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Newsletter January 2016

Aquarius. Child of Uranus.

Newsletter January 2016

Those members born in February are a special breed. It is said. Amongst the most original people walking this earth. Eccentrics, inventors, attracted to science research, electronics, psychology, and astropsychology. Children of Aquarius are linked with the incredible UFO phenomenon and lay claim to commanding all celestial knowledge. (ED. Must check to see when John Crombie was born.) It is claimed that women of this sign are original, independent, beautiful, intellectual, and make good use of their incredibly magnetic sexuality to reach their purposes. There is no mention of golfing prowess, or the time taken over shots, a subject recently in the headlines. 50 seconds doesn’t sound very long but editorial observation revealed that even the supposedly slow players are well within the range. Mind you it depends when you start the clock? With some it is never quite clear when the shot process actually begins, so prolonged is the mental preparation, club pointing, aligning the ball lettering, etc. (Later. It has come to notice that our Captain has a February birthday, which explains his naturally authorative disposition, to say naught about being married to the Rain Goddess! Whether he was in any way responsible for the recent earthquakes is pure speculation).

4 Ball Better Ball. America. 2nd.

The first tournament of 2016 was threatened by cloud and early morning drizzle, persuading most to start all wrapped up. Later the sun peeked out a little and it warmed, although the greyness persisted. There were ten prizes at stake. Generous of the committee but necessitating a lengthy and repetitive prize giving in due course. Normally only the first three places would warrant a mention, and/or picture, but on this occasion this has been extended to five because Captain Vic was feeling hard done by for not getting any reward for a strong finish in the San Miguel competition. One hates to see a grown man in tears? The day’s rules were less than clear, it seems, and led to some lively discussion, but at the end, and despite the title, it was a 2 ball better ball, as the scores will indicate.

1st 45 Bobo Syversen & Wendy Hinds.
2nd 44 Ultan Whelan & Maggie Coombes
3rd 40 James Reid & Merv Coombes
4th 40 Dean Moore & Lilly Lagerwerf
5th 40 VIC HILLIARD and Jenny Chesterton

Newsletter January 2016
Lilly & Dean
Newsletter January 2016
Reward at last

Amazingly, Mary Evans managed a quite remarkable two on the par 4 17th., thus earning a special bottle of fizz and her picture in these pages.

Newsletter January 2016
Amazing Mary Evans
Newsletter January 2016
Just checking she’s not one of us

But first the bard

Let us start this edition on a provocative literary note, one which could well launch at least Jenny Chesterton into contradictory print. This year sees the 450th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare about whom very little appears to be known. What was his middle name, for example? What was he up to between 1585 and 1592? Why were so many of his plays set in Italy? Were they even written by Shakespeare? Dickens and George Bernard Shaw had their doubts. Judging by his signature he couldn’t even spell, so how come he could add over 2000 words to the English language, 600 of these in Hamlet alone. Rather like Biblical discussion it is unlikely a definitive answer will be forthcoming. Rather like Miguel de Cervantes “He was not for his age but for all time”. What would their royalties have amounted to one wonders? How would they have coped with a golf club’s newsletter? The questions are endless, so perhaps we should turn to matters in hand.

Januay 5th. Three Kings Night.

Newsletter January 2016

Time for children, and families, and remembering. Time to put aside the growing complexities of Brambles, discounted handicaps, and those shanks which have crept in from nowhere. Time also to thank all our Spanish friends here at La Cala Resort. In the clubhouse, the restaurant, the pro shop, the reservations office, the webmaster team, and the marshalls, ever changing but invariably keen to please. Thank you all and best wishes for the year ahead.

Stableford. Asia. 5th.

Overnight rain was accompanied by, and then followed on by, very strong winds which, together with painfully slow greens, made for testing conditions. Mind you the sun did come out later but little improvement in the putting was seen. The Vice Captains are in charge this month and re-arranged the time sheet so as to go out first before the usual ageing/aged foursome of Messrs. Moody, Van Wershoven, Moore and Perry, the explanation being that they were “fast”. Bobo, Lotta and Connie, the Sprint Team, were never seen. Probably on their third cup of coffee before we finished. My partners announced on the first tee that they intended to “Play like you, Jack”. Hoping, for their sake, that this would not prove to be the case based on 2015 form, I had to smile when they all teed off with yellow balls! This is going to get confusing was my first thought, but I needn’t have worried. Their three disappeared into the undergrowth pretty quickly. Followed by several others it might be added without wishing to revive painful memories. On the plus side though Dean the Focus gave an impressive display of fringe chipping. “Best I’ve chipped this year” he claimed, which was not that surprising bearing in mind the date.
The field was diminished by the virus currently spreading itself. Lilian and I, hopefully easing out of its control, wish them all well. Les Wicks has already informed the world via Facebook that his winning score was all down to his new self taught 2016 swing. One need say no more?

1st 27 Hazel Gilchrist
2nd 26 Jenny Chesterton (on handicap)
3rd 26 Wendy Fretwell

Newsletter January 2016
Hazel Gilchrist
Newsletter January 2016
Jenny Chesterton
Newsletter January 2016
Wendy Fretwell

1st 38 Les Wicks (cut 1.2 to 11.2)
2nd 36 Ultan Whelan (cut 0.8 to 21.6)
3rd 33 Dean Moore

Newsletter January 2016
Les Wicks
Newsletter January 2016
Dean Moore


There were no other handicap movements, up or down, which makes Les and Ultan’s scores the more commendable.

Roll up for ladies

Lest this be misunderstood let us hasten to explain that Lilly Lagerwerf has volunteered to organise Thursday competitions similar to those which the men have indulged in for some while. Quite how she is going to manage this from South Africa is unclear, but no doubt someone else will come forward. (Later. Alison Kirk appears to have stepped into the breach.)

Lest we forget

Whilst northern Europe, and especially the UK, have suffered mightily following uninvited visits from Abigail, Barney, Clodach, Desmond, Eva and Frank, we here on the Costa del Sol have golfed on. 2015 it seems was one of the warmest and driest years on record, and certainly December could not have been much kinder, as these pictures might remind more distant members.

Newsletter January 2016

Sometimes it is easy to take it all for granted but, if you find the time to stand and stare, the beauty can often leave you breathless. Bit like a mating sea turtle.



Last year I made a list of things
That I resolved to do
I’ll use the list again this year
It’s still as good as new!


Four Clubs 7 a Putter. Europa. Saturday 9th.

There was heavy rain in the early hours, ahead of forecast, and the clouds were black and ominous still when light arrived. Fortunately they proved to be mere scaremongerers and by the time it came to prize giving the sun was shining brightly.
Despite the shotgun start the time taken to complete rounds varied enormously. This, plus a full field of 62 players meant that compiling the relevant statistics took longer than usual. One group sat for almost two hours before the proceedings began and, one suspects, might well have left earlier had they not been rightly anticipating rewards. Coupled with which Bobo and Lotta are proving generous distributors of wine, the qualifiers for bottles now stretching far beyond the traditional first three places. A special mention should be made of Wendy Fretwell who, despite her reduced armoury, came in with an unbelievably good score to take first place on the day. Other results were:

1st 45 Wendy Fretwell
2nd 35 Hazel Gilchrist
3rd 33 Pearl Fisher

Newsletter January 2016
Wendy Fretwell
Newsletter January 2016
Hazel Gilchrist
Newsletter January 2016

1st 37 Les Wicks
2nd 37 Peter Edstrom (on handicap)
3rd 35 Alan Jewett

Newsletter January 2016
Les Wicks
Newsletter January 2016
Peter Edstrom
Newsletter January 2016
Alan Jewett


Medal. Europa. Tuesday 12th.

After a rather miserable Monday, which included spells of rain, we awoke to find the sun hard at work, but in a deceitful mood. Warm it was not. Even our hardy Scandinavian friends went into battle suitably wrapped up. Even so a few shortaholics were to be seen in action. There was also quite a strong wind at work and one or two of the pin positions were less than friendly. All of which made Merv Coombes’ nett 66 the more commendable, and the 48% NR rate perhaps understandable?

Newsletter January 2016
Not as bad as this though!

1st 78 Jill Davies
2nd 79 Mary Evans
3rd 79 Wendy Fretwell (on handicap)

1st 66 Merv Coombes (cut 2.7 to 14.9)
2nd 75 Peter Edstrom
3rd 76 Mike Tait

This was Merv’s debut as a Blue Tee convert. It is reasonable to assume he will continue in that growing category.


Residents v Rest of the World. America. 16th.

There is a hint of David v Goliath when this fixture crops up but usually the ground rules are clear. This year not so, it seems. The time sheet said quite clearly, in capital letters, Matchplay Individual which should have made it difficult to interpret this as meaning Better Ball and/or Stableford Matchplay! Fortunately the four and three quarter hours out in chilly conditions was compensated for by there being little need for card checking, so the prize giving was swiftly underway. The match actually finished all square so, as the holders, La Cala Residents retained the trophy, which brought a nice smile to Jenny Chesterton’s face, and a bottle of wine to each of her team.

Newsletter January 2016

The long established Two’s competition usually involves any number of winners, too many to mention by name or picture. Today was an exception though in that “Smiley” Richard Hines scooped the whole lot, staggering happily back to his table under the weight of 30 balls. Not quite compensation for his set back at St.James’ Park but no more than a good, clean living West Ham supporter deserves.
Two new members were welcomed by Bobo Syversen, in charge of proceedings, Phil Van Parys and Anders Engstrom. It is hoped to have some more detail about them before we go to press.


Senior Match v Guadalhorce. America. 18th.

Having been beaten 2 ½ – ½ away last month revenge was the mood of the day. Despite the presence in the visiting team of Bob Gordon, a Past Captain of ours, and henceforth known as Judas, our “lads” (!) managed a win but not quite by a margin big enough to balance the overall books. Vic Hilliard & Dean Moore won 6 & 4. Derek Steele & Campbell McGarvie 2 & 1 but, sadly, Roy Davies & veteran Erling Johnsen were pipped on the 18th. They certainly didn’t look very cheerful as they exited the 16th so perhaps the writing was already on the wall? Played in good weather the event was described by a participant as “A great day. Good company, food, wine, etc. Just how a Seniors’ game should be.”

Stableford. Asia. Tuesday 19th.

Bruno Schaefer, a player of considerable talent and experience, is not often seen amongst us these days. He will not have been encouraged to participate more regularly by all three of his playing partners dropping out at short notice. Unusual maybe, but too late for the acting Captain to re-arrange things. Pity about that, Bruno.

I have had the pleasure of playing in the same group as David Millar twice within a few days, and it has been nice to see how well he still plays at his age. (He is a week older than me!) He still has considerable length off the tee and his broom handle putter is a deadly accurate weapon. He is still very serious about his game, painstaking in his approach, focused, and not one for idle conversation when on the course. Probably not amongst the leaders in this competition but only two shots off shooting his age. 83.
Frank Zelius is by way of a contrast and quite ready to engage in the usual banter and good humoured leg pulling which, experience suggests, is peculiar to the mens’ game. Come the golf though, he too demonstrates the focus and preparation needed to be good. Which he is. Back in distant times, when he competed regularly at a high level, he boasted a 4 handicap. Six years in the navy, and the need to earn a living, have seen that form slip a bit but he is still more than useful. Tantrums do not follow the occasional mistake, and he is free with encouragement, but what amazed me was his constant motion. At the least excuse he breaks into an athlete’s jog, up hills and down dales, looking for the balls of others or returning clubs to the group ahead. He never stops. Last year he ran in excess of 1000 miles in training, driven both by the need to lose weight but also a desire to be fitter, as once he was in his navy days. A good man to have in your four ball, and enjoyable company.

Greg Bacon’s name was spotted in the time sheet, and he is down to play in the matchplay singles it is noticed. Not long back Greg’s name, and that of his family, was synonymous with La Cala. You had to be good and on form to beat Greg. Let us hope he is here to stay again.

1st. 30 Lotta Syversen
2nd 30 Anna Edstrom (on handicap)
3rd 30 Alison Kirk (on handicap)

1st 37 Arthur O’Connor (cut 0.6 to 9.7)
2nd 36 Mike Tait (cut 0.6 to 12.4)
3rd 36 David Evans (cut 0,6 to 16.2)(on handicap)

Newsletter January 2016
No Mike

Welcome to New Members.

Of whom there are three to be introduced this issue. First let us say a warm “Hello” to Phil Van Parys, born in Belgium but grew up in Valencia where he started playing golf at the age of six. He was quickly good enough to become junior champion of the community of Valencia, and continued to play until, at the age of 14, the family moved back to their mother country and golf disappeared off his To Do list. Not for long though. Given the chance to go to the University of Dallas, Texas, he be-friended his clubs again before going on to work for a multinational company where golf was seen as a “plus” for middle to high management employees. The company is Sunkist Inc. He was a member of the North Ranch Range Country Club, near Los Angeles where he lowered his handicap to a best ever six. Unfortunately, an upheaval in his life left him with two sons and no wife, so playing golf ground to another halt at the age of 42. Three years ago Phil moved to the Costa Del Sol, basically to look after his mother but, by now retired, came the opportunity to pick up the game where he left off. Phil now lives in the Vitania development, just down the road from La Cala. When asked why he joined our club his answer was positive. Proximity, choice of three top quality courses, good practice facilities, quality services and, overall, a friendly ambience. He is finding it hard to get back to where his game once was(aren’t we all?)but is working on consistency and ongoing concentration. He describes the game as “the most frustrating and yet the most wonderful sport ever invented”. With which few will disagree?
(ED. Unfortunately no photograph of Phil is yet available. This has been requested but must now be a sales attraction for the next edition!)

Newsletter January 2016

Our greetings this month also go to Anders and Catherina Engstrom who live in Las Terazzas. Bobo bears the responsibility for them being here, he having shared his military service with Anders, their friendship developing therefter. Tina, with which abbreviation she is best known and quite happy, is a retired teacher from an hotel & restaurant school whilst Anders claims to be a “half retired farmer”. Hard to imagine? The family farm is about 100 kms north of Stockholm suggesting that the Engstroms will be what we Brits call “hardy types”. Golf is a work in progress but we have seen the swift progress made by fellow Swedes, Dutch, Norwegians once they allow “half retired” to mean more golf than milking cows or planting crops! Whatever, we wish them both well, and hope that they will enjoy the time they spend down here with us.

Bits and Pieces.

One would never claim to be a fashion trend setter but my year round shorts, later picked up on by “Red” O’Connor, are now to be recognised on the pro tour. Well, perhaps not my particular shorts, nor Arthur’s, although he usually boasts a crease, but the Daily Telegraph reports that shorts will be worn at the forthcoming Abu Dhabi Championship. Inevitably there will be countless committee meetings before a firm and final decision is made but the forecast is that 2017 will see the necessary permission forthcoming.

Newsletter January 2016
Lee Westwood
Newsletter January 2016
Darren Clarke

Part of the move to attract younger audiences and players. For many years I was a member of a very traditional English club, in the days when plus-fours were still to be seen. It took years before the wearing of shorts was allowed and then lively discussion for another few years before short, ankle height socks were permitted, and then only if white. Feelings ran more than warm, that’s for sure. To this day some members still see it as a retrograde step. What they would make of the near invisible variety with which we are now all familiar here, I dare not imagine……………………….A chance meeting with Stewart Bewley revealed that it is likely to be another six weeks before he is able to play again. The operation on his hand appears to have gone well, although ugly to look at, and certainly he is back in his country hopping business routine…………………

Newsletter January 2016

Cat lovers, and there are a surprising number in our ranks, may be interested to know that there are currently 600 million domestic cats in the world, a goodly number on Asia’s 13th tee, yet only 450 Bengal Tigers……………Later news enables it to be reported that the Bacon family are fine, thanks, the three children doing well in the chosen lives and, now off hand, thus freeing up more time for Greg and Caroline so, good news, they will be amongst us more frequently this year……………….Although a latecomer to the game of golf my connection to Spain began quite early in my travels when for a period, I was known to my friends as “Manolete”, these ancient and grainy pictures explaining why………………………..

Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016

The lure of South Africa is a strong one and early next month will be witnessed the annual migration of the la cala species of life, all following a well worn travel path before re-grouping, but this year with a difference. The victus and paulinus hilliarditis breed will be staying put. Someone has to look after the nest?.A temptation to develop a “lesser breasted” and “bearded or great tit” theme has had to be reluctantly discarded…………Those who know me well will be able to testify that knobs and switches, controls and especially manuals, are well beyond my mental grasp. There are features and dials in our two cars of which I am non compus mentis. Likewise the radio, television and associated accoutriments. DVD, video and the like. The range of cords and leads brings me out in a sweat even as I reach for the telephone and assistance. Which brings me to a particular bette noir, Graham Alexander Bell’s invention which, over many years in our homes, only rings as dinner is being served, or as West Ham have just kicked off on television, or as some patient guru is trying to explain how to correct a computer malfunction. Currently we find ourselves without an answerphone, as they used to be called. There is such a service within the kit but only for the caller. They get the programmed response, leave their message, and go about their business rightly anticipating a response. Which, for some months now we learn, they have not been getting because our display panel shows 00 messages, and if you press PLAY you are told that you have no messages. All of which is by way of apologising to anyone who might be feeling slighted, and also by way of inviting a solution if it should be available. Moviestar forget! We spent two hours there and came away empty handed and just a tad irritated…………………..Most members will have heard from Jenny Chesterton about handicap changes. It seems the Spanish Federation review them all early each year and adjust according to their own guidelines. Unfortunately they do not tell you. My personal learning curve began when I questioned a recent qualifying score which(still embarrassing!)when published was two more than I had carded. It transpired that my handicap has been moved up by 1.1. A lady member moved three shots upwards. Only reason for repeating Jenny’s message is to remind members not to rely on memory or personal records!………………Some may have noticed a small change in picture taking for this newsletter, especially relevant at prize giving’s. Instead of 1st., 2nd and 3rd place winners being photographed with captain and/or vice captain, there will be a group picture instead. It speeds up proceedings, saves the organisers having to create natural smiles less often, and makes the pictorial content of the newsletter less repetitive…………..Les Wicks and Bob Rainbow recently engaged in a non compulsory battle. 36 successive holes, over two courses, the first 50% of which were on foot, carrying! This does not yet appear to have started a trend?…………………..

Newsletter January 2016
Sartorial Champions
Newsletter January 2016
Just as smart away

Men of good taste and fine appreciation, such as Richard Hinds for example, will not be surprised to see that West Ham United FC have been adjudged the best dressed in the Premier League. A recent sartorial survey of home – away – and ‘colour clash’ kits saw their home gear in Number One spot, the judges agreeing that “The final year at Upton Park is given the tasteful kit it deserves. Perfect colour, spot on blue replacement, subtle detailing to single this out as a very special season. A fine effort and a clear winner.”…………………….

Newsletter January 2016

Am I the only one to see the photographic connection between Ray Clarke at his geekiest and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp?……………… ………….News of the departure of Agustin Alonso has been in the public domain for some while now. A pity perhaps that the farewell “presentation” from us could not have been at a more representative gathering of members? We wish you well, Agustin, in your new role along the coast, and thank you for your efforts whilst with us…………..

Newsletter January 2016

All in a very good cause.

Everyone is familiar with the wonderful work carried out by CUDECA, and the heavy reliance the charity has on contributions from the public and private sectors. La Cala GC have been supportive from Day One and continue to “do their bit” whenever opportunity presents itself.

Newsletter January 2016
Bearers of glad tidings

On the 22nd January a small group of current officers delivered a cheque for €3340 raised from the Two’s Competition and the Captains’ Drive In. Founder of the hospice Joan Hunt was on hand to accept the cheque and then organise a tour of the facilities followed by a presentation showing that €3m are needed to finance the operation, of which no less than 93% goes towards treatment and patient care. 700 volunteers generously help to make things happen on a day to day basis. It is a remarkable and ultra worthy institution. Our contribution this time was specifically used for the inpatient unit programme and the acquisition of new beds, as illustrated.

Newsletter January 2016
This is where your money goes

Brambles or Shambles?

Our Captains, and Thursday’s Roll Up King, seem to rather like brambles. The members, having struggled to follow the guidelines at times, appear to enjoy them too. But how many more variations lie ahead of us? If every team member records his or her individual score what is the team score? Could be just the one low ball, or two, or all balls? Or some other interpretation yet to be devised by our masochistic organisers? After which what next? Bingo, Bango. Bongo perhaps? Johan likes it. Best ball. Chapman System. Money ball. Peoria System. Further, whilst on a contentious subject, do you know your chicken stick from your banana wedge? Or anything about Army Golf, or banana ball. There are endless opportunities for this year’s leaders to spread confusion in the ranks. The future looks at least interesting, even if those who make the effort to read the day’s rules are decidedly advantaged.

Low. Heroes. Lodgers.

Newsletter January 2016
David Bowie 2008

There are some things in life which tend to leave me cold. Cooking, gambling, fashion, come quickly to mind, Crochet goes without saying. So, let it be immediately admitted that the significance of these three words, appearing above and together as they have been doing in the media of late, would have been lost on this scribbler. Now everyone knows that David Robert Jones>Ziggy Stardust>David Bowie was responsible for this musical trilogy, and for selling some 140 million records world wide. More than John Crombie indeed, whom many consider to have been a strong influence on the early south London singer/composer/instrumentalist. Certainly it cannot be without significance that many of the now dead Bowie’s titles and themes relate to areas not normally trodden by mere mortals. “Blackstar” was even the name given to Bowie’s last release. Reading through his obituary I was relieved to find mention of such as Mott the Hoople, and Nine Inch Nails, without which I might have missed a whole generation of music.
(Let me add, by way of explanation, that David Bowie might not have got a mention at all were it not for my newsletter soul mate, Jose, who is himself a musician, a guitarist, a singer, and to whom the aforementioned Mr.Bowie was “the greatest”. A shot of early Jose has come to hand but the authenticity cannot be guaranteed.)

Newsletter January 2016
An early Jose?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot.

This edition began with reference to a Bard so it is fitting it should also include mention of Robbie Burns and what used to be Burn’s Night. January 25th or as near as could be arranged. No such formal gathering this year but, thanks to a small number of the club’s Scottish contingent, the opportunity for a “wee partie” was not missed.

Newsletter January 2016
Hostest with the mostest – Scottish Goodies
Newsletter January 2016
Och aye the noo!

George and Alison Kirk, enthusiastically supported by a rather wild looking Iain Macaulay who, had one not known better, might have been likened to a galoot and ramginshoch in manner. Between them they hosted and supported a table laden with suitable goodies and strategically situated between Europa’s 9th and 10th holes.

Lilian and I were returning home from the pharmacist and armed with remedies for my “poorly condition” when we chanced(!!)upon this small group of golfers seemingly partying instead of playing.

Newsletter January 2016

A testimony to the range, quality and quantity available to them. As this included a liquid considered by many to be of medicinal value I felt obliged to stop, imbibe, and pass the time of day. There was even non stop “Amazing Grace” courtesy of the Kirks’ portable CD player but it was with a total absence of grace that an unknown party crasher appeared on the scene.

Newsletter January 2016
Iain & George, two Scottish Gentlemen

When last observed he was very badly shaken but seemingly not stirred. Having somehow rid himself of his passenger at the brow of the hill he then lost control, fell out of the buggy, and watched helplessly, as did we all, as it careered down at an increasing speed until hurtling into the buggies parked for refreshment and, thankfully, temporarily vacated. It could have been very much worse. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, the two players went about their return journey, and the party carried on.

Droothy is the only word to describe the playing conditions and these were fully taken advantage of by the winning group of Alan Jewett, Connor Jewett, Wendy Hinds and Frank Zelius with their score of 105 points.

Newsletter January 2016

All players had been entreated to wear tartan but the response was less than overwhelming.

Newsletter January 2016
Between the rubbish & the leftovers

Erling Johnsen dug out an old cap and false hair which completely changed his character, and was thus very acceptable! Iain’s disguise had seen better days but it was Derek Steele who, by common assent, would have won the prize for Best Dressed, had there been one. The kilt was his dog’s bed cover and his sporran an old leather bag of his wife’s. Full marks for originality Derek.

Newsletter January 2016
Derek ‘The dog’ Steele – Derek right at the back

Stableford. America. Tuesday 26th.

1st 35 Maddie Brooks
2nd 34 Libby Robinson
3rd 32 Jill Davies

1st 37 Arthur O’Connor (cut 0.4 to 9.3)
2nd 36 Alan Jewett (cut 0.2 to 9.3)
3rd 36 Ultan Whelan (cur 0.4 to 21.2)(on handicap)


Ladies Social Day. Asia. Thursday 28th

Val Wicks was appointed assistant deputy acting organiser and swiftly demonstrated why she might well be promoted and offered a permanent position. Not only did she arrange dry, warm conditions, with negligible wind. Not only did the day go with customary smoothness and enjoyment. Not only all that but the newsletter editor was fully informed without having to exert the gentlest of nudges. Which means that he can report a six team Texas Scramble resulted in:

1st 63.25 points Lotta Syversen, Lisa Liindstrom, Wendy Hinds & Jackie Rainbow
2nd 64 points Jill Davies, Maddie Brooks, Alison Kirk (three only)

Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016

Guess who won Nearest the Pin again? Dead-eyed Felima O’Callaghan on the 17th and Mary Evans, never far from the spotlight, on the 7th. Far more consistent and reliable than the renminbi
Libby Robinson won the Lucky Loser Prize, details of which are not available, nor what was required to qualify, but well done Libby!

This comparatively new date in the Ladies’ diaries continues to enjoy great popularity despite there being an absence of several “regulars” at the moment, probably en route to South Africa. Indeed there is already news from the advance guard some of whom met up for Sunday lunch in Knysna. They report the weather hot at 30C and the golf course, S A Simola, “in amazing condition”. Those at table include Judi & Louis Lenterlink, John & Anne Mills, Peter & Marian Hatton, Michael & Thomasina Costello, and they all send greetings to us.

Newsletter January 2016


Waltz. Europa. Saturday 30th

At time of going to bed it seemed highly unlikely there would be golf on the morrow. Something must have upset the Rain Goddess because she was in a noisy fury with sparks flying in all directions. The thunderous storm and teeming rain lasted for several hours but, miracle of miracles, Europa was fit for play even if use of buggies on fairways was restricted. Indeed it turned out to be a really nice, warm day. Twelve teams of four were competing, including a couple of guests from Sweden via Mijas. Scoring was simple. One score on the first hole. Two on the second. Three on the third. Then start again. 1-2-3. Waltz. Get it?
The scores were not record setting but they were close. There were prizes for the first five places and the spread was a mere two points!

1st 81 Roy Davies, John Brookes, Ritva Hagglund, Wendy Hinds.
2nd 81 Vic Hilliard, Dean Moore, Lorraine Murphy, Ron Chesterton (on handicap)
3rd 80 Gordon Edwards, Phillip Shute, Peter Robinson, Karen O’Connor
4th. 80 Bob Rainbow, Mike Fisher, Pauline Hilliard, David Millar (on handicap)
5th 79 George Kirk, Lotta Syversen, Olof & Lena Bjorland(guests)

Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016

The star of the prize giving show though was Lotta Syversen who got a Hole in One on the 16th., and thus earned the admiration and gratitude of all members present as the traditional cava was distributed. Lotta was less popular with those few who had two’s on their card. They got nothing. She got all the balls! 29 of them in fact. To add icing to her celebratory cake she followed up with an eagle on America’s 18th the very next day!

Newsletter January 2016

Here follows an official announcement on behalf of the committee

Reactivating an Inactive Handicap

A number of players have found that their handicaps have become inactive from 1st January 2016 as they hadn’t play in 4 qualifying competitions in 2015. Handicaps will be reactivated once 3 qualifying competition cards have been submitted in 2016. It is also possible to put in Extra Day Scores (EDS) to achieve reactivation of handicap. There are some requirements regarding the submission of an EDS.

* The book in the Pro Shop needs to be signed before play

* Play should be from the measured course (blocks)

* The card needs to indicate that it is an EDS and it should be signed and placed in the competition box immediately after play.

Changes for Category 5 players

The RFEG have decided that Category 5 players (handicap of 26.5 and above) will no longer receive upward adjustments of their handicaps when they return scores that fall outside of their buffer zone. This applies to both male and female players. Handicap committees have the ability to review and adjust the handicaps of players who are adversely affected by this change in the computerised adjustment process.

RFEG Smartphone App

All members are encouraged to download the free RFEG App on to their smartphone/iPad etc. This will provide up date date information on their handicap, playing record and even details of the scorecards submitted. Should you find that your score appears other than that expected on the result sheet, the App will show where the difference lies. Should anyone need any assistance regarding the App please e mail Arthur O’Connor, the handicap secretary

Annual Handicap Review (AHR)

In Spain the RFEG carry out the AHR centrally. Some members may have noticed that their handicaps unexpectedly changed from the beginning of the year. Although the RFEG do not provide details of these changes to the club from examination of the handicap lists only a very small number of players appear to have been affected by this (your editor is one!)”


January in action

Newsletter January 2016

Here endeth the January newsletter

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