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Newsletter February 2014

The 2014 Stableford League is in full swing and results are starting to become interesting with some participants already playing 11 events.  The early leaders in the men’s section with over 7 results are Chris Slattery and Roger Dew with averages well over 32.5.  Bobo Syversen is next averaging a little over 31 and then Johan Van Wershoven and Les Wicks at just over 30.5.  Last year’s top performer David Evans is off to a slow start but everyone will remember last years charge!

In the Ladies section, the early leader is Ritva Hägglund with an excellent average of over 31.5 with 11 scores.  Others in the hunt are Lotta Syversen and Susanne Valentin who just leaped into the race with 40 points last week.  Both are averaging nearly 31.  Connie Maphar, Karen O’Connor and Valerie Wicks are right behind averaging 30.5 plus. Last year’s champion, Carol Rees, is off to a slower start, but has some solid recent scores to set herself for another summer run!  The top 10 lists will be posted on the notice board shortly.

The Knock-outs have started and some of those with winter rust have already been eliminated.  Last minute games are being scheduled to meet the February 28th deadline and some clever participants are even reading the new rules posted on the Notice Board!  As always, if you have questions, please contact either of the Captain’s in person, by email, or by phone (see below).

Sten Valentin orchestrated a Men’s Seniors Dinner on January 29th at El Jinete for all Senior Men’s players.  A good time was had by all!  Ron  Chesterton presented Sten with appropriate prizes for the evening and thanked him for leading the La Cala team to the League Championship!


Susanne has ordered club shirts for all those responding to her email.  If you want one but forgot to let her know, contact her with your request.  The shirts are going to be similar to last years with the addition of a sleeveless for the Ladies and the price is 25 Euros each.

The committee have also been doing much work on refining the rules for blue tee players and this is what we have determined:

The use of the blue tees, using blue tee slope for all competitions for those 75 years or older is allowed. For Knock-outs, Stableford League and Medal competitions, a player will need to be consistent for the duration of each competition, i.e., a player could not choose to play off the blue in some medals or a knock out and yellow for others. This preference should be stated at the beginning of the season and be provided to the Handicap Secretary and the Club Captains.

For weekend competitions, a player over 75 can choose their tee. When playing from the blue tees, handicap is determined from the blue slope table for the course played rather than full handicap.

If a player not yet 75 desires to play from the blue tees they can apply to the committee for consideration.  And please remember to mark “Played from Blue Tees” on your scorecard.

Many of you may not be at La Cala at the moment to see the sign-up sheets for a Men’s Away day at Valle Romano on April 10th and the Men’s Captain’s Away trip to Almenara on May 14th and 15th.  If you want to play and can’t easily sign-up, please send an email to Alan.

Susanne has sent a Lady Captain’s trip email invitation for May 7th and 8th so if you haven’t replied yet, please do!

Rules!  If you have a rules question, please send them to Arthur O’Connor ( The rules team is in place and ready to research your difficult questions and apply them to situations at La Cala.

Many members have suggested it would be great to start our winter competitions a little later.  I am happy to report we will be planning on a 10:30 start for our weekend mini-shotguns during December, January, and February next year!  Thanks to Pedro and Agustin for helping us make this happen!

And remember to:  Write your scores neatly on your scorecard, especially the gross score and include your full name; not write in pen on the sign-up sheets; put in the correct amount in the 2’s tin and envelopes – I know those 50 cent pieces look similar in size to 2 euro coins, but they are very different!  Also, on Tuesdays we play from the balls near the blocks.  If there are no balls near the blocks, play from the blocks!

The new Members Directory has been published, so if you didn’t get it, make sure you give your updated information to Sonya Foster (  Remember, this is for club use only.

The new members cards are now available for collection from reservations between 08:30 and 16:30 Monday to Sunday.  As all procedures mention, members need to show their cards when making bookings, redeeming offers or purchasing in the shop. This ensures that the staff are aware of the fact that special tariffs and discounts are to be applied. The vouchers and gifts for renewals are non transferable.

Don’t forget, the weekend competitions are moving back to Sunday for March, April, and May.

Men’s Captain:  Alan Jewett ( and 606 074 916
Lady Captain:  Susanne Valentin ( and 652 978 041

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