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Newsletter January 2014


We are nearly three months into the year and so far we have had excellent weather for golf. At the Captain’s Drive-in, the day began with bacon sandwiches, former captain’s Ron and Cecelia putting out their year, and a few good drives to the 18th green of Asia by Susanne and Alan to begin their captaincy. The members played a Texas Scramble with drinks and snacks available at the turn. The team of Paul Massey, Les Wicks, Pauline Hilliard and Angelina Franke won the competition by a wide margin.


The next main event was the Turkey Trot. Vice Captain Brian Farmer organised the golf for the day including the Captain’s Tee on the 10th of Europa, snacks and drinks at the turn, and all while wearing an unforgettable Santa costume! Sonya ably assisted with the distribution of snacks and drinks, but was regrettably not wearing any special costume for the day! The team of Jill Davies, Cecelia Massey, Alan Jewett and guest Feri Deacon won the close fought competition. The evening at La Cala featured an excellent Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, followed by an entertaining singer, dancing, and the distribution of the fantastic raffle prizes. Many thanks to Susanne, Sonya, and the staff at La Cala, and especially Mary Evans for her tremendous efforts selling raffle tickets, getting sponsors for raffle prizes, finding and booking the entertainer, and a myriad of other work to put together this excellent event.


We started 2014 with the now traditional “Hangover Scramble” with late tee times in fantastic weather. The golf was a family affair where as much as possible families played together. The event was won with an extraordinary performance from the Whelan’s with help from Mike Dawson. The golf was followed by tapas and drinks courtesy of La Cala, and a one plate meal. All participants enjoyed the day and vowed to bring family “ringers” to the competition next year!

Winter has finally brought a few days of poor weather, and as a result we have had to cancel some of the competitions. We’d like to share the policy for cancellation of competitions so everyone understands how the decisions are made.

As the competition approaches, the competition organiser is monitoring the local weather reports ( and are websites typically used for La Cala Resort as they provide accurate short term forecasts). If the weather forecast for the competition is for heavy rain when reviewed the day before a team competition (weekend), the organiser will request La Cala to put “cancelled” on the website and on the posted sign-up sheets.


For individual competitions, even if the forecast is predicting bad weather for the competition, the competition will not be cancelled unless it is raining at the time of the first tee time, AND weather forecasts are predicting continued bad weather during the time of play. Some players do not mind playing in rain and as it is an individual competition, they should be allowed to compete.

For team competitions, if the forecast for the competition day did not call for heavy rain the day before (and therefore the competition was not cancelled earlier), the same guidelines for individual competitions would apply, i.e., the competition will not be cancelled unless it is raining at the time of the first tee time, AND weather forecasts are now predicting continued bad weather during the time of play.

Especially for team competitions, a no show can ruin the day for the rest of your team, so please make every effort to play if you sign up for a competition. As always, if you determine you can’t play, calls should be made to the competition organiser (678 967 812) and as necessary, the Sports Shop (952 669 032).

We have just completed the knock-out draws for each of the categories and they are posted on the notice board along with the revised for 2014 knock-out rules. Please take a look at the new rules and make sure you understand everything. As always, if you have questions, please contact either of the Captain’s in person, by email, or by phone (see below).

We are also just about to begin work on this years Annual Handicap Review. If we have your correct contact details, you’ve already received an email explaining the process and your role. In addition, the revised Handicap Policy is posted on the Notice Board and the La Cala website. Please take a look as there are some important changes. Questions can be addressed to Arthur O’Connor (

You may have noticed the Medal Winners notice on the board. If you win a Medal, but cannot make the Final in October, please let one of the Captains know as soon as possible so we can notify the next person.

The club calendar is now available on the La Cala website!

Sign-up sheets are up for the Men’s Captain’s Away Day at Almenara on May 14th and 15th and the Lady Captain’s Away Day on May 7th and 8th should be up soon – mark your calendars!

Entry for the Seaman’s Church tournament (February 1st) should be sent to Agustin Alonso ( We are also going to have a club competition on Sunday the 2nd, so see the sign-up sheet for that on the notice board.

The Blue Tee experiment has been successful! All those wishing to play off the blue tees just need to use the correct slope and indicate “Blue Tees” on their score card for Tuesday competitions.

The new Members Directory is about to be published, so if you have corrections or additions, get your information to Sonya Foster (

Men’s Captain: Alan Jewett ( and 606 074 916
Lady Captain: Susanne Valentin ( and 652 978 041

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