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Newsletter May 2018

Looking Back on the Merry Month


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Summer Rules

There had been talk of a storm but Tuesday’s Start Sheet said nothing(!) so we all turned up for duty on Pinch-Punch Day to wring decent scores out of Europa, in which endeavour some succeeded. As is the way of things, others didn’t. Looking at the results later a wide discrepancy could be seen between the two categories, but scores only tell half the story. 16 points might look like a wretched round but applied to only 10 holes it paints a different picture?

The thick black cloud honing in on us from above the mountains had been giving cause for some concern, and when rain drops started to disturb the surface of the pond as we left the 10th green it was time to make a decision. Forward and chance it or be safe and go home. Braveheart or wimp. Being in a buggy with our Rain Goddess’s husband, who “didn’t come to Spain to play in the rain”, and who might be said to have some inside information, no great persuasion was needed. Windscreen wipers at speed saw me through the short drive to Los Altos, but no sooner indoors, in the dry, than the sun came out! Not for long though. The thunder announced its presence off and on during the rest of the day, accompanied by brief bursts of heavy droplets.

Isabella Rippinger’s 37 points would seem to indicate possession of a good wet suit, but only just heading Annie Clarke on handicap. How nice to see Annie’s name up there in lights after her trials and tribulations of late. Mrs Reliable, AKA Ursula Wetzel, came third with 36.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Captain Felima eases Isabella’s lonelineness

Brendon Walsh, doubtless pleased to escape the shadow of the crane and persistent noisescape which is ultimately to be Grand View, and probably glad to pay the rainy price, celebrated with 36 points and thus became First amongst Men. Peeking over his should was Merv Coombes with the same tally, and Frank Zehlius one back on 35.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Frank alone faces the camera.

Summer rules may have made their 2018 debut but summer weather is what most members want to see. The signs were promising, but no more than that because, come the morning after, it was grey, misty and raining again.


Please note that the wine tasting scheduled for June 12th has had to be re-arranged due to the Captain’s absence. A new date will be announced later, probably mid-end September.

Interclub 2018

This competition embraces Lauro Golf, Guadalhorce, Malaga Parador, El Chaparral and, now, La Cala.

Teams will be of 12 players and a captain is needed for each match.

Cost per player will vary between 36 & 42 euros depending on buggy needs, and will include beer and tapas.

All participants have to be Members of our golf club.

For more information, contact Flavio Papa.


It is highly unlikely that our Sandwich Stableford competition would have been on the Agenda at the Potomac Highlands District Conference, also taking place on Sunday the 6th in faraway America. However, just supposing it was, the report would have been positive. Lovely warm sunshine, a few wispy clouds breaking up the bright blue sky, balls rolling forever and not because of top spin, and buggies all over Europa, right angles forgotten.

Carol Rees openly confesses to enjoying being Boss, whilst we in her team were more than pleased to have such a talented, knowledgeable and experienced Captain at our helm. Not that it did much good, mind you, but we lived in hope of putts dropping in instead of lipping out right to the end. In terms of company Wendy Warren, she of the ever ready chuckle, and Seppo Jaaskelainen, whose recent good form failed to turn up, could not have been nicer companions. 90 fell well short of wine reward and quite likely short of all the other contestants, but it didn’t stop us enjoying our clubhouse refreshments afterwards.

Those taking it just as seriously but with better rewards included-

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
1st 106 points l/r Derek Steele, Isabella Rippinger, Peter Marler, Jan Debrauwer
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
2nd 103 points l/r Shona Deans, Frank Zehlius, Alison Kirk, Jill Davies
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
3rd 97 points l/r Richard Ledgard, Tina Garner, Tracey Ledgard, Vic Hilliard

Lady Captain Felima O’Callaghan was Duty Organiser, entertaining the gathered members with a combination of Irish charm, troubled microphone, and occasional loss of script. She got there in the end though and everyone will have gone home happy at the end of a nice golfing day.

Mister Blue 2018

The competition on America, Tuesday 8/5, was one of three parts. With politeness in mind let us start with the Ladies who were 20 in number and focused solely on the normal Stableford contest. Conditions were conducive to good golf and some fine scores were duly forthcoming. The lady in top May form, Isabella Rippinger, again fronted the field but only on handicap from Liisa Lindstrom, both finishing with 38 points and having 0.8 deducted from their handicaps. Tucked in just behind came our Captain Felima O’Callaghan with 36.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Guess who again?

The male field was evenly split with 20 concerned only with Stableford performance as usual. Jan Debrauwer, now back playing off the yellow tees, recorded a remarkable 44 points, earned a massive -4.4 handicap adjustment, but went home a very happy man. Cees Lagerwerf’s second spot with 38 points saw him cut 0.6, whilst Philip Shute’s 37 had him trimmed 0.3

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Jan and George enjoy the limelight

The other 20 male combatants played in the annual Blues Championship in which the finish could hardly have been closer. Three players finished on 38 with just their different handicaps deciding exact positions. George Kirk, the vastly experienced and focused Scot, played off 9 so must have performed exceptionally well. Worth a 0.6 cutback, George? An excellent day’s work indeed. Hans Linderborg was next with Iain Macaulay doubtless delighted to feature in a competition which was his “baby”. Both were cut 0.8

Statistically speaking 13 of the day’s best 20 male scores came from the Blues Brigade. Well played all.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The 38 triumverate, Hans, George & Iain


Heavenly Father
Bless this dinner in which we share
Spanish cuisine beyond compare
Exquisite food and precious wine
The very best of eats and vine
May the tempting whites and warming reds
Enliven our hearts, not lighten our heads
Give us the grace of moderation
To keep us all in circulation!
Then after dinner we won’t have trouble
In feeling single but seeing double!!

Nostalgic summit

Once a year the Past Captains, male and otherwise, host a team event to commemorate their years of office. An assortment of tasty tapas usually play a part in the proceedings, and indeed did so this year, even though the timing of their delivery might have been better orchestrated. Sunday 13/5 the date. Asia the battle ground. Weather lovely.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The Past Captains

Sten Valentin shared my buggy and it was good to have him on board. Once was when we seemed to be drawn together at frequent intervals but, for a variety of reasons, some health problems, it must be 2/3 years since last we played together and it was most enjoyable. Sten has a total grasp of our language, a good sense of humour, and still knows how to work his way round a golf course. As indeed do the two ladies with whom we were paired. Alison Kirk and Laura Thompson. Both played well with Laura able to boast a personal 5 pointer on the 12th. No mean feat. Less of an achievement was that of our captain, Alison, whose numeracy skills came into question at the eleventh hour when forced to concede that 2 for 6 is not quite the same as 6 for 2. Our 94 total became a mere 90 and what would have been the runners up spot disappeared like a dream. As the following results will show.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
100 points l/r David Millar, Paul O’Callaghan, Ultan Whelan, Alan Jewett, Tracey Ledgard
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
92 points(on handicap)l/r Claus Ramer, Richard Hinds, Sylvia McGarvie, Gerry Rippinger
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
92 points l/r Damien Murphy, Iain Macaulay, Hazel Gilchrist, Louis Lentelink

The prize giving was preceded by a short presentatian by Felima who explained the significance of the occasion as well as commending all the Past Captains for the work done on behalf of the members. For some reason our reserved area seemed unusually crowded, or perhaps the tables were too close together. Whatever the cause it led to a certain amount of friendly chaos as Felima strove to make herself heard, the prize recipients worked their way forward, the photographer struggled to keep them in sight to do his job, and the tapas arrived. With waiters bearing laden trays and needing to get to tables. All fell into place eventually whereupon Felima announced that it was Hans Linderborg’s 70th birthday and that he had kindly ordered a glass of cava for all present. Many thanks Hans and congratulations on reaching another milestone.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The birthday boy

Unfortunately it fell to Richard Hines to sadden everyone with the news that Peter Hannam had passed away the previous day after a wonderfully brave struggle against cancer. He was with us all a couple of weeks back, gentle and friendly as ever. Our thoughts are with his wife Anne.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The late Peter Hannam

It was nice to see John Hart in attendance. Master of the quick quip in his playing days, his love affair with golf came to an end when ill health got the better of him. He was very much part of the scene here, as the saying goes.
As indeed was Gordon Edwards, also present and participating no less. Even won a few balls in the Two’s comp.
Finally, it should be mentioned that the tapas were very good and well received by most. Most, because the poor man on camera duty had to chose between indigestion and attention to the task in hand!


There’s nothing like sealing an envelope to inspire a new thought.


A healthy turnout on Europa. All bare arms and knees as this spell of real Spanish weather extended to Tuesday 15/5. The 0930 shift had an unfamiliar look about it and was reduced to a three ball when Joop Peel de-selected himself. My pleasure was thus reduced but to play in the company of Roger Dew and David Millar, golfing giants of long standing, is not to be sneezed at, and wasn’t.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Roger Dew
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
David Millar

Roger will have gone home a little less than happy with his morning’s work but his self criticism earned no support from this envious player. Firm of opinion, knowledgeable about the game, a witty and friendly golfing companion. David, who has been playing since birth almost, is more self contained. Totally focused on the job in hand, thoughtful and methodical in his approach, he enjoyed a solid round. A few thinned approach shots but it would be a surprise if he was not amongst the leaders. We got round in just four hours and that added to the enjoyment.

David Moody was in the following 4 ball but would appear on our fairway from time to time. There cannot be many parts of the courses not visited by this likeable golfing technocrat but one does come to mind. Has anyone ever seen a ball in the bushes to the right of the pond on Europa’s 10th?

Or, has anyone ever seen a longer telephone number than Felima’s Start Sheet contact point?

There is a bit of mystery surrounding two of the prize winners, neither of whom appeared on the Start Sheet, nor were at the subsequent prize giving, so no photographs can appear. Francesco and Liliane Castellano have been and gone and played well in between. His 68 earned qualification for the October Finals plus a cut of 0.9 to 14.1 Alan Jewett was hard on his heels with 69 and is now down to single figures again at 9.7 Rob Garner is already there so his 71 ranks as a very good performance.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Alan Jewett in stripes

Rosa Hatz doesn’t often appear at the top of the leaderboard but thoroughly deserved the position with 69 points and a cut to 17.4 It was good to see Sylvia Robbins come forward again. Once was a prize giving without her was exceptional. She was edged out on handicap this time but cut 1.0 to 30.6 In third place was Lilliane Castellano with 71

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r Felima, Sylvia, Rosa


Our new Resort Director has wasted little time in seeking the opinion of all members on the whole range of facilities available to them. A comprehensive questionnaire has been emailed to all of us. In due course it will be interesting to read the report on the returns and, perhaps more important, to learn what steps will be taken to further improve things. Early signs are encouraging.

At time of writing only about 25% of Members have completed the questionnaire. It would, of course, be more meaningful if that number could be substantially increased. Such form filling is not always popular but the intention is to improve on what needs improving and to that end your input will be valuable. The email was sent to you on May 14th.


There was an interesting interview with David Kelly in The Irish Times recently. Those not of the Emerald Isle will not have seen it. If Jose can somehow insert it as an optional read, other, less green members might find it worthy of attention.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Click on this link to read the full article


Happiness is never stopping to think if you are.

Quiet Ladies

There is little to report from the feminine competitive sector this month but we do have two pictures, taken at the match versus Malaga Parador. So here they are! Counterbalanced by plenty of social activity though!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

The Royal Wedding

Although details of the Royal couple’s golfing skills are less than sketchy, and there was no mention of the game during the Queen’s Chapel wedding, it would be churlish not to give Harry and Meghan a mention in our newsletter? Windsor on Saturday the 19th will be a day not easily forgotten. Uplifting if you are British and a Royalist, or at least a traditionalist. Pageantry is something we excel at as a nation, as you might well expect after 1000+ years of practising. There has been enough media coverage of the event so saying something original is difficult. Instead we include a couple of pictures and wish the young couple well in their life ahead.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

What we can also do is to include a report, submitted by an attendee at the Hilliard’s Garden Party, an updated re-run of their highly successful event a year back on the occasion of the Queen’s 90th birthday. It is an un-edited summary of the afternoon.

“Vic and Pauline were joined with about 60 friends to celebrate the joining of Harry and Meghan.The guests started arriving just before noon in order to be part of the build up.Interestingly, the girls all sat indoors watching the televisions whilst the men sat outside in the sunshine drinking beer and wine.However most of the girls cheered and waved flags at various moments, and supped champagne and wine.When the ceremony and the open air carriage drive finished, everyone went outside to eat huge quantities of food, and drink a bit more.Poppa Lee and Pat provided a musical accompaniment, and MC’d the photo sessions on the balcony.Harry (Richard Ledgard) and Meghan (Lilly Lagerwerf) appeared first and the crowd waved enthusiastically, they even attempted the first kiss, which was a bit difficult with masks on.They were then joined by the Queen (Wendy Hinds), Prince Philip (Peter Marler), Kate (Dorothee Schmidt), Wills (Achim Schmidt), Prince Louis (doll provided by Heather Blakeman), Prince Charles (Rob Garner) and Camilla (Pauline Moody).
Vic had previously knocked up 50 Red Arrows which were then thrown over the crowd to the music of the 633 Squadron.Everyone then had an opportunity to have their photos taken with a member of the Royal Family, or to just put on the masks and have a bit of fun.It then got a little silly because there was a bit of cross dressing, Charles and Prince Philip as a woman (Tracy and Tina) Vic as Meghan and Kate.
A letter will be going to Harry and Meghan together with a photo of the balcony scene and the flag waving crowd”.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The Royal Family

Colourful allsorts

Rainbow Scrambles we have had before, but not like this one, played on Asia Sunday 20/5. All four tee positions used BUT not in any normal sequence! Mental images of the Royal couple were swiftly pushed aside as players struggled to adjust their expectations. Forget White, Yellow, Blue, Red and back again! This Rainbow was deformed. Thankfully each buggy was issued with an instruction sheet but even with an organiser par excellence, David Wilson, at our helm, our quartet’s progress was less than confident. Like where to stop next? Despite which we might have had a very good score except for the fact that Peter Robinson, Wendy Fretwell, and even David himself, were unable to putt much better than me, which left much to be desired!
Others obviously got the hang of things quicker and were duly rewarded for their efforts. With only one score per hole an average of 3.05 was good and earned first place for James Reid, Gordon Edwards, Janice Marler and Alan Jewett. Total 54.9

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r Alan, Gordon, Janice, James

In second spot on 56.1 came Peter Edstrom, Damien Murphy, Martin Whelan and Isabella Rippinger

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r Martin, Isabella, Damien, Peter

56.4 won third place for David Moody, Wendy Warren, Loraine Murphy, and Brian Farmer.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r David, Wendy, Loraine and Brian

Cats away time again

This is proving a good month for submissions, A very welcome change.

“It has become a tradition for the ladies to have to have their own golf competition while the men have their Captain’s Away Days. On Thursday May17 around 30 ladies played a Bramble on both Asia and Europa in warm sunshine. Afterwards Marie Wilson hosted a Pot Luck supper at Villa Carmona. All the ladies brought culinary creations which made for a grand buffet of appetizers, salads, vegetable curry, lasagne, pasta carbonara, meat dishes and cheese board. Some spectacular pavlovas and cakes were offered on the dessert buffet. The weather continued to be warm, so all could sit outdoors and enjoy the food and company.
Next year marks 10 years of Cat’s Away events which Vivien Shute introduced during her year as Ladies Captain. She has very kindly offered to host the 2019 Cat’s Away at her home”

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
A few of the cat lovers

Message from the Captain

“Instead of silence and speculation I prefer to inform members that I am having to take “time out” for a while.
During my last visit to Sweden I had a PSA test to check that my prostate readings were within bounds. Unfortunately the figures came out on the high side. I have been ordered to provide new samples and, eventually, a new test on June 18th.
I leave for Ystad, Sweden on June 9th, and during my absence the vice captains, Monique and Dean, have undertaken to run the show. I am very grateful to them for this assistance and their understanding.
As soon as more is known I will inform members accordingly.”

We can but wish Thomas well, and hope that he will soon be back in action amongst us all.

Inescapable Asia

Winter Rules for the Stableford competition Tuesday 22/5 tells its own story, it being a Local decision to compensate for the temporary state of the course. Vice Captain Dean Moore, nursing an injury, walked in after two painful holes and, on reflection, should never have started. David Moody was understandably saddened by the discovery that his cast iron water carrier was leaking, and allowed his own sparkling start to drip away equally. Derek Steele, occasionally known as Derek Steele, was in a jocular mood and very sound form. His good humour may have been triggered by a notelet he found in the car park. Handwritten, it listed some 22 male members but with AKA names as well. These are not for repeating and the piece of paper has been swallowed.
The weather was ideal for golf. Warm but not hot, no wind of note, just the occasional zephyr. Ursula Wetzel took full advantage and notched up 40 points which saw her cut 1.6 to 11.5 Marie Wilson’s 36 and Jill Davies’ 35 followed close behind.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Marie on behalf of absent Ursula and Jill

On the male front none did better than Seppo Jaaskaleinen whose 40 cost him 1.6 and a step down to 19.2 David Gilchrist also suffered a cut but only 0.3 to 18.1 for his 37. The aforementioned Derek Steele came in with 36 but no change of handicap.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r Derek & Seppo

Captain’s away day(s)

It is a year since Thomas Widegren provided dates and details of his proposed visit to Almerimar Golf Resort, east of Malaga, and in no time at all he had 39 names on his list. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, the dates had to be changed, and this ultimately led to drop-outs. A great shame but, eventually, 19 members made their way to the 5-star hotel, some by coach and others by car. Thomas himself has this to report –
“Looking back I can say that we had two wonderful days, plenty of social times, lots of golf, good food and late evenings! There was golf on both days, with individual Stableford and daily team events. We had prizes for the longest and straightest drives, plus nearest-the-pin. The Master course was long and in very good condition. The greens were slow, however, and presented a lot of problems for many. The biggest challenge though were the very strong winds during the first day, and some morning rain on the second. What is happening to Spanish weather? Even so there was some good golf played.
I would like to thank all of you who took part and your contribution towards a happy memory for my lifetime.”

The accumulated Stableford Champion was Damien Murphy with a total of 62 points.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

The winning team on Day One included Cees Lagerwerf, Damien Murphy, Peter Marler, and Gordon Edwards. Total 73 points.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Day Two’s winners were David Moody, Alan Jewett, and Cees Lagerwerf with 88 points.

Richard Ledgard earned a prize for the longest drive(240m) and, rather amusingly, Brian Farmer one for the straightest – a mere 6.5 cms. Doubtless there is a tale there somewhere? Richard also picked up the NtP award(3.69m). All very precise?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Some of the cats purring happily

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Champion Damien, centre, with Captain Thomas, right.

Evidence that everyone had a possibly indulgent good time is suggested by the absence of relevant photographs.

One of those taking part has kindly given his own impressions of this year’s event. It follows.

“It was an interesting drive up the coast with spectacular views as the A7 cut its way through the hillsides. A quality road which replaced the old sections where you were obliged to return to the beach side road for sections that were disconnected from the Autovia.For the car drivers the journey time was only 2 ¼ hours. As we approached our destination the views changed from pretty hillside villages to acre upon acre of plastic covered greenhouses producing soft fruit and vegetables. A very necessary blight to the coastline and essential to the economy of Spain.

Arriving at the hotel, we checked in as some of our rooms were available. This modern hotel had an open plan feel and spacious bedrooms with key pads on the wall to activate all the lighting, TV etc. It took a bit of getting used to as lights in the bathroom, toilet and bedroom could all be activated independently.

Preparation for the golf commenced, for some, with a light lunch and refreshments at the Clubhouse, which was only 200 metres from the rear of the Hotel and past the swimming pool.Day one on the golf course was very testing with winds gusting in excess of 50kph.The course was in good condition but by La Cala standards the greens were very slow and took some time adapting to. There are some lovely holes on this course with water being the biggest danger. A quirky par 5 required only an 8 iron off the tee (downwind) to lay up short of the water as the carry was not even a consideration for the majority. Due to the wind strength most par 4s were unreachable to many in regulation.

After golf we had the Day 1 presentation of prizes with some refreshment and discussed our tales of woe before moving back to the Hotel to prepare for pre dinner drinks and the evening buffet. There were several other groups of golfers staying besides ourselves but they had prepared tables of 10 and 9 for our group in one corner of the restaurant. There was a very good selection of starters and hot food to choose from with options of fish, and/or meat with all the added side dishes. Nobody went hungry and several of us went back for seconds. After the meal we went to the lounge bar for a nightcap and to prepare ourselves for the next day.

Day 2 arrived without any wind and to a loud cheer. Unfortunately it had been replaced by rain. Oddly, we needed the wind to blow it away. Typical !!!
There was a leisurely breakfast with healthy choices (fruit, yogurt etc) and/or the traditional British version, both of which were very good.
As we had managed to delay our tee times by an hour, time was spent chatting, joking as the rain continued to fall. The good news was that the skies were brightening and the rain was stopping. Off to the first tee we all went, full of enthusiasm for what was about to happen !! Scoring on Day 2 was better as we now knew what lay out in front of us. The greens had also been cut down a tad so putting was much more to our liking. The apres golf was similar to day 1. Drinks, laughter and the final prize giving followed by dinner etc, etc etc. “.

Thank you Mr. Reporter!


It will come as a relief to newsletter readers to know that there is no need for them to do anything should they wish to continue their interest in our ramblings.

Is a trend in sight?

News that Chelsea Ladies FC are to change their name to Chelsea Women FC because it is “more of the times” poses the question that Felima, or Monique, might share similar thoughts? Being of the Old School one has been very comfortable with the general, and equal, ‘ Ladies & Gentlemen’ even though, here in our own club even, we refer to “Men and Ladies”. One knows little about the Chelsea football girls but suspect “women” could well be a more accurate description than “Ladies”.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Senior news

Briefly put, and in the absence of any reportable detail, it can be disclosed that our La Liga team entertained Baviera 23/5. New to the competition Baviera are a decent team so we did well to halve the match. David Moody and an in-form Thomas Widegren, complete with new clubs, chalked up a victory. The last minute pairing of Peter Robinson and Paul O’Callaghan managed a half, but the fancied team of David Wilson and Peter Marler came a cropper and lost 3 & 2.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Lunching with Baveria

Other matches this month included a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Alhaurin and a resounding 3-0 success versus Guadalahorce for whom our former Captain Bob Gordon was gracious in defeat. It is reported.

Just up the road

Yet again are we able to make use of a report submitted by a member of the troupe, approved by the Captain, and thus of impeccable quality and accuracy.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
The Ladies gather for the coach

“The Lady Captain, Felima O’Callaghan, took 19 of her ladies to Marbella Golf & Country Club on Wednesday 23rd May. Felima had organised a small coach (at her own expense), to take the majority of the ladies from the LCR clubhouse to Marbella clubhouse. As they arrived at the Marbella G&CC a few spots of rain fell! However, during a breakfast of coffee and bacon rolls (again at Felima’s expense), the rain petered away, and the remainder of the day was sunny and warm!
The day’s competition was an individual stableford, with an incorporated Am-Am team game, plus a ‘nearest-the-pin’ on a very short par 3, over water, which was actually more difficult than it looked.
The course (which the majority of the ladies had not played before) was set up off the forward ladies tees, but despite this the ladies found it difficult to score well. Many of us could get onto the greens in regulation for our handicaps, despite all the hazards, only to find that our balls simply would not drop into the holes!! However, the company was good, Felima had given us all an overflowing lunch bag so we were not short on nourishment, and we had a few laughs along the way.
At the end of the game, freshly showered and changed, we sipped our well-deserved G& T’s on the patio overlooking the 18th green. One lady, who shall be nameless, (Wendy Hinds) actually managed to knock hers over and as it dribbled onto the floor there was a despairing wail!! (It had cost €7.50!).
After which we gathered on the grassy bank for the requisite group photo.
Felima had organised a beautiful 3-course meal with copious wine for us. Compliments to the chef (and Felima) were many, as the empty plates were returned to the kitchen after each course.
Felima’s prize-table was overflowing and there was a prize/gift for all her ladies, plus a box of new Srixons (replacing those we had left behind in the hazards!) and a really nice engraved pen.
The end of the day came when the bus arrived at 8pm to drive the ladies back to LCR clubhouse.
Suitably replete and a happy bunch of bunnies!! “

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
Felima with her Thank You gift from the assembled.

It can be added that Felima wishes to thank all those who supported her Day, one which she will doubtless remember forever. It does sound fun.
As for the results Rosa Hatz was to the fore again with 32 points, followed by Marie Wilson(31), Connie Maphar & Sonya Foster(both 30).
Actually the best score of all was 33 by Paula Johnstone, a guest, her prize being donated by Flavio Papa.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

At prayer before lunch.

In the team event five 4-balls set out with the first ones to the prize table finally being Thomasina Costello, Marie Wilson, Marian Hatton and Paula Johnstone.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
l/r Marie, Marian, Paula, Thomasina

Loraine Murphy was Nearest the Pin.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

To round off the proceedings, and on behalf of all, Monique presented Felima with a beautiful silver photo frame, suitably inscribed, plus a card signed by many members, all by way of thanking the Captain for organising the day and for her hospitality

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

ED. Thanks to Judi for the insider report!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Matchplay update lists

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

And the wind did blow

Going up America’s already demanding 6th in the face of a particularly fierce wind is not to be recommended, but most Bonus Ball participants exposed out there on Sunday 27/5 will have been put to the test with a vengeance! My particular team failed miserably and didn’t manage a single point. It would be interesting to know if others shared this humiliating experience. Or perhaps it wouldn’t, if they didn’t. Then, later in the round, the wind velocity increased, albeit temporarily, but some sort of local record must have been set. Those who made the early decision to play a Bonus Ball throughout all 18 holes were either brave, foolish, or quietly confident. It is pleasing to report that this editor finished with the same ball, as indeed did Vivienne Youngs, although she didn’t vote Bonus every time. Nevertheless an achievement in such conditions. Wind apart it was a lovely day, if a slow moving one. So slow in fact that, having kicked off at 0930, it was 1445 before our 4 ball reached the prize giving area! Which then allowed this scribbler no time for a drink or to take his usual photographs, domestic BBQ duties necessitating an abrupt departure. The ever dependable Judi Lentelink deputised. Thanks Judi.

Two others whose Bonus Ball survived 18 holes were amongst the winning team of

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
156 points l/r Hans Linderborg, David Wilson, Judi Lentelink, Jan Van der Valk

The two ladies lost the BB’s on the 10th but promised the men that they(the ladies)would happily buy the drinks if they(the men)managed to keep up their average of 8 points per hole – which they did! The lure of alcohol?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
152 points l/r Seppo Jaaskelainen, Corrie Van der Valk, Libby Robinson, John Youngs
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
149 points l/r Jan Debrauwer, Mervi Linderborg, Neil Millar, Lilly Lagerwerf

Simple straightforward stableford

For a pleasant change. Conditions on America were kindly as the last competition of May started on Tuesday 29th. However, they changed as the morning unfolded. The younger brother of Sunday’s gale force wind turned up and showed distinct signs of emulating his senior relative one day soon. Then the clouds, hitherto white and prettily patterned, became dark and threatening. We were first out and on the 16th deliberated on whether to head for home before the storm broke. We decided to chance our arm and the rain never came. Probably blown off course by the raging wind?

There were 16 groups in play, names fully filling two Start Sheet pages. What’s it going to be like when the new developments are finished? Meanwhile the day’s honours went to;

Laura Thompson 38, Liisa Lindstrom 36, Margaret Fotheringham 36(on handicap). The only handicap cut of the day was Mike Fretwell’s(0.3 to 14.3)thanks to his winning 37, followed by Philip Shute and Derek Steele each with 36 (Results but no details received at the eleventh hour).

“Mr. Statman” reports

With impeccable timing David Evans has just provided the customary monthly update of the Consistency League Tables shown below.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Caminito del Rey

Familiar faces were recently spotted on this well known walkway, a test of both nerve and stamina. One envies greatly the Gilchrists and Moodys their ability to conquer both.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

Position vacant

At the end of June the Club will lose the valuable services of Judi Lentelink who has offered her resignation as Secretary for reasons of her own. Meanwhile she is busy trying to find a replacement so, if any member, male or female, has some spare time and might be interested, please contact Judi for more details.

Let’s end with a song

Ranked No 182 in the Top 500 Songs of all time(!) this will no doubt sell many more records than did the Ben E King version way back, following its recent resurrection in the Queens Chapel at Windsor. Lovely chorus!

When the night has come
 And the land is dark
 And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

So darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Stand stand by me, stand by me

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018

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