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Newsletter February 2017


Limited Edition

This newsletter will be shorter than of late (pause for collective sigh of membership relief). There are two main reasons. One is a comparative lack of action on which to comment. The other, staff holidays in the engine room. The last week of February will therefore be the first week of March this year.
Furthermore there are fewer pictures of deserving members because, as this is written, there hasn’t been a prize giving since the fifth of the month. Plus the fact the camera man hasn’t been out there for a similar period, trying hard to capture his playing partners at their moment of perfection. Not an easy task at times!

Another reminder that photographs can be enlarged on screen by simply clicking on them. This doesn’t often apply to imported pictures, of course.

Left over from last month

Prize winners from January 31st included

February 2017 Newsletter
Loraine Murphy(1st) and Jill Davies(3rd)
February 2017 Newsletter
David Evans(1st), Geoff Thompson(2nd) and Roy Davies(3rd). Assume Alan collecting for Geoff?


Damp start

Some of the stories emanating from the Thursday Roll Up un-official competitions suggest that participants quite like the distraction of complicated numerical points scoring. Similarly there may be some who enjoy a Round Robin now and again. This can require additional concentration, especially after a shotgun start when the first six holes may not be your first six holes! If you see the point. This month kicked off on the 4th., on Campo America, with conditions sufficiently muddy and slippery in parts to lead to a Blue Flags ban. Not only that but a very senior marshal on patrol duty. There were 10 teams of four, including new members Rob and Tina Garner, to whom we were all introduced by the Lady Captain later. More of them anon but for those of us of the 3rd Age Generation the improvement in the club’s age demographics is to be welcomed. Meanwhile the leading teams were:-

1st. 82 Wendy Fretwell, Heimo Kupso, Roy Davies, Helena Widegren
2nd. 80 Jill Davies, Vivien Shute, Gerry Rippinger, Tauno Routianinen
3rd. 79 Sylvia McGarvie, Danny Rees, Joop Peels, Libby Robinson

February 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter


Trouble trouble. Boil and bubble.

This paragraph may have to be re-written come time of publication but right now, fresh from Campo Europa on Tuesday 7th., with the temperature at a lovely 23 degrees, the mind is less on points scored or companions enjoyed, than on club politics. If that is the right word. The alleged misdemeanours of an individual member, and the consequences springing therefrom, led to an explosion of opinion, a handful of “resignations”, the loss of our Lady Captain, and the withdrawal of about a dozen players from today’s competition. They opting to do their own thing on Campo America by way of protest.,. Strong efforts are being made to calm the waters and restore harmony amongst members, but if Alison is not able to change her mind, and few would blame her, the club is the loser.

To return to golf proper it is pleasing to report another success for my friendly editorial punch bag who takes everything in his stride, or is ultra diplomatic with strong control over his tongue! Which is not the case.

1st. 36 Dorothee Schmidt
2nd. 33 Isabella Rippinger
3rd. 32 Carin Ollson

1st. 34 David Moody
2nd. 32 Erling Johnson (on handicap)
3rd. 32 Ron Chesterton

It should be mentioned that sky watching John Crombie also got 32 points but somehow his card never reached the powers that be. His was obviously not an intentional Nil Return.

Publication date

Broadly speaking this newsletter is available on the website a couple of days after month’s end. For those not yet accustomed to checking the web site at regular intervals, a little nudge is usually forthcoming from the Secretary with a link direct to the eagerly awaited reading matter. Said he wishfully.

Smiling seniors

The excursion to La Canada on Wednesday 8thproved fruitful in that our team claimed revenge for their home defeat. 2.5 – 0.5 the result, and explains the happy faces round the post match dining table. Our cheerful warriors were David Moody/Thomas Widegren, Roy Davies/Richard Hines, and Roger Dew/Alan Jewett. The 0.5 came from the Richard/Roy duo who were three down with four to play but managed a storming finish. The team now sit third in the league.

February 2017 Newsletter


Narrow escape

Thanks to the weather the Rest-of-the-World team were able to avoid a heavy defeat at England’s hands on Saturday 11th., as the following pictures explain.

February 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter



For a Medal the conditions underfoot were less than helpful, despite it being a grand day for playing golf. Clear skies and warm sunshine after a while. Not that some of us reached the while stage. Our fourball were first out so probably got the worst of the heavy dew supplementing the recent rains. We quickly became a three ball, then a two ball, and at the turn a vote in favour of a “decent lunch” led to the total demise of the team! Later comment from other participants suggests that few enjoyed their round even though the leading performers managed decent scores on America, on the 14th. Date not tee.
Hero of the day was newcomer Rob Garner who qualified for the Medal Finals later in the year – at his first attempt. With a handicap of 4.6 Rob sits amongst the elite in our club.

1st. 74 Jill Davies
2nd. 78 Anne Hannam
3rd. 81 Connie Maphar

1st. 74 Rob Garner (on handicap)
2nd. 74 Peter Hannam
3rd. 75 Roy Davies

A good day for the Hannam family, which is nice to see, and another consistent performance from the reliable Team Davies. Taking her low handicap into consideration Connie is another player who is always there or thereabouts come prize giving time. What was it Shakespeare said? “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale, her infinite variety.”

February 2017 Newsletter
Well player Rob!


According to Wikipedia

February 2017 Newsletter

It is Sunday morning, the 19th of the month, a disturbed night behind us. What happened above La Cala during what should have been sleeping hours, but weren’t, was “A violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning.” There have been previous storms, of course, but it is difficult to recall one so loud and well illuminated. Nor was the rainfall inconsequential. Looking out on America’s 16th. one can see bunkers hall filled with water, large puddles on the green and off it. In the opposite direction water can easily be seen gathered in familiar areas on Asia.

February 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter

Nor has the rain ceased yet. More gentle, and unaccompanied by noises off, but still enough to deter even the keenest of golfers. The official announcement is not yet to hand but it would be amazing if it wasn’t CANCELLED again.

It was.! Successive weekends. Is this a record?

The mother and father of all storms was even worse than we thought, as the EuroWeekly informs this morning. Malaga’s clean up bill estimated at 10 million euros no less! 200 weather related emergencies and an estimated 500 cars written off. Most of us were tucked up warm in bed but even so it was quite frightening at times.

Illustrated South African Supplement

There will be some familiar faces amongst the photographs arriving on a regular basis from a warmer and dryer clime. The theme is clear and constant. Gluttony and indulgence. No word of safari parks, nature reserves, breathtaking scenery, and one solitary picture of a zebra, the only reference to the country’s abundant animal life. Your editor has injected the photo of the angry lion and his irritating new born cub in an attempt to balance the books. Some golf is being played, of course, mostly by way of working up a thirst, but are there any pictures of members in action? See for yourselves. They have not been edited out.

February 2017 Newsletter

Looks like they are all having a good time, though?

Dave Clark Five Stuff.(BITS AND PIECES?)

What used to be one’s New Year Resolutions aims is now more of a Bucket List but, either way, it included More Golf. What a laugh! Seven rounds thus far and none positively in sight looking at the weather. An average of once every 7.28 days versus a fairly consistent Spanish yearly average of 3+ days. The Rain Goddess is sunning herself somewhere exotic so why she should have it in for us all here is not known.

It was hoped to include pictures of two quite armless lady members, sporting their latest appendages, Jenny Chesterton and Mary Evans, but these have not been forthcoming. We hope it will not be long before we see again their swing rather than their sling.

TV golf commentators will be delighted to see the new generation of young players hitting the headlines. Just as they manage to cope with Hideki Matsuyama along comes 14 year old prodigy Phashara Khongwatmi !!
Knowing his enthusiasm for the latest golfing trend and technique, might David Moody be interested in tactical periodisation, do you think? An adaption from the soccer model might be the turning point he seeks? Easier than puissance wall jumping, David.

February 2017 Newsletter

Unsolicited submissions to the editor are, as is well known, as rare as sightings of black tailed godwits, and guaranteed to be less exciting than a visit to Madrid’s famed Erotic Museum. Meanwhile, thanks to the medicinally helpful resveratol in red wine, the patient watch continues. Hope springs eternal, etc.

Wattles, dewlaps and snoods are to be seen aplenty midst the ageing ranks of our membership but, whatever the visual deterioration, friendship matches that of Echo the Elephant, who sadly died recently at the age of 69. This is intended as a compliment and not an example of microaggression.
Richard Hines and David Evans, plus their long suffering wives, recently broke off from lengthy workouts on the range to visit the local Palace of Varities to see “The Abba Experience”. An unknown source has provided a photograph of them with two of the show’s starlets, from which it can readily be seen that David still needs to lighten his grip a bit more.

February 2017 Newsletter

There has always been at least one keen chicken lover in the Perry household but discovery that 1.3 billion a year are eaten in the UK alone might point one towards temporary abstinence.
The other member, Lilian, has been a bird lover for many years and is a member of the RSPB in England. (Royal Society for Protection of Birds.) Her subscription provides an interesting, colourful, very well illustrated magazine at intervals. If we have any fellow bird watchers midst our ranks she would be more than happy to pass her copies on when read.

February 2017 Newsletter

Older members will remember the Roy Davies glory days. Not just on the green sward but at his keyboard. Passing on to those on his ever lengthening list a daily dosage of ancient jokes and pre-Utube videos. It dawned on this regular recipient recently that the supply had dried up. No more opportunities for friendly leg pulling or reference to The Roy Davies Anthology of Historic Humour. Pity really, but maybe understandable in this world of Twitter, Facebook and the like. Then, of course, there is Erling! Half the world must be on his Bcc list? Mind you he does come up with some stunning pictures at times, although the enjoyment factor tends to lessen when they arrive for the third time. Keep up the good work fellow Methusalah.

The annual CUDECA day is a long way off but the tombola organisers, Derek and June Steele, who always produce a fantastic result, are open to contributions any time to suit members! So, start looking through your drawers, checking the cupboard shelves, and be positive!
A reminder for all except John Crombie, who will have had it in his diary for ages, that there is a solar eclipse of the sun on the 26th. A halo of light will be visible but you will need to check with John about the timing. Suggestions that he is besotted with matters relating to outer space are far from Trumpian.

To end this section on a sad note comes last minute news of the death of Karl Stahl, at the age of 74. Unfortunately it is too late to include an obituary but this will be corrected next month. Karl was an engaging and gentlemanly person. On behalf of all members we send condolences to his family.

February 2017 Newsletter

A warm welcome to the Garners

Just up the road at La Floresta Sur, near El Soto GC, now live Rob and Tiny Garner. They moved in at the end of August last year, and became members of our club on February 1st 2017. They are both very keen golfers and, as mentioned earlier, Rob has quickly made his mark. They are familiar with the courses, having holidayed in the hotel, but Alison Kirk played a convincing role in persuading them that the enjoyment factor here extends beyong the tees and greens.

The photograph which appears below was an opportunistic one, taken immediately after their first ever competition, before they knew who the man with the camera was, and before Rob had time to comb his hair.
Originally from Liverpool, where they both admit to being Kop and Klopp supporters, they married in Las Vegas, worked in the UK and Europe before moving to Dubai in 2003. After that came “a couple of freezing winters” in the UK before the lure of skin colour and body warmth drew them here to the Costa. Remarkably they have two children, Claire and Louise, with three grandchildren. Conor 16, Joss 10, Charlie just 1. Remarkably because they don’t look old enough! Another Mike and Pearl Fisher dynasty in the making? Names are suprising too. No Stephen or Jamie!!

February 2017 Newsletter

Eleventh hour nerves

Campo Asia after rain is less than inviting and no way were Blue Flags ever going to be allowed. Understandably so. Another inactive day for your editor who was not too disappointed this time, knowing what the conditions would be like. Whether the results will be to hand before we press the Red Button is not yet known!

1st. 32 Carol Rees
2nd. 31 Tina Garner
3rd. 30 Linda Jackson

1st. 33 Roger Dew (on handicap)
2nd. 33 Iain Macaulay
3rd. 32 Geoff Thompson

The short month in limited action

February 2017 Newsletter

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