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Newsletter July 2018



La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Independence Day

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

27th Total Eclipse


There were some fine performances on Asia where the first competition of a new month was played on Tuesday 3rd. The day was hot and quite sticky, much water being consumed by most, and the ball helpfully ran a long way on the hard, dry fairways. Assuming you hit them, that is. Not so helpful were the greens, which were slick and often called for the most gentle of touches. Mostly though the players coped well, certainly those who finished in the upper echelons.

There is an Italian saying “ea venit, ea vidit, ea vicit, with which members will be familiar.It comes to mind following Ria Van Wershoven outright win of the Ladies section after being in Sunday’s winning team. 39 points was the best recorded BUT didn’t win her anything! She being a guest and now affiliated to the Portuguese Golfing Association. Well done, though, Ria.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Ria to the right

The competition was won by Sylvia McGarvie with 37, which led to a 0.4 cut to 23.5. Monique Peters was second with 36, and Anne Hannam with 35, neither earning any handicap movement.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

l/r Anne, Dean, Monique

Warhorse probably isn’t the right word to use but somehow comes to mind when visualising Louis Lentelink and David Evans Both have been round the golfing block a few times. Both are hardened competitors and consistent performers. Neither high in the elegance of style stakes but who cares? Today they each carded 41 points and will have enjoyed their beer afterwards. Louis edged David on handicap and was punished with a drop of 1.7 to 16.3. Long hitting David was more than trimmed by a reduction of 1.9 to 17.2. Probably the round most worthy of praise though was that of Rob Garner whose 39 off 5 handicap speaks for itself. Next time out he will be 0.6 less. Meanwhile, sadly, no photo for the archives!

Grammatical Point

To answer a question raised by myself in the June issue, having uncomfortably used the word “flight” out of its customary context, and it appearing again in the Away Day report which will follow shortly, guidance was sought, and found ——–
‘In a golf tournament, a “flight” is a division or grouping of golfers within the tournament, who are competing against one another rather than against the entire field of golfers.”
Conclusion? Both users of the word were wrong.

Torrequebrada Visit

Forty golfers were up bright and early on Thursday 5th and needed to be for their 0920 shotgun start at the chosen Away Day golf club just along the coast. A coach took 24 from our car park leaving 16 to make their own arrangements. Unfortunately there were three drop outs from the original list. Brian Farmer, recovering from his nasty fall. Pearl Fisher, nursing a broken wrist, and Iain Macaulay because of “a sore finger”. Aahh.

Ana Nyblom now runs things at Torrequebrada so, having done that so well here for so many years, there was a friendly face to greet and look after everyone. We also have to thank her for the pictures below.
It was a hot, sunny day with the course in beautiful condition. The greens were very tricky and the pin positions testing, so scoring wasn’t as easy as it might have looked. The chosen competition was a Soft Bramble, it being the aim of Vic & Pauline Hilliard, the organisers, to make it a stress free day.
Ria Van Wershoven and Peter Marler won Nearest the Pin prizes, whilst the winning team was Anne Hannam, Wendy Hinds, Derek Steele and Dean Moore with 94 points.
The report on which the above is based was kindly submitted and included the word “flights”, the absence of which has now been explained.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Peter Marler

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

l/r Dean, Anne, Wendy, Derek

Not many empty hands about?

Water Needs

Buggy sharers of mine will have observed that I do not drink anything whilst playing. Nor eat for that matter, but that is not relevant to this piece. A lengthy article in The Times this week began with a questionable but eye catching statement. “My Scottish grandmother lived to her mid-nineties and I never saw her drink a glass of water. Just a few cups of tea and a rather large whisky in the evening.” Basically the writer goes on to question the need for a regular intake of quite large quantities of water as the only means of countering dehydration, making a case for fruit and vegetables providing quite enough fluid and at a slower rate. The author “Quench”, a medical doctor with a clinic in New York, agrees.

The International Marathon Medical Directors Association recommends that exercisers “drink only when thirsty and not to pre-empt dehydration”. Later he has this to say “People tell me they try to drink eight glasses or more a day. I roll my eyes and say ‘Feel free, but don’t feel like you have to’ “

In conclusion of this substantially abbreviated piece it was said that access to water is easy. Sea levels are rising. Water, water is everywhere. The more we have it the more we fret about it.”
Sides are not being taken in this discussion. Nothing will change. David Moody’s aggressive metal water carrier will continue to attack my legs whenever in range. Bill Field will still put away three litres a round.

Back to the 60’S

Hard to believe but two of our lady members share the same number of years. Different dates but same era. They also like the same sort of music, dancing to it, and dressing in some remarkable outfits. Mary Evans and Lilly Lagerwerf decided to host a joint party to celebrate their 65th birthday.(Public knowledge so not an un-gentlemanly revelation!) Guests were invited to come dressed as they might have done back in the 60’s and 70’s, the chosen theme for the evening. Many revelled in such an opportunity as the pictures to follow might prove.Mature Movers you might say? Music was provided by “Echoes of The Sixties” who more than earned their money.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The star attractions Lilly & Mary

No prizes for guessing who is who.

Voting with their feet

Only six teams turned up for the so called “Pensioners v Youngsters” fixture, held on Europa, curiously on a Sunday, 8th. Rumour has it that this remarkably poor entry list was because matchplay format at the weekend is not considered fun. Certainly there were a lot of very familiar faces missing. “Youngsters” is a euphemism, of course. Wish that we actually had some? Even so the teams with that title finished winners by 4 games to 2. All the pairs who won their match got the usual bottle of wine, as did those who drew. Losers went home thirsty. All a bit anti climatic really, which is a shame.

New Buggy Desk

As part of the plan to make players more ‘welcome’ a portable stand has now appeared in the heart of the buggy park, staffed by smiling Player Assistants. A nice touch.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Siesta GC

It can be mentioned that a male team of La Cala lost 2-1 to these opponents on Monday the 9th. Our successful pair were David Wilson and John Brooks, Nothing else is known of this event and the photo doesn’t really help much either? The two teams but who is what?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Accidental recording?

A pleasant surprise

First a plea to our very own Rain Goddess. Some of the product under your control would be very welcome, please. Everywhere is brown, dry, and potentially dangerous, as last week’s local fires indicated. Fortunately quickly and efficiently controlled. Tuesday 10th was another sticky day, even at our 0930 start time on Europa. We were to be a 3 ball according to the time sheet, Hugo Reichle and smartly attired Eric Catterson, ever colour co-ordinated, being familiar and friendly playing partners of old. However, proof of the pudding proved not to be in the recipe because, lo and behold, a fourth person appeared, in the trim, very fit and healthy shape of Zintia Ferretti. An owner but not yet a member. A guest of Hugo’s and also from Switzerland. She was to prove a charming companion – and a more than useful golfer. Off 24 she set out her stall by parring the first three holes! Her final 38 points earning her 4th place on the men’s result sheet, Flavio obviously not knowing Cynthia(Zintia)is a lady’s name!! She will be taking her scorecard home with her, a handicap reduction in mind, but she has quite a way to go yet to match her husband who plays off 4. We all had a most enjoyable round together, albeit rather a slow one.

Hugo, a genial character and dedicated golfer, turned in a decent card but the day’s honours went to Eric, a meticulous player, accurate to an enviable degree, and always with a ready smile. But for a loud shout from elsewhere mid swing as he chipped to the 18th causing him to nudge the ball into a hazard instead of by the pin he would surely have reached the magic 40 mark. Even so his 39 cost him 0.6 down to 7.7.

Bill Field is on something of a charge, chalking up 39 too but losing that first place for which he yearns. Handicap trimmed 0.9 to 16.9 whilst Merv Coombes and his magic wands quietly continue about their business. 38 points and down by 0.7 to 17.8

None of whom turned up for their vouchers!!

For some ladies it was to prove a punishing day. In the sense that the top three all suffered significant handicap reductions. No more than scores of 42 Jill Davies, 41 Caz Rosselli, and 41 Laura Thompson, deserved. In that sequence the cuts were 2.2 to 17.7; 1.9 to 17.0: 2.0 to 17.4 Well done indeed.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

l/r Laura, Caz disguised as Dean, Jill.

It was good to see Kate Bradley back in action again after her unfortunate absence from the fray, and having not forgotten how to swing that thing.

Asia Challenge

Sold to us all as a “Bramble Plus with chip and putt twist” Saturday 14th proved more of a test than Organiser/Vice Captain Dean Moore obviously expected. Fortunately the group of which one was part included Roy Davies, master of thoroughness when it comes to golfing matters. Not only did he understand the Rules of the Day but had prepared a strategy for all situations. Few know the courses here more intimately. Add in his putting advice and he could have been David Wilson in disguise. First though, the rules to which all players did their best to adhere.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Not being able to use the putter for purposes other than on the green seriously disadvantaged people like Damien Murphy and myself. Remembering not to do so, and treating it as a team total instead of the intended personal competition, led to a number of NR’s. Some puzzled over what to do if they couldn’t score a point and hadn’t reached the green? The creator of this version, Dean himself, promised at the prize giving that the format would not be repeated any time soon, as they say.
Not too surprisingly the two winners of the lowest putts bottles, with just 13 each from the required eight holes, were Carol Rees and Jan-Peter Karlsson.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

l/r Carol, Dean, Jan-Peter

Laura Thompson was in our fourball, fresh from her Tuesday triumph and 42 points. Unfortunately it was not to be her day, a subject to which she returned self critically at frequent intervals. However, out of the darkness often cometh light, and so it came to pass. On our very last hole, having had her drive accepted by all, well Roy, she chipped in for an eagle! Two for five x 2 = 10 points!! Which, very much to our surprise,having had an un-remarkable round, earned us first place!! It has to be admitted that collectively our putting was awful but even re-writing our card from team to individual version couldn’t produce anyone better than Erika Karlsson’s 18.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

1st 132 points l/r Jack Perry, Laura Thompson, Erika Karlsson, Roy Davies

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

2nd 131 points(on handicap) l/r Sepp Jaaskelanein, Liesbeth Guise, Marie Wilson, Gerry Rippinger

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

3rd 131 points l/r Iain Macaulay, Carol Rees, Pauline Hilliard, Geoff Thompson

Welcome Squatters But

Mention has been made before about the kestrel family based within Los Altos. As a deterrent to other winged creatures, like pigeons for example, they are most effective but, when they set up home in one of your planters, they can be as irritating as Djokovic’s ball bouncing. When it comes to screeching and violent wing flapping they take some beating. We had three eggs this year but so far only sight of one chick who recently made his/her first public appearance. It’s very interesting, disturbing in the sense of worrying, and time consuming, watching the family’s habits, but we shall not be unhappy to leave them for England next weekend.

Happy Birthday

Iain Macaulay celebrated his 87th birthday on the 17th and was last seen in a very cheerful mood. Many Happy Returns, Iain.

Atalaya GC

Was the venue for another Mixed Interclub league match on the 16th when we were represented by Carol Rees/Dean Moore; Mary & David Evans; Loraine Murphy/Peter Robinson; Pauline Hilliard/Damien Murphy/; Vic Hilliard/Marie Wilson; Mike Fisher/Kate Bradley. General opinion agreed on the course being in superb condition, the Old one that is, with greens quite difficult to read. Third place on the day sounds reasonable but left us sliding down the table a bit more. No cause for real concern unless any were Facebook investors,
WE did produce two prize winners though of which there is pictorial evidence.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Kate & Mike

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Carol & Dean

Monthly Medal

At last Chris Slattery produced the result which was only a matter of time in arriving. On a sun drenched Europa, on Tuesday 17th he registered a five under par nett score – playing off 3 !! – and was rightly slapped with a 1.1 “fine” bringing him down to 5.7 Hearty congratulations Chris.

Rob Garner also showed his class by finishing 2 over but without handicap change. Jan-Peter Karlsson on nett 76 was third with a 0.3 lowering of his standard.
The field was unusually small with only 18 playing. Possibly the heat or retreats to lesser climates at “home”.
Not to be out done the Ladies flexed their muscles, in an elegant manner, and Tina Garner will be especially pleased at having bettered her other half! A cut of 1.5 to 28.5 will have given her considerable encouragement, whilst her nett 68 will reward her two fold. A bottle or voucher next prize giving, and a place in the Medal Final day in October.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

A very happy Tina gets the easy part of her prizes from Dean Moore.

As rather anticipated, now that she has lightened her load somewhat, Judi Lenterlink is flying the family flag again. A nett 69 follows other good scores recently. She is unlikely to be worried about a mere 0.8 reduction now that she has the bit between her gleaming teeth. Isabella Rippinger will start off the same handicap next time out but her one over nett 72 saw her claim third place in a field of only 13 players.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Judi, the only winner on parade at prize giving

My personal enjoyment of the day was due in no small part to the company of Stephen & Pamela Mason, friends from way back, who have been owners and members here almost since the beginning. They visit and play very regularly but until Stephen decides enough is enough in terms of his lengthy Paper Industry career is concerned, they have yet to embrace full membership. Thus they played as Guests and earned themselves a little publicity.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Stephen & Pamela on Europa’s 10th.

The day ended on a sad note for me because my 3 on the 9th was interpreted as a 9(?) thus making a six shot difference to my total, and costing me third place. Nine on a par three takes a bit of believing? Pity but, as they say, there you go.

Hardly Newcomers?

The love affair between La Cala and the Smits dates back to 1998 when, like many of us, they first stayed in the hotel as their base for a golfing holiday. Having reached the conclusion that this could prove a long term relationship Maarten and Liesbeth began to build a house in 2001. From a commanding position overlooking the second tee of Asia it was completed in 2004. Since when they and their family have been regular visitors.

At 64 and 54 respectively their family now consists of six children and five grandchildren, so no wonder holiday times left little space for playing golf and mixing with members. All of which has now changed with both of them joining in competitions, plus dancing the night away at a party or two!
Base camp is in Bussum, Netherlands where they are also members of a European Tour golf club. Travel is another love but they try to get to La Cala now on a more frequent basis, not least because their youngest daughter will finish her Masters in Boston this year and has fallen in love with a boy from Ronda!
Liesbeth’s career was in journalism, so extra care is probably required on the part of this scribbler, whilst Maarten was in banking and real estate. Both are now retired with plenty of time to invest in La Cala golf club. So, a belated welcome to them both.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Calamari Cup

This well established golfing “battle” between La Cala employees and Members took on a new dimension this year when the two teams of 24 players confronted each other, in friendly fashion, on Campo Asia. A shot gun tee-off at 1500(approximately!) followed by drinks, tapas and socialising. A winning formula and quite evidently enjoyed by all the participants.
Thanks to the thoughtful initiative of encouraging all staff to take an interest in the game, and providing weekly coaching lessons for those keen to get involved and better, there was no shortage of applicants to play this year. Nor determination to do well. Flavio Papa and Dean Moore did the organising and it all went very well.
It is not surprising that the Members win more often than not because some of the opposition are really beginners with high handicaps. From general comment afterwards it was clear that this will not long be the situation. The spark is there and our in-house professionals will work hard on kindling the fire.
The score was not important other than to mention that the Members did win again, with Captain for the Day Iain Macaulay making a nice little bi-lingual speech when accepting the trophy.
Ivan Martinez not only played but took time afterwards to shoot a lot of pictures, some of which appear here. Thank you, Ivan. for whom, like others, it was a first ever competition and first 18 holes.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Captain in action

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Captain in action

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Noemi in full swing

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Friendship after warfare

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The home team

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The hungry losers

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Captain Triumphant

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Everybody’s happy

Loraine Murphy was my partner and we had a great tussle with Alejandro Nunez, something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Jorge “Slim” Montjoy. Between them they probably set some kind of record for balls lost and provisional’s taken, but they were good fun, lots of laughs and smiles but fully focused on upsetting the apple cart, a few rueful expressions, and only deprived of victory on the very last green when a makeable putt just failed to save them the match. Well done Alex and Jorge. We look forward to the return encounter you mentioned.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Jack, Jorge, Alex & Loraine

The Top 20

A recent survey reveals that Finland is the happiest country in the world. How this decision was arrived at is not known but possibly schnapps play a part? Norway in second spot is easier to understand when you look at people like Erling Johnsen, but we don’t have any Danish members to comment on their third place position. The bottom three make sad reading. 18 America. 19 United Kingdom. 20 UAE

Pictures Only

Little is known about the Bramble played on Saturday 22nd, because Lilian and I were on the road to Santander with probably five golfless weeks ahead of me. Boo hoo. The turn out was light to the extent that only two lots of prizes were deemed sufficient. These went to

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

1st 106 points l/r Pauline Hilliard, Richard and Tracey Ledgard

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

2nd 98 points l/r Vic Hilliard, Iain Macaulay, Jeremy Spicer(guest)

Tracey will have been well pleased with her day’s work. Well done.

On the credit side

A French man, François Crochet, has been appointed Food and Beverage Director and all members will be wishing him success as he steps into a challenging role. We met briefly on the eve of my departure but it is hoped to have more information about him for the next issue.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

François Crochet

Later. Francois has been a professional for 20 years now. Born and trained in France he has worked at some very prestigious places in Europe. Included in these are the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa; Casino de Barriere in Montreux; Hotel Rey Juan Carlos 1; Palacio de Congresos, Catalunia, 5* GL and Hotel Ritz 5* GL.

Looking up

Not much choice when you lie bottom of the six team Mixed Interclub League? A position occupied following a gathering at Marbella G & C Club on the 27th. Responsible for this downward move was a pretty useful looking team of ours. Damien Murphy/Sonya Foster; Peter/Kate Bradley; Chris Park/Laura Thompson; Carol Rees/Dean Moore; Peter Edstrom/Loraine Murphy; Seppo Jaaskelainen/Liisa Lindstrom but they only managed fourth place on the day. Carol and Dean were our standard bearers but all agreed the best parts of the day were the food and the company. Which sounds very compensatory, even though the photos might not suggest it!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Are we downhearted?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Includes our Sonya & Damien

Really Boring Bit

Nobody has submitted comment on the Stableford played on the 24th and, at time of writing, no pictures have been forthcoming. However, to repeat what many will have seen on line already, just in case photos do emerge, the leaderboards looked like this at the top come close of play.Carol Rees 36, Loraine Murphy 35, and Isabella Rippinger 33.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Two out of three isn’t bad

38 Jan-Peter Karlsson(cut 0.4 > 6.7, 34 Edward Johansson(on handicap), 34 Mike Robbins.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

JP to the right

Worse than was though

News from Switzerland is that David Wilson is on sticks and not likely to play golf again until October. He has been limping noticeably for some while, making light of his problem, and probably making it worse? It now transpires that he has a partial tear in his Achilles’ tendon. Immobilisation for six weeks followed by physio sessions lay ahead. Not much fun for an active soul. We hope all goes well, David.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Not again!

Saturday 28th on Asia’s 17th saw another milestone in Louis Lentelink’s golfing career. Yes, right first time, another hole in one, this time with the aid of his 9 iron. It was his third in all and second on the 17th. He won’t be presented with his certificate until next prizegiving, which will be too late for this edition, so readers will have to settle for the smiley face below. Congratulations, Louis.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018


Others deserving of special mention are Pat and Mary Madigan, new neighbours of ours in Los Altos, but whose path has yet to be meaningfully crossed. What can be reported is that Pat plays of a 1 handicap and memory suggests that he did just that when here last. Maybe at the Cudeca meet. Anyway it’s always lovely to see new faces, so here they are.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The day’s competition was a 2 ball better ball in which Pat played in a 3 ball with his wife and Carol Rees whilst simultaneously playing with each in the 2 ball. If that sounds Irish it would be appropriate! There were six prizes up for grabs. The Madigans took 6th place with 44 points whilst Pat & Carol did better with 46 and third place, which they shared with Jan-Peter Karlsson and Linda Jackson. If readers can follow all that they are doing well.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

1st 51 points James Reid & Geoff Thompson

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

2nd 47 points Jeff Owen & Wendy Hinds

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

3rd 46 points (see above!)

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

5th 45 points Iain Macaulay & Roy Davies

Oleander Year

It may be poisonous but it has been beautiful and bountiful this year? All without water? Our recent drive northwards was made the more enjoyable by mile after mile of roadside bloom until, presumably, said he of little Spanish horticultural knowledge, the soil changed? Then bright yellow broom took over, challenged for colour by vast fields full of sunflowers smiling upwards. You can’t beat Mother Nature.


As may have become apparent Lilian and this scribbler are now ensconsed in their Hampshire home, far from the clubhouse and playing fields of La Cala and thus totally reliant on incoming material, of which there has been a dribble, or imagination! Thankfully there have been a few events which gave birth to a myriad of photographs, hence rather more than usual this month. Who can foresee what August will produce?

A Stylish Party

One of the events referred to was the 60th birthday party of Veronique Hesen, husband of Henk. Neighbours of ours in Los Altos, where they still maintain their apartment, they spent a couple of years building a lovely home overlooking America’s 14th green. Mansion might be a better word perhaps. Whatever, it hosted a celebration on Saturday 14th, the ingredients of which were perfect. A memorable evening for them both. There were quite a number of fellow country folk(Dutch) in attendance, plus the more familiar faces of club members. We didn’t manage to stay until the end but when we slipped away music and dancing were in control. A very enjoyable occasion.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The hosts in action

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

A toast to the Birthday Girl(2nd right)

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Supper time

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The dance floor beckons

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

Familiar faces?

Furnace Friday

The 28th was so named by the English media but not applicable to us here in Hampshire. Thank goodness. In the afternoon we had thunder and quite a heavy downpour for a couple of hours, on and off. Then yesterday there was a strong wind bringing temperatures down to a very cooling 17C or so. Today incessant rain but not so heavy. No heatwave complaints from us thus far.

Just in time

Reliable David Evans, co-ordinator of the monthly statistics, has come up trumps again, if you will excuse the expression, so the latest figures can just be squeezed in. Thank you David.

Back to the Madigans

They don’t look or act old enough to have been married 30 years but that’s a fact, man. They met in a snooker club, owned by Mary’s family, in which she worked for 35 years, finding time to play and practise and become good enough to play in the Irish National Championships. She is also a very useful golfer, currently 14 handicap but heading steadily south.
Their family consist of two boys, a misleading word when writing about ages of 29 and 21. The oldest, Ryan, is a PGA professional, and Director of Golf at Waterford Castle GC, where Pat and Mary are members. It sounds an interesting club being located on a small island in the middle of the river Suir and only get-at-able by ferry! Maximum capacity 14 cars. The Castle Hotel & Resort is the major attraction.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter July 2018

The island

The younger son is not interested in the game, prefers being a musician, and is studying at a college in Berlin.
Turning now to Pat it would seem La Cala have recruited a player likely to increase our chances of winning things. Currently a bit concerned because his handicap has slipped from +1 to just 1 he can nevertheless look back on a glittering golf career. Club champion seven times in10 years; runner up in the other three. This after coming comparatively late to the game after years of soccer, including 8 years in League of Ireland categories. When the children arrived it was time to be a little less serious but he continued in local football until he changed skills. Pat will be 55 next year and is already planning to compete in Senior amateur events which are popular social occasions in which wives often act as caddies, all sharing in the Craic for which both Ireland and Scotland are renowned.

As for togetherness it can be reported that both Mary & Pat were members of the mixed team which won the All Ireland Championship in 2014, whilst to this day they work side by side in their own construction business.

Finally, to quote Pat – “We are so glad we bought into La Cala and joined the golf club. Everyone has made us so welcome and we would like to thank them very much.”

At long last

After years of debate a serious disagreement has been settled. Q. When making tea does the milk go in first or last. The answer apparently is linked to age groups(like many other things in life). In the main people of my generation put it in first but today, an overwhelming majority add it at the end. So there you have it.

Finally a Personal Plea

A small avalanche of Apple “problems” besets me. All on my desktop iMac. A bit of a cumbersome weight to take to La Canada but a local Apple guru cannot be found. Friends have offered some input but unsuccessfully. Professional input is needed to sort out the software issues. Recommendations/contacts would be welcome. We will be back very early September.

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