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Newsletter August 2016

A month to remember

Not for the meteor showers, the Alpha Capricornids, the Southern Delta Aquarids and The Perseids, a major player in the stratospheric games and visible this month. Not for the fact that the month was originally named Sextilis for rather obvious reasons. Not even for the eventual capture of Pogba or the start of another soccer season in the UK. No, for most club members, August 2016 will be remembered for the Olympics in Rio, the un-relenting media coverage thereof and, on a much more personal level, for the loss of Siren Johnsen. Erling’s much respected and loved wife finally left him, and all of us, after years of bravely fighting ill health. There are some members who will have known her in her prime, and they are to be envied. We who have only got closer in more recent years will cherish memories of a lovely lady of indomitable spirit and courage. We share your loss, Erling.

Being in the UK and at such short notice it was impossible for Lilian and I to attend the funeral so thanks go to others, close friends of Siren’s from way back, for the following obituary.


An exceptional lady

Siren, beloved wife of Erling, passed away peacefully at their home on Monday 8th August surrounded by Erling, their three children, Lisbeth, Petter and Erik, and her brother, Finn. She was aged 83.

Siren was the La Cala Ladies Captain in 1999, the same year Erling was the Mens’ Captain. Whilst many of the current members may not have had the pleasure of enjoying Siren’s company on the golf course those who did enjoyed a special experience. Not only was she a very proficient golfer but wonderful company too. Golf was her main sporting hobby in Spain, but prior to moving down here her main sports were tennis and, of course, skiing.

Unfortunately Siren suffered with poor health for many years having undergone her first of many operations when she was about 40. Never did she complain though and was a wonderful example to many who whinge at the slightest ailment!

Following the recent arrival of her three children and brother she was so delighted to see them that she proposed a toast with champagne! As many of you will have experienced, Siren and Erling loved throwing a party and although many will be remembered none more so than that to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. What a night that was and one that all who were there will remember for many years to come.

Siren was born and brought up in Bergen, educated there and then qualified as a physiotherapist in Oslo. She met Erling thanks to an introduction through her brother, Finn, who was, and remains, a close friend of Erling’s. During her life Siren and Erling had the pleasure of visiting many places around the World, gaining a huge insight into and appetite to learn from different cultures which was supplemented by a keen interest in reading. Although Norwegian was her mother tongue she spoke and read in various languages, including English, German and French. Many will have seen the pictorial history of their travels within the wonderful album Erling produced for Siren’s 80th birthday.

Erling has asked to say a big thank you to all of you who sent flowers and made generous donations to the Norwegian Seaman’s Church and participated in funeral.

He was very touched by your kindness and generosity.


Before going any further

Just a reminder that should a closer view of pictures be required this can be achieved by clicking on the chosen image, et voila!


July re-visited

Last month’s activities continued beyond publication date, for logistical reasons, but are not forgotten. First of all there was the AWAY DAY at Mijas GC supported by 34 players and an extra 7 diners including Henk Hesen who has been in painful physical condition for so long and thus missing from the usual scene. Welcome back, Henk. Derek Steele’s wife June is never far away from his social diary programme, and the same might be said of Alison Moore. Becki Park was also on parade and it is reported that she is taking golf lessons. Little did she know then what August had in store for her. Of which more anon. Although Richard Hind’s eye operation is preventing him from playing for a while, he is a hard man to keep away from a party, and someone has to drive Wendy home? The meal was described as “sumptuous” by the newsletter’s source.

The whole day was arranged and organised by Captains Vic & Pauline Hilliard so, guess what the format of play was? Right first time. A Bramble. Soft this time. From which very familiar exertion the following prize winners emerged;

1st 88 Marie Wilson, Louis Lentelink, Ian Clarke(Guest)
2nd. 87 Lilly Lagerwerf, Val Wicks, David Evans, Derek Steele(on handicap)
3rd. 87 Sylvia Robbins, Heather Blakeman(guest), Iain Macaulay, David Wilson

Newsletter August 2016


Newsletter August 2016



Heather, and Chris Park, won bottles of gin for being Nearest the Pin in their sex category. Unfortunately no pictures of the victors.

Stableford. Asia. Tuesday 26/7

1st. 31 Kate Bradley
2nd. 31 Mary Evans (on handicap)
3rd. 30 Carol Rees

1st. 34 Alexander Karlson (on handicap)
2nd. 34 Mike Fisher
3rd. 33 Les Wicks

Newsletter August 2016

Kate Bradley

Newsletter August 2016

Carol Rees


Betterball. America. Sunday 30/7

Not too surprisingly the turn out was poor. Only 20 players. The very hot weather spell, plus a popular invitational social competition the following day, probably dissuaded members from playing two consecutive events. Whether there had been 60 players though, it is doubtful if any other couple would have bettered the winning score. Iain “Purple Patch” Macaulay and David “What swing this week” Moody won by several lengths, as they say in racing circles. Not that either of them do much running let alone racing these days.

1st. 48 David Moody, Iain Macaulay
2nd. 42 Derek Steele, Pauline Hilliard
3rd. 41 Lotta Syversen, Mike Bernardo

Newsletter August 2016

David Moody, Iain Macaulay

Newsletter August 2016

Derek Steele, Pauline Hilliard

Newsletter August 2016

Lotta Syversen, Mike Bernardo

A short report but a surfeit of photographs which, although the prizes won is unclear, it is a pity to waste.

Newsletter August 2016


Stableford. America. Tuesday August 2nd.

1st. 38 Jill Davies
2nd. 36 Carol Rees
3rd 34 Vivienne Youngs

1st. 37 Jeff Owen (on handicap)
2nd. 37 Les Wicks (on handicap)
3rd. 37 Mike Tait

We don’t often see a three way tie for best score? Mike just needs a bit more training perhaps? Makes one feel tired just watching him running up Golf Road!

Newsletter August 2016

Only two on parade

Yet again the field was thin but with understandable cause, the annual Calamari Cup almost overlapping. Chris Park and Les Wicks managed to play in both!! Bet the beer flowed that evening?

Calamari Cup. Stableford Match. America. Tuesday 2nd.

Three date changes led to the conflict of interests but the keenly contested annual battle finally got under way at 1515. Thanks to the considerable and persuasive efforts of Flavio Papa and Ashley Collacott the La Cala management team were able to boast no less than 18 players, but it did them no good in the end, the members winning by 5.5 v 4.5. Insider information has it that Paula Lansdowne “played out of her socks”, again, whilst Noemi Roman, a complete golfing novice, won three of the four par 3’s for her team, but promises “to be better next year”!! Ken Flockhart and Pedro Batista are to be thanked for providing after match tapas of a very satisfying quality and scale,, thus rounding off another enjoyable day and the furthering of relationships. Noemi was not the only novice in the “home” team which just prompts the thought that perhaps it should be a team game in future, rather than (possibly) lopsided individual confrontations? This is not an editorial suggestion.

Newsletter August 2016

The two Captains


Rainbow Texas Scramble. America. Sunday 7th.

1st. 60.2 Becki Park, Pauline & Vic Hillard, Chris Park
2nd. 60.4 Achim Schmidt, Kate Bradley, Bobo Syversen & Dean Moore
3rd. 62.2 Derek Steele, Val Wicks, Jan Debrauwer (3 only)
4th. 62.8 Wendy Hinds, Steve Tomlin, David Wilson, Lilly Lagerwerf

Newsletter August 2016


Newsletter August 2016



Becki Park made her debut on the winners’ rostrum and is clearly a young mother with promising golfing ability. Mind you with husband Chris setting the pace what more motivation does she need? Good luck, Becki, and well done.

Mixed Interclub Final. El Chaparral. Friday 5th.

It is reported by a reliable source that the La Cala team played with golfers from Guadalmina “who were great fun”. Enjoyment is, of course, an essential ingredient of these six club gatherings, but the fact that the two clubs finished at the foot of the day’s league table might raise an eyebrow or two? Only by the mean spirited though. Taking part is first. Winning a bonus.

Mind you we were not without explanation. Unfortunately, James Reid, a stalwart performer on these occasions, slipped on a steep, very wet slope, and was whisked off to Xanit hospital. Thank goodness nothing was broken, but ligaments were torn and that can be very painful. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Not much detail is to hand about playing conditions but El Chaparral made good use of their home advantage, producing the best individual score of the day, 49 points, and topping the final league table with 33 points. We were not only short a player but clearly not on song, as 13 points and second bottom position would indicate.

We were represented by James(Capt.)Reid & Sonya Foster, who looked set for a very good score until the incident; Cees Lagerwerf & Lotta Syversen: David & Mary Evans: David Wilson & Lilly Lagerwerf; Peter Penney & Marie Wilson: Vic & Pauline Hilliard’
(Later. Good news is that James hope to be playing again from early September.)

Hither and thither

In these days of political correctness there is much to be questioned, but one revision raised a recent smile. No longer do you refer to ladies as having “been around a bit” but as “low cost providers”.

Newsletter August 2016

Fred Furyk’s remarkable round of 58 must have dismayed those of a technical golfing disposition? No names, no pack drill? Here is someone with a swing like a one armed man trying to wrestle a snake in a phone box, yet good enough to earn millions and who has now set a record for the whole game!

Newsletter August 2016

As someone regularly taken to task for not drinking water whilst playing, it was interesting to read that Charles Lindberg, whilst setting his aviation record back in 1927, was in the air for 67 hours yet took only two small bottles with him, and didn’t open one of them.

Newsletter August 2016

Funny what catches the eye when reading. Anybody know who Tillinghast L’Hommedeu Huston was? No reaching for your smart phone, please. He owned the New York Yankees, believe it or not. With a name like that!

Another question for you. What is resveratrol? At first read perhaps something to be avoided but in fact it is good for you. A chemical found both in red wine and chocolate which helps to restore defences against Alzheimers. There was another benefit but it eludes me at the moment. Remembering things these days is more difficult than licking your own elbow.

Our local paper reports this week that all the toilets in the main police station have been stolen. So far they have nothing to go on.

A few years ago, my playing partners having clearly exceeded the five minute rule in searching for the ball, one’s immediate reaction was to wave through the group behind. As they passed they not only said “Thank you” but offered the comment “I’ve been playing golf in Spain for almost 20 years and that’s the first time anyone has waved me through.” Reminding one of this incident was the following recent read:

Newsletter August 2016

As many will know, especially Billy Bennett, the 12th., of this month is known in shooting circles as the Glorious Twelfth, the start of the grouse season. Especially the red variety. It is a high cost, low profile sport, which always prompts heated debate. Some love it and some grouse about it!! (For the benefit of Johan and others interested in the English language.)

Newsletter August 2016

Two anniversaries coming up this year. Lancelot “Capability” Brown would have been 300 and there are wondrous landscapes all over the UK still paying testament to his green fingered creativity. Then there is Beatrix Potter, a mere 150 years gone and a great rabbit lover. Peter Rabbit and Mr. Bunny still enthral young children but might not have enjoyed Capability’s approval. Mind you, as a man of the countryside, could he have resisted the lure of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs Tiggy-Winkie, or the adorable babies, Flopsie, Mopsy and Cottontail?

The editors pre-occupation with species other than homo sapiens may have been noticed, but doesn’t (yet) warrant an apology. Maybe deprivation as a child makes creatures like Peppa Pig so appealing? This loveable anthropomorphic animal lives in Paulton Park, Hampshire, just down the road from us in Liphook.

Newsletter August 2016


There was to have been a second AWAY DAY, at Torrequebrada, but this had to be cancelled because of Siren’s funeral. However, the programme will be completed at La Canada this month when contact with Agustin Alonso will be renewed.

Newsletter August 2016
Drink Driven Ambition

Newsletter August 2016
The Real McCoy

Elsewhere there is reference to Captain Vic’s creativity. This newsletter welcomes evidence of his own personal interpretation of the La Cala haka..

Newsletter August 2016

Every four years much is made of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Olympic games as we know them today, after them being in abeyance for 1500 years, but one wonders what our more forthright lady members would say if he were around today? He was firmly against women competing, going so far as to describe it as “incorrect, impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic”. Mind you, they probably didn’t have ladies beach volleyball in his day?

Newsletter August 2016

As this is being written the Games continue but already it has been a wonderful performance by Team GB. Remarkable really when you consider our tiny land mass by comparison with America and China, the other medal rich nations. King James 1st’s mighty ego is to be thanked for the “Great Britain” title and certainly Team GB has a better ring about it than Team UK? Either way we Brits hope other club members will allow us to be feeling pretty proud right now?

Mind you, sight should not be lost of the fact that the bulk of our medals have come from non athletic events. So far it has not been a great Games for track and field participants. Originally a one day meeting the programme was extended in 684 BC to three. In those pre-Blue Brothers days they included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration(!) and equestrian events. In 1900 22 took part. In 1904 it was 77 and all men.


Now, there’s an idea for Vic and Pauline? What about a La Cala Olympics? Can’t you just visualise Iain Macaulay and Erling Johnsen in the final of the taekwondo? Les Wicks lifting mighty weights. Mike Tait in the 5000 metres. Libby Robinson and Sylvia Robbins contesting the freestyle wrestling. Peter Edstom a natural for the hockey. Mike Fisher and Richard Hinds commentating on the soccer. Will Jackson singing all the national anthems. Alan Jewett heading the Rules Committee. Johann and Ria van Wershoven in the Road and Mountain Bike cycling events. Bill Field reporting on the ladies beach volleyball. David Moody dissecting the golf statistics and styles. Dean Moore as Gibraltar’s only entrant. Jackie Rainbow poking friendly and artistic fun at everyone. Peter Penney supervising the wine stocks in the Village. Peter Robinson guiding visitors to “Never been there before” spots. Mike Tunnell checking Spanish Federation membership forms. David Gilchrist in the tennis. Could be a lot of fun? No doping to be allowed, of course, other than the juice of the grape or, for those of an adventurous nature, a little Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation.

It seems your editor “discovered” Pokemon later than most of the civilised world. Almost too late, reports flowing in of falling sales, decreasing interest, new attractions for the mobile obsessed. Thus the new love in this scribbler’s life, little Pikachu, comes to an abrupt stop. Mind you, with less knowledge of Smart ‘phones than the average jungle pigmy, the chances of winning her heart were about as remote as winning a Spell & Go holiday, the rules of which are more difficult to read than Rangana Herath.

The world may not have come to the forecast end after Brexit but the sterling-euro exchange rate needs to pick up soon. There are little signs of encouragement but one felt better when recently reading about the German mark after WW1.

Ron and Jenny Chesterton are enjoying an extended holiday in England but managed to work in a trip to Macaulay country, north of the Border, where they met up with the Kirks in St. Andrews as these pictures will testify. Keen eyed readers will note that Ron’s shirt pattern is a polite attempt at tartan, and that the wine bottle in the forefront of the ladies of clearly intended indulgence, is already empty whilst the food stands remain as yet un-touched!

To support the photograph of our delegates at Cudeca’s hospice in Benalmadena comes this letter from the Charity.

Newsletter August 2016

Stableford. Asia. Tuesday 9th.

1st. 35 Kate Bradley
2nd. 33 Lotta Syversen
3rd. 31 Sonya Foster
1st. 36 David Wilson
2nd. 34 Derek Steele

There were no handicap adjustments. The heat, coupled with a strong wind, didn’t make for helpful conditions so David’s score off his low handicap has to be admired.


Soft Bramble Plus. America. Saturday 13th.

Another lowly turnout for yet another variation on the well worn Bramble theme. However, those who did play were rewarded by a mid-crisis buffet staffed by our Captains who also admitted responsibility for the accompanying background music. Mid- crisis being relevant to struggling players and not , of course, to the Hilliards.

Whilst it has been inspiring to see how well Team GB have been doing in Rio, it cannot help but be noticed that today’s winning team were GB-less?

1st. 148 Rosa Hatz, Johan van Wershoven, Cees Lagerwerf, Alan Jewett
2nd. 130 Jill Davies, David Moody, Ritva Hagglund, John Youngs
3rd. 126 Martin Whelan, Lilly Lagerwerf, Peter Hannam, Bobo Syversen
4th 125 Dean Moore, Anne Hannam, Lotta Syversen, Mike Roberts

Those members temporarily in their own far flung lands may be interested to know that “Soft Plus” is a variation on a theme, further evidence of Captain Vic’s love of all things musical. Paganini he may not be but when you add in his concern for the well being of our lady members his creativity is at least to be appreciated. It seems that when there is a high proportion of ladies playing “getting in drives is quite pressurising”, Vic believes, so reducing their commitment from four to three drives each is his considerate solution. Whatever happened to sexual equality, Mr.Captain?

Having said which questioningly, let us recognise and understand that this Captaincy lark can be very tiring, and even the energetic Vic needs a rest now and again.

Newsletter August 2016


Consistency League tables

It is frustrating that the timing of these interesting charts doesn’t fit well with the publication dates of this newsletter but, as a matter of possible interest to those not able to look at the notice board, here they are to the end of July. A close race indeed?


Medal. Asia. Tuesday 16th.

It is probably coincidental but playing a Medal on Asia often means a less than normal support. Looking down the start list it is obvious that only the experienced warriors were on the battle ground, so it is no great surprise to find very familiar names topping the leaderboard – again. Quite a family occasion too, with Mr. & Mrs Davies winning their respective sections.

1st. 78 Jill Davies
2nd. 80 Lotta Syversen
3rd. 81 Mary Evans
1st. 75 Roy Davies (on handicap)
2nd. 75 Les Wicks (on handicap)
3rd. 75 Mike Tait (on handicap)

Reliable Derek Steele also recorded a 75 so, a remarkably close finish?
There were no handicap changes.


Action in August


Newsletter August 2016


Four Clubs and a Putter. America. Sunday 21st.

Always a source of fun this format, and quite often of good scores. At time of heading for press details are not yet available but four ladies and eight men won bottles of wine, and appear quite pleased to have done so, judging by the pictures below.


1st 33 Val Wicks
2nd 30 Carol Rees
3rd 30 Lilly Lagerwerf (on handicap)
4th 29 Sonya Foster

1st 36 Peter Edstrom
2nd 35 Bobo Syversen
3rd 35 Dean Moore (on handicap)
4th 34 Derek Steele
5th 34 Iain Macaulay (on handicap)
6th 33 Les Wicks
7th 32 Peter Bradley
8th 32 Mike Fisher (on handicap)

End of golfing drought

Tuesday August 23rd will stay in mind as the day on which some semblance of pleasure crept back into this rather frustrating UK “holiday”. An overdue game of golf. On a lovely course. On a gorgeous afternoon. Lilian, slowly getting back to normal health again, next to me on the buggy. Pace of play, as required. In our case genteel, yet still finished in 3 ½ hours. Source of our happiness was Liphook Golf Club, founded in 1923, and just a couple of miles from our home. Ranked 70 in the UK Top 100 courses. Beautiful combination of tall trees, natural growth and colour, but manicured fairways and greens. Only 5884 yards off the yellow tees but four of the ten par 4’s were over 400 yards, with the opening par 3 a challenging 184 yards. Which, believe it or not, provided the only par on the card! The masses of colourful blue heather, delightful to look at but voracious of appetite, swallowed two new balls and were an ever present challenge. The greens, normally rated the best in the South East of England according to a club member, also cost points. One of the young pro’s, a nice Spanish lad from Murcia, warned of slowness following recent and extensive treatment, but taking your putter head back several extra inches takes some will power so there were several exasperated gasps from Lilian on the buggy as yet another attempt by her prodigy stopped short of destination.

Just being out there, in action again, was great, with only one fairway missed, but the final score(not to be published!)was rather disappointing, even more than the “Quincy Jones at the Proms” recording we watched later after dinner. A long overdue return to some sort of decent form seems as distant as Proxima B.

Newsletter August 2016
Original Clubhouse

Newsletter August 2016
Current version


Newsletter August 2016
Warning notice


Stableford. Asia. Tuesday. 23rd.

Comments and photos will have to wait for the next issue but the bare results show;

1st. 30 Jill Davies
2nd. 29 Judi Lentelink
3rd. 28 Val Wicks.

1st 36 Derek Steele (cut 0.6 to 14.3)
2nd. 33 David Evans
3rd. 33 David Moody (on handicap)

A double header to end the month

On the Saturday, 27th. Campo America hosted the usual club competition, a Bramble, not very well supported but the source of obvious delight to the winners whose margin was considerable!

1st 109 Bobo Syversen, David Moody, Peter Penney
2nd 92 Joy Garvey, David Wilson, Martin Hornsby, Sylvia Robbins
3rd 92 Iain Macaulay, Peter Edstrom, James Thomas, Pauline Hilliard (on handicap)

The very next day came the WAM Invitational, the main thrust of which, apart from the socialising and eating, is the eternal battle between Men and Women. A joyous email reached the distant editor in England almost within minutes of the result being declared. The gender of the sender will be obvious when Men – average 30.03 v Women – average 28.83 is noted. Other details are a bit thin on the ground right now, as we head for the webmaster’s office, but David Evans chalked up a more than respectable 40 points with leading lady Lotta not far adrift on 37.


“There is something profoundly satisfying about enjoying a morsel of something delicious alongside a cold drink”
“So declared a 13th. Century Spanish Monarch”

Newsletter August 2016
Alfonso X of Castille


Newsletter August 2016

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