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Newsletter July 2015

Hasn’t the weather been lovely?


Member's July Newsletter

To err is human, to forgive, infrequent

One is reminded of this looking back at the June edition and the things which might have been better, or at least different. However, nothing can be done about yesterday? The back nine of 2015 began on the first of this month so, positive mind set in place, let us see what is happening around us and the little white ball which plays a part in our lives. Yellow in some cases.
For a start, the run-of-the-mill Stableford competition played on Europa on Tuesday June 30th., should have been included in the last report. Deliberately it was not because sights were set on getting the June issue out in record time, plus it was already a bulky tome. To correct the omission the results were:

1st 33 Ritva Hagglund
2nd 32 Connie Maphar-Massar
3rd 32 Carol Rees (on handicap)
1st 41 Eric Catterson (cut 1.4 to 8.1)
2nd 38 Gordon Edwards (cut 0.6 to 9.2)
3rd 35 Alan Jewett (on handicap)

Misleadingly youthful in appearance, Eric Catterson comes from the Los Colinas School of Fashion, made famous by David Moody, his shirt and cap matching nicely his equally flamboyant shoes from the LoveHoney range. Eric is a friendly golfing companion, a fine player, and it is good to see him amongst the prizes. With three daughters and a wife though, one bottle of wine won’t go very far?

Members' July Newsletter
Dedicated follower of fashion
Members' July Newsletter
With shoes to match


Last month’s piece about the “casino chip” size ball marker has provoked some discussion at least, it being argued that there is no Rule limiting the size or shape of such. “Use a dustbin lid if you like” declared one recent playing partner. Nobody demurred. Nobody has yet been seen with such an item on their buggy though? One wonders what Peter Robinson and/or Arthur O’Connor make of it all? Interesting to hear from them?

What has been seen though is a head cover which can only have been a gift from a loved one, and thus not able to be refused.

Members' July Newsletter
Hello, I’m a beaver
Members' July Newsletter
You taking the Mickey, mate


Mixed Inter Club League at El Paraiso. July 3rd

Beautiful weather. Course in good condition. Excellent meal and all well organised. Pity about the result? Third behind El Chaparral and the home team. Good enough, just, to retain leadership of the league – by one point. Jenny Chesterton won the prize for Nearest the Pin whilst the team’s 148 points were earned by Alan & Wendy Jewett 38; Louis Lenterlink & Jenny Chesterton 38; Campbell McGarvie & Karen O.Connor 37; Les Wicks & Sylvia Robbins 35; David & Mary Evans 34; Judi Lenterlink & Ron Chesterton 33.

Members' July Newsletter

Bramble. Europa. July 4th

Independence Day in America. Back on Europa in La Cala. Humid conditions, false promise of rain. 5.5 points per hole enough to win first place.
1st 100 Vic Hilliard, Bill Field, Iain Macaulay (3 man team)
2nd 100 Brendan Walsh, David Gilchrist, Wendy Hinds, Val Wicks. (on handicap)
3rd 98 Nigel Clarke(guest)Jill Davies, Ron Chesterton, David Bottomly.

Members' July Newsletter

A shady nook for prize givings but not for good photos

Members' July Newsletter
Members' July Newsletter


David Wilson plays off 6. A neat and tidy golfer. Small of frame but capable of hitting enviable distances. Although an accountant by profession he sometimes pretends to have been a schoolmaster.

Members' July Newsletter

For which role he would have qualified perfectly. Quick to establish himself as Captain of his four ball, he presents the “team talk” on the first tee, declares the order in which his team will play, especially on the greens where he further advises on direction (“13.6 millimetres outside the right lip” etc.) and strength of putt(“uphill, against the grain, firm”), contains his visual frustration when the player fails to obey instructions, but has a verbal library of consolatory and motivational phrases. He has an extraordinary memory for handicaps, hole index, and points earned per person per hole. He dealt admirably with the insubordinate David Moody and Yours Truly, whist soothingly nursing “Lady of the Moment”, Lilly Lagerwerf, through a mild mid-round crisis. A leader with a sense of humour and ready smile. Albeit with teeth clenched at times. In view of all of which it is still hard to understand how we came last?


Aliens seen approaching La Cala


Members' July Newsletter

I’m a celebrity. Get me in

Members' July Newsletter

Brendan Walsh claims not to read the newsletter but thinks it would be a good idea to include profiles of club celebrities each month. He then volunteered to be the first, and even offered to waive his usual fee. Unfortunately the reference books and web sites are a bit thin on the ground when it comes to Brendan. Possibly his celebrity status is confined to Tunbridge Wells? Nor can one readily think of other members who might qualify for such a series although, being of modest nature all, one could be wrong.
The picture below is for the benefit of the many who may never have heard of Brendan Walsh, but also by way of acknowledging his suggestion. Sun glasses are, of course, de riguer if aspiring to be a celebrity.
“Don’t call us, Brendan, we’ll call you”.


Shades, spekkies, sunnies or glecks

There is a tribe in Kenya, the Maasai Mara, who you are requested not to openly photograph, it being their profound belief that it could mean the loss of their spirit, or soul. This newsletter is unaware of any members sharing this fear, which is why the un-official photographer requests the removal of such adornments at prize giving’s, and social functions, especially indoors! The reasonable assumption is that readers would like to see a whole face, with eyes, and not a winner in disguise. Lips can mislead but eyes tell the truth. The co-operation of members in this matter would be welcome. It is not that a descent into the burka controversy is anticipated. If worn for decorative or fashion reasons the absence of dark glasses for a millisecond of shutter speed would be appreciated.

Members' July Newsletter
A bridge too far
Members' July Newsletter
Rest on the bridge


Titter ye may

Much fun has been enjoyed at David Moody’s expense, all taken in the best of spirits let it quickly be added. Now the laugh is on us. On Campo America, Tuesday 7th July, for the history books, and in stifling heat, David finally clicked into gear. Displaying a calm not normally associated with this full time student of the game, David registered 41 points including, wait for it, four blobs!! In fact his round began with one. Inevitably, once he knew the arithmetical outcome of his efforts, there immediately came a self analysis of his new approach which, if the technicalities are understood correctly, meant putting his weight on his left outside ankle, and hitting the ball slightly off the heel. Of the club or his foot was never made clear. Air to roll ratios played a part, as did careful attention to wrist hinge. His emotional “Thank you,” was touching.
Being serious, but not for long where David is concerned, he thoroughly deserves a great round for all the hard work and effort he puts in to improve. His much mocked videos, films, books, magazines and strange garage equipment, appear to have served him well. This was a qualifying competition, Stableford format, so his handicap is set for diminishment, that’s for sure.

1st 37 Mary Evans (cut 0.4 to 21.9)
2nd 37 Wendy Hinds (on handicap and cut 0.5 to 35.2)
3rd 34 Jill Davies (on handicap)
1st 41 David Moody (cut 2.3 to 19.8)
2nd 38 Campbell McGarvie (cut 0.6 to 13.6)
3rd 37 Mike Fisher (cut 0.3 to 17.0)

Members' July Newsletter
17,699,999 were David. The other one was Pauline trying to delete the web site.


Members' July Newsletter

The day was also notable for another mildly exotic outfit surrounding the slender frame of Eric Catterson. Being colour blind one is hesitant to comment but were the shirt and shoes slightly out of hue sync?

In the same foursome, and determined not to be outdone by the young whippersnapper, was Erling Johnsen, clad brightly and surmounted by a rarely seen straw hat. Dapper Dan comes to mind? When asked to pose for newsletter confirmation of his appearance, he insisted on including the cheerful young marshall on duty. One senses this was for the benefit of his wife Siren?

The young lady, then at the centre of everyone’s attention, asked if she could have one taken on her mobile – but together with your editor! For a moment there was a stunned silence amongst the hardened, heartless, golfers assembled round the Starter’s hut but, being honest, a frisson of pleasure was kindled within this scribe. Until, pulling the rug from under my feet, she explained that it was because “He reminds me of my grandfather”!!

Members' July Newsletter

Liga Senior

We fielded an experienced team for the return v La Canada, on Camp America, here on July 6th. Arthur O’Connor & David Evans, Alan Jewett & David Wilson, Les Wicks and Mike Fisher. Nobody remembered a camera and that’s all the information available! Except the score which was 3-0 in our favour. On the face of things a very good result because La Canada are top of the league. Until you look a bit closer and note that they have already played 14 matches, whilst we have played less than anyone, a mere 8. Hopes of ultimate success, it is said, are high. Funny way to run a league though?

Ball marking to a different level

Members' July Newsletter

Let it be immediately admitted that one has never ever felt the need to mark a golf ball. Even though one chose Art instead of Music. It has even been suggested that failure to do so is actually a violation of the rules?(Peter? Arthur?) Others however, are regularly observed with little bits of kit, and brightly coloured marker pens, creating a variety of identifying designs. Perhaps not to Banksy graffiti level but occasionally beyond the normal lines and crosses. Now a ball has been found on Campo America which raises the bar to a whole new level. Johan Wershoven, who else, on one of his many scrubland safaris, came across a white Titleist bearing more additional wording than might seem possible. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well, and life in the bush has left the lettering difficult to read in parts, but the message is along the lines of “Please note. This ball is a repellant of water, sand, trees, cliffs and all other obstacles. Go Dad.” There are various hieroglyphics in addition, plus, in bold, almost obliterated lettering which, if correctly guesstimated, couldn’t possibly be reproduced in these pages. The ball was found in a ravine – which is not listed? (Ed. Grammatical errors are excused but it should, of course, be repellent, plus it usually means “to keep away” not “dive into”).

Distant battles

Comes news from Sweden that Marie & Staffan Sahlstrom teamed up with Lotta and Bobo Syversen in a Texas Scramble and played under La Cala colours. Tee off time was 0500 in rain and thunder! They didn’t manage to win but at least they survived and will be back amongst us in August. Unlike here their summer temperature has varied between 6 and 34C with winds most of the time 25-50 knots, which is sailor speak for fierce!

A rose by any other name

The competition held on Europa on Saturday July 11 was a Betterball Matchplay event between two teams, curiously entitled Youngsters and Rest of the World. According to Reader’s Digest Universal Dictionary a youngster is “A young person or child.” Or “A young animal”. With the greatest respect to those masquerading under this title, youngsters they were not. Equally could the Rest of the World name be challenged. Not least because it doesn’t have an age base? Plus there were only two players not from the UK. Rest of Europe might have been more accurate but if the idea was to have a generation battle perhaps more thought could be given to next year’s team title? Without precise details one cannot be positive but a glance down the team sheet suggests that the ultimate winners might have preferred “Fine Antiques”, for example, or, “Oldsters”, which is probably not even a word?
Anyway, in very hot conditions, the result was a resounding win for the maturer team 7-3.

Legs quiz falls flat

Experience warned not to expect a rush of lady members eager to identify the male legs on display in the June edition and, whilst their ability to focus totally on the game in hand is to be admired, experience was right. There was only one response or, to be precise, two from the same competitor. She scored 0 out of 4 and then 1 out of 4 before calling it a day. A very good player of golf. Not so good on legs it seems.


There were 9000 driving range balls available during the recent U S Open, of which 85% were Titleist, 12% Calloway and 3% Bridgestone. Is there a message there you Noodle lovers?

Ladies friendly match v El Chaparral

Despite the heat and humidity two small(as in numbers) teams enjoyed a tough battle which ended in a 2-2 draw. What could be more friendly? After match drinks were well deserved and followed by “a wonderful three course meal”. The ladies do seem to enjoy themselves? Those wishing to participate should make a note of games v Santa Maria, away, on October 9th and, home, October 15th. The month continues with another fixture on the 22nd. Lists will go up on the notice board in due time, or members can contact Captain Sonya Foster. You don’t need to be a good, hardened player. Indeed high handicap ladies would be especially welcome, it is understood.

Members' July Newsletter
Friendly ladies together

Remarkable Medal Performances

Members' July Newsletter

Jan-Peter Karlsson is the reigning club champion and better known simply as “JP”. At 0940 Tuesday 14th., he teed off on Europa in the rare company here of his son Alexander, “Nattie” Eric Catterson, and friendly Hugo Reichie. In La Cala terms it was to prove a round to remember. Alexander, 25 years old and playing off a handicap of 2.7, went round in two over gross to record an amazing 67 nett. Dad will have been proud indeed.

Not to be totally overshadowed though, the locquacious and competitive Karen O’Connor recorded a 68 nett, albeit off a somewhat different handicap. Full results were:

1st 68 Karen O’Connor (cut 0.9 to 16.2)
2nd72 Pauline Hilliard (cut 0.4 to 23.8)
3rd 75 Marie Wilson

1st 67 Alexander Karlsson (cut 0.4 to 2.3)
2nd 70 Peter Penney (cut 0.3 to 16.1)
3rd 73 Iain Macaulay

Welcome to Chris Meuleman and his wife Bea

The Newsletter seems a nice way of introducing new faces to all members, and it has been a pleasure to find out a bit more about quite a few this year. Usually, and naturally, most are a bit shy at first, reluctant to sound egotistical, and modest to an extreme. Putting the relevant paragraphs together can at times be quite a challenge. Not this time though! After three attempts to pin down the ebullient and friendly Chris he eventually produced a CV which makes editing superfluous! Please meet Chris Meuleman.

Members' July Newsletter

“I am Chris Meuleman (my late father was the only one to ever call me Christian). I will be 65 years old this year and this 2nd August I will have been married for 40 years to Bea Leinders. We have two daughters (one an HR-manager with Becton Dickinson and one an editor for Vogue and a thriller writer who just published her first novel). They gave us three fantastic grandchildren (5, 5 and 7 years old).

We recently turned our life upside down. We moved from the countryside to the very heart of Ghent (Flanders, Belgium), to an apartment in an old medieval ‘Steen’ bearing the historical name of ‘De Grote Arend’ (for the thriller writers among us: the first owner of the house was actually murdered there in the 13th century, for unknown reasons). The year before we became owners of an apartment in Real Alta Vista II (happily neighbouring Jenny and Ron Chesterton).

I have retired as a professor at a Belgian University (educational background Applied Linguistics and Oriental Philology), where I ran a post-university course in Management and Communication for the last ten years of my academic career. Presently winding down an interpretation agency, which I have run together with my wife for some 25 years. Or did she run it … I keep wondering ?

I have played golf for some seven years (I was told I had to stop playing tennis and skiing for back problem reasons …). I have – obviously – only quite recently become a member of the La Cala Golf Club, having become a dormant member in the Golf and Country Club of Oudenaarde, Belgium, and having worked my way through the legal meanderings of the Spanish system, including a former Swedish member, a lawyer, a notary public and a board. Impressive, to say the least.

We are very much looking forward to spending at least five months per year in Andalucia (enjoying the people, the food, the scenery, the sun, piles of good books and life in general ) and to making new friends in a new environment.

And … I am busily teaching myself Spanish to accelerate our integration in this ‘New World’ !”


Yet another variation

The battleground? Europa. Date? Sunday 18th July. Team event. Two to score on each hole but one player to be pre-nominated per hole to carry the burden of having to have their score count! For some less than clear reason this person is known as The Lone Ranger, the title of the competition. In our fourball Lilly Lagerwerf and I were quick to spot leadership qualities in Vic Hilliard, who became our real Lone Ranger, ably assisted and supported by Roy Davies as Tonto. Any resemblance to film stars of yesterday is purely coincidental but,” to have a friend one must be one”, as LR used to say, so we be-friended our colleagues and did our best for the cause.” A man should make the most of what equipment he has”, is another LR truism which we may not quite have lived up to throughout, because LR “ never won against hopeless odds”, and we didn’t.

Members' July Newsletter
Vic Hilliard in an earlier life
Members' July Newsletter
Roy ‘Tonto’ Davies as once was

The winning teams were:
1st 88 Peter & Anne Hannam, Mike & Jackie Wright(guests)
2nd 88 Johan van Wershoven David Gilchrist, Wendy Hinds & Danny Rees(on handicap)
3rd 82 Shirley Roebuck, Peter Robinson, Hazel Gilchrist, Chris Park

Members' July Newsletter
Members' July Newsletter
Members' July Newsletter

Summer mixed Interclub.Santa Maria. July 17th

“This was the 4th event of the series(the whole being co-ordinated by our very own James Reid)and going into it La Cala were top with 14 points, just ahead of El Paraiso with 13.

The outcome of this hotly contested day at Santa Maria finished as under:

161 El Chaparral
161 Santa Maria on count back
159 El Paraiso
159 Atalaya on count back
156 La Cala
152 Guadalmina

Members' July Newsletter
Left to right: Roy, Rea, Lly & Les

Roy Davies & Ria Van Wershoven (42 points), and Les Wicks & Lilly Lagerwerf (41 points) received prizes on the day for being the best mixed pairings for La Cala. (Please note the new golf caps in the photograph!). Everyone enjoyed the three course meal afterwards, suitably washed down “with copious glasses of wine”. (Ed. Not again?)
La Cala returned home having dropped to second place but just the one point behind El Paraiso. With two events remaining there is still hope of a first time addition to our Trophy Cupboard!
My thanks to all my team who played on the day, for their competitive spirit and camaraderie, and for keeping us in the hunt.
Judy Lenterlink (Team Captain for the day). “

Members' July Newsletter
Mixed Interclub Team at Santa Maria

Agony aunt time

In terms of response this new contributor failed to match the “success” of the bare legs competition. Undaunted he/she is back for another month – at least.

“Dear ElLA CALAmity,
When we moved here I pictured the two of us with a life of sun and culture. Visits to the Picasso museum, Malaga opera, and exploring the rich Roman history of Andalucia. Instead my husband has become obsessed with golf, leaving early mornings and returning late. The effort of perfecting his game, all the discussions about technique, take their toll. To the extent that when he returns late in the day he is often unsteady on his feet, and slurring, doubtless due to his exhausting training regime. I want to be supportive in his aim to become a top golfer but fear he may be overdoing his dedication to the game, What do you recommend, please? Yours Gladys Knott-Wraining”

“Dear Gladys,
Sadly this malady seems to be reaching epidemic proportions here in La Cala. Medical experts are baffled as to its cause and know it by its latin medical name of barreltropicoitus, known colloquially as “Pedro’s Plague”. No modern treatment has yet been developed but some ladies have reverted to the traditional remedy of “ear bashing” which they report is strangely satisfying yet appears to have no long term benefit. ElLA CALAmity”
(Ed. It must again be emphasised that whilst the contribution is appreciated (as any would be!) the content does not reflect the views of this editor or newsletter.)

Energy Sapping Stableford. Campo Asia. July 21st

On a Tuesday when most players were lacking in oomph, and consumption of H2O must have set new records, no less than 54 brave souls set forth in search of glory and a bottle of wine. Some wilted but others, like cream, rose to the top and were suitably rewarded.

1st 34 Paula Lansdowne (cut 0.5 to 33.6)
2nd 31 Anne Hannam
3rd 31 Susan Young on handicap
1st 39 Roy Davies (cut 1.4 to 9.1)
2nd 38 Iain Macaulay (cut 2.3 to 22.5)
3rd 35 Peter Penney (cut 0.6 to 15.5)

Members' July Newsletter
Contented winner with Lady Captain

Those of us of a certain age may have briefly entertained thoughts of an early Nil Return and a long shandy in the clubhouse, but not for long. “Lead us not into temptatation – but not just yet” being replaced by Dr.Martin Luther King’s famous reminder of “the fierce urgency of now”. Play each game as though it might be your last? Determination prevailed.
Lovely to see The Blues so well represented again. A new lease of golfing life.
For David Evans especially will it be a day to remember. The Dustin Johnson hit-alike showed his command of clubs lesser than the driver by getting a hole in one at the 17th. Nice one, David.


The indomitable Les Wicks and wife Val secured The Mixed Doubles title for 2015 with a convincing win over David and Marie Wilson. Good to see a lot of practise and dedication being justly rewarded.

Members' July Newsletter
A very happy couple

Consistency League Tables

These are no more current than the end of June when the leaders were;
1st Libby Robinson 23 events 33.67 average score
2nd Carol Rees 18 32.33
3rd Karen O’Connor 18 31.83
1st Bobo Sylversen 13 33.00
2nd Arthur O’Connor 18 33.00
3rd Gordon Edwards 19 32.92

La Cala Mari Cup

Please note the paragraph heading. This annual competition between Members and Staff was the brain child of Iain Macaulay some 12 or so years ago. Now refered to as The Calamari Cup new members may wonder why a squid should have triggered Iain’s idea? Or an ancient city in Syria? A goddess might be closer to home perhaps, but the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was a bit before Iain’s interest in things Red. Use of ‘Mari’ is intriguing on the one hand, but a bit of a pity that his original play on words has been lost. Or is it if we don’t know who or what she/it was? Over to Iain for clarification.

Thursday July 23rd., on Campo Asia, was the date and battleground this year. Not quite qualifying for Noel Coward’s famous ditty about Mad Dogs and Englishmen but more than hot enough for the players.

Members' July Newsletter
The two captains

The Staff, captained by young Georgie Johnson, had a record number in their team, which was good to see, but the result went the way of the Members by 7 matches to 3. Chris Park did well for us. Deprived of a partner at short notice he took on his two adversaries alone and, despite giving them something like 18 shots each, managed to win! Another interesting snippet of information is that a La Cala team member, Pearce Webb, turned out to be the son of another Pearce Webb who used to sing at open Sunday lunches held regularly on the club house terrace, as was. Older members may like to know that he is still very much alive and performing.

Members' July Newsletter
Thanks for the game

An intimate gathering

Doubtless due to being sandwiched between two extra curricular competitions the event on Saturday July 25th., boasted a mere 7 groups. Described as a “Bramble with a Twist” this was a further example of the innovative thinking of our club heirarchy. The preferred drive having been chosen the owner thereof had the opportunity of doubling his/her score! Only two prizes were later presented, it being so thin a battle, and these went to –
1st 151 points Wendy Hinds, Jeff Owen, James Reid, Johan
2nd 143 Peter Robinson, Les Wicks, Ria Van Wershoven,
Iain Macaulay

Members' July Newsletter
Members' July Newsletter

Stableford Comp on Campo Asia. July 28th

The forecast, according to some, was for even hotter weather than of late but, in the event, it was bearable. Just. As at time of going to press no results have been posted on the web site but in the first out group Jeff Owen gave a masterly display of good, sensible golf and should finish there or thereabouts.

Having said which they have just come to hand and, briefly put, are as follows;

1st 31 Rea van Wershoven
2nd 30 Jill Davies
3rd 29 Ritva Hagglund

1st 36 Jeff Owen (cut 0 .4 to 9.4)
2nd 34 Peter Penney
3rd 33 Arthur O’Connor

Members' July Newsletter
Jeff in action
Members' July Newsletter
Not my day, claims Johan

Blues Brothers Trophy

A reliable source informs that the Committee have given the go-ahead for Iain Macaulay to sponsor a new club Trophy for which only players “of a certain age” can compete. This is to be a permanent annual fixture in the diary and thus, but not just yet we hope, will be a constant reminder of a man who has played such an influential part in the growth and direction of the golf club over some 20 years. It will take place in October and full details will follow in due course.

July in action

Members' July Newsletter

The future is bright

One might almost say kaleidoscopic? It is well known that next year’s Captains are not into mute colours. The Hilliards do not do beige. Noticing that recent attires have shown more florally patterns and distinctive shades, not so much eye catching as visually unavoidable even from a distance, one may be forgiven for speculating that our teams next year will go forth in matching shirts such as the Costa del Sol has never before seen?

Members' July Newsletter

A very local away day

A mixed group of 35 members travelled just round the corner to play the Mijas Lagos course on Thursday 30th. A team event in Bramble Plus format, the whole day splendidly organised by the ubiquitous Hilliards whose display of prizes could hardly have been more motivational. The winners, none of them exactly strangers to the rostrum, were

1st 132 Val Penney, Val Wicks, Les Wicks, David Lansdowne
2nd 125 Pauline Hilliard, Chris Park, Peter Hannam, Iain Macaulay
3rd 125 Paula Lansdowne, Hazel Gilchrist, Mike Zelley, Cees Lagerwerf (on handicap)

Members' July Newsletter
Familiar winning faces
Members' July Newsletter
Just Squeezed home
Members' July Newsletter
Well fed and happy

Our on the spot reporter describes the post match meal as “fantastic” so, sounds like, “a good time was had by all”.

Summer Mixed Inter Club at El Chaparral

The month ended with a Friday visit to our near neighbours, the team comprising Sonya Foster(Captain)/Dean Moore, Johan Wershoven/Lilly Lagerwerf, Cees Lagerwerf/Ria Wershoven, Brian Farmer/Anne Hannam. Ron Chestertyon/Pauline Hilliard, Jenny Chesterton/Vic Hilliard.

The home side took every advantage available and won convincingly with 167 points. We finished third with 147 and slipped a back a little in our quest for the elusive trophy. Full league positions and points are now;

22 El Paraiso
21 El Chaparral
20 La Cala
16 Atalaya
14 Santa Maria
12 Guadalmina

This is a competition in which four scores count towards the team result and there are prizes for the two best pairs in each team. Ours this time were Johan & Lilly(40) with Brian/Anne close behind(37).

Au revoir

On Sunday 2/8 Lilian and I start the return journey to England where the rest of August will be spent. Hopefully in a cooler clime and maybe even some welcome rain. Welcome to us anyway. It’s a long time since any of us saw any? Les Wicks will assume cameraman duties and my fingers are crossed that Captains and Organisers will feed some worthwhile details and pictures to me. Indeed any Member with a viewpoint or comment would be VERY welcome.

Members' July Newsletter

Meanwhile, remember

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