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Newsletter July 2017

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter

Feast to Famine

June to July editions. Talking pagination that is, not necessarily quality of content although, circumstances being as they are, this will be another struggle month. Meagre contributions from base, coupled with a personal sorrow which makes concentration difficult, let alone creativity. In August 1948 the paths of Peter West and mine crossed for the first time. The immediate spark of true friendship swiftly fanned into a close relationship which lasted for 69 years, and will never end, despite him passing away on July 17th. Peter and his wife of 63 years, have visited La Cala several times, and played our courses, but no more. Cancer is an evil disease so when we learned last Christmas that his bowels, lung and liver were being attacked, we all knew the odds were stacked against him. Easy to say but it is a relief not to have to look at his helpless, skeletal frame again, and more so for him, no longer entirely dependent on others. In England, as many will know, we have the MacMillan Nurses, who tend to and support those at the end of their time. They were wonderful in every way, both to Peter and his immediate family. As his oldest friend it will fall to me to present one of the two eulogies on August 3rd. An emotional task but an opportunity to say goodbye on behalf of many.

Personal Woe

For those kind enough to keep asking whether golf is back on the agenda, the answer is simply negative. The come back was due to start in the Betterball Matchplay, the reasoning being that my partner could have managed on his own if need be. Come Sunday July 9th though, and in response to an urgent call from Peter’s daughter, Lilian was with me as we headed north towards Santander and the ferry to Portsmouth. The snap decision proved to be just in time for us to visit three times before the end came. Obviously there was no thought of golf but it would have been inadvisable it seems. The broken collar bone has mended well apparently, but there had been no thought to check on my left hip, of the replacement variety, which also took a battering from the fall. Pre-departure x-rays showed no damage but ultrasound examination revealed considerable inflammation and the bursting of a “bursa” which apparently sits between bone and tendon to prevent them irritating each other. As they have been for some time. So, and then we will move on to club matters, more physiotherapy is underway.

“Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep moving.”

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Not on site

Being some 2500 kms away from the action makes meaningful reporting almost impossible. Scores and pictures will have to do for this month and next. These can be started by the Rainbow Scramble played on America on Saturday, July 1st. It appears to have been a close finish with the added bonus of seeing two rare lady prize winners step forward. Unfortunately no photographs are available!

1st. 60.2 Danny Rees, Les Wicks, Christina Andersson, Corrie van der Valk
2nd. 60.6 Roy Davies, Louis Lentelink, Liisa Lindstrom, Seppo Jaaskelainen (guest)
3rd. 60.8 Dean Moore, Val Wicks, Mike Tunnell

Five way finish

Another smallish mid-summer field but an exciting conclusion in the Stableford competitions played on Europa, Tuesday July 4th. No less than five men finished on 36 and one, Allan Fotheringham, who didn’t qualify for a prize even, had his handicap cut 0.6 to 15.9 by way of compensation!

1st. 37 Sylvia Robbins (cut 0.5 to 29.0)
2nd. 36 Laura Thompson
3rd. 35 Connie Maphar (on handicap)

July 2017 Newsletter
Sylvia & Laura but minus Connie

1st. 36 Brian Farmer (on handicap)
2nd. 36 Vic Hilliard (on handicap)
3rd. 36 Cees Lagerwerf (on handicap)

There is a somewhat complicated sub-plot to Allan’s score which might prove difficult to explain. Despite all David Wilson’s advice and instruction last month Allan got his card wrong. To his disadvantage let it be quickly added. He played off and marked for 17 handicap whereas it should have been 19. This meant he got 38 and not 36 points, and was duly cut, but didn’t appear on top of the day’s leader board! Don’t ask. Presumably some gentle wrist smacking?

For those of a certain age

“Pensioners v Youngsters” was the very questionable title of the competition on Europa, Sunday 9th. Without birth certificates and tax returns it is impossible to judge but the main thing is battle was done and money talked. Those purportedly receiving financial benefit on a regular basis claimed a 5.5 v 2.5 victory and were in suitably joyous mood thereafter. The only one missing from the happy team photograph was Derek Steele.

It is reported that playing temperature reached 35C which is in stark contrast to cool, grey, rainy weather here today. Know where we would rather be!

July 2017 Newsletter
Proud pensioner Iain Macaulay receives trophy
July 2017 Newsletter
The joyous winners


July 2017 Newsletter

Monthly medal

America was the background, Tuesday 11th the date. Only eight flights so a good opportunity to strike while the numbers are lower than usual. Not that young Chris Park needs opponents to be removed! Things may have changed but when last we spoke his UK sport was soccer, playing of, with golf very much a side issue. In which case his La Cala form is quite remarkable. As well as enviable.

1st. 75 Caroline Bacon
2nd. 76 Judi Lentelink (on handicap)
3rd. 76 Tina Garner

July 2017 Newsletter
Lonesome Judi

Once was when the surname Bacon would have been featuring freely in this newsletter. Greg and Caroline were both formidable adversaries and although we don’t see so much of them these days, it looks like nothing much has changed! Well played Caroline. Have to come back in October now?

1st. 69 Chris Park (cut 0.6 to 7.0)
2nd. 70 Derek Steele (cut 0.6 to 14.2)
3rd. 71 Allan Fotheringham (cut 0.3 to 15.4)

July 2017 Newsletter
Lonesome Allan

Incidentally, the reason Brian Farmer appears in so many photos is not because of a rich vein of form, although he has been playing well of late, but because he is the organiser and acting captain for July. He doesn’t need his arm twisted to smile at the camera but hasn’t been helped by the absence of so many prize winners this month.

Happy team news

An obviously elated Brian Farmer sent news of a seriously good performance by our Inter Club team at El Paraiso on the 14th. Inspired by 44 points from Chris Park and Pauline Hilliard, with David Wilson and Kate Bradley weighing in with a significant 41, we finished with a total of 162 points and winners on the day. This gives us 16 points in the league, one behind El Chaparral, and well clear of Santa Maria, Atalaya, El Paraiso. As Brian ended his email – “Bring on the Atalaya match”. What’s the date, Brian?

July 2017 Newsletter
A very happy team
July 2017 Newsletter
Nearest the pin winner Geoff Thompson


July 2017 Newsletter
Chris Park & Pauline Hilliard. Never far from a giant Gin & Tonic

Bramble plus

Our reporters on the scene didn’t do very well on this event. Europa on the 15th was correct but there is some discrepancy in the scores, and little mention of local weather conditions other than it was muggy, or possible incidents. There was an early shower in Mijas though! There is agreement on the winning team’s position however, the enormous margin of victory suggesting four players on fire.

1st. 157 Michael Dawson, Karl Haas, Mervi Linderberg,Erika Karlsson
2nd. 140 Roy Davies, Marie Wilson, Steve Tomlin, Peter Bradley
3rd. 138 Louis Lentelink, Jan Debrauwer, Libby Robinson, Jill Davies

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter

It is nice to see Peter Bradley back in successful action after his recent operation.

Just to emphasise the point

Hardly had the previous sentence emerged from the keyboard than came news of Peter’s triumph on Europa, in Tuesday’s Stableford 18/7. Well done indeed, Peter. It is also noticed that Bruno is beginning to knock on the door more often.

1st. 38 Mary Evans (cut 0.7 to 17.9)
2nd. 35 Liisa Lindstrom
3rd. 33 Kate Bradley

1st. 41 Peter Bradley (cut 1.8 to 17.0)
2nd. 40 Bruno Schaefer (cut 0.6 to 4.1)
3rd. 36 Philip Shute

July 2017 Newsletter
Ubiquitous Brian with solitary Liisa

Clash of the Titans

Well, perhaps not quite, but this annual encounter between La Cala staff and members always enjoys a huge build up, plenty of pre-match hype, and with more of the staff being encouraged to play the game more seriously, this year was no exception.

Cometh the day the conditions on Europa have been described as “very, very blustery”. Not everyone in action was in a team, because numbers needed to be limited to ensure a fair contest, and a late withdrawal left Flavio’s team with Jorge, a non golfer really, playing Gerry and Isabella Rippinger. Not exactly an equal match-up but all part of the fun of the day. In all there were 19 staff and 20 members, but not all in “the match”. However, everyone was part of the celebrations afterwards, fully enjoying the drinks and tapas provided by La Cala Management.

The result of this 20th Calamari Cup contest was a draw, each side scoring 4.5 points, which meant that, in true Ryder Cup-like fashion, the members retained the cup. Captain Peter Edstrom lifted the prized trophy high after a brief speech from Ken Flockhart.

July 2017 Newsletter
Peter & his moment of glory
July 2017 Newsletter
Captain Ken consoles his team
July 2017 Newsletter
Perhaps one day, Flavio?
July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter
The troops on parade

A gentle reminder

It is a long way off, to be true, but names have already been registered for the Captain’s Away Day next year. May 23-25 to be exact, at the Hotel Golf Almerimar. Long term planning may not be your scene but the Captain-in-Waiting, Thomas Widegren, would welcome your interest.

The sound of grime

Music afficionados, like the Hilliards, may well be familiar with this form of entertainment. It is rather doubtful though if it would figure prominently at any of their soirees. Being inquisitive by nature, research was irresistible. Apparently grime is synonymous with “dirt, smut, soot, dust, mud, filth, mire, sludge, dross, and pollution” !! Hard to visualise Bing Crosby crooning his way round that lot? Whatever happened to love, romance, and kindly thoughts?

July 2017 Newsletter
Lady sovereign at parklife

Now a nice change of mood

Tennis has been a personal passion since early youth, the game played endlessly and to a decent standard. Enjoyed tremendously in Calahonda until a couple of falls made clear that it really was time that limited movement range had won the day. Anyway, to the point.

Like most fans, keen or en passant, admiration for Roger Federer is endless. Not dropping a set en route to his 8th Wimbledon title at the age of 35 was an extraordinary performance, but what made the day complete was seeing his family courtside, all happy and smiling, but four fifths totally unaware of Daddy’s achievement.

July 2017 Newsletter

AM AM AM Mystery unsolved

Reference was made to this format in a previous newsletter but no explanation as to what it actually means was forthcoming. AM AM yes. Pro Am yes. But AM AM AM ? Anyway one was held on America on the 23rd which would have been my late brother Peter’s birthday, another little twig of the currently sensitive memory nerves. It was nice to see Richard and Tracey Ledgard in the line-up, as guests at the moment, but about to become members. A rostrum appearance so early augers well for their future.

1st. 100 Brian Farmer, Roy Davies, Hans Linderborg
2nd. 98 Peter Edstrom, Sylvia Robbins, Liisa Lindstrom, Seppo Jaskelainen
3rd. 92 Rob & Tina Garner, Richard & Tracey Ledgard

July 2017 Newsletter
Brian deservedly on parade today
July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter


Members Coastal Reunion

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter

Shutes, Gilchrists and Kirks at their other clubhouse


The editorial view on sunglasses is in danger of becoming boring. It has hitherto been limited to photographs but even that domestic or “local rule” looks like it could be open to challenge. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that a ban on clothes, or full face veils such as the niqab, does not violate human rights law. So, for the moment, it is requested that dark glasses be not worn for prize giving pictures. Momentarily discarded, por favor. Pity the legal position was not known before we approached the Dawsons!

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about pink tees for the Ladies, and it seems likely that these will appear in due course. Meanwhile, those holding their breath are advised to exhale quickly.

Rake is a tiny village quite close to our UK home and it was driving through it on Tuesday 11th that what used to be loveable S6 JAX, now necessary and boring 6994 JVC, clocked up 100,000 miles. Most of which have been earned back and forth from La Cala to southern England. Having exchanged cars quite frequently whilst working this is thus a “first” for us.

July 2017 Newsletter
Looks a dangerous sport?

Not exactly new

Spotting what seemed to be a fresh name on recent team sheets an approach was made to Michael and Teresa Dawson with a view to “introducing” them as new members, only to discover they have been living in their Monte Alto home for ten years now! Well, perhaps not living. More like holidaying because, still being actively engaged as an accountant in his own tax advisory business, visits have been limited. A handful of appearances in members’ competition explains why he is not more widely known. Until now.
Michael is an exile Scot who emigrated to the Manchester region 40 years ago, and now lives in Lytham in North Cheshire. He is a member at Wilmslow, a parkland course with a good reputation, and plays in their social teams against other local clubs including, just to make our mouth’s water, Royal Birkdale. Like most young Scots he started playing at an early age but only got really interested in his late 20’s when he worked his way down to a 9 handicap. Since when age and a hip replacement have led to a decline, an experience not lost on many fellow members here!

Teresa has yet to catch the bug but enjoys “knocking round” at El Soto and is in a course of lessons back home. Meanwhile, Teresa, you would find our Ladies very sociable and full of understanding and encouragement. They would welcome you to their Thursday Roll Up, and our weekend competitions are great fun and not taken too seriously by most.
Michael is a long ball man. A William Webb Ellis man. Born in Scottish rugby country and with a strong allegiance to his national team. He will be relieved to see their resurgence of form in recent times and their deserved climb to 4th position in the world rankings.
The Dawsons are currently enjoying a two month sabbatical, touring France in their caravan, enjoying the occasional, refreshing thunderstorm, and slowly making their way home. When we shall see them again remains to be seen but they will certainly be welcome.

July 2017 Newsletter
Teresa and Michael in St.Lucia (Newcomers are excused!!)

Familiar Face Departs

In May 2006 Carl Reid joined the staff of La Cala as a marshall, a role he occupied until very recently. He has now retired to England, partly because of the poor health of his parents. He earned many compliments from visitors, members and colleagues. He was good humoured, with a very recognisable laugh, and a more than decent golfer, always proving a serious opponent in the Calamari Cup. Thank you Carl for your contribution to the growth of La Cala as a desirable golf destination. We wish you all the best in England where, no doubt, you will be watching Leicester City FC rather more frequently. If and when you ever return to see old faces, you will be most welcome.

July 2017 Newsletter

Recent view of Asia’s changing second hole

July 2017 Newsletter

Heat resistants battle on

Word is it was rather warm on Tuesday 25th out there on Europa. It didn’t seem to bother some though, and scoring was good for the most part. Not quite enough to earn any handicap cuts though. A look down the time sheet is interesting. We seem to be building up a coterie of low handicap golfers, youthful too(comparatively speaking), which is a healthy sign. Ken Flockhart might feel inclined to step up his coaching regime if Flavio’s ambition is to have any chance of realisation!

1st. 33 Sylvia Robbins
2nd. 31 Mary Evans (on handicap)
3rd. 31 Laura Thompson
Once was when Sylvia was always knocking on the door come prize giving. Good to see this competitive lady gathering in her “self prescribed medicine” more often.

1st. 35 Rob Garner (on handicap)
2nd. 35 Chris Park (on handicap)
3rd. 35 Alex Vershinen (on handicap)

July 2017 Newsletter
Smiling Sylvia, only prize winner on picture parade

As a point of interest Brian Farmer also scored 35 but it was Hans Lindeborg who momentarily stole the limelight with a declared 36 points. Unfortunately, and there is no good expecting sympathy from David Wilson, Hans made his debut on the Blue Tees but forgot to adjust his slope handicap! This led to his unavoidable disqualification and a shuffle of the leaderboard. We will all finish nervous wrecks if we don’t get David’s advice drilled into our subconscious?

Gastronomic Warfare

It must be admitted that cookery is not high on your editors short list of skills or interests, but his eye was caught by a recent article about the furore which followed Jamie Oliver’s suggestion that paella should include some chorizo. Simon Manley, England’s ambassador here, had to diplomatically spring to his defence but watchers of “El Comidista” were enraged. Tradition plays a big part of course. We Brits wouldn’t like it if told not to eat our fish and chips out of newspapers?

July 2017 Newsletter

Impressive Statistics

Thanks to the efforts of David Evans we are able to include the latest Stableford tables which, it must be said, paint a picture of remarkable consistency on the part of the contenders for the titles.

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter



Hopes were high that the Mixed Interclub match at Atalaya would prove a springboard to the top of the table, but it was not to be. Despite excellent performances by Brian Farmer & Val wicks(43 points)and James Reid & Sonya Foster(41)we could only manage 4th place on the day. This still leaves us in second place overall, behind El Chaparral, but the final match of the series is at home next week, so hopes remain high.

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter

A record low?

History books probably don’t tell us whether 26 players constitutes a new level of attendance, but that’s all there were on Saturday 29thon Campo America playing what was advertised as a 4 ball betterball format. It isn’t clear whether that was the final decision but never have results reached the newsletter so soon after a competition! There were only two prize positions and these were occupied by;

1st. 89 Roy Davies, Alan Jewett, Loraine Murphy, David Wilson.
2nd. 82 Brian Farmer, Peder Edstrom, Mervi Linderborg, Syvlia Robbins

July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter


Apologies from the editor

As was warned at the outset this edition is a bit thin on the ground, and August may not be much better. There has also been a bit of a muddle over pictures, probably because the missing ones were downloaded onto the iMac before our sudden departure, and are thus not available on the MacPro laptop being used now. Nor, of course, was the monthly meeting with Jose – Mr.Webmaster – able to take place face to face. So, sorry about all that but please remember what the Pope recently said. Indeed had a confirmatory notice on the door of his Vatican apartment.

July 2017 Newsletter
It is forbidden to complain

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