. Starting as a ticketing agent with British Air Ferries flying from Southend, progressing to cabin service director on Gatwick-based British Caledonian Airways, and subsequently to office management for British Airways in Dubai. Janice’s career came to a close as manager of a travel agency in Dubai in 2011 when they left to return to the UK.

Peter was born in Hereford and dragged up in Birmingham where he trained as a quantity surveyor, working for a spell on the natural gas pipeline distribution network, and the first BP Forties field platform built in the north-east of England. In 1978 Peter was assigned to an oil & gas construction company based in Dubai and building the offshore platforms and pipelines in the Arabian Gulf and India region.

Peter’s original assignment to Dubai was single-status for a year. It ended more than 33 years later as a married status employee of his first assignment in 2011 following a career starting in project management and ending as the regional Vice-President for Business Development for Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and Caspian Sea regions.

Janice and Peter met in Dubai late one night when Peter was out with the boys. Janice was passing through on a BCAL flight to Hong Kong and after a couple of hours chat they agreed to meet for lunch the following day. The trouble was neither could remember what the other looked like and both spent 30 minutes circling the lobby of Janice’s hotel until all other options went by the wayside. Janice still maintains she got the wrong one! Still, 32+ years of marriage couldn’t all have been too bad.

Peter and Janice retired from Dubai in 2011 with Peter spending the next couple of years setting up a London based office for his old company and Janice working for age related charity organisations; a further year in Aberdeen supporting a former mentee for Peter ended in 2015 bringing on full retirement.

Peter and Janice share their time between homes in Windlesham, Surrey and La Mairena here in Spain rotating roughly 3-months in each. The couple have owned their home in La Mairena since 2005 and have been regular visitors to the house and the Costa golf clubs since.

Golfing for both Janice and Peter started in 1984 at the Dubai Country Club on a sand and oiled “greens” 18-hole course and progressed to being 20-year life members of Emirates Golf Club and members of the Arabian Ranches Golf Club where they met fellow La Cala members, Rob and Tina Garner. Both Janice and Peter have been captains at their former clubs and attained their best handicaps of 15 and 6 at their prime. Janice also went on to be Chief Marshall at several of the Dubai Desert Classic PGA Tour events and Peter caddied in the same event a number of times, resorted to marshalling and radio reporting when the need arose. While in the UK they play at the very attractive but tough Mill Ride Golf and Country Club on the outskirts of Ascot.

While at La Cala, both Peter and Janice are keen to play both friendly and competitive golf as well as enjoying the social side that a golf club can offer and are very much looking forward to meeting lots of new folks as they start their La Cala membership journey. Recently both hosted an event at the club for 16 friends and former residents of Dubai who all now live on the Costa Del Sol. It’s a mighty small world.”

April 2017 Newsletter

That’s all for April

England was at its best all month, the weather delightful throughout, the scenery colourful and only not being able to play golf on the debit side. Even so it is nice to be back and looking forward to a more normal newsletter in May.

April 2017 Newsletter
Royal Ascot Races!

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