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Newsletter March 2015

Martius to those of a Latin bent

The third month of the Julian calendar began for golfers on the 3rd, on Europa, and in good playing conditions. Chris Slattery was back again, was the bookies’ favourite, and didn’t let them down. Full results were:


  • 1st 38 Karen O’Connor
  • 2nd 38 Libby Robinson on handicap
  • 3rd 36 Wendy Hinds


  • 1st 38 Chris Slattery
  • 2nd 37 Bobo Syversen
  • 3rd 37 Gordon Edwards

All suffered handicap reductions which, in Chris’ case, takes him down to 4.2 Well done indeed. Unfortunately he wasn’t at the prize giving so no photograph.

Tourneo Internacional de la Mujer

To use its name as advertised, or Ladies’ Day International to most. The eventual field was not a large one, just 19 in all, but more than a dozen nationalities were involved, 13 La Cala members swung into action and one of them, Val Wicks, produced the winning score. A very commendable one too.

  • 1st 38 Val Wicks
  • 2nd37 Barbara Bates(Los Arqueros)
  • 3rd 36 Connie Maphar
Members Newsletter March 2015
Val Wicks
Members Newsletter March 2015
Connie Maphar


Val was clearly in rampant form and would have won the Longest Drive prize had the rules allowed. Instead it went to Alison Kirk. Lotta Syversen won Nearest the Pin. Libby Robinson had the best total of points on the par threes, whilst Susanne Valentin did so on the par fives. All in all a good day for the “local” ladies. It has been “leaked” that suitable celebrations took place nocturnally, at a modest secret location off the beaten track, and that alcohol was available.

Members Newsletter March 2015
Lotta, Libby & Susanne

Increasingly popular format returns

Brambles are winning votes from Scrambles it would seem. A two ball betterball version took place in sublime conditions on Sunday March 8. It was played on Asia where the greens seem to be slowing down a bit? Due to the conflict with the Ladies competition there were only seven of the female gender in the field of 18 pairs. Shorts are beginning to appear again and certainly sweaters were being removed after just a hole or two. It was a balmy day for all and this was reflected in the astonishing scores.

  • 1st 49 Bill Field and Johan van Wershoven
  • 2nd 48 Roy Davies and Cees Lagerwerf
  • 3rd 46 Preben Post and Dean Moore
Members Newsletter March 2015
Bill & Johan
Members Newsletter March 2015
Roy & Cees

The two long distance drivers, amiable neighbours at Altavista, presented a noticeable contrast in physique, and took no urging to “Smile” when having their picture taken.

No eagle eyes of just being kind?

In the last edition I managed to combine a grammatical error with a typing omission, which fortunately doesn’t happen too often. Nobody has jumped on me though, so thank you.
I did get my knuckles gently rapped for getting Bobo and Lotta’s surname wrong, but it was pointed out so nicely that I hardly felt any pain.
The absence of photos of Ladies’ winners for February 24th was not a mistake, I hasten to explain. None of the three were available for the relevant prize giving.

Is Mike Robbins contagious?

His golf bag would seem to be carrying some sort of message if you compare the emblem with the international warning sign for radiation.

Members Newsletter March 2015

Two teams in action

Briefly, as no detailed report is to hand, it can be recorded that The Senior Mens’ team beat El Candado 3-0 at home, in good weather, thanks to the efforts of Sten Valentin, Ron Chesterton, Les Wicks, David Moody, Thomas Widegren, and Captain Bobo Syversen.

Members Newsletter March 2015

Santa Maria Ladies were visitors to La Cala on the 9th. and were beaten 2-1 by our team of Ritva Hagglund, Lotta Syversen, Karen O’Connor, Alison Kirk, Hazel Gilchrist and Cathy Gulya “Agustin and his staff provided excellent service and food and the day was enjoyed by all”. This newsletter was informed. A similar appraisal followed the last Ladies’ home fixture, prompting the thought that maybe the partying aspect is a big attraction? This newsletter has it on good authority that post lunch there was a flamenco dancing exhibition which, whilst enthusiastic and whole hearted, might not earn the performers an invite to “Bienal de Arte Flamenco” to be staged in Malaga later this summer. Nor, sad to say, is it likely that Michael Flatley will be offering Riverdance contracts to those demonstrating an alternative gyratory exercise. Musical accompaniment was of a vocal and table tapping nature.

Back to the serious stuff

Such was the lightness of dress that someone was foolishly led to state that summer had arrived early. A meteorological kiss of death if ever there was one? Certainly Tuesday the 10th. was a fine, sunny day, not only on America but all around. But, within a couple of days the temperature had dropped and clouds, doubtless challenged by the claim, returned to obscure the mountains. Digression aside let us turn to the results:


  • 1st 39 Connie Maphar
  • 2nd 37 Elizabeth Lagerwerf
  • 3rd 36 Ria Van Vershoven


  • 1st 37 Tom Monaghan
  • 2nd 36 Danny Rees
  • 3rd 35 Chris Slattery

Nice to see Past Captain Danny showing a return to form, and even more so to note new names amongst the prize winners.

St.Patrick’s Day Open and the Ides of March

Phillipe, our popular marshal, might not agree but March 15th., was not only the date on which Julius Caesar died way back in 44 BC., but was also the closest Sunday to the 17th., 2015 on which to hold a competition open to all and sundry on the Costa del Golf.

This traditional event was organised by Management but with about 65% of the entrants being club members it seems reasonable to report on the outcome. The buggies set off in convoy for the shotgun start under mostly blue skies but the Rain Goddess was not to be denied. Before the end of the round she showed just why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. First the drizzle, then in stages to the deluge. She manipulated the controls with obvious delight. Those players who lived close enough to go home, dry out and change before lunch, did so.

Despite the trying conditions in the latter stages it was another field day for Bill, this time partnered by Mr.Consistency himself. However, not only did Bobo share first place but he won the special award for being the most appropriately attired.

Results of the 2 Ball Betterball competition were:

  • 1st 43 Bobo Syversen & Bill Field
  • 2nd 42 Ann & John Mills
  • 3rd 38 Roger Dew & James Reid

Members Newsletter March 2015

There was a complimentary glass of Guinness for those with the right palate, and a sleeve of balls for everyone, the advertised Irish Lunch turned out to be “roast beef & two veg” which some amateur food historians amongst us argued could also be classified as English? Reports were complimentary in the main and I have received assurances that the heifer was most certainly of Irish decent! Mind you, St.Patrick was born in Britain! He may or may not have ever said “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out” but some attribute it to him.

Cometh the real deal

It may not have enjoyed the fanfares of Sunday, and it may just have been your bog standard Tuesday Stableford, but St.Patrick would have been pleased to see us all in action on Asia on the 17th. His day. His cold and windy day. His “let’s make it difficult for them” day. In which he succeeded. Judging by the fairly modest scores.

Members Newsletter March 2015


  • 1st 31 Ria Van Vershoven
  • 2nd 30 Elizabeth Lagerwerf
  • 3rd 29 Karen O’Connor


  • 1st 35 Asbjorn Wangerud
  • 2nd 33 Bobo Syversen
  • 3rd 31 Heimu Kupsu

Bill Field was just off the pace again, combining frightening length with a nice delicacy of touch, on occasions! Bobo, as ever, was in the hunt, and maintains a remarkable standard of play, coupled with walking his dog and organising the Seniors. He exudes almost as much energy as Prince in Concert.
There were no handicap adjustments.

Sunday March 22nd was a non event

It should have been a Progressive Stableford but the only progression was the continuation of the awful weather, Mumbles are beginning to be heard suggesting that Pauline Hilliard should consider resigning. Not as next year’s Ladies’ Captain but as an over zealous Rain Goddess. A proposal with which husband Vic might well support judging by his latest email.

Members Newsletter March 2015

Slow starters but now converted

Preben and Yvonne Post are from Denmark and proud owners of two lovely, well behaved, ten year old dogs, now a regular sight at prize giving’s. They(not the dogs)bought a town house in Monte Alto five years ago but not for the golf, about which they knew little and were interested less. Location, scenery, and, of course, a wonderland for their animals, were the determining factors.
Having observed colourfully clad players seemingly enjoying themselves, they finally decided to give golf an invite into their lives. They thought it looked quite easy – until they tried it. Then the bug bit and more time in their occasional visits was allotted to the game. After 40 years in the world of fashion they are now on the brink of retirement, in July, after which it is clear from our dialogue that they will be seen more often stepping up to collect prizes, for which they’ve already had a taste.

Members Newsletter March 2015
Members Newsletter March 2015
Members Newsletter March 2015

Slump in South African economy

This can be directly related to the recent mass exodus of a myriad of La Cala GC members. It will be nice to see their bronzed faces and finely honed golf skills again. Welcome back all. Grape growers and wine makers are already feeling the pinch.

Members Newsletter March 2015

A Medal on Europa. Who could ask for more?

The most noteworthy point to make about this event, on Tuesday 24th, is that it did not rain. Indeed the sun shone. Warmly. Had not the President of Los Altos D Block organised its AGM for the very same day, it would have been nice to have played!
When a really good player turns in a really good score it has to be admired, and diligent David Rogers certainly earned deserved plaudits for his performance today. As a result he was “rewarded” with a 2.3 reduction in handicap lowering him to a highly commendable 5.0 for which, let us recognise, he has worked very hard. A lesson there for some who would struggle to find the re-positioned driving range. Like this ancient scribe.


  • 1st 76 Sonya Foster
  • 2nd 77 Ria Van Vershoven
  • 3rd 79 Karen O’Connor


  • 1st 66 David Rogers
  • 2nd 71 Paul O’Callaghan
  • 3rd 73 Bobo Syversen

Members Newsletter March 2015

Always good to see life in old dogs. Well played Paul. Because David has already qualified for the Medal Finals Day later in the year, Paul now does so too.

Seniors v El Candado 26th March

Members Newsletter March 2015
Two disconsolate losers

The return away fixture went the way of the first encounter with a 3-0 score line. Unfortunately in favour of the opposition this time. According to Captain Bobo Syversen “the food was nice but it was a very home course”. Into which much can be read. A team member, not constrained by office, put it more succinctly. “We woz ‘ammered”. The greens were very slow and the home team’s putting sublime. Our team included Les Wicks, David Moody, Ron Chesterton, Sten Valentin and Thomas Widegren. All agreed that it was a most enjoyable social event. Mumbles about handicaps are, of course, part of the game.

Ladies’ Social Day. Thursday 26th.

Members Newsletter March 2015

Midst a major influx of visiting golfers, not least for the annual ASGA competition, 20 of our ladies went quietly about their monthly business, later to be joined for lunch by another. Guided by the early morning cloud, and fearful of cold weather, the players were soon removing some of their multiple layers as the sun appeared in all its glory.

The competition was the usual AM AM and the winning team, with 82 points, was Libby Robinson, Karen O’Connor, Ritva Hagglund and Wendy Hinds.

Members Newsletter March 2015

It was no surprise when Val Wicks returned the best individual score of the day. 35 no less.

Captain Sonya Foster was quietly counting her chickens in the Nearest the Pin event when along came a team, all four of whom got inside her!! Closest of all was Alison Kirk. Both she and Sonya duly got their birdies.

The ladies continue to enthuse about the quality of their lunches and the ready availability of both red and white wine. What was somewhat different this time was that several members consumed their Easter eggs (a nice touch by the Captain) before lunch!!

AmAmAm. Asia Course, Sunday 29th

Someone in the car park was heard to ask “What’s the difference between an AmAm and an AmAmAm” and was told “Am”. Fair enough but does anyone actually know?
56 players did friendly battle in teams of 4 and in lovely weather which moved from warm to hot as the holes slipped past. My car showed an outside temperature of 31 degrees as I drove home. March has been a strange month?

There were some good scores in with the four best being;

  • 1st 97 Bobo Syversen, Karen O’Connor’ Iain Macaulay, Bill Field
  • 2nd Richard Hinds, Hazell Gilchrist, Alan Jewett, Maddie Brooks
  • 3rd Mike Fisher, Jenny Chesterton, Ria Van Vershoven, David Gilchrist
  • 4th John Mills, Val Penney, Yvonne Prost, Roy Davies
Members Newsletter March 2015
Members Newsletter March 2015
Members Newsletter March 2015
Members Newsletter March 2015


Play was followed by a marathon prize giving by Captain Brian Farmer who was perhaps fortunate in that quite a few of the winners over the past 2/3 weeks were not present. What was very noticeable was the number of times Ria Van Vershoven and Bobo Syversen came forward to collect their rewards! They are always there or thereabouts. Doughty warriors indeed. Bobo must have set some sort of club record by the number of new balls he took home. I made the family total 49 by the end, wife Lotta also contributing. All for getting a birdie two when most others didn’t.


David and Pauline Moody are now grandparents. A litle boy, born to their daughter in Peru, and weighing 8130 g. David & Pauline head for Peru next month to meet Ariel Kayan for the first time.

New section for the newsletter?

It has been suggested that a Lonely Hearts column might be of some interest. We have at least one member who would support the idea, meanwhile wandering around like a man with only a fork in a land full of soup.

Blue was the colour but not the mood’

Whatever the result, and this time it was a defeat, our Ladies seem to find positives in most of their matches. Beaten at Santa Maria GC on Monday 30/3, by 3 ½ v 2 ½ overall, the mood remained buoyant. Enjoyment prevailed and doubtless the relaxation factor was enhanced by celebratory toasts to one of the opposition who got a Hole-in-One.

Members Newsletter March 2015
Our team was Lotta Syversen, Ritva Hagglund, Karen O’Connor, Cathy Gulya, Felima O’Callaghan & Carol Rees

Spring has sprung, the sun has ris.
I wonder where the boidies is?

I can tell you where the frogs are. They are “at it” in the 16th America pond. Loudly and enthusiastically. Not long before the egrets are on their annual tadpole diet. Meanwhile a family of black pigeons keeps threatening to establish homes in Los Altos. Fortunately our kestrels are around so hopefully they will prove a sufficient deterrent.

Members Newsletter March 2015

A Very Happy Easter to everyone.


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