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Newsletter June 2016

History is made

What a month? Forget golf for a minute. Forget busting out all over. Forget the summer solstice.

Newsletter June

Forget Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and her husband Jupiter. Forget roses and honeysuckle, the birth flowers of June, and the birth stones, pearl, moonstone and Alexandrite. Forget Valerie June and her guitar (although Jose, our webmaster friend might find this difficult). All worthy of more respect normally, but not this June. Not 2016 June. For those with UK allegiances it has been a month never to be forgotten. Queen Elizabeth officially celebrated her 90th birthday. 52% of the voting public decided it was time to leave the EU. Then, unbelievably, England lost to tiny Iceland in the Euros. The worst performance since losing to America back in 1950 when the opposition didn’t really play the game seriously. Even our adopted country, the holders, got dumped out.

The future of the Queen is, sadly, inevitable. England have to find a new manager as well as better players before the next World Cup. What the spin off from Brexit will be depends on your political persuasion. Time will tell but perhaps, meanwhile, it is time to turn to golfing matters?

Newsletter June

Stableford. Europa. Tuesday 31st April.

Members said farewell to May too late for full results to appear in the relevant newsletter. The wind made control difficult but even so there were some good scores in. None better than Anne Mills whose performance cost her 2.3 in handicap terms, now having to play off 22.1 next time out!

1st 41 Anne Mills
2nd 36 Mary Evans (on handicap)
3rd 36 Marie Wilson

1st 36 David Evans
2nd 35 Louis Lentelink
3rd 33 John Mills

Only one of each gender was available for picture taking.

Newsletter June

Louis Lentelink

Newsletter June

Marie Wilson


There was another interesting score published, which is mentioned not to mock, far from it, but to explain. David Moody, within whom there is a good golfer waiting to be released, is shown as scoring an eye catching 4 points. Total. In fact, let the truth emerge, he got those on the first three holes. Unfortunately an eye problem asserted its self, forced him to miss a few holes, and eventually register a Nil Return. This vital bit of information somehow escaped the eye of the computer operator and has caused David some embarrassment, and led to some leg pulling. To which, by now of course, he is hardened.

Mixed Interclub Match at Guadalmina.

At last. A match report with some meat. For which thanks go to Captain-for-the-day Alan Jewett. A positive step in the right direction, even though the absence of a photograph meant no icing on the cake.

Newsletter June

Thanks Alan. A fine example which this editor hopes will be followed. Vint Cerf and his Google chums have made it so easy to communicate so why not give it a descriptive try, dear Captains all.

Newsletter June

Les & Lotta

On Friday June 3rd, the La Cala team arrived at Guadalmina for the first Summer Mixed Interclub of the year bright and early and ready to tackle the beautiful South Course. Though many of us got lost trying to find our tee for the 9am shot gun start, enthusiasm remained high! The powerful team of Les Wicks and Lotta Syversen managed a very respectable round of 38 points to lead La Cala and claim team 1st prize.

Ria and Johan van Wershoven were second on the La Cala team with 34 points in the windy conditions on the excellent but difficult course. And Alan Jewett received a bottle of wine for closest to the pin on Hole 11.

Newsletter June

Ria & Johan

The best 4 scores for La Cala only totaled 138, a distant last place. Best team of the day honours were claimed by El Paraiso with 157, followed closely by El Chaparral at 156, Atalaya at 154, Santa Maria at 152 and hosts Guadalmina at 151. So we are in perfect position to make a dramatic comeback and win the league!

And everyone enjoyed the tasty lunch served on the Guadalmina terrace in gale force winds! Besides the first and second place teams named above, also participating were Alan Jewett and Wendy Warren, Danny and Carol Rees, David and Marie Wilson and David and Mary Evans.

Better luck to the La Cala team at the next event at Santa Maria.

Golden Ball. Europa. Saturday 4th.

A marked absence of many of the Northern Hemisphere members meant a relatively small field. The ultra warm spell continued and players were probably glad to have the strongish wind today, as a cooling factor. To mark the shortly forthcoming Swedish Day there was a refreshment table available, organised and serviced by the Captains, assisted by Alla Macaulay, with creative cookery by Wendy Hinds, who in turn enjoyed assistance from husband Richard, He switched on her oven, he boasted. It seems there is an abundance of “stocks” in the Club Cupboard so if any other member(s) fancies running a stall, just have a word with the Lady Captain.


Apart from warm sausage rolls, warm pizzas, and cheese straws, all of which were enthusiastically devoured, there was a wide range of liquid refreshment from which to choose, ranging in strength from water upwards. The favourite tipple proved to be gin & tonic, with obligatory ice & lemon, players obviously getting into training for World Gin Day(June 11), safe in the knowledge that a moderate amount of gin(or red wine)has an effect on plasma antioxidant vitamins, lipid profile and oxidability of low density lipoprotein that makes your heart healthier. Seeing gin as a medicine however, seems a bit of a stretch? Mind you, it hasn’t done Queen Elizabeth much harm?

As is so often the case the last team to come in were the winners, with a remarkable score. Enjoying a run of success right now is popular Claus Ramer. Good to see him getting amongst the prizes alongside more familiar rostrum visitors.

1st 159 Connie Maphar, Iain Macaulay, Claus Ramer, Hazel Gilchrist.
2nd. 149 Derek Steele, David Gilchrist, Monique Peels, David Millar (on handicap)
3rd 149 Will Jackson, Johan van Wershoven, Roy Davies, Rosa Hatz
4th 146 Kate Bradley, Richard Hinds, Bobo Syversen 3 ball.

Newsletter June


Newsletter June


Newsletter June


Newsletter June



Stableford. Europa. Tuesday 7th.

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” somebody once famously said. Today’s stage was Europa and there were sixty players, of whom some fared rather better than others.

1st. 37 Karen O’Connor (cut 0.3 to 17.1)
2nd. 34 Connie Maphar-Massar
3rd. 34 Wendy Hinds (on handicap)

1st. 38 Gordon Edwards (cut 0.5 to 11.00)
2nd. 35 David Wilson
3rd. 34 Roy Davies

Newsletter June

Wendy Hinds


Ladies Senior Liga v Miraflores. America. Friday 10th.

The best part of this “match report” is the picture starring two thirds of the team only but highlighting the jaunty angle of Sylvia’s latest chapeau. Missing from the illustration were Sue Young and Viviene Youngs, who were a winning pair in the 2-1 victory which, unfortunately, left our Ladies 2-4 down overall having exiting empty handed from the May away fixture.

Newsletter June

AM.AM.AM Europa. Saturday 11th.

There were some useful looking teams on the time sheet and it came as no great surprise that scores were good and the winners decided only on handicap. The Bobo-Lotta administration team have got the card checking down to a fine art so, although play was slow, and hot, some were still sipping their first drink as the following names were announced.

1st. 102 John Brooks, Wendy Warren, Johan van Wershoven, Wendy Hinds (on handicap)
2nd. 102 Brian Farmer, Pauline Hilliard, Jack Perry, Pearl Fisher
3rd. 101 Derek Steele, Lotta Syversen, George Kirk, Libby Robinson

Newsletter June


Newsletter June


Newsletter June



Members’ Shirts.

Those involved in inter-club matches traditionally wear shirts of matching hue and embroidered/printed with the club’s details and logo. As in the professional soccer world need for change is recognised. An order for white Adidas shirts has been placed, the cost of which will be less than 30 euros each. On the assumption that there may be interest beyond the confines of the team regulars, spares have been catered for and can be obtained, in due course, by contacting our Captains.

On the social scene.

There is a school of thought which believes that events not embracing all members should not be reported on in the newsletter. It is not a view shared by this editor, unless specifically requested not to do so. Which is not the case this month during which there have been two rather special and thoroughly enjoyable occasions, each marking an enviable milestone.

On Wednesday evening, June 8th., Erling and Siren Johnsen celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in some style. Apart from close family and friends the restaurant was filled with club members, and a memorable evening it proved to be. Free flowing refreshments from water upwards. Buffet tables groaning under the weight of dishes to suit every taste. A delightful mixed duo entertaining with suitably romantic songs. Male and female opera singers contributing throughout. Touching and moving speeches of just the right length and content. The warmth of friendship and love for the centre stage couple was tangible. To round it all off, at midnight came a firework display. An evening not likely to be forgotten in a hurry.

Newsletter June

Happy Anniversary

Then, on Sunday afternoon, June 12th., as 10,000 Queen Elizabeth lovers sat down for a street party in The Mall, in the rain, all dressed in plastic macs but determined to enjoy themselves, another strong body of club members gathered in the Captains’ home for a Garden Party to mark the 90th birthday of the Queen. Umbrellas were forbidden in The Mall but essential here, albeit for different reasons. This was a sort of DIY occasion in that everyone was asked to bring their own chairs, finger food, and drinks. The hosts more than did their bit though, with Union Jacks strung everywhere, flags provided for waving at given moments, matching hats for the men, a DJ whose choice of relevant era music was perfect. Had it not been so hot one might have seen a bit more dancing on the lawn, but a handful of ladies wiggled and waggled for short periods, unable to resist the beat. Which was never intrusive, let it be said.

Newsletter June

Not least were Vic and Pauline responsible for the two events which showed their determination not to be outdone by Buckingham Palace. We had a visit by the Royal Family and a fly past by The Red Arrows!! At a pre-arranged time all present were invited to assemble in the drive or down on the pavement outside to greet Her Majesty whose car arrived sedately and was greeted by much flag waving and cheering. What was not expected was that She would be accompanied by the whole family who made their way to the balcony from whence they waved to us all in traditional style. Then, as the DJ turned up the volume a bit and produced the familiar Red Arrow background theme, unseen hands despatched dozen of red paper darts from somewhere on high. A clever idea which went down very well and worked brilliantly.

Newsletter June

A different, and very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Are things beginning to look up?

A cartoonist. (Albeit on temporary leave of absence.) A proper match report. A letter last month. A photograph from time to time. Now, making his debut as a re-arranger of well known songs, steps forward our Captain with this version of The Beatles’ classic.


Yesterday, golf was such an easy game to play.
All my drives went down the fairway.
Oh I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, balls were turning left and right
Most of them went out of site
Oh yesterday came suddenly.

Why this had to change
I don’t know, I cannot say.
I did clean my clubs
Maybe that got in the way, yay, yay, yay

Yesterday, golf was such an easy game to play
I won games, got cut and all OK
Oh I believe in yesterday

What am I to do
I don’t know, I cannot say
I’ll go see the pro
And my yips will go away, yay, yay, yay

Yesterday, golf was such and easy game to play
I can’t sleep and Pauline’s mad at me
Oh take me back to yesterday.

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mm, Mm, Mm-Mm

Friendly Ladies Match v El Chaparral. Europa. Monday 13 th.

In “searing heat” our team shared the honours with their visitors, and have agreed to meet up again at their place on the 22nd when, it is hoped, a more detailed report might become available. Meanwhile we do have a nice photo of the two teams in their uniforms, albeit a lopsided one in that we are eight and they are seven. Presumably on camera duty?

Newsletter June

News just in reveals that the away fixture was played in more pleasant temperature but resulted in a 0-4 defeat. “Brave fight” is mentioned but not explained. Other details were similarly absent.

Medal. America. Tuesday 14th.

1ST. 69 Carol Rees (cut 0.9 to 12.5)
2nd 71 Connie Maphar (cut 0.3 to 11.4)
3rd 72 Mary Evans

1st. 73 Derek Steele
2nd 75 Richard Hines
3rd 75 Ray Clarke (on handicap)

Unfortunately no usable pictures are available of the prize winners.


Dr. Kenneth Craig Muir MB., CHB., FRCOG(Ken) died on the 25th May after a short illness. He was but 74. Although he and his wife Eunice were very keen golfers, playing almost every day when in their Real Alta Vista apartment, they never became active members of the club. Even so they were close friends with many here and it seems appropriate to recognise that friendship, and loss. The club were represented at the funeral in Paisley Abbey, Glasgow, by Campbell McGarvie, Stephen and Pamela Mason, in company with over 500 others. A moving and fitting tribute to a man loved and admired by so many. During his career as a Consultant Surgeon Ken recognised the importance of not only being brilliant at his job but recognised the importance of building a genuine, caring and lasting relationship with his patients. This also characterised his friendships in which he was wonderful company and always interested in others. He will be greatly missed by those who knew him.

Bramble. Asia. Saturday 18th.

With only nine teams of four in action this was the smallest weekend field for a long time. Comments on or details of the proceedings are limited. Quality of pictures is all dependant on the skill of Jose, our webmaster, but thanks to the acting camera crew for doing their best.

1st. 102 Sylvia Robbins, Alan Jewett, Paul Roebuck, Peter Bradley (on handicap and then back nine).
2nd. 102 Peter Edstrom, Vic Hilliard, Martin Hornsby, Shirley Roebuck.
3rd. 99 Roy Davies, Iain Macaulay, Kate Bradley, Jenny Chesterton
4th. 97 Gordon Edwards, Ron Chesterton, Lotta Syversen, Hazel Gilchrist

Newsletter June


Newsletter June


Newsletter June


Newsletter June



Stableford. America. Tuesday 21st.

It was nice to see Paul Koep back in action again. This more than useful South African has an apartment in Los Altos and is here at regular intervals. He has had some physical problems since his last visit but the competitive streak is still obvious!

Steady old Dean Moore handed in another good card but was overshadowed by an on fire Val Wicks who will now find her next outing rather difficult.

1st. 41 Val Wicks (cut 2.3 to 20.6)
2nd. 37 Libby Robinson (cut 0.5 to 31.7)
3rd. 36 Wendy Hinds

1st 35 Dean Moore
2nd 34 Arthur O’Connor
3rd 33 Vic Hilliard

Unfortunately, again, no usable photos are available to illustrate the prize winners.

Members’ Calendar.

Most will be aware of or possess a hard copy of this annual publication but, if not, please note that it is also available on line and is a very useful tool when planning visits to or away from La Cala. The Property Owners Championship is on September 14th. for example. The club’s version of The Ryder Cup at the end of the same month should also be a target?

Cudeca Cup XXII. Asia. Saturday 25th.

Although not a club run competition this has always been an important date in our year, reminding us, as it does, of the truly wonderful work done at the hospice in Benalmedina, and in recent years, of the late Joan Stock and the part she played in helping to build up the interest. It is, of course, a competitive sporting occasion, and usually a very social one too, but the main thrust of the day is fund raising, and in this we hugely succeeded. Official figures depend on final counting but Captain Vic Hilliard was understandably proud to announce, just after another rewarding and entertaining auction, that in excess of ten thousand euros would be benefiting Cudeca. A great achievement indeed.

Newsletter June

Joan Stock as was


Newsletter June

Not all the money was raised on the day, of course. Jenny Chesterton reckons about 250€ were collected in tins and various receptacles, and in small loose change. There were anonymous donations of 170€ and sponsorship of holes brought in another 1850€. Every hole was “sold” and a few are shown here. Jenny is to be thanked for administering all this, urging members to give freely, and not least counting all the coins!

Derek & June Steele played a big part in the fund raising by not only organising the Tombola but gathering in a huge amount of coins for people to guess the weight and value of; nobody managed both.
Flavio Papa handled his first Cudeca Cup efficiently and in friendly style, under the watchful eye of Ken Flockhart, the General Manager/Director General, who was on hand to see the shotgun start caravan hit the buggy paths. Also in attendance was Inma Lanzas, of Helicopters Sanitarios, a new sponsor of the event, plus the familiar face of Natividad Gomez Ramos from Cudeca . She is their Fundraiser, better known as Nati. A nice lady doing a wonderful job With her was Susan Hannam, a familiar face who, at the very end of the proceedings, said “Thank you” with genuine feeling, reading out a message from Founder Joan Hunt…

Newsletter June

The conditions for playing were almost ideal but the scoring was not exceptional. Many a tale of woe was to be heard afterwards, not least from the editor whose final total was just one away from his worst ever!! Not helped by being in the same group as Tomas Eklund Norrby who hardly put a golfing foot wrong and went home with the Mens’ First Prize!! The number of entrants was down a bit this year, with just nine “outsiders” amongst the seventy two players. The full list of winners is:

Overall Champion with 38 points – Alan Jewett

Newsletter June

1st 35 Kate Bradley
2nd 34 Karen O’Connor
3rd 30 Lotta Syversen

1st 35 Tomas Eklund Norrby (non member)
2nd 34 Phillip Ritchie (non member)
3rd 33 Iain Macaulay

Ria van Wershoven and Brendan Walsh were the Nearest-the-Pin champions.

There was a well stocked Tombola, a rewarding raffle for the winners, of whom Judi Lentelink was more than one, or two, or three, or four!! The prize giving was preceeded by an excellent buffet, for which the chef was duly thanked and applauded. Then the curtains went up on the Damien Murphy Show.

Newsletter June

Damien is known to everyone and has been part of the La Cala scenery since the beginning of its time.

Newsletter June

He is impressively built and of Irish descent but now equally fluent in the language of a country he has lived in for 35 years. He is a good player, well connected in the best golfing circles, not averse to a glass or two, and thus not lost for words. It is hard to imagine anyone better equipped for fronting an auction which, this year, listed more than thirty items. (As an aside it might be mentioned that Irene Grek set a new club record for bidding! Any unkind suggestion that she and Damien were in cahoots is both false and probably slanderous. Damien doesn’t need an audience stooge.!!) Anyway, he went about his task with great determination, generating interest in even the smaller items on the list, and creating plenty of counter bidding which is so necessary. There were no major battles this year but the overall result was a tribute to his verbal skills, sense of humour, and friendly presentation. Before he got down to serious business Damien spoke with feeling about the birth of Cudeca, the early days, the growth, and the invaluable contribution made to sufferers as their time comes towards the end. This was all probably inspirational to himself as well as the attendant bidders. Well done indeed, Damien, again, and thank you. Together with the sponsors your efforts brought in no less than 5900€ whilst we sat sipping our wine as the afternoon turned into evening.

Captains’ Comments.

It is far from an original statement to say that such events don’t just happen. They emerge from a concentrated team effort, led this year by our Captains who, in response to this editor’s request, submitted their own view of the day.

From: Vic & Pauline Hilliard – Date: 29 June 2016

Hi Jack, the numbers and the list of results do not do justice to the fun we had on Saturday.
For those who were there, it was a very special day, for those who were unable to join us, you missed a veritable circus, please come next year, but first a bit of background.Jenny started the ball rolling weeks ago by asking people to sponsor a hole and sold all 37 tees which was brilliant.
Scary Wendy began selling raffle tickets, the comment “how much do you want this time” was heard on a number of occasions.

Many of our members asked for vouchers from local restaurants, thank you very much for that, Flavio worked tirelessly to get golf vouchers from local campos and our old friends Agustin Alonso and Ana Nyblom gave their support. La Cala were also very generous because they provided all the golf prizes and gave some vouchers and a golf bag for the auction.

Nati Gomez Ramos from Cudeca pulled a few rabbits out of the hat with vouchers from some very special places, they raised a lot of money. Susan Hannam read out a message from June Hunt, who started Cudeca, she values the La Cala Competition enormously and sent us best wishes for a great day.

Pedro Batista provided a smashing holiday at La Manga, and Damien offered 4 tee times at the very special Zagaleta but the highest bid off the day was for a one year cover to 2 people from Helicopteros, who was our major sponsor represented by Inma Lanzas.

Derek and June Steele organised the tombola, ably assisted by her Sister Jean, even visitors to La Cala asked if they could join in, it ran perfectly, however the guess the coins, value and weight produced some crazy outcomes, Peter Edstrom won the weight, but nobody got near the E1390 in E2 coins that Derek and June had raised, 1000 Euros was the nearest guess.

But the best was yet to come, Damien was chomping at the bit and asked if we could suspend the raffle so he could get on with the auction – no chance.

He had a bit of fun with the telephone bids, we honestly had a few, but they were not from Dubai and New York, but he asked me to get a couple of bananas before we offered the Buddha, you can make your own story about what we did with them but June Steele was not put off and will be rubbing the Buddha’s tummy and hoping her wish will come true!!!!

A final word about Irene Grek, who we don’t see very often, but when we do she is great fun, she single handedly increased the value on a number of bids, and even bought a few herself – thanks Irene you are a star.

Vic and Pauline will be contacting all the sponsors to thank them for their support and to let them know the fantastic outcome from the day, but special thanks go to those who took part in the auction, as a result of your generous support, we can donate a huge amount to Cudeca, who are so important to the patients and families that need them.

Finally, if you would like to see Lotta and Vic in action on the telly, go to


To which can be added this message from our Secretary, Jenny Chesterton.


Dear Members

On behalf of the Captains and myself, I would just like to extend thanks to you all for either Sponsoring A Hole or giving cash as a donation. This €2000 helped enormously in raising a total of approximately €10K at this event for Cudeca which will help them carry on their work in palliative care for so many people.

Thanks for helping such a worthy cause.
Warm regards

Committee announcement.

As from July 1st prizes for the first four Men will be vouchers of 25 20 15 and 10 euros. In Ladies’ competitions with less than 20 players vouchers for 25 and 20 euros will reward First and Second with either wine or balls going to she in Third place. Where the field is bigger No 3 will also get a voucher.These changes will be re-assessed in a couple of months time.

June in action.

Newsletter June


Modern technology allows us to improve our picture service. At least in this section, for now. Click on the picture of your choice and you will get an enlarged version with no loss of clarity. Other ideas in the pipeline!

Stableford. America. Tuesday 28th.

A funny old day as far as the weather was concerned. Early morning clouds persisted, to the detriment of the sun, but only released their water content in droplet form. Enough to irritate but not to seriously dampen. Umbrellas did not appear but club bag covers did. Slopes and buggy paths got a bit slippery. Then, as the first group out reached the turn, there came thunder and some lightning. Enough to suggest course evacuation might be announced. No such warning was forthcoming so a few called it a day, some took shelter for a while and went back out again later, but the majority pressed on regardless. By mid afternoon the sun was trying hard to re-assert itself and there was no sign of rain. Funny old day, indeed. 40 started. Only 31 handed in a card.

1st 41 Alison Kirk (cut 1.7 to 15.7)
2nd 39 Libby Robinson (cut 1.5 to 30.2)
3rd 35 Anna Edstrom

1st 38 Richard Hinds (on handicap and cut 0.6 to 14.8)
2nd 38 David Evans (cut 0.6 to 16.2)
3rd 36 George Kirk

Unfortunately the newsletter goes to press ahead of Saturday’s prize giving and picture taking.

Vice couple stand down.

Having handled the prize givings and various day-to-day queries during June, Bobo and Lotta Syversen hand the administrative baton back to Captains Vic and Pauline Hilliard for July and August. If you wish to participate in any particular event it is to them to whom you shoud direct your enquiry. Meanwhile, thanks to Bobo and Lotta. Looks like we will be in good hands next year when they get promoted.

Stableford Leagues.

The timing of the newsletter prevents it from carrying the very latest version of these Mr. & Mrs. Consistency lists so the charts below are as at the end of May.

Newsletter June
Newsletter June

To end on a personal note.

Lilian and I will be in England for July and August but I have been “ invited” to produce newsletters just the same! This will not be easy because one really needs to be within the ranks to pick up on details other than basic scores. It would be nice to think a few helping hands might be proffered. The logistics have yet to be thought about, and the overall scene further complicated by the holiday absence of Jose. One rather doubts that David, his colleague, is looking forward to another spell of temporary involvement. It took him a while to recover last time!


Newsletter June

moodeus tiltus

Newsletter June

As the owner might say, “this is the noisiest and heaviest water bottle on the planet”

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