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Newsletter August 2018



La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Where to begin?

Here we sit, some 1500 road miles from La Cala’s clubhouse, courses, and camaraderie, the July issue not yet on line, and head scratching. Not, this time, because the carcinomas which grow like mushrooms on my head are itching, but because news from the club’s hub is thus far on a par with rocking horse droppings.

But all is not gloom and despondency, not least because of a mickey-taking photo just to hand. Regular attendees at our weekend prize giving’s, when my computer is changed for a camera, will know of my aversion to sun glasses. In photographs that is. Nothing personal, and the fashion element is understood, but, to repeat myself for the umpteenth time, they hide what is often the most interesting part of the face. The eyes.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

A smile came swiftly to my lips when I saw this one of (l/r) Cees, Richard, and Chris, the suspected culprit.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Don’t forget

To see larger versions of the photographs you only need to click on them.

Just too late

There was a competition on the last day of July but the results were not available in time for our early deadline, partly caused by my departure towards England. Nor are any details available other than the scores, which are highly commendable. Lilly Lagerwerf registered 40 points and was cut 1.3 to 17.5, followed home by Margaret Fotheringham (36) and Dorothee Schmidt(35).

Chris Park, having been disqualified in his previous outing, came back with a fighting 41 which took him down 1.1 to 6.6, probably his lowest ever – so far! Mike Bernardo’s 36 maintained his status quo and separated the two golfing chums, Chris Slattery recording a 35. Playing very well of late.

Unfortunately none were available for Sunday’s photo shoot, Judi informs me. However, we are not picturelesss, as the face of Gerry Rippinger, below, will testify. Why Gerry? Well, it seems he came fourth but because Mike is not federated (sounds like an inoculation?) he didn’t qualify. This is not an uncommon disease, Mike, and easily rectified. Ask Mike Tunnell.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Gerry 3rd

Opportunity Beckons

The fifth match of the Mixed InterClub season took place at El Chaparral on the 3rd but disappointingly our team finished fifth, thus retaining their unenviable position at the bottom of the league! Winners on the day were the home side but we had a couple of good performances. Richard and Tracey Ledgard chalked up 37 points, Cees Lagerwerf and Loraine Murphy registered 36. Word is that it was the usual good day, the course in good condition, the greens a tad slow, nice food and all well organised. Eyes are now focused on the last meeting which looms large on the 17th and will be here at La Cala. Rumours that Captain James Reid has called for early nights, no alcohol, extra time at the gym and driving range, in the hope of improving our final position, are not thought to have much substance.

Rainbow Scramble

Story in pictures.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
1st 58.2 l/r Steve Tomlin, Wendy Hinds, Alan Jewett, (not available Danny Doughty, guest)
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
2nd 58.4 l/r James Reid, Dean Moore, Dianne Tomlin, Deirdre Whelan
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
3rd 59.4 l/r Richard Hinds, Wendy Warren, Iain Macaulay, (Chris Meuleman not available).
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
4th 59.7 l/r Hans Linderborg, Mervi Linderborg, Gerry Rippinger, Seppo Jaaskelainen

The competition was on Europa where, for a challenging change, the 10th was played from the exhibition tee. The next picture shows how close Wendy Warren got to the flag. Unfortunately the picture is not very clear but one suspects her facial expression, if not just her body language, would show a measure of relief. Not being short and in the jungle or long and in the water. She got so excited she missed her two!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018


Media confronts us all in an increasing number of ways so, conscious that more reading is involved, our national broadcaster (here) in England is financing a project intended to help us. This is the official statement.
“The technology that we have used in our experiment works on the theory that, by showing you only one word at a time, your eyes can stay in a fixed position and so don’t have to be constantly moving whilst you read.
“As a result, the rate at which you can read can be dramatically increased.”
Heaven forbid?

Numbers are dropping

It may just be coincidence, of course, but those playing on Tuesday and the weekend seem to be on the wane. Judging by prize giving attendance. On the 7th there were some fine performances but the scores will have been seen on the web site. Normally one can drum up a few words of background but not this month. Nor has anything helpful been forthcoming in that regard. So, we repeat the headlines if only to go with a couple of partially filled photographs.

Linda Jackson’s 40 points won her top spot, with Mary Evans(39) and Kate Bradley(37) marginally adrift. Only Kate was available for the photo shoot come the weekend.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Only the Lonely

Jeff Owen will play off 8.2 now having been rightly cut 1.1 after running up 41 points. Breathing hotly down his neck though was young Andrew Park, another natural player like brother Chris. He too registered 41 and was cut a similar amount thus dropping to 9.4. The two boys claim never to have had a formal lesson and to play almost never when home in England. Remarkable really. Whether Steve Tomlin has the same background isn’t known, but what is public knowledge is his support of West Ham, a team with a new manager and seven new players with unpronounceable names! To add to all the others of that ilk. Well played Steve, 40 points is good even though life off 11.7 might be a bit tougher.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
l/r Andrew & Steve

Stats and pics only

Saturday 11th. Captain’s choice = 2 ball better ball won by Rob & Tina Garner with no less than 50 points. What a pairing? This was a Choose-Your-Own-Partner comp so clearly golf is up there with bliss in the Garner household?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
The conquering couple

Two teams knocked up 49 points and appear below;

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
l/r Chris Park & James Reid, Liisa(one assumes!) & Seppo Jaaskelainen – almost a resident on the rostrum this year.

Three pairs finished with 47 points, the only absentee when Judi was camera busy being Chris Slattery.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
l/r Gerry & Isabella Ripinger, Monique Peters & Geoff Thompson, James Zeiffert(-Chris)

There was another photograph which content suggests might be categorised as a Double Selfie? The unshaven and the shaded require no definition.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

The illustrative content of this issue is enhanced by a contribution from young Lucy Park, presumably a junior member of the Brian Farmer fan club?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Medal time again

Details of the playing conditions are awaited, said he, ever the optimist, but the stats suggest something unusual. Only 28 men in action of which 11 submitted N/R’s . Only 15 ladies on parade. Leading scores were good though, although not breath taking.
Carol Rees clearly enjoyed Asia’s conditions on Tuesday 14th as her nett 71 shows. Another cut for her but only 0.3 to 13.3 so handleable, if there is such a word? Isabella Rippinger 73 and Kate Bradley 77 followed her home.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Carol & Isabella + Kate

Peter made it a satisfying day for the Bradley family by qualifying for the Medal Final Day with a 71 and a cut of 0.3 to 17.8. Dean Moore edged out Allan Fotheringham for second place, both scoring 72.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Wherefore art thou, Allan?

Well they tried

We are indebted to the squad leader for the following report. A welcome offering.

“The grand final of the Summer Mixed Interclub was played on Friday August 17th with a 10am shotgun start on Asia. The course was in superb condition and your local team was determined to get a high finish in order to get off the bottom of the league.

Lunch with a main course choice of salmon or pork fillet was served under the Carpa but was preceded by a selection of tapas kindly provided by the management.

Unfortunately La Cala only managed third place with a score of 159 and Marbella won the day with 176 points which was a sterling effort.

The two best pairs for the home team were Chris Park and Isabella Rippinger with 42 points and James Reid and Monique Peters with 40.

The final league results were as follows:

Marbella G & CC 33
El Chaparral 23
El Paraiso 18
Atalaya 18
Santa Maria 18
La Cala 16

Better luck next year!

Many thanks to all the players who got up with the sparrows to support the club.”

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Our team for the final day. Just think how happy they would have looked had they won?

Loraine Murphy had this to add.
“We have had the most fantastic summer playing in the Interclub so ably organised by James Reid.

Each club presented their course in the best of condition and lovely menus and hospitality in their club houses afterwards.

It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to play at the different courses.. and although some turned out to be harder and more challenging than others.. the whole experience has been wonderful.. looking forward to 2019 .. well done James ! “

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018


Aretha Franklin

It is unlikely this wonderful talent knew the difference between a niblick and a sand wedge but give her a song to sing, a piano to play, and she transported many of us to a place golf has never managed. Or only occasionally. The media has rightfully been full of her story but, knowing she has been appreciated by more than the hard core party goers, it seemed right just to acknowledge her passing this month.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018



A podcast was a new word to me until recently when I looked it up and confirmed that time is moving fast and it isn’t easy keeping up. Especially in a household where we still have a JVC video recorder and a little used DVD player. Who knows what a vioger is? If you really want to feel depressed have a look at iCoolKid, SnapChat or Fortnite. Then pour yourself a drink and read a book. Or go to the range.

Dog Lovers

August embraces National Dog Day in America but there aren’t many similar celebrations in Europe. In fact where we all spend much of the year the track record for dog caring is pretty dismal. Strays and abandoned creatures are everywhere. Heart breaking to observe and costly to control. Several members have uplifting tales to tell about dogs they have be-friended, coaxed into a normal life, and now benefit from the love and loyalty of their extra family member.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018


Titter Ye May

• When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.
• Broken pencils are pointless.
• What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.
• I dropped out of communism class because of lousy Marx.
• All the toilets in New York’s police stations have been stolen. The police have nothing to go on.
• I got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough.
• Velcro – what a rip off!
• Don’t worry about old age; it doesn’t last.

A friendly reunion

For reasons as yet unknown e.g. was it a birthday, familiar faces gathered recently in England as the photograph below will confirm. All long established members they will need no caption but the group includes the Chestertons, Shutes, Brookes, Gilchrists and, partially disguised, the Fretwells.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Social Scene Alive and Well

“This was the 7th running of the WAM Trophy hosted by Vic and Pauline.
28 men and 21 women turned out for a shotgun on Europa at 10:00 on Saturday 18th August.
The Women scored an average of 31.38 and the men 32.07 so the men are now 5 wins to 2 for the women.
Afterwards about 60 people picnicked in the garden at Villa Romanza and were entertained by Neil, Robbie and Ollie.
Chris Jones and Mario also performed a number of hits from the 70’s and

The individual scores of the winners were James Reid 42, Peter Bradley 40, Alan Jewett 39, Wendy Warren 39, Mary Evans, 39 and Wendy Hinds 36.
The men were given El Jinete vouchers and the women received flower baskets. Kate Bradley and Mike Robbins each won a bottle of gin for being nearest the pin.”

Our thanks for the report and photographs.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Overload Reaction

For many members enough was clearly enough. A very busy week of golf resulted in a very poor turn out for the 4 Clubs and a Putter competition held on Sunday 19th. Nine participants only must surely be a club record? Libby Robinson the only lady on parade! Prizes, which always relate in number to the turnout, were limited to three bottles, happily claimed by Derek Steele 33 points, Peter Penney and David Holden both 32.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
l/r David, Peter, Derek

Vice Captain and Organiser Dean Moore decided to postpone the distribution of Medal prizes until the following weekend when more members would be on hand.

Romeo and Juliet it wasn’t

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Looks innocent enough?

In recent times this scribbler has been targeted by a four inch spike on the golf course, molested by an over friendly Rumanian lady whilst she stole his wrist watch, tripped by an unseen gully which caused a broken shoulder blade, and now, in the most domestic of circumstances, stabbed by a thorny rose in the lower arm causing blood to run freely at Warfarin fuelled speed. Fortunately for readers a camera was not available. The outcome was disproportionate to the event. The name applied by me to the aggressive thorn would not have occurred to William Shakespeare.

Parent & Child

Congratulations to Arnaud and Amo Gontero, members of the club but not often seen, on winning this well supported competition with 52 points.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Kindly Asia

Everybody is speaking well of the oft maligned course recently, and the scores in the Tuesday 21/8 Stableford suggest benevolent conditions. Those whose consistency of form has been praiseworthy of late needed no second bidding and duly took advantage. Andrew Park(39), Chris Slattery(38), and Derek Steele(38) finished at the head of the field but also on 38 were Roy Davies and Campbell McGarvie. All five players earned cuts.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Cheerful Derek, the only recipient available

Isabella Rippinger’s 39 saw her handicap reduce to 17.2, Monique Peter’s 37 to 22.1 and only Carol Rees avoided a cut with her 36 and third place. Always satisfying to play to your handicap though. Especially if a low one.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
In contrast l/r Monique, Isabella & Carol were all there

Wonky. Twee. Dodgy. Bespoke

These are just four English words which have managed to infiltrate the American language recently. Even “mum” instead of “mom” has been observed. Will the President claim credit for this reversal of the usual tide?
“Clout” is another word in mind on the eve of the U S Open Tennis in New York. Clout in the sense of power, as demonstrated by mighty Amazon who outbid all the TV networks and now offer the only way for us lovers of the game to see any of the live action at all. Streaming via their PRIME service is the only way to go. Or the radio?


These are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected and is frequently humorous. (Winston Churchill loved them). Examples include –

1. Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.

2. The last thing I want to do is hurt you …but it’s still on my list.

3. Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

La Cañada Re-Visited

Not the Mall but the golf club beloved by many and further appreciated by all those who made the journey there for another Away Day on Thursday 23rd. 36 had signed up for the day of whom 22 took advantage of the coach organised, like the day itself, by Vic and Pauline Hilliard. The other 14 made their own transport arrangements. A 9.58(?)shotgun start led into a Soft Bramble, followed by a 3 course meal and, inevitably almost, a drink. Singular or otherwise is not reported. Ana Maria Sanchez, once of La Cala parish, arranged everything perfectly. There were heaps of prizes including champagne, gin, vodka caramel, mojito, pina colada, wine, beer and balls. The final recipients were as follows.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
1st with 97 points l/r Ray Clarke, Vic Hilliard, Heather Blakeman, Richard Ledgard
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
2nd with 97 l/r James Reid, Loraine Murphy, Wendy Hinds, Alan Jewett
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
3rd with 92 l/r Cees Lagerwerf, Peter Blakeman, Peter & Kate Bradley
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
4th with 89 l/r Lilly Lagerwerf, Bob Gordon, Chris Park, Brian Farmer
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
5th with 88 l/r Ashley Collacott, James Zeffort, Carol Rees, Sylvia McGarvie
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
6th with 85 l/r Danny Rees, Tracey Ledgard, Monique Peters, David Evans

Another enjoyable social occasion thanks to Vic & Pauline Hilliard whose entertainment work ethic is commendable.
Which reminds one of a story.
An English boxer, Chris Eubank, renowned for a pronounced lisp, has written a book on Ethics. If it is successful his next one will be about Kent.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
Nearest the Pin winners were Tracey Ledgard and Alan Jewett.

Hard work in the heat

Temperatures rising to 30-35C were reported for the Bramble Plus competition on Asia, Saturday 25th, which contributed to a challenging day. Those seemingly impervious to the heat were;

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
1st 155 points l/r Richard Hinds, Lynn Mitchell(guest), Damien Murphy, Dean Moore
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
2nd 148 points l/r Carol Rees, Vic Hilliard, Wendy Hinds, Roy Davies
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
3rd 147 points l/r Peter Bradley, Monique Peters, Martin Hornsby(hiding), Pauline Hilliard

Two more interesting words

Scurryfunge = the hasty tidying up of the house that immediately precedes the arrival of visitors.
Firkytoodling = A Victorian euphemism for a bit of kissing and cuddling, as might take place below a sprig of mistletoe.

Overworked but still friendly

Asia course has seen a lot of action this month but continues to reward players with encouraging conditions, as evidenced by some of the scores being returned. Tuesday 28th saw Peter Bradley displaying no sign of dinner party blues, his 42 Stableford points deservedly slashing his handicap by 2.2 to 15.8. Also in the cutting room were Rob Garner on 39 and now down to 4.6, whilst Dean Moore matched his 39 and is now to play off 11.1.

Tina Garner, creeping into the upper echelons with regularity of late, led the Ladies field with 36, followed by Isabella Rippinger and Monique Peters on 32.

Prize giving pictures will appear in September’s issue.

Cross Country Trial

Monique Peters has a creative golfing mind which, on Wednesday evening, the 29th, on Asia(!), led to 7 teams playing 9 holes only after an 1800 shotgun start. This was not your normal golf though. Holes were not played in the usual sequence. Hence the “Cross Country” title. Full details are not yet available as we go to press but will appear next month. It is known that the winning team racked up 50 points, didn’t lose one ball, and can be seen below with the organiser.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
l/r Alison Moore, Wendy Hinds, Monique, Carol Rees, Gerry Rippinger

‘Twas a warm summers evening just before the kaleidoscopic shadows created as the sun goes down when six flights of intrepid golfers, equipped with back packs and compasses, attempted to follow the cross country course first played eons ago by their forefathers. (Well, at least a decade ago!)
Vice Captain Monique, with the support of the Resort management, had organised a 9 hole, “cross country” course on Asia with a 6.00pm shotgun start. Compasses (found on mobile phones) were necessary as angular measurements were given from the tees to the corresponding green as follows:-
Tee 1 to 9th green. 10 to 8th. 8th to 10th. 12th to 14th. 13th to 12th. 6th to 5th. 5th to 6th. 4th to 3rd.
3rd. 9th to 1st.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

An additional side issue was to record the number of balls each team lost.

It is believed that there were some serious discussions on the tees as to which green the team was aiming for, but all teams eventually made the clubhouse in good spirits, whereupon many stories of superlative shots were bandied around closely followed by the truth coming from another member of the team!

One of the unexpected hazards encountered were the automatic sprinklers leading to Loraine Murphy laying claim to being the winner of the “wet T-shirt” competition.

The prize giving showed the team of Gerri Rippinger, Carol Rees and Wendy Hinds ably supported by Dean Moore’s wife Alison (a non golfer) running out the winners.
The team of Richard Hinds, Dean Moore, James Reid and organiser Monique managed to lose the most balls and were rewarded with sleeves of new balls, to much derision from the other players.
However, the general consensus was that everyone enjoyed themselves and that the event should be repeated and included in the calendar, if possible.

Finally, the majority stayed to eat meals ordered from the various Resort menus.

Thanks to Richard Hinds for this amusing take on the proceedings.

Usual Perfect Timing

With his customary and dependable contribution David Evans provides us with these quite remarkable statistics every month.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

A warm welcome

Some members will already have met Robert Mitchell who joined the management team as Director of Golf on August 13th. We have gleaned a few facts about him just in time to say “Hello” in this issue. Robert, as he is keen to be called, was born in Dublin but grew up in South Wales. He qualified as a PGA golf professional in 2004 so already next year’s Calamari Cup outcome looks debateable! He has spent the past 12 years in Spain working at Costa Ballena Ocean Golf Club (Cadiz), and Las Colinas Golf & Country Club (Alicante). The last being managed by Troon Golf, the market leader of golf courses around the world.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

We wish you well, Robert. You will find us a friendly bunch most of the time.

David Moore

…..known fondly as “West Ham Dave” to most was a regular player in the Tuesday Stableford and Medal competitions at La Cala.

Sadly, he lost his fight with cancer early on August 30th.

All that knew him will remember his love of life and on and off the golf course.

David often partnered with Andy Park in the doubles competitions and they were winners of the 2015 Doubles Knockout here at La Cala.

He will be missed. R.I. P. West Ham Dave.

26th Peter & Joan Stock Memorial

Although technically a September event it is a pleasure to be able to include the following report, and pictures, all the work of Loraine Murphy, for which many thanks. Sounds as though Peter and Joan would have thoroughly approved?

“The first competition was held back in 1993, it was by written invitation only, the dress code was Jacket & Tie for men and cocktail dresses for the ladies. Many was the warm May/June night that the men glowed until Joan uttered those famous words ” the men may now remove their jackets”….. It has been a constant, and popular, feature of the La Cala Golfing Calendar since then.

Originally set up to honour the memory of Joan’s husband Peter..who passed away at the very early age of 62 in 1992…it is a board event that has been maintained by the club and now is also dedicated to Joan who passed away in 2016.

Unfortunately due to a change of dates, this year only had a small field…but, as as will be testified to by the members who did play, it was a great two day competition.

Playing on the newly opened campo America was a relevation – and thanks must go to the La Cala maintenance staff who have made both the 4th and 15th holes actually playable. !

As is the custom there were prizes for the best score on day one, and best score on day two..for those that did not qualify for one of the top spots.”

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Winners – Day One – Damien Murphy & Marie Wilson

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Winners – Day Two – Derek Steele & Roy Davies

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

2nd Place – Rob & Tina Garner

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

3rd Place – Alan Jewett & Wendy Warren (last years winners) – and Alan was on the hunt for his 3rd win..

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

4th Place – Seppo Jääskeläinen & Liisa Lindstrom

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

Winners – Gerri & Isabella Rippinger.

Gerri very kindly “filled the trophy” in his own inimitable style by buying a round of drinks for everyone !
Isabella is now joint leader on the competition board with Damien Murphy with 3 wins each.

The La Cala management provided a wonderful menu and as it included welcome drinks (Cava, beer & wine), wine/beer or cava during the meal and tea/coffee afterwards it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone … and deemed to be good value for money.

There were a few people seen making repeat trips to the buffet & bbq stations – so it seems that the new catering manager Francoise is already making an impact.

The Struggle ends

Finding stuff to scribble about when distant from the hub of things is quite testing but, all being well, normal service can be resumed next month. Lilian and I should be back in La Cala on Monday afternoon 3/9 after seven weeks golfless absence. We have managed to see all the family, old friends and neighbours, and set a domestic record for on line retail therapy, to the extent that this could well prove to be the fullest load the Lexus has ever carried, and that’s saying something! The absence of meaningful fresh air and exercise will necessitate stricter control of diet and a swift return to our normal pattern of life once we are unloaded, unpacked, and domestically re-organised. To all of which we look forward, as well as the warmth! Contrary to what you may have read in the media it has been quite cool here in Hampshire for the last couple of weeks. Grey too. What Mike Fisher calls The Lid.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter August 2018

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