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Newsletter May 2017

May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter

Look back at May

The merry month of Golf begins

With a Tuesday Stableford on Asia, Captain Peter at the helm and playing with the recently joined Peter and Janice Marler. Your editor was probably still unloading the car after the journey back from England, but still able to feel envious of those fit to play and enjoy the good weather. By the time his task was completed the day’s best scores were known.

1st. 32 Carol Rees (on handicap)
2nd. 32 Monique Peters
3rd. 31 Jill Davies

1st. 38 Gerri Rippinger (cut 1.2 to 14.0)
2nd. 36 David Wilson (cut 0.4 to 7.3) (on handicap)
3rd. 36 Mike Fisher (cut 0.8 to 19.4) (on handicap)

May 2017 Newsletter
Gerri Rippinger and David Wilson

In fact David Moody also managed a commendable 36 but was pipped out of a place on handicap.

Cometh the first Sunday

Campo America welcomed 13 teams for a Sandwich Stableford on the 7th. with the following emerging as the most successful.
1st. 99 Richard Hinds, John Youngs, David Gilchrist, Carol Rees.
2nd. 98 Peter Marler, Hans Linderborg, Vivienne Youngs
3rd. 96 Geoff Thompson, Janice Marler, David Moody

May 2017 Newsletter1st
May 2017 Newsletter2nd
May 2017 Newsletter3rd

Isabella to the fore once more

Tuesday 9th., found a full sheet of 60 players battling their way round Campo Europa, and none did so better than the currently irrepressible Isabella Rippinger. Her Stableford score earned yet another cut in handicap, which should offer a new challenge but is always a satisfying reward?

1st. 39 Isabella Rippinger (cut 1.2 to 19.0).
2nd. 36 Carol Rees (on handicap)
3rd. 36 Anne Mills

1st. 34 Rob Garner (on handicap)
2nd. 34 Martin Hornsby (on handicap)
3rd. 34 Erling Johnsen (on handicap)

May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter

Mike Robbins also had 34 but just missed out on another bottle.

Former Captains’ Open

This is always a nostalgic occasion for all the Captains, male and female, who will be remembering their year of office and honour. No less than 17 of them were involved on Sunday 14th., on Europa, and this is thought to be a record turnout. Each Captain led a team, normally of four, but this time all but one three-balls. For which handicaps were increased by 20% !! It is often said that to win such a competition, a Soft Scramble, your team needs a high handicap, experienced lady, and few fit that specification better than Wendy Hinds. Her exact contribution to the winning score is not known but Team Captain Mike Fisher was at pains to let everyone know that it was considerable. Mike, incidentally, became the first ex-Captain to hold up the silver tankard for a third time. His exuberance was understandable?

1st. 108 Mike Fisher, Wendy Hinds, Roy Davies
2nd. 105 James Reid, Hazel Gilchrist, Mike Robbins
3rd. 104 Sylvia McGarvie, David Wilson, Sylvia Robbins
4th. 102 Carol Rees, Geoff Thompson, John Brooks (on handicap)
5th. 102 Pauline Hilliard, Martin Hornsby, David Moody

May 2017 Newsletter1st
May 2017 Newsletter2nd
May 2017 Newsletter3rd
May 2017 Newsletter4th
May 2017 Newsletter5th

Martin Hornsby set a new record for appearing in more photographs in one session than anyone else, and David Moody deserves a mention for his new haircut and remembering to remove his sun glasses.

May 2017 Newsletter

Before the weary warriors got down to the serious task of what was advertised as a “light lunch” but proved to be more testing, the 17 to whom the day really belonged, gathered on the adjacent steps for a group photograph. One member, a man of words himself, posed the question, what do you call a collection of captains? “ He(a)rd of” is uncomplimentary. “Thirst of” might raise eyebrows on the basis that it doesn’t apply to all. “Pride of” came to mind in that they were for a year, and were justly proud too. More thought is needed.

(LATER. Corrall, Society, Caucus, Chorus, Convoy, have all stepped forward but failed to convince. The search goes on. Suggestions welcome.)

Excluding 2017, but spanning 19 previous years, 17 out of a possible 38 is a good percentage, especially as a few are no longer with us, sadly but inevitably. The full list is below.

1998 Iain Macaulay & Pat Clelland
1999 Erling & Siren Johnsen
2000 Richard Barker & Susan Young
2001 John Porter & Edna Sullivan
2002 Paul Mossin & Therese Strom-Gundersen
2003 Bryan Houchin & Anne Ashe
2004 Don Cameron & Caroline Bacon
2005 Campbell McGarvie & Judi Lenterlink
2006 Bob Gordon & Carol Rees
2007 Francisco Cervilla & Margaret Coombes
2008 Bryan Gray & Sylvia McGarvie
2009 Mike Fisher & Vivienne Shute
2010 James Reid & Susanne Valentin
2011 Paul Massey & Sony Foster
2012 Danny Rees & Jenny Chesterton
2013 Ron Chesterton & Cecelia Massey
2014 Alan Jewett & Susanne Valentin
2015 Brian Farmer & Sonya Foster
2016 Vic & Pauline Hilliard
May 2017 Newsletter
Players light lunching

Do it for your lover

Poor young Manel Navarro did his best but with lyrics so repetitive as to swiftly become boring. 15th place wasn’t bad for UK’s Lucie Jones, but probably flattered. .” Amar Pecos Dois”, roughly translated as meaning “To love both of you”, won the day, just, on handicap, but left many confused as to the meaning, as well as the gender of the hirsute singing whisperer. Thank goodness for the moment of humour introduced by Vital Sediuk from Ukraine, whose pant-less posterior brightened the screen for a bare moment. Anyway, well done Portugal at last. They have tried more often than Sergio Ramos has been sent off, and that’s a lot.

May 2017 Newsletter

Shades day in England

Editorial aversion to the wearing of sunglasses in photographs is well documented, so no need to go on about them again. However, enthusiasts may be interested to learn that Friday May 19th has been designated SHADES DAY in England, a national awareness and fund raising day. Not awareness of sun glasses let it be clear, but of struggling families in need of a break but without the resources.

May 2017 Newsletter

Inevitable almost?

There was a time, not so long ago, when “guy’s” was a word only heard early in November. “Chaps” was more English if a collective was needed, names not known or too many to run through. Now, not only have we been Americanised in a variety of directions, but no less an authority than Susie Dent, whom Countdown viewers will well remember, is lending her very knowledgeable voice to such words as honor, center, humor and gotten! Satistics show that Shakespeare used “honor” much more than “honour”, for example, and he still has a reasonable reputation? Phonetically not a problem but they don’t just look right?

Brief medical update

For the benefit of those kind enough to have expressed concern about my well being, it is pleasing to report the removal of the neck/shoulder brace with which a 24/7 relationship has existed for six weeks past. The latest x-ray show the break is mending in accordance with expectations, the bits are in alignment, and the 12 week initial forecast remains. Meanwhile, twenty physiotherapy sessions have been prescribed. The prospect is a daunting one, in terms of boredom, despite the claimed experiences of some fellow members. Not for repeating in a family newsletter.

Stroll in the park

Clearly Camp America on Tuesday 16th., was in benign mood. 22 of 32 male participants registered 30 points or more, 13 of 25 in the female ranks, and quite a few handicaps were reduced apart from those listed below. Certainly the weather could not have been much better.

1st. 39 Carin Olsson (cut 1.2 to 19.5)
2nd. 36 Jill Davies (on handicap)
3rd. 36 Isabella Rippinger (on handicap)

1st. 40 Brendan Walsh (cut 0.8 to 8.1)
2nd. 38 Peter Marler (cut 0.6 to 13.7)
3rd. 37 Roger Dew (on handicap and cut 0.2 to 7.4)

May 2017 Newsletter
(No Jill this time)
May 2017 Newsletter
Brendan & Peter

No less than five other players notched up 37 points. Balls must have been on their best behaviour all day?

Another response

Will wonders never cease? Two contributions in one issue? Thanks to the horticultural background of our Secretary, and her reference library, the floral poser in the last issue was identified as a Cuban Lily or, to be more polite, a member of the Scilla(Liliaceae)family. Non unlike Aganpanthus really? Well done, Judi, and thanks.

No sign of a rainbow

May 2017 Newsletter

Except as an adjective. Campo America, on Sunday 21st. hosted a Rainbow Bramble which coincideded with the closing day of the Challenge Tour event and understandably suffered as a result. Quite a few members being on voluntary duty around Campo Asia. Even so there were 12 teams in action and, it must be said, slowly so. Very few put in a clubhouse appearance under five hours. Reasons unknown. Conditions more than favourable. Scores about right.

1st. 58.8 Mike Fisher, Maddie & John Brookes, Derek Steele.
2nd. 59.8 Danny Rees, Jan Debrauwer, Brendan Walsh.
3rd. 60.1 Peter Marler, Damien Murphy, Janice Marler.

May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter

Huge success

May 2017 Newsletter

Well done the La Cala team! The sun shone throughout. Campo Asia was in beautiful condition. The standard of play was outstanding. Everything went well and according to plan. A week to remember and of which to be proud if you were part of the hard working group who made it all possible.
The Pro-Am opened the proceedings with no less than 160 participants spread across 40 teams. The winners, led by Ross Kellett, notched up a terrific -41 to secure for him, the only professional, 500 euros. Our own Ken Flockhart was in the team which came second (-38) and was one of the few not to include a Spaniard! Flavio Papa’s team, led by Jose Lorca, came 14th(-29), whilst Pedro Batista’s side finished modestly (-20) in 31st place.

Our Captain Peter Edstrom was invited to play but will be disappointed in 36th place. In the absence of Vice Captain Thomas Widegren it was David Wilson who filled a last minute gap but wasn’t able to influence things enough to avoid 37th position. Not that the scores were all that important. Taking part in such an enjoyable competition and amongst such fine players was enough reward.

After the “fun day” it was down to serious business for 152 ambitious young golfers on the Thursday and Friday. Some indication of what the course might yield came on Day One when Victor Rui shot a 61. 10 under par and, subject to confirmation, probably a new record. The amazing thing is it only earned him a two shot lead, such was the high standard of general play.

May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter

On Day Two Julien Brun followed with a 62 which included two eagles. Come Friday evening though 130 disappointed players were heading for the airport or railway station and home, or the next competition, having failed to qualify for the KnockOut Stage of the event. This was played over the Saturday and Sunday and was well supported by members and spectators. If you go to www. you can see a short but colourful vido of the final between Gavin Moynihan and Aaron Rai, which the latter won 2 & 1. His second win in four events this season so well positioned on the Road to Oman.

May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter

Second in the series

It has always been editorial policy to “introduce” new members to everyone through the medium of the newsletter. Most are willingly co-operative. A few prefer to avoid the limelight. All perfectly understandable. However, the Committee decided that the membership were entitled to know more about who does what in the club so, last month, and rightly so, we began with the Captain. Now comes the turn of his right hand man, the Vice Captain, Thomas Widgren. This is his life story, his potted history, as is said.

Thomas is Swedish and was born on the 14th November 1943. He was however, brought up in Italy and speaks that language fluently. His home base is Ystad, a city familiar to those who read the Wallender mystery stories.

Known as “Widde” to his school chums Thomas was educated at boarding school in Sweden before moving on to Mechanical Engineering studies, also in Sweden.

He married Helena in 1971, who also is a La Cala member, and their family embraces two daughters, Caroline and Louise. Grandchildren are currently four in number, including Erica,Emilie, Clara and Maximillian.

As with many successful men sport played an important part in Thomas’ growing up, and still does through his golf. He was part of a Championship winning soccer team, both at school and in the Military, as well as playing hockey. Golf had a head start though because his parents lived close to the 11th hole in Carimate GC outside Milan. Dabbling turned to a more serious approach later, from 1991, when he and Helena lived in Brescia and both caught the bug. Later, when they moved to Dubai and became members of the Emirates GC playing became a weekly enjoyment.

On a purely personal note, and like many of us, Thomas regrets not having more lessons when younger. Regular play in Dubai saw him work his way down to an acceptable 11.3 but then a serious heart problem took him out of action for a period. On his return he was adjusted to 18.0, is now on 17.0 so heading in the right direction once more.

Thomas makes the point, in his helpful notes, that there are now more than 500,000 Swedes playing regular golf at club level, and many enjoying success on the European and PGA Tours. It has become an affordable sport for them with only the weather making life difficult at times.
With his active working days behind him at last, and after spells in France and Italy, he and Helena found themselves looking for a more consistently warm climate. Through the strong Swedish connection with La Cala they finally made their choice, bought an apartment here in 2009 and, as is said, are now part of the club scene. They have recently moved to Los Altos, feel very good about the Resort as a whole, and believe it is getting better and better year by year.

When it comes to the world of commerce Thomas describes himself as an “entrepreneur in both sense and doing” and claims to have enjoyed every moment of his working life. Certainly his CV is impressive, wide ranging, and began in 1971 in Dynapac AB when he was sent to Italy to start up a subsidiary, his language fluency being seen as a key asset. Six years later his role was that of Regional Manager in West Africa, living in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast. Then came Export Manager in Gyttop, Seden. Business Development Director in Geneva. Managing Director in Stockholm. Vice President in Brescia for Cavotec Group. Eight years later promotion to Managing Director but based in Dubai. A similar period elapsed and he took over as Group Director Aviation Division in Lugano, Switzerland. Finally, in 2012, came retirement. No more budgets. No more meetings. A fully qualified and happy pensioner.

Nowadays Thomas is a calm, avuncular figure, happy in himself and openly “lazy” when it comes to gymnasiums and working out. He reckons regular golf and a sensible diet are enough to keep him in “reasonable shape”. He respects people who are honest and always give of their best, and those who can say “I am sorry. I was wrong.” He likes happy people, open minded people, willing to show initiative, and as interested in him as he is in them. With a life story like Thomas’ it would seem impossible not to be interested?

When approached by Peter Edstrom to succeed him in the captaincy Thomas asked for time to consider. The next day he rang back to say “Yes”. He saw it for the opportunity it is. A chance to put something back. To support those in office. To get to know better the “doers” and “managers”. In due time to introduce some new competition models and to lead an efficient Committee geared to the well being of all members. “Try harder” would seem to be his motto. He is already showing close interest in the newsletter!!

May 2017 Newsletter

Campo America

Members have been denied access whilst all the greens have been hollow cored and all areas received necessary maintenance treatment. It will re-open on May 29th.

Campo Asia

Will close from June 19th until the end of August, during which time members can expect to see some clearly visible improvements.

In the dim and distant past

The 16th hole on the Kings Course at Gleneagles in Scotland is a par 3 of 130 yards in length. A wee local player, then in his late twenties, and already a mean golfer, took out his trusty 9 iron and was understandably delighted when his ball went into the hole without stopping en route. His reward was two bottles of Grants whisky from the magazine Golf Monthly. They doubled the usual prize if you claimed to be a regular drinker of this brew. Some months later an advertisement appeared claiming that “99% of golfers favoured Grants Standfast”.

That was 55 years ago. On Tuesday May 23rd 2017. On Campo Europa, that same golfer, now approaching his 85th birthday but still a doughty opponent off 15, chose the 16th to replicate the achievement. Almost the same distance off the blue tees but necessitating a 6 iron to compensate for advancing years and a fairly stiff head wind.

To complete the story it must be mentioned that this meant a hat-trick of Holes-in-One for David Millar, the second having come at Hallamshire in Sheffield, his UK home club, nearly ten years ago. The statistics do not compare, on this occasion needing a 7 wood to deal with a distance of 170 yards.

May 2017 Newsletter

Whatever you use, and whatever the distance, a hole-in-one still eludes most golfers, even those of seriously good ability, so our congratulations go to David who celebrated in traditional style by treating all members in the clubhouse at the time to a glass of cava.

Not alone in seventh Heaven

Nor was David the only veteran to host a round of celebratory drinks. Ever popular Heimo Kupsu did so happily to mark a similar golfing milestone in his career. Well done, Heimo, and thank you.

May 2017 Newsletter

Why Medal?

We all know that medal is a synonym for stroke play, but there appears to be no firm reason as to why. The closest this newsletter can find is the theory that the winner, or in our case the top three, deserve a medal for their achievement. For having won the competition. A medal being a standard form of reward in sport. At La Cala you get a bottle of wine or a voucher. Not sure how either could ever become a title for Tuesdays?

May 2017 Newsletter

It is doubtful whether this debate was high in the minds of those competing on Europa on the 23rd. Those who regularly turn up claiming not to know what the format is usually grunt when told it is a medal, this being seen as some sort of torture. Those who always know exactly what lies ahead will have worked out their game strategy the previous evening, arrived in plenty of time to warm up physically and mentally, and usually finish somewhere near the head of the day’s leaderboard. The winner this time will certainly have come from that mould, and any player off a low handicap who earns a reduction deserves to be applauded. Well done, David. Hard luck, Roger.

1st. 67 Connie Maphar (cut 1.2 to 11.9)
2nd. 69 Jill Davies (cut 0.6 to 14.2)
3rd. 71 Margaret Fotheringham (cut 0.4 to 25.0)

The venerable Connie continues to amaze. Does she ever play badly? Remarks about being cut when already good certainly apply to her, and she richly deserves our plaudits for the consistent quality of her game.

1st. 70 David Wilson (On handicap)(Cut 0.2 to 7.1)
2nd. 70 Roger Dew (Cut 0.2 to 7.2)
3rd. 72 Campbell McGarvie

Roger, self effacing, quietly spoken, knowledgeable on many subjects but especially golf and red wine, on both of which some might call him an expert. His level of game has been higher in the past, and for admirably long periods of time too, but 7.2 is an enviable handicap at his age and one on which he should be rightly congratulated.

ElLa Cala

Remember her? A regular contributor for a number of issues but then disappeared. Silence has reigned ever since. If any member knows of her whereabouts it would be interesting to know what she is doing these days.

Fifteen year battle

Once a year a team of our males locks horns with Santa Maria GC for a trophy of some size. Played on a home and away basis it is much coveted by those involved. This time round we were well beaten at home but managed a draw away, the overall margin being 7.5 v 4.5 in favour of our neighbours. James Reid and Roger Dew were the only La Cala players to win both their matches. Les McGlasson is the rival captain and is seen below graciously accepting the trophy from Brian Farmer. Santa Maria now lead 8-7 overall.

May 2017 Newsletter

Peter & Joan Stock memorial

A condensed version of the annual competition got under way on Campo Europa on Saturday 27th. The early morning low lying mist was soon despatched by the sun’s radiance and sharp on 0940 the first balls of this two day event were struck. Not able to participate your editor was on photographic duty for the two hours it took for the 13 groups to start their round.

This stint proved to be an enjoyable exercise, which might be expected when the weather is so favourable and all the members so friendly. However, the outcome was less than mind blowing. There are extenuating circumstances, like really bright sun, hats/caps, and sunglasses galore, but unlike the worker who always blames his tools, your editor must plead guilty overall. However, by way of some excuse, this was a first ever use of an iPad for taking pictures, the faithful Canon Powershot camera’s battery having gone on strike at short notice. It was actually quite difficult to even see the subjects, because of the sun, but lack of experience showed. Unless anyone is interested in about 50 shots of Sonya Foster in full swing? Identical shots courtesy of prolonged finger pressure. Mine on the trigger. To cap it all, right at the end, just as thoughts of a nice café con leche were firming up, came the most difficult group to organise. Eventually brought to heel, and posing nicely, they became the first and only total failure of the morning. As things stand their picture is only available in video format and even that cannot be opened! All enough to drive one doolally!

(LATER. Thanks to the technical wizardry of my friend and newsletter colleague Jose, the problem has been overcome and the “album” now 100% complete.)

May 2017 Newsletter
Day one contenders

There are three important aspects to what used to be known as Stock Week. The competitions. The betting. The last night dinner and prize giving. This year’s playing support was healthy, and we will come on to the social comment in due course. First though a few words about the “book” and the “Runners & Riders”. Originally the brain child of Damien Murphy and his wife Lorraine, the betting more recently fell into the care of Merv and Maggie Coombes, who took to the task like to the manor born before retiring gracefully. Lorraine was the original composer of the two/three sentence previews, renowned for being catchy, unafraid of the “double entendre”, but always careful not to overstep the too risqué . These literary miniatures are used to support the odds on offer and are displayed outside the pro shop to attract customers. Playing or otherwise. They remain her creative contribution to the proceedings. Damien collects the money.

Now, Lorraine and auburn haired Damien are back at the controls, and betting was fast and furious from the very off. Erling Johnsen and Kate Bradley were much fancied, especially by themselves! Oozing confidence they recorded the very first bet and finished joint third on Day One. Damien was beginning to get a bit nervous because, had they won, it would have cost the kitty 400 euros!! Fortunately for him they couldn’t sustain their form and faded a bit on Day Two.

But by the end of play on Day One it was Mr.Organiser himself, or Himself as they tend to say in Ireland, who, with the considerable help of Lilly Lagerwerf, led the field with a nett 62, nine under par. This was to earn them a prize but not, eventually, the Big One. Close on their heels were Derek (Freddie to his intimates)Steele and Brian Farmer, together with Captain Peter Edstrom and Lorraine Murphy, both pairs on nett 65. In fact, no less than 17 of the 26 pairs, registered under par scores. All of which augured well for the morrow.

May 2017 Newsletter

Sunday duly arrived but offered an entirely different playground. The weather was less sunny, more humid, and the course was Asia not Europa. For some this proved ideal and there were some outstanding scores announced after dinner on Sunday evening’ A dinner, incidentally, of which the Food And Beverage Team can be justly proud. Members’ praise was fulsome and well deserved. The setting was pleasant too, and as the natural light gave way to man made, so an almost romantic atmosphere was created. The only drawback being that iPads don’t boast a flash so my results were disappointing. I had been warned but took a chance, leaving Judi Lenterlink to snap the main characters of the evening with her reliable digital camera. Thanks Judi.

May 2017 Newsletter

Double prize recipients were John and Anne Mills whose nett 62 was the best score of the day, and whose 11 under for the tournament earned them third place, albeit just on handicap. Anne apparently had one of those in the zone days, and was duly punished by a handicap cut of 0.8 to 21.6. Hubby John went down 0.6 to 12.8

May 2017 Newsletter

Runners-up with a similar two day total of 132 was another couple, George and Alison Kirk. They both qualified for a 0.3 cut to 16.2(Anne)and 12.0(John).

May 2017 Newsletter

To complete a very good evening for the matrimonially linked partners it fell to Alan and Wendy Jewett to finish the evening as 2017 champions, but only by the narrowest of margins. One point. Wendy’s cut was 0.4 to 20.4. Alan’s 0.2 to 10.6.

Lorraine’s take on this one had been “A strong cup of Chromatic coffee could see the jockey roast the opposition and keep perked up to the finish! Or will they just manage to Jewett this year? Well wortha flutter!”

May 2017 Newsletter

Brian Farmer and Derek Steele, whose partnership has not been lifelong, and weren’t even seated at the same table, came a creditable fourth with 133

All the brass were on parade. Ken, Pedro and Flavio , the latter handling the microphone and announcements with noticeably growing confidence and language command. Captain Peter Edstrom presented the prizes. Hence them both appearing in all the pictures!

To end a great occasion on a puzzled note. How do you qualify for a handicap cut if only marking your score on some holes? Over to you David Wilson.

By the way it was very nice to see Francisco Cervilla playing amongst us again. A former captain, once was when most things revolved around this very friendly and competitive player. The only Spanish member as I recall?

May 2017 Newsletter
José vs iPad

Whilst in the social diary

A reminder that the Cudeca Golf Day is on June 24 and your support is requested. Donations to the tombola and/or auction will be most welcome. Damien will be at the hub of things as usual, as befits someone influentially involved in the very first such event some 25 years ago, or thereabouts. Copper coins to Judi. Tombola items to Derek Steele or Brian Farmer. Bigger items to Damien. Let’s try and break our record – again?

Poor results but full marks for brevity

Baviera appear not to like our Ladies. Having handed out a 6-0 thrashing on their own soil they dismissed us 4-2 here at La Cala. Our representatives, who might prefer not to be named, were Pauline Hilliard, Kate Bradley, Laura Thompson, Janice Marler, Dorothee Schmidt, Anne Mills and Lilly Lagerwerf. Nevertheless, and despite these setbacks, our ladies “had a wonderful day with the ladies of Baviera”. Post lunch entertainment included the usual Kate Bradley Sing-a-long, supported by Spanish songs of similar popularity, courtesy of a member of the opposition. Adjectival deficiency is balanced by visual proof of a happy bunch of competitors.

May 2017 Newsletter

Proud parents

From the UK comes last minute news from Arthur and Karen O’Connor that their talented daughter Kath has just won the Welsh Ladies Amateur Strokeplay Championship, to add to the twice won Matchplay titles already on her personal notice board. We are pleased to publish her picture and send hearty congratulations.

May 2017 Newsletter

Fast forward 20 years

Another lovely photo just to hand show young Charlie Parks, son of our Chris, proudly clutching the Claret Jug, famous prize for the winner of The Open. Admittedly this had not actually been won, just made available at a promotional event, but who knows what the future may bring? Competitive father. Mother starting to play. No shortage of encouragement. If Damien was around he’d happily give you odds.

May 2017 Newsletter

David Wilson on the Challenge Tour

As José is at this very moment putting the final touches to this issue arrives an interesting piece from our Handicap Secretary, for which space deserves to be made. Just. over to David.

The Challenge Tour came to La Cala

From May 15 onwards we saw a steady influx of young fit golfers either up at the driving range or on the fairways or greens of Asia. They were all here to take part in the Andalucia Costa del Sol Match Play 9 from May 18 to May 21, an event on the Challenge Tour, and the first ever to be held at La Cala. Many members helped the tournament organisers either as ball spotters, walking scorers, announcers, leaderboard updaters and some even were “employed” as caddies. Many of you were spectators, particularly on the final day, and we were all treated to some golf that we can only dream and in some cases have nightmares about.

There is an article on La Cala’s website which goes into some detail on the event, which players got into the last 32 matchplay on the final two days and how Aaron Rai eventually won (incidentally he also won the International qualifying competition for the US open, beating some well-known players such as Andrew “Beef” Johnston, Richie Ramsay, Bradley Dredge and Alexander Levy) just one week later. I am sure we will see a lot more of him and it is very likely that he will be a full member of the European Tour next year.
Having talked to a lot of the players, followed them around either as a scorer or a caddy, I can give you a little insight into how they felt about “our” course and how they played it. Asia is very different to most of the courses the Challenge Tour plays on, it is much hillier, shorter and tighter than the ones they are used to, where it is more about length off the tee to wide open fairways. They all hated the second green – surprise, surprise! – and I am sure the Challenge Tour will have talked to our management about this, so that it can be re-contoured and made playable should the Tour return. Victor Rui scored a blistering 61 on day one, but squandered his lead on day two with a nine at the second! The other hole the players disliked, and it proved to be the hardest hole of the eighteen, was the 16th (the Challenge Tour played it as a par four) and many felt the landing area for their tee-shots was too small and severe – they were taking medium to short irons from the blue tees. I saw Charlie Ford hit a driver followed by an eight iron through the green on the tenth and in his match against Sam Hutsby started with an eagle on the tenth and finished with an eagle on the ninth to close out his match one up.

Holding a Challenge Tour event is, I am sure, good publicity for La Cala and it enables the members to see how well our courses can be set up and presented, if the greenkeepers have the necessary time. Let’s hope the Tour returns next year. Perhaps one day all three of the courses can look as good as Asia did the week beginning May 15.

David Wilson


As May bids us all farewell, and the Captain’s Away Day gets underway just up the road at Mijas GC., one hopes that by the end of June keyboard tapping will have been exchanged for golf club swinging. The physio is optimistic. Meanwhile Judi Lenterlink has kindly agreed to provide “coverage” of today’s event, full details of which will appear in the next issue.

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