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Newsletter December 2015

December Newsletter

Janus, God of Beginnings and Transitions

His name is also Latin for “Door” through which, right now, we are all entering a new chapter in our lives, a chapter waiting to be written, and one it is in our own hands to shape. January is the first month of a new year and thus the “beginning” whilst adherence to resolutions might well bring about the “transition” to a better you. Be strong minded, determined, and don’t give up too easily, as Peter Penney did last year when he forsook jogging because the ice kept falling out of his glass.

Stableford. Asia. December 1st.

1st 31 Val Wicks
2nd 30 Penelope Behrend- Sherrif
3rd 30 Maddie Brooks (on handicap)

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

1st 40 Peter Penney (cut 2.2 to 12.7)
2nd 34 Roger Dew
3rd 34 Dean Moore (on handicap)

December Newsletter
December Newsletter

Peter, now earning a third mention on page one, claims this was his best round for ten years but the record books show a 41 back on Captains’ Day 2008. Even so a super performance and another example of how “Blue is the colour” became his favoured song. Unfortunately no picture of the Man of the Moment was taken!!
The Ladies field was a bit on the thin side, many of the regulars being away, strutting their stuff at Anoretta GC in company with countless other female golfers from along the coast.

Introduction to our New Captains

December Newsletter

Vic and Pauline Hilliard first visited La Cala in 1993 whilst visiting a friend in Mijas. Later they returned to this area a number of times with fellow members of Worldham Park Golf Club, always including games on the, then, North and South courses. When the decision to buy a property in Spain was later made there was no hesitation about location or golf club. A 2 bedroom apartment in Real Altavista 1 was purchased and became their second home. Then came retirement, the realisatiuon that the apartment was too small for their new needs, so they sold their house in England and bought Villa Romanza. Both find the dual format of competition golf on Tuesday and fun golf at the weekend “fantastic”. There is also talk of this schedule being “enhanced by the introduction of the ‘blues’ “ although whether this involves musical accompaniment is not clear. Always to be found at the hub of social activities there was a certain inevitability about them progressing to Captaincy, acceptance of which office they claim not to remember agreeing to, the implication being that they were approached whilst under the influence. Be that as it may they are not without former hot seat experience and already the indications are that the club is in very good hands. Again. Cruising the world is on hold.

End of Season for the ladies

At the ungodly hour of 0715 on December 1st ten La Cala lady members boarded a mini-bus to take them to Anoreta Golf Club for the traditional annual get together of golfing friends and foes.

December Newsletter
Up with the lark and ready to go

Other teams came from Baveria, El Candado, Santa Maria, Miraflores and Parador. The journey was made the more pleasurable by Ritva’s homemade “pepper” biscuits, substantially added to by croissants, yoghurts, Portuguese tarts, sandwiches, fruit juice, tea and coffee courtesy of Connie and Lilly. Clearly our representatives had no intention of playing on an empty stomach, even though a few of them are reported to be in the grip of diets.

December Newsletter
Connie with her goodies

Anoreta was extremely well organised, the weather conditions perfect, and the course in good condition, albeit tough. The format was individual Stableford. Despite their trencherman’s breakfasts our team ploughed heartily into the lunch which followed play and preceded the prize presentation. La Liga’s main trophy went to Santa Maria, and Miraflores won the Ladies Senior Liga. Alison Kirk managed to gather in the Nearest the Pin award and some of our other ladies did quite well in the “lucky losers” draw by way of some compensation.

December Newsletter
Ladies at lunch


December Newsletter
Some of the “Lucky Losers”

With no transport responsibilities it is easy to understand why the return journey involved both wine and song. Sounds like the right way to round off another enjoyable campaign?

December Newsletter
Alison Kirk won “Nearest the pin”

Turkey Trot. Bramble plus. Europa. December 5th

December Newsletter

This eagerly awaited and popular event is much more than just a round of golf. It is a fashion parade and gastronomic occasion. This year enhanced by there being two comfort stops en route. A choice of English favourites and/or Swedish delights. Hosted by the Hilliards and Syversens respectively, and generously. Despite considerable temptation being in their path some players managed to resist, or possibly indulged and relaxed, and were later rewarded with prizes.

December Newsletter
The Hilliards comfort stop


December Newsletter
The Syversens comfort stop

1st 118 Ray Clarke, Ritva Hagglund, David Wilson, Jill Davies.
2nd 118 Arthur O’Connor, Peter Robinson, Val Wicks, Hazel Gilchrist (on handicap)
3rd 115 Roger Dew, Michael Costello, Asbjorn Wangerud, Karen O’Connor

December Newsletter
Happy Winners
December Newsletter
In Second Place
December Newsletter
Third but happy

Nearest the pin awards went to Arthur O’Connor and Felima O’Callaghan.
Carol Rees was adjudged the Best Dressed Player
Wendy Hinds and Jenny Chesterton earned the Best Decorated Buggy title.

December Newsletter
Best dressed Carol Rees
December Newsletter
The winning buggy


December Newsletter
Some of the prizes

As if the day had not been demanding enough there was more in store. A three course meal, a prolonged prize giving, dancing till the midnight hour and then, for the hardy few, a nightcap or two. These proceedings are probably best described in pictures to follow. Of which there is an abundance! The one of Captain Vic in a plain, dark suit is a rare sighting, on a par with seeing a multicellular nematode, or Arthur O’Connor in trousers.

December Newsletter

There are pictures of the major winners present and a montage of those who earned prizes, or gifts for either achievements or contributions to the club. Not financial.

December Newsletter

La Cala Honours Board  2015

Because some of us never get to see a trophy, let alone get our name on one, the thought occurred to show photographs of the club’s silverware, and these follow. After which will be found the list of all those who earned a permanent place in the club’s history as well as their name appearing on the Honours Boards.

December Newsletter
Captains’ Day Trophy – Ladies
December Newsletter
Captains’ Day Trophy – Men
December Newsletter
The Roy White Trophy
December NewsletterLadies Doubles Knockout/Matchplay (The mens’ is identical)
December Newsletter
Mens’ singles Knockout/Matchplay (The ladies’ is the same)
December Newsletter
Mixed Knockout/Matchplay

These were all presented at the Turkey Trot Dinner

La Cala Honours Boards 2015

Game Winners
Club Champion Men Bertil Josefsson
Club Champion Ladies Katherine O’Connor  December Newsletter
Stableford Champion Men Adam Tinkler
Stableford Champion Ladies Ria Van Wershoven
Millenium Trophy Johnstone &  Lilian Crombie
Captains Day Men Cees Lagerwerf  December Newsletter
Captains Day Ladies Ria Van Wershoven
Medal Winners Cup Men Paul O’Callaghan
Medal Winners Cup Ladies Karen O’Connor
Singles Matchplay Men Arthur  O’Connor  December Newsletter
Singles Matchplay Ladies Sonya Foster  December Newsletter
Doubles Matchplay Men Andrew Park & David Moore  December NewsletterDecember Newsletter
Doubles Matchplay Ladies Carol Rees  &  Jenny Chesterton  December NewsletterDecember Newsletter
Mixed Matchplay Leslie & Valerie Wicks  December NewsletterDecember Newsletter
Property Owners Championship Cees Lagerwerf
La Cala Golfworld Open Grace Lewis
Philip Fitzsimons Memorial Cup Danny Rees  (2012)
Stableford League Men Roy Davies
Stableford League Ladies Carol  Rees
Peter Stock Memorial Trophy C  &  E  Lagerwerf

Stableford. Europa. December 7th

It was a cool, grey, sunless morning with first tee off later than normal. Nevertheless the course was in good shape, producing some good scores. Not often you see Chris Slattery in third place though, especially when playing to his admirable handicap.

1st 37 Cathy Gulya
2nd 34 Libby Robinson
3rd 33 Ursula Wetzel

1st 41 Bobo Syversen (cut 1.7 to 5.4)
2nd 39 Cees Lagerwerf (cut 1.7 to 11.3)
3rd 36 Chris Slattery (cut 0.2 to 4.1)

Mens’ Interclub Match dates for 2016

Organiser Brian Farmer has provided this list for the diaries of interested parties. Entry sheets will be provided nearer the actual dates, as usual.

  • Marbella G.C. – 8th Feb. Home and 26th Feb. Away.
  • El Paraiso G.C. – 11th May Home and 19th May Away.
  • Santa Maria G.C. – 13th May Away and 25th May Home.
  • Mijas Golf Club. – 8th June Away and 20th June Home.
  • Chaparral G.C. – 6th July Home and 14th June Away.
  • Alcaidesa G.C. – 7th Sept. Home and 15th Or 22nd Sept Away.


Bramble plus. America. December 13th

Unlucky date for some perhaps but not for the following teams.

1st 144 Lorraine Murphy, Brian Farmer, Bill Field, Siggy Bjarnasan
2nd 142 Jenny Chesterton, Wendy Hinds, Dean Moore, Jan Debrauwer
3rd 140 Roy Davies, Ritva Hagglund, Thomas Widegren, David Evans

December Newsletter
The winning team minus Siggy
December Newsletter
Smiley seconds

December in action


December Newsletter


Medal. America. December 15th

1st 74 Lotta Syversen
2nd 74 Ritva Hagglund (on handicap)
3rd 75 Ursula Wetzel (plus 0.1 to 14.5

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

1st 70 Chris Slattery (-0.2 to 3-9)
2nd 70 Roger Dew (-0.4 to 6.3)(on handicap)
3rd 70 David Gilchrist (-0.6 to 15.9)(on handicap)

December Newsletter
David Gilchrist

An under par three way tie must be a record?

Torneo de Voluntarios. Medal. Asia. 17th

This event was hosted by La Cala Management and served as a “Muchas Gracias” to all those who gave of their time to support staff during the recent Alps Qualifying Competition. There appears to have been some confusion over the format which led to not everyone playing with the same objectives. However, and the main thing, everyone enjoyed their day, the meal, and the various goodies, as several smiling faces indicate.

1st -7 = 65 Santiago Hurtado & Pedro Rayo
2nd -6 = 66 Sonya Foster & Danny Efford
3rd -5 = 67 Danny Rees & Cabrera Diaz Marcello

December Newsletter
Organiser Agustín Alonso with our two captains

The Alps week was a successful one from the organisers viewpoint, and the players will not have found the courses easy, even though the winner at -10 would seem to indicate otherwise. Members also enjoyed being part of the week and certainly we have all benefitted from the improvements to the three courses, especially the speedier greens.

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

Bramble plus. Asia. December 19th

The day began early. 0830 breakfast for all in the clubhouse. After which the outgoing Captains posed for Putt Out shots having each been inches away from a hole in one. Honours were thus even. The incoming Captains then buggied on down the 18th., to the seldom used tee, from which two balls each were driven. There was a time when the fairway would have been peopled by children anxious to retrieve the balls and then claim a prize for so doing. Indeed it was not unknown for adults to join in, hastening their stride whilst trying hard to appear disinterested! This year Vic & Pauline invited players to put two euros in a box and bet on the distance the balls would travel. Two bets = 4 euros and so on. The amount raised was 160 euros which then went to Cudeca. The return on my investment was a bottle of Gecko Caramel Liquour which has yet to be sampled. Respect for the Captains prevents me from revealing the winning distance!

Brambles appear to be taking over the world, today’s variation being the Plus version which requires a mental adjustment to normal reactions. Those most successful were:

1st 135 Hazell Gilchrist, Oisin Whelen, Vic & Pauline Hilliard
2nd 134 Cees Lagerwerf, Mike Robbins, Ritva Hagglund, Libby Robinson
3rd 133 Pearl Fisher, Iain Macaulay, Bobo Syversen, Pedro Batista

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

Stableford. Europa. December 22nd

1st 36 Carol Rees
2nd 36 Ritva Hagglund (on handicap)
3rd 35 Deirdre Whelan

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

1st 40 Oisin Whelen (cut 1.6 to 19.3)
2nd 37 Thomas Widegren (cut 0.3 to 16.6)
3rd 36 Johan Van Wershoven

December Newsletter
December Newsletter
December Newsletter

Round Robin. America. December 26th

1st 81 Alex Bruce, Malcolm Bruce, James Bruce, Brendan Walsh
2nd 80 Martin Whelan, Lilly Lagerwerf, Ritva Hagglund, Bobo Syversen
3rd 80 Thomas Widegren, Johan Van Wershoven, Lotta Syversen, Ultan Whelan (on handicap)

December Newsletter
The winners
December Newsletter
Pipped by a point
December Newsletter
Cheerful third place

Stableford. Asia. December 28th

For reasons unknown to this newsletter the weekly qualifying competition was switched from Tuesday to Monday and the first tee off time wasn’t until 11.30. Partly as a result, or perhaps being too soon after Christmas celebrations, the field was a thin one. Only 12 ladies and 20 men BUT no nil returns which seems to suggest conditions were favourable.

It has certainly proved to be a rewarding visit for the Whelan brigade who have been amongst the prizes ever since they arrived. Today was no exception. A real family occasion!

1ST 32 Deirdre Whelan
2nd 31 Ritva Hagglund
3rd 29 Carol Rees

1st 39 Ultan Whelan (cut 1.6 to 22.4)
2nd 37 Cees Lagerwerf (cut 0.4 to 11.0)
3rd 34 Alan Jewett

December Newsletter
Deirdre Whelan
December Newsletter
Ultan Whelan

It has also been nice to see the greatly experienced and competitive Ritva Hagglund gracing the rostrons again. A very good month’s results on which to end another golfing year.

Thank you from the Captains

Brian Farmer and Sonya Foster served the club well during 2015 and, as is traditional, were rewarded by the members with gifts of their own choosing, bought from monies collected. These presents were given to them at the Turkey Trot Dinner and are shown below together with messages from each of them. Ladies first.

“Thank you so much for my wonderful jewellery gifts. They are simply beautiful. Also for my Cortes Ingles voucher which I shall spend in the forthcoming January sales!”

December Newsletter
Sonya’s gift

Over now to Brian.
“Thanks to all the members who contributed to my farewell present. As you can see, it is already in use giving me surround sound for my sports and movies. It also has Bluetooth functionality so I can connect my i-pad and i-phone to listen to my music. Thank you all for your generosity.”

December Newsletter
Brian’s woofer

Finally, and altogether now –
“Thank you for supporting myself and Brian in our 2015 Captaincy year. We wish Vic and Pauline, Bobo and Lotta, a successful and happy 2016. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.”
Sonya and Brian.

Bits and pieces

Martin Whelan is now known as “Wrong ball” Whelan after playing the wrong ball TWICE during the recent Round Robin……………a picture of John Crombie “dressed for golf in the UK” emphasises how fortunate we are in not having to contend with those dreadful floods. At first glance he appeared to be in his Tim Peake Lookalike outfit. John being a huge fan of the astronaut……………..

December Newsletter
Tim Peake wanabee

Mike “Put me amongst the Girls” Fisher enjoyed Christmas before jetting off to Ibitha to see the New Year in……………

December Newsletter
A happy gooner

Chris Park’s two little sons are often seen in the clubhouse but never expected to be put to work peeling satsuma’s for the Hilliards………………………..

December Newsletter

Bobo, David Moody and Thomas Widegren were on duty during Alps week when Bobo found a ball hidden in a drain near the green. Known for his sagacity Thomas opined that golf would be a much better and easier game if there were no holes!…………….Apparently there are 3.4 billion smartphones in people’s pockets this year. This is forecast to reach 6.4 billion by 2021 when 85 % of all subscriptions will be defined as “mobile broadband”. Very content to remain with the 15% and trusty landline.……………….Back in 2007 La Cala Resort won a place in the Guinness Book of Records when 614 players took part in the same competition on the same day here! A reminder of this wonderfully organised event, and lots of other pleasurable memories, come as a result of Pearl Fisher having a pre-Christmas Spring Clean. She un-earthed a collection of “The Mulligan” which used to be the newsletter and was produced monthly by Dion Breen, himself a very good golfer. I will keep these all in the back of my car so if any of the newer members are interested in the earlier days, or older members fancy a walk down Memory Lane, you are most welcome to them. Meanwhile here is a sample……………………..

December Newsletter

Those readers who notice such things will have spotted that it was not Ria Van Wershoven in 3rd place on Page 5 last month…………………..Following James Reid’s terpsichorean display after the Turkey Trot Dinner it is being rumoured in some quarters that he is to audition for a spot on Strictly Come Dancing, and has even been heard speaking critically of Anton du Beke’s performances of late…………….

December Newsletter

May the attention of our Lady golfers be directed towards the web site of the Lady Aztec Trick Golf Shots team. They might find it inspirational and perhaps lead to a display on some future club occasion. Co-ordination of hands, feet, gloves, clothes and, dare it be mentioned in a family bulletin, cleavage are all essential…………..The names of Bobo and Facebook appear to be synonymous. Early morning sessions are reported. Pictures of the day’s sunrise distributed to all and sundry whilst they remain warmly in bed. Even for this compulsive scribbler Facebook and Twitterland remain No Go areas…………………..Now a picture quiz. Whose cupboards are these? There’s a lotta balls there, which may give you a hint?…………..

December Newsletter

Iain Macaulay is a disappointed man in that he can no longer summon up enough wind to play his beloved bagpipes. Not that anyone else is complaining. Why not try the Shruti Box, Iain?……….Still on a musical theme John Crombie has re-written the words to “Jingle Bells”, recorded them himself, and is available for concerts. The New Musical Express and Melody Maker both give it a good chance of becoming another “ Funky Gibbons”. At least it can’t be worse than Justin Timberlake at the CMA Awards…………..Judging by the overflowing car park on December 31st. the traditional San Miguel Tournament must have been well supported. This “outside” event attracted about twenty members of whom Vic & Pauline Hilliard did us most proud. 43 points should normally have been enough to capture first prize but the competition has a history of high scoring champions and this year was no different. Our Captains’ excellent performance saw them squeezed out of third place on handicap difference! An encouraging end to the year though.

The Roy White Trophy. Born 1998

For several bygone years a team from Leek used to visit the Costa and a match against El Chaparral was always part of the programme. Following the mass transfer of members to La Cala the match continued for many years. Leek presented a large silver bowl as the team prize, and a small silver cup from their President Roy White. This was presented to whoever and for whatever reason Roy chose. He then moved to the Isle of Wight where he later died. His trophy though, remained here in La Cala, the recipient being determined by the Captains, but based on their assessment of someone who has served the club beyond the call of normal duty, or in a special way.
The newsletter is indebted to Edna and Ron Sullivan for this background tale.
The deserved winner this year was Wendy Hinds.

December Newsletter

The full list of previous holders is shown below.

December Newsletter

Away days reminder. May 3 to 5 2016. Almenara

Early in January the Captains have to firm up on their reservations, to which end they need a good idea of numbers. Of support. Of interest. Two notices have already been distributed but possibly haven’t reach ALL members. This, on their behalf, is a request that you make contact as soon as possible or, with the group 50 strong already, you may be too late. In case anyone is not in the picture the original plan to visit Antequera has been replaced by the much nicer prospect of Almenara, with which many members will be familiar.

To end on a personal note

It is a year since I inherited responsibility for the newsletter and I must admit it has been good fun and mentally stimulating! My folderol appears not to have seriously offended anyone, no threats of serious injury, in fact not much reaction at all really! No accusation of bloviating even. The new Captains have invited me to continue and I have agreed, thank you.

My personal golfing year saw a consistent downward spiral culminating in a blaze of rubbish in December. My body is beginning to get its own back after 83 years of heavyweight physical activity Thank goodness for kindly partners, not least David Moody and Johan, who spring readily and regularly to my assistance. Escaping the greens doesn’t get any easier though. The slopes are definitely getting steeper, and where there are steps they are even more challenging.

The Festive Season saw me on a diet of Fishermen’s Friends, soluble paracetemol, and thousands of paper tissues, menthol fragrance. All of which led to the last week of 2015 being a golfless one. On the credit side though was the opportunity to play three rounds with old friend, and ex-member of the club, Brian Elmore, during our Christmas stay at El Rompido. Brian will be 84 next month, and lives in Ireland now, so such opportunites are bound to get rarer.

December Newsletter

Finally, to those who should have received Christmas Greetings from Lilian and I and may not have done, an apology. Not for the first time I appear to have pressed the wrong buttons here and there so some may have received just the SUBJECT heading and no message! I may be wrong but if not, what you should have received, now follows. Better late than never, they say? The thought was there.

December Newsletter

For the benefit of Johan, who likes a challenge, other words for folderol might be balderdash, codswallop, apple sauce, bilge and balony. Not sure how many of these feature in the American language?

During the year, acting as cameraman too at most events, and with input from others, a large library of photographs has been accumulated. Only some have been used in the newsletter. If anyone would like a copy of the collection just lend me a memory stick and I will be happy to download them for you. 2015 in Pictures.

Now, like most at the start of the year, it is time to diet. For this editor it means no more eating my own words, swallowing my pride, or putting my foot in my mouth.


“Forget self, think of others
Do as you would be done by
These are the tried links
In contentment’s golden chain”

December Newsletter

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