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Newsletter August 2014

    Stableford League

    After the final results from the August 26th Stableford, Les Wicks has scratched his way to the top and now leads the Men’s Section with an outstanding average of 35.75, just slightly better than Chris Slattery at 35.67. Arthur O’Connor and Mike Tait share third with 34.58 each and Jack Perry with another good month has joined the top 5 with a 34.50 average for his top 12 scores. In the Ladies Section, Karen O’Connor has re-taken the lead from Carol Rees with some good scores in August and now has an impressive 35.0 average for her top 12. Also passing Carol this month is Jill Davies, a previous Stableford League Champion who also had some great scores in August and now has a 34.83 average just ahead of Carol at 34.75. Val Wicks is also at 34.75 and Jenny Chesterton with a 34.17 average round out the top 5.
    The results are posted on the Notice Board along with the low scores so you can see it should be an exciting finish to the year long competition.

    2 Ball Texas Scramble

    The competition was held on Campo Europa on a warm and windy day. 24 teams competed and the scores were excellent! To get in the prizes you had to score at least a net 65. But a truly excellent score was made by the team of Arthur O’Connor and Vivienne Youngs – 59.2! Wow – great playing!

    Vivienne Youngs and Arthur O'Connor

    Vivienne Youngs and Arthur O’Connor

    The Friendly Match with Calanova

    Was a close fought victory for La Cala. After doing well in the home match, the tide turned and it was close. La Cala ended up winning 7 to 5 and took the shield back!

    La Cala/Calanova friendly Match

    The La Cala/Calanova Friendly Match Teams


    This competition was played on another warm day on Campo Asia. James Reid, Iain Macaulay, Bill Field and John Vernon were the winners with a solid 92 points.

    The Mixed Away Day at Alcaidesa

    Was an excellent day with temperatures in the high 20’s and calm winds (extremely unusual for Alcaidesa!). Our host Louis Figuera did a fantastic job of organising the entire affair, brought us cold water on the course, and even filled our glasses during the tapas! I don’t think he cooked anything, but he might have!

    Closest to the Pin on Number 12: Sonya Foster and Peter Penney.

    Closest to the Pin

    Closest to the Pin

    Closest to the Pin

    Closest to the Pin


    3rd Place with 88 points

    3rd Place with 88 points: Martin Dawkins, Carol Rees, David Evans and Brian Farmer

    2nd Place with 90 points

    2nd Place with 90 points David Wilson, Pauline Hilliard, Mike Fisher and Lina Zelley

    1st Place with 90 points

    1st Place with 90 points (winning on handicap): Richard Hinds, Sonya Foster, Chris Park and Danny Rees

    4 Ball Texas Scramble

    This competition was played on Europa in warm and slightly humid conditions. Some very good scores were made and it took less than 59 to get in the prizes. No one could top the team of Libby Robinson, Sean Jewett, John Youngs and Terry Morgan who scored 56.4 for the day.

    Winning Team John Youngs, Sean Jewett, Libby Robinson and Terrry Morgan

    Winning Team John Youngs, Sean Jewett, Libby Robinson and Terrry Morgan

    Brian and Sonya announced their Vice Captain selections for 2015.

    Pauline and Vic Hilliard

    Pauline and Vic Hilliard

    The August Medal Winners on Campo Asia

    Were Sonya Foster with a net 77 and Bill Field with net 69. No change to Sonya’s handicap but Bill dropped 4.1 shots and is now down to 24.1. Both Sonya and Bill qualify for the Medal Winners’ Final on October 21st, 2014.

    Medal Winner Sonya Foster and Vice Captain Brian Farmer

    Medal Winner Sonya Foster and Vice Captain Brian Farmer

    Brian with Medal Winner Bill Field

    Brian with Medal Winner Bill Field

    Lone Ranger

    This golf competition rotates being the Lone Ranger among each of the team. The Lone Ranger counts their stableford score plus the best score of one of the other team members. The Lone Ranger can certainly feel the pressure of having to score! The competition was played on an extremely tough Asia course in sunny and very warm conditions. Several teams played well (above 80 points) but the team led by Vice Captain Sonya Foster with Jill Davies, Louis Lentelink and Frank Zehlius came out on top by virtue of a lower handicap with 87 points.

    Louis Lentelink, Jill Davies, Sonya Foster and Frank Zehlius

    Winning Lone Ranger Team of Louis Lentelink, Jill Davies, Sonya Foster and Frank Zehlius

    Ladies Social Golf

    On Thursday 28th August on Campo Asia the Ladies played a Waltz along with an individual Stableford. This was followed by a salmon and salad lunch and of course a large glass of wine. The results and prize giving followed. Winners of the Waltz were Jenny Chesterton, Pauline Hilliard & Wendy Hinds. Second prize went to Jill Davies, Cecelia Massey & Vivienne Youngs. And the individual Stableford was won by Carol Rees with nearest the pin claimed by Linda Jackson. As usual at the social golf a good time was had by all, even if the weather was a little warm !

    Ladies Social Golf Day Participants

    Ladies Social Golf Day Participants

    Captains Choice

    The competition in August was a Waltz where on rotating holes either 1 score, 2 scores, or 3 scores count for the team score (1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3 – get it?). It was another warm day in La Cala but fortunately there was a little breeze to make it a fun day overall. A few outstanding scores were turned in, but none close to the team of John Youngs, Linda Jackson, Campbell McGarvie and Roy Davies who scored 95 points, 10 better than the 2nd and 3rd place teams!

    Winning Waltz team of John Youngs, Linda jackson, Campbell McGarvie and Roy Davies

    Winning Waltz team of John Youngs, Linda jackson, Campbell McGarvie and Roy Davies

    Rules Question of the Month

    Now that the red stakes have been removed from the left hand side of hole 6 on Europa we thought we should clarify the rule regarding taking relief.

    Where the ball is lying on the buggy path, or where the path is interfering with the swing plane or stance whilst attempting to play a legitimate shot, full relief from the path may be taken without penalty. The first stage is to identify the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole, where full relief is available. It is important to remember that full relief must be taken. If the obstruction from which relief is being taken, in this case the path, is still affecting the stance or swing plane this does not constitute full relief. There is no opportunity, when taking a free drop from an immovable obstruction or buggy path, to take partial relief to obtain a better lie.

    The nearest point of relief is not necessarily the nicest point of relief and can be anywhere other than in a hazard. It can, for example, be in the middle of a gorse bush. If the nearest point of relief is not desirable, the players options are to play the ball as it lies, take a drop under penalty or, once again under penalty, return to where the previous shot had been played.

    Once the nearest point of relief has been determined this should be marked and the ball dropped. The ball can roll up to 2 club lengths from the point of relief. If it rolls further it should be re dropped once more. If it rolls further the second time it should be placed on the spot it first hit the ground on the second drop. Remember that if the ball rolls less than 2 club lengths but is still affected by the obstruction the ball needs to be dropped again or placed.

    Rule 24.2 fully covers this situation and the Quick Guide in the Rule Book under Relief Situations and Procedures provides a useful diagram demonstrating how the nearest point of relief is established.

    La Cala Golf Academy

    At the Academy though the Driving Range is closed for the upgrade and will reopen in September, the Academy, and the Par 3 course remain open for business. Work on the build itself is progressing well with the tee table now fully turfed, putting green has been set and seeded and grass on landing areas is starting to come up but there´s still a number of weeks yet before initial grow-in is complete and the facility will fully re-open. New paths are currently being laid around the par 3 circuit and Rafa Linares and his team have started to work on leveling tees and on the conditioning of the greens, surrounds and bunkers, which would have suffered a little while irrigation had to be cut during the works to the adjacent academy.

    La Cala Golf Academy
    Work on the driving Range Progressing

    Work on the driving Range Progressing

    News for September

    Rafa Linares and his green keeping team have advised the Campo Asia will be closed from the 1st of September to the 7th for hollow coring on the greens. A number of the members have asked why the procedure happens and why so close to the high periods of peak demand of September & October and Rafa has provided the following technical information to help aid understanding:

    Hollow coring is an aggressive agronomic process that should be carried out ideally at least twice a year, in late spring and early autumn, when temperatures are at the optimum level for growth of the agrostis grass species, the ideal variant for our climate and our courses. The intent is to stimulate stronger root growth, so that that the plant will be at its optimum to handle the very high temperatures of summer and the cooler (at least for this grass species) temperatures of winter. We do this by removing the dead layer of humus that builds up under the surface of the green, (which incidentally holds water, which means that the greens feel soft & spongy & slow but it also means that root isn´t encouraged to grow deep to find its water source) we aerate the soil, top dress with sand, adding new free draining organic matter and thereby improving growing conditions.

    The greens at La Cala are right now comprised of a high % of Poa Annua, a cool season grass as opposed to the original specification of warm season agrostis. Poa is not as robust in hot temperatures and because it generally has a shallower root growth it´s more prone to disease and the green keeping team therefore need to support it much more with manual irrigation or indeed apply treatments to resist disease.

    As part of our plan we will gradually introduce new agrostis seed and will work over the next number of years to achieve a higher % of this species in the greens composition. It´s a slow process that requires much patience but will over time result in greater consistency, density and vitality.

    Hopefully all our members will appreciate that due to the high temperatures we experience here in summer, these tasks are postponed for as long as possible as there is always a risk to the plant when work of this nature is carried out, temperatures of 30 degrees + increase that risk significantly. With this in mind when we schedule summer closure of our courses it is always with the objective to effect change but to minimize any potential problem.

    Member/Guest Tournament

    The Member/Guest Tournament on September 6th is also open to Members playing with Members. You can find a member to sign up with as your partner, or one will be drawn to play with you. The 10 euro entry fee includes lunch after the golf and prizes. Sign up sheet is on the notice board or contact Sonya Foster.

    Upcoming events

    • Saturday September 6th: Members/Guest or Member/Member Tournament with Lunch
    • Tuesday September 9th: Captain’s Trophy (Honours Board Event)
    • Thursday September 11th: Property Owners Championship
    • Saturday September 13th: Captain’s Fun Day with Tapas
    • Saturday September 20th: Norwegian Stableford (throw it!)
    • Tuesday September 23rd: 1st Day of La Cala Ryder Cup Matches
    • Thursday September 25th: 2nd Day of La Cala Ryder Cup Matches
    • Saturday September 27th: La Cala Ryder Cup Singles Matches (finals) with snacks after
    • Sunday October 26th: AGM at 5 (after Texas Scramble)
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