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Newsletter March 2017

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter

Carpark confusion

Thank goodness there were only ten teams playing on the 26th February or we might never have got started. The pairings crafted by our Captain and Vice Captain were intended to be read horizontally and not vertically. Names in bold type were not. Add to this the fact that a few had little idea what Greensomes entailed and that there was no limitation on the number of drives any one player could have. Car park mumblings were many and eventually, despairingly almost, the Captain ruled that teams would be as seated in buggies!.

In my case the limitless drives made me surplus to requirements because my partner, Captain Peter Edstrom, consistently hit his tee ball miles, and straight. Unfortunately some negligent putting spoiled our chances of a bottle of wine. Some did well though and it was great to see Tina Garner grab the newsletter spotlight back from husband Rob so quickly.

1st. 44 Tina Garner & Damien Murphy
2nd. 40 Monique Peters & David Wilson
3rd. 38 Roy Davies & Thomas Widegren

March 2017 Newsletter
Tina & Damien
March 2017 Newsletter
Monique & David
March 2017 Newsletter
Thomas & Roy

Play was followed by an accumulation of prize giving’s but, fortunately for those anxious to get home, many of the should-be recipients were not present. The pictures which follow show those who were but there is no cross reference to February’s newsletter!

March 2017 Newsletter
Erling & David
March 2017 Newsletter
Linda, Tina & Carol
March 2017 Newsletter
Geoff ready for Italy
March 2017 Newsletter
Roy & Rob


March 2017 Newsletter
Lonely, only one on parade


Repeat reminders

Derek and June Steele will be responsible for the Tombola on Cudeca Day, which is a while away still, and are happy to take whatever members may have to give, from now onwards. Damien Murphy has assumed responsibility for the auction so please target him with your offerings or, if easier, Alison Kirk and Sonya Foster have offered to be short term storage depots.

All photographs in the newsletter can be enlarged by simply clicking on them, but this may not happen with “imported” pictures.

Improvements continue

Members would be blind not to see the changes taking place on our courses. Large areas have been cleared, with mobile machinery dealing immediately with felled foliage, chopping and chipping it into tiny pieces destined no doubt for beneficial uses. New blue tee markers have been installed thus making our competitions “legal” and dispensing with tee time discussion as to where to set yourself up. No fault of Management but a large hole has appeared just to the right of tee 10 on America. Members are warned not to get too close.

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
Newcomers make it legal
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
A new hole position on Americas’s 11th


Big event looms large

La Cala should be proud of persuading the Challenge Tour to hold one of their competitions here. There will be 200,000 euros in prize money at stake when the professionals assemble here in May. On the 18th and 19th they will play in medal format, after which the best 32 will switch to match play, over just 9 holes, on the 20th and 21st. Sounds like it could be exciting?

The important thing for members to note is that the Golf Academy will be closed for the whole week. Also, that volunteers will be most welcome to assist in the usual ways. Please contact Pedro or Flavio if you are available.

Processional caterpillars

This is their time of year and already one of our nearest and dearest has suffered for getting too close. His arm was a mass of blotches so be warned. It could have been worse.

Cecelia Massey

March 2017 Newsletter
Cecelia & Paul Massey

Nice to hear from this former Ladies Captain who, with husband Paul, also a former Captain, was in Singapore airport after a two week cruise taking in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Bangkok. Reading the February newsletter helped to pass the waiting time it seems. Glad it comes in useful sometimes.

Costa Rica Calling

Our international post bag included this photograph which, although a bit difficult to determine, purports to show Philip Shute pretending to be a giant sloth in the rain forest. Tired out by the news of gastronomic activity in South Africa. His wife Vivien was not able to face the camera though, having retired to a darkened room to recover from crossing five hanging bridges and escaping from an assortment of poisonous snakes and giant lizards. Pity. Could have got some unusual photos there?

March 2017 Newsletter
A sloth by any other name

Translation challenge

You may not Adam and Eve this but our Artful Dodger fell down the Apples and Pears and broke his Bacon and Eggs. His Barnet Fair was ruffled, his Boat Race bruised, and all because he had been to the Battle Cruiser and had too many Britney Spears. Or so a Dicky Bird who gave us a Bell on the Dog and Bone told us. He will still be able to drive his Jam Jar and play the Joanna but it won’t be so Lemon Squeezy. His Trouble and Strife was in a Two and Eight and almost Tom and Dick. In future he should have Rosie Lee with his Ruby Murray and avoid telling Porkie Pies to the Sweeney Todd.
(ED, The first member to submit a correct interpretation, providing born beyond Greater London limits, will receive a year’s free subscription to the newsletter.)


Thanks to the co-operation of Ralf Johansson and Thomas Widegren we are now able to include the article which was not available in time for the February issue.

March 2017 Newsletter

Popular club member Karl Stahl passed away unexpectedly on February 4th. He was 75 years old and hailed originally from Stuttgart.

After completing his law studies in Germany and America he joined the family textile business, managing some of their mills with great success. He then returned to the legal fold, resuming his studies in search of a degree as a lawyer. This he achieved before taking up a position with a major German notary’s office. Throughout his professional life Karl established a reputation as having a great knowledge as well as a willingness to be available to assist those seeking his advice.

In his private life, and with his wife Elsbeth, their aim was always at the fine things in life. They played their golf at Hohenstaufen GC, where Karl was Captain for many years, as well as providing advice on legal matters. Ski-ing was their winter love, often in the Meribel Mottaret area within the Three Valley domaine in France. They much enjoyed classical music and were able to visit many of the European opera houses. They travelled extensively all over the world, but always found time for a summer visit to Fisketangen on the west coast of Sweden. Good food was another priority with regular visits to the best tables world wide. His own skills in the kitchen were appreciated by the many friends invited home for a meal.

Karl will be greatly missed by his wife, the family in Germany, the family in Switzerland, and friends everywhere. He was a warm hearted person who always cared for those around him.

Andalucia Day

Another Bank Holiday. Another Tuesday competition. This time on Campo America, still damp in a few spots, but with a goodly supply of grilled wormcasts on which to tee up under winter rules. Last day of last month. Beautiful sunrise. No movement in the treetops. Perhaps even Blue Flags? We shall soon find out.
Yesterday was Polar Bear Day in some parts of the world but they would have struggled in the welcome warmth we were all able to enjoy. Two of my playing partners revelled in the conditions and might well feature high up the leader board. For others, now tapping away at their keyboard, the round was mentally punishing and likely to see him in a more supportive final position. Propping up the ladder perhaps.

1st. 39 Jill Davies (cut 0.9 to 14.3)
2nd. 34 Lilian Crombie
3rd. 33 Connie Maphar-Massar

1st. 38 John Brookes (on handicap)(cut 0.6 to 14.9)
2nd.38 Iain Macaulay (cut 0.8 to 23.6)
3rd.36 David Moody

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
Iain & David


A special mention for a senior member of the Blue Brigade who, despite arriving back late the night before, and coming into play as a reserve at the last moment, achieved something remarkable. Perhaps unique? Iain has finished joint leader in two successive Tuesday competitions, and been denied first place on handicap both times. Any handicap cut at such a venerable age is to be applauded though?
Thus ended Pancake Day.

March 2017 Newsletter
March the first
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
Let me demonstrate

Battle hardened seniors fall short

Having lost 2-4 in the away leg of their trophy battle with Marbella Golf & CG hopes were still high that home advantage on Asia, Wednesday 3rd. would carry the overall day. It was not to be though. 3-3 was the best our “lads” could manage so the trophy, which was not available for presentation, remains wherever it was before. One assumes this was due to forgetfulness and not unseemly over confidence.
Representing our colours were Brian Farmer, Derek Steele, James Reid, Roger Dew, Danny Rees, Geoff Thompson, Ray Clarke, David Wilson, Thomas Widegren, Roy Davies, Dean Moore and Alan Jewett.
Unfortunately nobody thought to take a camera, or pictures of our fallen hero’s have been withheld. Unlike full details of the post match lunch menu which was felt by the editor not to be of great interest to readers. Even if the listed items were “washed down with generous quantities of red and white wine”, an almost superfluous match report statement.

South African contingent news in pictures


March 2017 Newsletter
Maggie admires Merv’s six pack
March 2017 Newsletter
South African branch meeting
March 2017 Newsletter
Not exactly Woodstock?


March 2017 Newsletter
Concert fans
March 2017 Newsletter
Fellow music lovers
March 2017 Newsletter
David & Hazel enjoy the melodies


March 2017 Newsletter
Not the 18th at St. Andrews
March 2017 Newsletter
Heseltine or Weissmuller?
March 2017 Newsletter
Man made lion


March 2017 Newsletter
Invitational pillows
March 2017 Newsletter
Real voice of South Africa


International Womens’ Day

Let us swiftly make clear that there is much more to this movement than just a game of golf. Important though that may seem for a few Sunday hours of fun. No, this day is all about sexual equality. The battle continues. It is claimed that the IWD was born back in 1908 since when giant steps have been taken, but not nearly enough. Not to dampen spirits but the World Economic Forum’s forecast is that the Gender Gap will not be erased before 2186. Frightening, but please don’t ask how they reach that conclusion. Instead, and without being in any way dismissive, let us concentrate on the golf?

March 2017 Newsletter

After further day long rains members might have preferred any course other than Asia, which tends to carry it’s wounds longer. Certainly there were no buggies allowed on the green stuff for the Soft Bramble’s shotgun start on Sunday 5th. Fortunately the weather was nice and most seemed to have derived pleasure from their activity. None more so than the following prize winners.

1st. 99 Felima O’Callaghan, Sonya Foster, David Wilson, Rob Garner.
2nd. 97 Helena Widegren, Roy Davies, Brian Farmer, Alan Jewett
3rd. 96 Wendy Warren, David Moody, Paul O’Callaghan, Gerry Rippinger
4th. 91 Jill Davies, Merv Linderborg, Ron Chesterton, Jan Van Der Valk

March 2017 Newsletter
Felima, Sonya, David & Rob
March 2017 Newsletter
Roy, Helena, Brian & Alan
March 2017 Newsletter
Wendy, Gerry, Paul & David
March 2017 Newsletter
Jill, Mervi, Ron & Jan


Impressive start

All members with internet will now have received the announcement of David Wilson’s appointment as our new Handicap Secretary, a role he inherits from Alan Jewett. David’s introductory statement is detailed, clear, precise and potentially helpful to all of us. We wish him well in his spell of office.

March 2017 Newsletter
New Mr. Handicap AKA David Wilson

Price to pay

“You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to be a hundred.” (Captain Pugwash)

Overdue revolution

The biggest set of changes in a generation claim golf’s governing bodies, the Royal & Ancient and the United States Golf Association. They are right on both counts, it being 1984 when a last lengthy look at an overcrowded Rule Book took place. Golfers at all levels will welcome the substantially reduced version, written in a language which doesn’t require translation, even though we must wait until 2019 for it all to become operative. Inevitably the traditionalists will express horror, and the Devil’s Advocates seek to complicate things, but all will benefit from the changes, not least in the speed of play. Most members will already have read about and discussed the new rules over a drink or three but, for those who lead more sheltered lives, the headlines are “cribbed” below.

1. Reduce time allowed to search for a lost ball from five to three minutes
2. Remove any penalty for accidentally moving ball
3. Allow club committees to set a maximum score for a hole(such as double par or triple bogey(to allow a player to pick up and move to the next hole
4. Relax protocol for taking free or penalty drops, with the ball dropped from only an inch above ground, rather than shoulder height
5. Recommended no player to take more than 40 seconds to hit a shot
6. Use fixed distances(20 or 80 inches)rather than club lengths to measure where a ball should be dropped
7. Allow putting on the green with the flagstick left in the hole
8. Allow players to repair spike marks and animal damage on greens
9. Allow use of distance or measuring devices, Ban caddies helping player’s alignment
10. Encourage players in stroke play to implement “ready golf” ratherthan waiting until their turn

David Wilson is bound to have some comments to make so space will gladly be made for his observations, which are promised for next month.

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
America first to react

Whilst on the subject

“Play the course as you find it; play the ball as it lies. If you can’t do either then play fair. In order to play fair, you need to know the rules of golf”. Especially if you are a Blues Brigade member, for special adjustments are being suggested for them alone. For example:

A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree. The senior player must estimate the distance the ball would have travelled if it had not hit the tree and play the ball from there.

A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at a point equal to the distance it carried or rolled into the rough with no penalty. The senior player should not be penalised for tall growth which groundsmen should have mown or cut back.

There shall be no such thing as a lost ball. The missing ball is on the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone else, making it a stolen ball. The senior player is not to compound the felony by charging him or herself with a penalty.

It may not surprise you to know that there are countless more!

26C at close of morning play

Mild is the word that sprang to mind as we in the first group set our game in motion. For some reason our play was slow but we held up nobody, which is the main thing. Campo America was there for the taking on Tuesday 7th. but in our fourball only the in-form David Moody took it. His handicap is just waiting to be cut. But for a couple of wild drives today it would have been.
56 players competed in Stableford format, waved off at the first tee by Flavio, Ashley and Carl. So chummy was the chat it is a wonder we didn’t earn a rebuke for missing our tee time! Buggies were allowed at 90 degrees and it was pleasing to see the continuing work clearing historically overgrown areas, the refuse being instantly shredded into baby bits and future fertiliser no doubt. Improved vistas are welcome but it will be interesting to see what is done with the cleared areas. In the short term at least they really ought to be designated GUR.
(ED. This has now been agreed by Management.)

Yet again a less than acceptable performance from this scribbler. One is reminded of the Law of Destiny. “Glory may be fleeting but obscurity is forever.” Thoughts of heading in a different sporting direction, like petanque, now available in the village, permeated the mental system until, back at the computer, a short but inspiring video was watched. The story of a young girl, born with no legs, just stumps, who went on to become a champion gymnast and even engaged in basketball, indoor football, and baseball, scuttling from base to base with enviable speed. Remarkable. Message received and understood, young lady.

1st. 33 Carol Rees (on handicap)
2nd. 33 Connie Mapher-Massar
3rd. 30 Sonya Foster

March 2017 Newsletter
Vice Captain with Sonya & Carol

1st. 39 David Rodgers (cut 0.8 to 8.8)
2nd. 36 David Moody (cut 0.4 to 21.3)
3rd. 35 Roger Dew

Unfriendly Alhaurin

They came, they saw, they conquered. From just up the hilly road came six golfers who, in return for a nice meal and a warm reception, took our lot to the cleaners. The 0-3 scoreline on Europa, Monday 6th. dampened local spirits and probably explains why no report or details has been forthcoming. As yet. Just a photograph showing our representatives in solitary isolation..

March 2017 Newsletter
Are we downhearted?

(ED. Constant probing has finally revealed that Alhaurin, last year’s competition winners, came with a very strong team and some enviable handicaps. One player, off 11.2 registering ten pars and one birdie. These things happen, of course, and our reporter is not a bitter man usually. Indeed he and his partner can take a positive from the fact that they only lost 3&2. The team’s cause was not helped by a shoulder injury to Thomas Widegren which left David Moody to battle away on his own over the last seven holes. The return match next week promises to be an interesting encounter.)

Acacia Dealbata

Otherwise known as the Silver Wattle tree. For those unfamiliar with wattles they are “a fleshy caruncle” or, in simpler terms, “a small fleshy excrescence”. Not exactly what one would associate with a tree and somewhat off putting in fact? Which is certainly not the case with all the mimosa brightly colouring our courses and countryside right now. A very welcome sight indeed? Hard to believe the Spanish plant is just a smaller version of the Australian strain.

March 2017 Newsletter

Canine visitors

The only connection between these two pictures is that both were taken here at La Cala. Nothing is known about the stray dog except she is in need of food, ideally a roof over her head, and someone to befriend her. The five petalled dog-rose, a scrambling shrub available in pink or white, is a more sure sign of summer’s approach, and a happier sight to behold.

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter

David Attenborough? Nigel Marven?

Neither. It’s our very own Louis Lentelink with his new found South African friend.

March 2017 Newsletter


A weekend to forget

If you are Scottish. Annihilated by all-conquering England at Twickenham. Even more so your ladies rugby team, also at the hands of the white shirts. Andy Murray dumped out early on at Indian Wells. Could it get worse? Well, if you were part of the Rest-of-the-World squad on Campo Europa, in Sunday sunshine on the 12th, it could! This delayed fixture, sponsored by Speed Financial Solutions, saw England emerge victorious, again, albeit by a narrower margin. 6.5 v 5.5 to be exact.

March 2017 Newsletter

Vice Captains Thomas Widegren and Filema O’Callaghan made their debuts on the prize giving stage and were warmly received. Thomas’s main task was to present the Speed Plate to Ron Chesterton, chosen as leader of the winning team, all of whom were happy to pose for victory smiles at the end of the ceremony.

March 2017 Newsletter
Thank you on behalf of my team
March 2017 Newsletter
The happy victors


Knock it off, Pauline

For the benefit of those not of English heritage this equates to “Please desist” or, more abruptly, “Stop”. Pauline, of course, is our Past Lady Captain who, in her spare time, acted as Rain Goddess. Being on extended holiday right now means that she has plenty of time on her wet hands. This being Tuesday the 14th. a Medal competition should have been in progress. For some anyway. Not for members within the Los Altos D community though. Thanks to their President who might have known better than to arrange the AGM on the only officially competitive day of the week. Not for the first time let it be added. Mind you he is a man of many connections and has just returned from South Africa where he socialised at some length with the Rain Goddess. Perhaps he was tipped off about today being wet enough to earn Cancellation? Campo Asia being the designated course meant the decision was 100% foreseeable! Allowing him the benefit of any doubt is coupled with a very reasonable request for 2018. Any day except Tuesday, please, Mike.

Revenge failure

Windy is an understatement when applied to the conditions facing both teams at Alhaurin on Monday the 13th. Our friendly warriors were looking to avenge themselves, purge their souls after the 0-3 drubbing at home, but it was not to be. Alhaurin are the current champions and have a strong, small, competitive squad. It is reported that our resistance was “heroic and determined” but the final score had a familiar look about it. 0-3 again.

Roy Davies & David Evans had no luck at all and went down valiantly 2 & 1. David Wilson & Bob Rainbow were up against two Spaniards “punching well above their weight”, and lost 4 & 2. David Moody was paired with debutant Martin Hornsby, fought back from a four hole deficit to level the score, but then conceded defeat at 2 & 1. No photographs were forthcoming.

Edna O’Sullivan Obituary

(With thanks to Iain Macaulay, Ian Young, John Youngs, who shared their early Spanish lives with this hugely popular member.)

March 2017 Newsletter

Edna was born in Swansea, Wales, in 1933. She is succeeded by husband Ron, and sons Dean and Martin. After school she went to business college, followed by a career in office administration, secretarial skills, and customer relations. Springing from a promotion Ron was sent to Swansea PowerStation where, on Thursday evening, August 6th., 1953, at a dance, he met Edna. They married in 1954.

By 1967, then living in Maidstone, Kent, and fed up with coffeee mornings and the like, she decided to go back to work. She provided services for Smedley canned fruit, and then a spell at a very unique chicken sexing company. It also employed two Korean soecialists who could tell the sex of chicks when only one day old, information of considerable financial interest to farmers.

A big change in her career came after providing services for a Californian firm manufacturing microchip components. She was invited to become a partner responsible for administration and customer relations, her strengths. When the main partner died Edna became the owner of the company after duly compensating his beneficiaries. Over the next five years Edna made a success of this before selling the business when Ron decided to retire in 1984, which is when they first came to Spain.

First home was a villa in Cerros del Aguilla but by 1992 they were ready for a move. One of the first properties built at El Chaparral Golf was bought and there she and Ron became next door neighbours to the late Joan Stock, and close friends with the Youngs, Coombs, Porters, Turleys and Macaulays. However, this was to prove a short lived period in all their golfing lives. The golf club was closed in 1994 and the “orphans” all headed for the early days of La Cala where, with many of the original Scandanavian members, they became the nucleus of all things social and sporting.

In 2001 Edna was rewarded by being elected Lady Captain, with John Porter as her male running mate. She was to prove a most popular choice. Always good company and fun to play with, plus being the fastest player imagineable. “When driving the buggy you could arrive opposite her ball and, by the time you put the brake on and got out, she was just finishing her shot.” This is not to infer she was anything less than competitive and she leaves behind a remarkable golfing legacy. She excelled in hole-in-one’s. No less than eight and each one with a 7-iron. One wonders whether this is a record?

Although seemingly serious about her golf Edna’s reputation at social gatherings was well earned, her keen wit and sense of humour will be sorely missed by many. Erling Johnsen is renowned for sending out saucy emails but always claim he got them from Edna. She and Ron, like so many, were regulars at Erling’s legendary table at Meson Calahonda.

The older members will especially mourn her passing but all those who enjoyed her company on and off the course will also miss her greatly. All of us will be thinking now of Ron and the family.

Belated Emerald Isle Celebration

Some had already been down the Guinness route on Friday 17th. St.Patrick’s “official” birthday, now marked around the world by many who may not even know where Ireland is. Any excuse for a party? Sunday the 19th. on Campo Europa, local partying began with a shotgun start at 0930, or thereabouts. Management had done a good job in recruiting non-members this year, numbers participating being almost equally split. Not something to be said about the eventual outcome.

Before then though all players were able to enjoy the freedom of the fairways and glorious golfing weather. On such a day there are few venues to match La Cala. The scenery may not be unique, that would be an extravagant claim, but it takes some beating? For some reason play was slow yet, speaking for our fourball, nobody held us up and we were never pressured. The sooner the speed up new rules come into being the better?

Whilst officials checked the score cards, and wondered over some of the figures, all the players were supplied with a light but sufficient lunch, industriously served by a hard working team of friendly staff, and helped on it’s downward journey by liquids of every description, from water to Bailey’s.
Flavio Papa both initiated and closed the proceedings, distributing the prizes, apologising for some of the “wicked” pin positions, and treating with humour some tricky announcements. There were five rewards up for grabs but only one went to a member, or members. Roy and Jill Davies coming third with a more than decent score, but nowhere near enough on the day.

1st. 49 Anna(10) & Andrey Shultse(23)
2nd. 43 Igor Alhimovic(8) & Lurii Zykov(15)
3rd. 41 Roy(11) & Jill(10) Davies
The figures in parenthesis show slope handicaps.

March 2017 Newsletter
The Champeens
March 2017 Newsletter
Runners up
March 2017 Newsletter
Members’ Pride and Joy


“Didn’t they do well” said someone at our table, referring to the organisers and team, and they did. If there was a disappointing aspect it was more to do with participants than staff, in that there didn’t seem to be as much effort put into making it a really Green day. A few well worn hats advertising Guinness but nothing new or eye catching. Shame really.

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter

Over to David Wilson

No doubt we are told somewhere in the small print but when does the proposed 40 second allowance for playing a shot actually begin? An experiment close to my desk just now suggests that half this time is enough for two swings of the club, but that’s standing in position already. One recalls various routines but what about the player who descends from his buggy, walks to his ball without clubs, studies the fairway ahead, checks his/her distance gadget, or returns to the buggy to do so, selects two clubs from the buggy, returns to his/her ball, finally decides on choice of club, has two or more practise swings, and then, finally, hits the ball. Factor in winter rules and the need to mark the ball, lift and clean, return carefully to a chosen spot after aligning the lettering in the preferred direction, sometimes needing to crouch down a second time for this, and one suspects 40 seconds would be totally inadequate.

What do you say, David?

The first day of Spring

Whoever organised the early morning weather deserves a medal, and got one because a stroke play competition, re-arranged from earlier in the month, took place on America on Tuesday 21st. The wind got up later, causing the more sensitive to replace their sweaters, but overall it was a grand day for playing our game.
Being in the company of Iain Macaulay is always a pleasure and this was no exception. Despite his recently abbreviated hair style, and total failure to meet his self imposed but oft requested chatter diet demands, his current run of form continued. Recently returned Peter Penney was in schizophrenic mode, at first mumbling private oaths as the course punished him for some secret sin, but then his usual happy self as his normal form and good golf re-asserted itself. The third member of our 4-ball was none other than David Moody, he of the technical bent and vociferous character.His “A game” had been left at home and, unlike of late, he flounded with all the despair of a failed leaping salmon, doomed not to deliver its eggs.

March 2017 Newsletter
Iain Pre-trimXX


1st. 71 Isabella Rippinger (cut 0.4 to 21.5)
2nd 72 Margaret Fotheringham (cut 0.4 to 25.4)
3rd. 74 Sonya Foster

1st. 70 Alan Jewett (on handicap)(cut 0.4 to 10.3)
2nd. 70 Peter Edstrom (cut 0.8 to 10.2)
3rd. 72 Roger Dew

March 2017 Newsletter
Isabella Rippinger
March 2017 Newsletter
Alan & Peter


Alan’s on a roll at the moment. Peter continues to edge nearer single figures. Vastly experienced Roger is no stranger to the leader board. Well played all.

La Cala in Colour

March 2017 Newsletter

Missing players mystery

A mere 32 players were on parade for this AM/AM/AM played on America on Sunday 26th March. Some thought that the forwarding of the clock might have had a bearing, but it is more likely that Mothers’ Day was to blame, and rightly so! Mums’ deserve recognition and appreciation. Let’s here it for Mums?

March 2017 Newsletter
The left handed sufferer

Unfortunately those who forfeited their golf missed out because the conditions were just lovely. Which is more than can be said about the four ball starting on the 18th at 0930.One of the disadvantages of golf is that you can’t do too much to help a player in the doldrums. They just have to suffer. Will Jackson, the poor man’s Mel Torme, did. Terribly. “I wish I was at home” was a frequent cri de coeur. One’s own heart bled for him, having been there more than once, but some were less sympathetic. It was even suggested that we apply the 20% for being a 3 man team!! Any visions entertained of wine bottles were quickly dispersed, and we are just relieved that the prize giving scores didn’t drop below third place. Any team with less points than us must have been collectively terrible!

The deserved recipients of bottles and vouchers were:

1st. 99 Isabella Rippinger, Tina Garner, Joop Peels
2nd. 95 Rob Garner, Monique Peters, Gerard Rippinger, Susanne Valentin
3rd. Iain Macaulay, Mike Robbins, Sten Valentine, Loraine Murph

March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter


Isabella is enjoying a hot streak. Tina seems to be a regular on the rostrum. Joop, always a happy character, had the two ladies to himself, won a prize, and was understandably beaming.
There had been talk of rain beforehand but the distant Goddess Pauline, in her infinite mercy, delayed it until well after the proceedings. It arrived mid evening accompanied by constant companions, Thunder and Lightning.

The month in action

March 2017 Newsletter

Now this is a true story

Bob Gordon, a past captain, spicy food lover, and master story teller, now plies much of his golfing trade at Guadalahorce, whilst remaining very much at the heart of our social scene here at La Cala. His shaggy dog tails still wag. On Monday 27th he was an opponent though, part of a more than useful Guadalahorce team which beat ours 2-1 on their own course. He chipped close and sunk some long putts, it is reported. Roger Dew & David Moody played well, but not well enough to win versus a determined Bob & partner. Merv Coombs and Peter Edstrom also fell by the way side but, said he finally coming to the good news, Dean Moore & Richard Hinds “played superbly” in chalking up our only win by a large margin. No pictures were taken(!!)but perhaps the return fixture on April 3 will provide opportunity for a photo shoot. It would be nice to see Bob’s picture again.

Time to close down

The last competition of the month took place on Europa on Tuesday the 29th. Late withdrawals caused headaches for organiser Captain Peter Edstrom, who had to change direction twice within minutes as things unfolded, with players either not appearing or doing so when not expected! The first team out at 0930 contained Monique Peters and myself, but minus David Moody and Johannes Peels. Instead we became a three ball and were joined by none other than Flavio Papa, keen to get some first hand impressions of our views on the course, and also to sharpen up his own game. He proved to be excellent company, quick to smile and laugh, and no mean performer. He won’t remain on 18 for long if he can fit in playing at least once a week, as is his aim. He hopes to partner different members each week.

March 2017 Newsletter
Flavio in action

1st. 38 Laura Thompson (cut 1.2 to 22.8)
2nd. 35 Isabella Rippinger
3rd. 32 Cornelia Maphar-Massar

1st. 35 Derek Steele
2nd. 34 Rob Garner
3rd. 33 Michael Robbins

No photographs are available because this edition is going to bed before the prizegiving on Sunday April 2nd. On which date Lilian will be in the car with me and heading north towards England. We will be back on May 1st. Putting the newsletter together is tricky enough when here. When divorced from local knowledge and observations it becomes a bit of a struggle so, please, if anyone has a contribution to make please email it to me?

Meanwhile, au revoir with a smile.

March 2017 Newsletter

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