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Newsletter June 2018



La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018


The month got off to a flying start when the hard work of a handful, and the generous support of many, saw the 25th Cudeca Cup Day end in a new record collection. Despite pessimism in some quarters, last year having set the bar challengingly high, it was finally announced that this year’s total of almost  €11000 had nudged the bar up further. A very big WELL DONE to all involved. The exact total has yet to be finalised.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Getting ready for the fray

Players assembled in the car park bright and early on Saturday 2nd.  It was a lovely morning and once Flavio Papa had issued us all with our instructions for the Stableford Competition, presented with a good sense of humour, the buggy procession set out to take up their tee off positions around Campo America, ready for the 0900 Shotgun Start. 24 ladies and 41 men all keen to win one of the many prizes on offer. Of the 65 players 47 were club members.

Several hours later, refreshed, replete and rested, came the prize giving, again spearheaded by the enthusiastic and likeable Flavio. Although a neutral in terms of the day’s competition he was clearly delighted to announce our very own Dorothee Schmidt as the Ladies winner with a score of 37 points.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

It was a close thing though because only a small handicap difference enabled her to keep Katerina Pribikova from getting her name at the top of the list, with Carmen Dominguez Gonzales third with 36 points.

Margins in the Mens’ singles were tight too, but, again, another club member emerged with 38 points and his hands on the first prize.  Alan Jewett looked well pleased, as might be expected, even though he didn’t quite manage the ultimate reward. He was followed closely home by Tomas Eklund Norrby, a regular visitor, with 37, and then by newcomer Pat Madigan on 36. Now a property owner Pat has yet to register as a member but plans to join the ranks shortly. Meanwhile he deserves special mention for being the lowest handicap player in the field, playing today off +1 – to which he played!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Some indication of Seppo Jaaskelainen’s rise to golfing glory in recent times can be found in the fact that one can now type his surname from memory, without having to check the list! Had Merv Coombes been running a book on this event it is doubtful Seppo would have been at short odds. In fact this quiet, modest man chalked up 39 points to walk away with the Grand Prize and his name etched on the trophy and in the record books forever.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

There were to have been Nearest-the Pin prizes on all the par 3’s but, cometh the day, only the 16th was used, albeit for a double purpose. In addition to the NP challenge there was also a chance to Beat-the-Pro, the latter being Damien & Loraine’s son who spent several hours atop the windy 16th tee box trying to do better than any of the team members willing to pay €5  for the opportunity. 17 teams came and went and the results are less important than the fact that Damien Jr’s efforts alone raised  €280.  Apart from which the NP winner was Dorothee Schmidt, obviously enjoying a Good Form Day.

The Main Terrace of the clubhouse seated the hungry players after golf. Heated tureens offered chicken, sausages, sweetcorn, beefburgers, grilled tomatoes, French fries, whilst a variety of salad dishes contributed towards the BBQ. Nobody appeared to go without, with more than a few returning to their table with double desserts!

Then came the formalities. Our Captain, Thomas Widegren, said a few words before introducing Marisa Martin, CEO and Medical Director of Cudeca. She did a great job for the charity, making us all feel good about our support, and then presented Thomas and Felima with a framed certificate from Joan Hunt, founder of Cudeca, from whom there was also a letter.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Felima, Marisa, Thomas

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Derek and June Steele, as always, had done a very good job with their annual tombola, raising  €300 plus an additional  €156 for the boxed cava and champagne glasses. Derek introduced Bertie, a toy raccoon, who appeared to only have a limited range of movement and sound but was easily triggered. Bertie kept everyone on our table enthralled, especially Derek who addressed him loudly at frequent intervals.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Derek, June, Bertie

Later came the raffle, orchestrated by Judi Lentelink and assisted by Felima, Pauline Moody and Vic Hilliard, the day’s MC. Pauline sold a staggering €545 worth of tickets on the day! In all the raffle raised  €1170, another important contributor to the day’s final total.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 201814 Judy at the ready
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018l/r Pauline, Judi, Felima
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Waiting to be won

Then there was the jar of coins donated by Richard Ledgard. As usual members were invited to guess the weight and the value. Michael Costello was nearest to the former with 3.10 v actual 3.125 kgs, whilst Sonya Foster’s stab at €54.02 was closest, in a loose sort of way, to the actual   €65.73.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Whilst still on the subject of coins, and going to show that every little helps, Judi had collected in  €191.50 worth.  €62.50 came in three plastic bags on the day.  So, let’s hear it for the coins?

However, it has to be said that probably the toughest task of all went to Damien Murphy, this year closely helped by wife Loraine who was better informed about the detail. The list of items on offer ran to three A4 pages, albeit double spaced, and many of them were similar in the way of restaurants, green fees, etc. Hard to keep the audience’s attention, especially after a few glasses of wine, but Damien never admits defeat, knows when to skip from the “script”, subtly twists the original offer to satisfy two customers and thus earn two donations. He is a past master at this sort of thing and clearly a great supporter of Cudeca at heart. Auctions are not everybody’s cup of tea, and it is almost always obvious that the majority of bids come from the same sources. Whatever the fors and againsts there is no doubt the outcome is a more than valuable contribution to a wonderful cause. Thank you Damien, and Loraine.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Hard at work together

Hi Jack

As discussed earlier, please find below an overview of the Cudeca revenues.

The total revenue is similar to last year when we had 10.548 Euro




Initiative Amount
Auction 5.235,00
Hole sponsoring 64 sponsors 3.200,00
Raffle Tickets minus prize money (200), plants & Handbags (185) 1.170,00
Tombola 300,00
Beat the Pro 280,00
Small Coins estimate value 191,50
Small coins estimate weight 50,00
Small coins donated 128,00
Champagne lottery 156,00
Donation 50,00
Total 10.760,50


Most of the photographs in the newsletter can be enlarged simply by clicking on them. This may not apply to imported pictures.


Whatever your age the answer remains the same. Ten years ago.


It may be tempting fate to say “another beautiful day for golf” but it was, and the players rose to the conditions on Asia, a Stableford on Tuesday 5th. All the familiar faces were on parade, the turnout healthy but not enormous, and the winning scores were excellent. Both winners notching 40 points.

Laura Thompson appears to be re-appearing from the relative doldrums and this cost her 1.6 handicap cut to 19.2  She was followed closely home by her  friend Margaret Fotheringham on 38, cut 0.9 to 25.6, and then came Lilly Lagerwerf on 37, cut 0.4 to 18.5

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Only the lonely!

George Kirk followed up his Cudeca Cup success with another outstanding display of solid golf, largely error free, and saw his handicap reduced by 1.0 to 10.9. Single figures lurk ahead. Allan Fotheringham matched George’s 40 and his wife’s second place, and it cost him 1.2 and down to 14.7. David Gilchrist came third with 38 and a reduction of 0-6 to 17.7

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Allan, Monique, George, David

Personal circumstances dictated that four rounds were demanded of me in five days which, once upon a time would not have been any problem. Now, a little further down the physical deterioration track, it could have. So Tuesday became a rest day for your scribbler. Hence no further comment and no details forthcoming from elsewhere. Which brings me to a point made by one or two people recently, both of whom find results boring. Stood alone they can be, and repetitive too because they will have been published in their entirety on the web site 48 hours after the event! Must give it further thought. Comments/suggestions welcome, said he optimistically.


It was nice to hear from our recently departed friends, still singing from the same song sheet.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Hi Jack

Just a bit of fun, Jenny and I were joined on the tee at Brora yesterday (beautiful links course on Scottish coast in Sutherland).

No ‘dead sheep’ jokes allowed here!




Hi All,

Well, the clubs had an airing at Brora yesterday. The local sheep should have been more interested in the long grass than the short stuff. We may then have found balls that mysteriously disappeared. Nothing to do with wayward shots of course. Ron was the champion with 22 points……less said of my score the better. Even with an electric trolley it was hard work but some strawberry cheesecake and coffee in the delightful clubhouse made up for the aches and pains!

Best wishes to all




This is an invitational event organised and hosted by two club legends of long standing, Iain Macaulay and Erling Johnsen. It was born back in 2002 but then came a break of a few years before play was resumed, as is said in other sporting circles. This year it was held on Wednesday June 6th, with Campo America the battleground. 14 flights(strange non-golfing word?)all struck their first shots at the same time following the 10.00 shotgun start. To be precise there was no shotgun. The familiar weapon seems to have disappeared? Or been retired, which would be a shame. Tradition and all that?

My “flight” had Alan Jewett as our pilot, Val Penney and Sylvia McGarvie as what I suppose might be called “hostesses”, in the nicest possible way, and me as a sort of cabin steward or Tail-end-Charlie, which is apt if only based on my driving distances off the tee.Val claimed early on that she hadn’t played for ages but then struck the ball as though fresh from the range. Sylvia played some excellent shots but when it came to putting the system broke down a bit. For my own part modesty must prevail but it was nice to play to my handicap for the first time in a long while.

The Rules of the day are simple, the format Stableford, six main prizes, and Nearest-the-Pin on all par 3’s. Our hosts had their administrative hands full so did not take part but certainly joined in the lunchtime jollifications and prize giving. As a whole host of photographs have testified. Now that everyone(except me)has a mobile phone it is impossible to escape the lens.

“Dear Jack,

As requested, the results of McErliain.

Champion –  George Kirk            ———-  42 pts

– 2nd          –   Lilly Lagerwerf       ———-  38 pts  on hcp

– 3rd           –  Judi Lentelink          ———-  38 pts  on hcp

– 4th           –   Isabella  Rippinger ———-  37 pts  on hcp

– 5th           –   Vic Hilliard             ———-  37 pts  on hcp

– 6th           –   Jack Perry               ———-  37 pts  on hcp


Well played to day.

Best regards,


William Shatner was Captain of “Enterprise” in “Starfleet”, back in the early 23rd century,as some may recall but the only reason for mentioning such an irrelevance is because of the George Kirk connection.  Our stocky, doughty Scot is enjoying a rich vein of form at the moment and, as can be seen from Iain’s result sheet, won in a canter from a closely packed group.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Erling, The Champeen, Iain

The ladies nearest the pin winners, left to right in the picture below were Jill Davies, Isabella Rippinger, Kate Bradley( it is thought!!)and Carol Rees.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Then joined by the missing Judi Lentelink. Still hiding.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

The male line up, left to right, was Peter Bradley, (Erling), Damien Murphy, David Wilson, Les Wicks.

Pictures of newly capped McErliains include

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
Vic Hilliard
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
Isabella Rippinger
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
Lilly Lagerwerf


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018The Editor
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018All good things come to an end



Our Lady Vice Captain promised us something different and on Saturday the 9th on America she put us to the test. The rules for the day could have come from the David Wilson Book of Horror Golf, and were distributed to team captains well in advance so they could swot them up and then lead their disbelieving team mates along the new trail. It is unlikely than many men had ever played off the red tees before. This day they were regular occupants of that hallowed turf. With the benefit of the 18 holes behind us it is easy to be sanguine about the experience, which basically revolved around moving tees forward or back according to your score on the previous hole. Sounds simple but having a captain with a copy of the rules in his hand, and possessed of some authority, was an essential ingredient. As we 1B starters had in Damien Murphy. James Reid and Wendy Warren making up my foursome. Whatever the outcome had been one thing is for sure. We had a ball. Non stop repartee, loads of laughter, some decent golf at times, altogether a most enjoyable round. Which got better when, to our amazement, we learned we were the winners. Full marks to Captain Damien who led his troops by example, walked the course, entertained with his Irish wit and old jokes memory, and only just made the prize giving ceremony having stopped for a shower en route.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

1st 102 points l/r Jack Perry, Damien Murphy, James Reid, Wendy Warren

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

2nd 98 points l/r Hans Linderborg, Loraine Murphy, Hugo Reichle

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

3rd 96 points l/r Paul O’Callaghan, Simon Rivers (guest), Margaret Fotheringham, Peter Robinson

The winning squad earned a gentle rebuke for the decibel level of their laughter which led, it is said(but not believed)to the group in front missing four putts!

At the end of the proceedings Monique invited Ashley Collacott to join her on the imaginary podium. There was an immediate round of applause before she told everyone (who didn’t already know) that Ashley was leaving La Cala for a new life, after 14 years of keeping all members on their toes whilst at the same time becoming friends with most. Even hidden behind sun glasses Ashley’s body language made his sadness clear. He managed to say a few words before tears took over as everyone stood to clap him on his way. Nor were his the only leaking eyes. He must have had more hugs, kisses, and warm handshakes than most enjoy in a lifetime. Thanks Ashley. We wish you well wherever life takes you.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Later. Rumours that he has moved to Benalmadena and taken up breeding short snouted sea horses should be taken with a large pinch of salt.



Both are magical but some of the cloud formations of late have been beautiful? We often speak of the mountains but less so about the ever changing patterns in the sky above. Shapes like animals, space ships, and then just large, bright white and friendly gatherings, contrasting dramatically with the clear blue sky. Not to be taken for granted.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Cumulus methinks?



Skip the last hole.


But any handicap reduction at the age of 85 is welcome news, so it was with a spring in my step and further hope in my heart that my playing partners were joined on America, Tuesday 12th, but at the strange hour of 11.10 Normal for the three of them, especially David Evans who admits to not really waking up until about 10.30 Non familiarity with the new Time Sheet system led to me losing out on my traditional 09.30 slot. An ignorance since corrected by checking every morning whilst sipping my cuppa, checking emails and reading the Telegraph. Having said which it did make a nice change, made the more so by it being a long time since my playing companions included David, Cees Lagerwerf, and Peter Bradley. It also led me into a new world of gaming, chicken wings, chips and beer. Altogether yet another most enjoyable round. Cees played well and, as you might expect from the Club’s Treasurer, protected his side’s finances too.

40 points from Sylvia Robbins were further evidence that this formidable lady may be back on her old successful track again. Well done, Sylvia. Keep it going. Unfortunately Dorothee Schmidt denied Sylvia the top spot, on handicap, whilst earning a 2.2 handicap cut to 22. Another in form player? Sylvia, by the way, suffered a 2.0 reduction to 28.6. Jill Davies, always in the hunt, scored 38 to finish third and was trimmed to 14.8

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Jill, Dorothee, Sylvia

36 was a popular score amongst the men. No less than four registering the same score. No more than expected by their handicaps it seems since there were no reductions. David Wilson, Cees Lagerwerf and Mike Fisher, separated only on handicap. A system which ex-pats have come to recognize as being probably fairer than the Back 9, Back 6, Back 3 method still in operation in most clubs back home.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

No Cees or Mike. Just David


As well he might judging by the media response to the World Cup opening ceremony in Moscow on June 14 . to say nothing about Russia’s 5-0 opening win. Leaving aside the controversial and very costly hiring of Robbie Williams, the pre-match “show” had colour, punch and, above all, thank goodness, brevity. The President even managed a smirk or two, spoke only in Russian, which is unusual on such occasions, and the FIFA CEO was ultra brief, animated, and looked as though he was well pleased. Early days yet but a lot of empty seats at the Egypt v Uruguay match might just have taken some of the icing off Vladimir’s cake? Not too surprising with tickets costing what they are.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Neymar from a different angle

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Opening ceremony


News that jocular Geoff Thompson is to succeed Judi Lentelink as Club Secretary is welcome on at least two counts. First a sense of relief that the post is filled. Second that it will be in very experienced hands.  Geoff spent 14 years on the committee at Ingol Golf Club in Preston, the last nine  as Secretary.  Thanks for stepping forward Geoff, and good luck. You have some big boots to fill.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018


Was the setting for the Summer Mixed Interclub match on  Friday, 16th. For those unfamiliar with this competition it involves La Cala, Santa Maria, El Paraiso, Atalaya, El Chapparal and Marbella. Six couples from each club play in a 4 ball better ball Stableford format. Our teams are organised by James Reid, who is renowned for giving everyone an outing if they have shown interest.

The weather was glorious for this first get together of the season. The course was having some work done but generally was in good condition.  We had a mixed array of results. Campbell McGarvie & Monique Peters were winners with 41 points. David & Marie Wilson second with 40. Sylvia McGarvie, not to be outdone, had a Nearest-the-Pin.

Unfortunately Maarten Smits suffered from a back spasm that caused him to collapse on the course, from whence he was taken to the clubhouse where, in due course, Helicopteros were able to improve his condition via injections.

Each club hosts such a gathering during the summer, the next being Santa Maria’s turn. Meanwhile we sit in 4th position.


Thursdays’ RollUps are popular, well supported, and efficiently organised by David Wilson, wherever he may be. Last year a Golden Helmet enjoyed some publicity and coverage in this publication. If memory serves me correctly it was to be worn by the captain of the worst team, in the following week’s competition. It then disappeared. Stolen it was reputed but one suspects this was a media exageration. Lost is possibly more accurate. God forbid deliberately? However, shame obviously not considered enough punishment, another skull covering has emerged.  Far from the classic mould of the helmet it was at first appearance thought to be a collection of Indian feathers.  At time of writing, and deservedly we are told, it has been seen covering Campbell McGarvie’s pate. There is even talk on the grapevine that earlier connections with the punk era are suspected but, by whom is the question? Some investigative reporting would seem to be required. Meanwhile a picture.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Proud Allan Fotheringham

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Not sure Campbell McGarvie

We are now indebted to Campbell for a full and frank admission, which cannot be improved by editing.

“Oh Jack , which way to go? Which route to choose? Your mail finds a man in a deep ethical dilemma, a world of sleepless nights and fevered days. Follow the words of Miss Agnes Brydon or finally get the recognition I crave? You see like most young men I wanted recognition. Either as an international sports star or a rock idol. Sheer bad luck robbed me of the sports option…….the bad luck being a complete lack of talent. Likewise with the music. So I embarked on a third……the world of finance. In a role similar to the Wall Street masters of the universe . Except I was an apprentice bank clerk in the North of Scotland Bank , Kilbirnie branch. A financial hub where a run on the bank was more than 2 people cashing a  cheque in the same morning. Now since I’ve worn the punk wig……and this being La Cala …..suddenly it seems that rather than posting debits and counting sixpences I was a founder of the punk scene.And I taught Johnny Rotten all he knows about anti-social behaviour. Celebrity at last! Now you see the problem.

But Agnes Bryden ( Sunday School teacher, Eldersle Kirk west 1952 onwards) taught if you want to find Jesus always tell the truth. Bit late in the day, probably , but here goes. The punk wig replaces the neon, dayglo golf cap which rollup supremo David Wilson allocates each week to be worn the following  week by a player whose play, clothing, demeanour or behaviour…….favourable or otherwise …..was deemed deserving of honour/humiliation. I qualified by captaining a team which won the pot with the worst score as all of the others had played from the wrong tees . The fact I read the rules , it seems, classified me as a swot and an intellectual and therefore deserved the wig of shame. The current proud holder is , I  believe , Damien. So Andy Warhol was right and my fame lasted only a few minutes. On the other hand by ‘fessing up’ I might get a credit posting in the big ledger upstairs……..only several thousand more needed for a credit balance. By all means use a picy if it adds some fun to you esteemed organ. David took a few and, I believe, Alan Jewett but I don’t have any.

Best Wishes ,Campbell, Elderslie Kirk West Sunday school “1953-1960”


Flavio Papa’s letter to all members, dated June 12th, has inevitably set the mumble machines going. This newsletter has no idea what the direct response of members has been, or will be, but whilst the concept is clear, the application may not be easy without controversy. If you live in Mijas, Elviria, anywhere outside of La Cala indeed, and it is pouring with rain when you wake up on competition day, it seems reasonable to be able to ring up and drop out? Even if it is just the morning after the night before, and you’d rather stay in bed? Providing you report in verbally. Trying to financially punish full members sounds a bit like Malaga FC asking season ticket holders to pay again for their seats if they don’t fancy a particular match?

The object of the exercise is obvious, and if there are members who regularly fail to keep their side of the bargain, they need to be reprimanded, We shall see but all parties are now aware of the situation. Hopefully that will be enough to solve the problem.


Monique and Dean, our 2019 captains in waiting, are hell bent on creating new golfing challenges, the latest of which was played on Europa on Saturday 16th. Irrespective of gender everyone played off the blue plates. This was a new experience for the ladies, of course, and also for men of a younger age and lower handicap. But this was not all. Woven into the basic two scores per hole to count fabric was a par 3 competition. There are five on Europa. The day’s rules required players to nominate the club they would use for the first – and then stay with it for all five! Suggestions that Dean, organiser for the day, had a soft spot for the ladies, appeared to have some substance when it came to the prize giving. First Wendy Hinds with 19 points, followed by Hazel Gilchrist and Marie Wilson with 16 each. Wendy, who would never claim to be a Michelle Wie in the making, played off 38, which meant at least two shots on every hole. Which makes her a very popular member of most team games involving other players’ drives. In fact, let it be said, her usually reliable putting let her down this time. On at least three of the holes she was putting for a two!! Mind you, she was not alone in putting poorly. Seldom can have been seen a display which would have had Murdo tearing his hair out. David Wilson, Dorothee Schmidt and myself all guilty.

The winning team with 101 points were Michael Robbins, Alison Kirk, Hazel Gilchrist and Peter Marler, pictured below left to right.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Second with 97 came Alan Jewett, Laura Thompson, Richard Hinds, and Roy Davies.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Third, but only on handicap, came Gerry Rippinger, Hugo Reichle, Carol Rees and Vic Hilliard.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

It was nice to see Mats and Carin Olsson again after quite a long absence. Plus their perky little dog whose name is not known. Mats had a fall in February, broke his hip, had to have a new one fitted, and now gets about with the aid of a stick. They are a very popular couple, rightly so, and we hope they will soon be back in action on the fairways again.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Welcome back


It might be said that our Captain was less than delighted when he learned he was to lose several supporters for his Away Day trip.  Being of a gracious disposition he will be pleased to hear they had a very good time, as this report from Iain Macaulay may indicate.

“The group had three very eventful days in the Isle of South Uist, in the Western Isles. We  played two rounds of golf at the recently rediscovered  Old Tom Morris course at Askernish.

Best to recommend that it is looked up on FaceBook as “The Lost Course”. It has been restored but in no way modernised, so that it is exactly as designed in 1891.

Myself, George Kirk, Damien Murphy, Bob Gordon, Chris Park, Peter Edström and Greg Bacon, set off with them having no idea what they were in for. We were missing Erling because he injured himself hiking in the mountains.

The course was a mighty challenge, one hole 630 yards, including a few rabbit holes. We took on the Askernish team on the Sunday, who murdered us. The only prize winner we had was Bob Gordon for coming last.

We had a great time in the evenings at our hotel with “ceilidhs” ( the patrons giving their performance)  including a piper, trio of accordions, Scottish Dancing eg Strip the Willow, none of our lot knew how to do it, but it didn’t seem to matter. The star of both evenings was our very own Damien Murphy with his great folk songs.

I took the six of them to the airport on the Monday morning and we had a puncture on the way but just managed to be in time for the plane.

I had an email from Damien to say how pleased he was that he managed to get his liver through the customs.

A great time was had by all !!! “

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018 Our hardy troupe


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Mixing with the natives
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018The organiser relaxes

(ED. Many thanks Iain. You were obviously lucky with the weather. Shorts so far north!! Sounds like a fun outing and certainly different.


“The hollow tining of greens, tees and even fairways is an essential part of most golf course maintenance programmes. It’s a recognised and proven technique carried out every year at most golf clubs. But at those clubs you’ll hear cantankerous members bemoaning the holey surfaces.”

Not that we have any such members, of course, but to avoid criticism our Vice Captain, current organiser of events, Dean Moore, arranged for Winter Rules to apply on Asia, Tuesday 19th.He being a walker for the most part my buggy shared company with his clubs alone, watching with admiration as he shot a nett 69 – and could have done better! Another in our 4 ball, Derek Steele, now the possessor of new dancing shoes would you believe, achieved the same commendable end result. My third companion for the day was David Wilson, normally unflappable, who flapped, and was not himself. Making excuses on his behalf mention should be made of his clearly uncomfortable limp, caused by a tendon problem. We hope it soon repairs itself and he will definitely endorse that wish.

Now, for some it seems, the boring bits. Results. Let’s start with the Ladies because A)it is polite to so do and B)it is a while since we saw our Secretary’s name at the head of the leaderboard? Her 70 points saw her cut 0.8 to 20.6 and qualifies her for Finals Day in October by which time, life’s burdens having been reduced following her imminent resignation, she will be raring to go. Well played Judi.

Trailing in her wake were Sylvia McGarvie 74 and Janice Marler ditto, but third on handicap.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Sylvia, Dean standing in for Janice, Judi

Four male players registered a nett 69 but the winner, on handicap, was a Guest – Simon Rivers – so does not qualify. But was given a bottle anyway! Dean’s efforts cost him 0.9 to 11.4 whilst Vic Hilliard matching score trimmed him 1.2 to 19.5  There appears to be a seriousness about his game since he returned from watery pursuits, and this is reflected in a series of decent results.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Derek, Dean, Vic


The death of Peter Thompson, at the age of 88, will be mourned by his extensive family, all still alive and together, by New Zealand as his home country, and by all lovers of golf. He lacked the charisma, the marketability, the showmanship of others of his era, but won the (then)British Open Championship no less than five times, a feat only matched by James Braid and Tom Watson. A long, long time before my participation in the sport, he was a hero. A home spun, down to earth, matter of fact hero, who went about his golfing work without frills, without tantrums, but always firm and sound opinions when interviewed. No more Claret Jugs for Peter, but the knowledge that he competed with the best in the game, and beat them, will surely help him rest easy, wherever he may be.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018


There have been two matches against Mijas this month but a certain secrecy seems to have settled over the details. We have been able to establish that team lost overall 6.5 – 5.5 but who played, and who it was who failed to turn up, remain shrouded in mystery. From an editorial viewpoint it is all a bit frustrating but at least both the meals were good, our own offering complimented by the visitors who have been less polite in the past. Maybe our new chef is in situ?



Those interested in horse racing will know that the Queen of England is to be found at Ascot, near Windsor, at this time of year. She loves the gee gees. The public like the dressing up competition. Especially the ladies, who have a wider range of choice. Several of our members share these passions and, in recent years, have gathered at a local hotel to indulge themselves. The following un-edited report provides more details.

“18 of our Ladies and 16 of our men all went to join over 200 others for the Ascot day at the races.

As always our ladies went to a lot of trouble to dress for the occasion, well done girls!!!!

The men went to a little bit of trouble, with Hawaiian shirts and shorts to the fore.

However, George joined in the fun (he enjoyed it a bit too much) and Richard’s impression of an alien was impressive.

One member of our group won the falling down prize but I really shouldn’t name him, oh OK then Derek was the winner.

We had sweepstakes for all the races, with the big race netting an E85 first prize, but I really shouldn’t name him, oh OK Iain won the big prize.

Tamisa had a bookie on hand and he was very busy indeed, and a number of our group placed successful bets.

One cloud on the horizon, Tamisa didn’t stop the music during the Queen’s procession or the races, but we have fed that back.

With the new chef arriving at La Cala could they do a Ladies Day, or will Vic and Pauline do a garden party???

Wait and see!!! “

Another attendee commented on the shortage of television screens but, despite all, the photos, of which there are many doing the rounds, indicate that everyone had a good time overall. It does seem to be a landmark fixture in the calendar now.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Stocking up for a long afternoon


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Allan & Margaret Fotheringham
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Louis & Judi Lentelink


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Iain & Alla Macaulay
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018June & Derek Steele


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Peter & Janice Marler
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Sonya Foster


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018George Kirk as never before seen
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Organiser Pauline Hilliard



Dean Moore told us afterwards that “where I come from” this format is known as “No golf” because whoever has the Golden Ball usually plays terribly. Even so it was he who organised us all on Europa, Saturday 23rd, with the following instructions.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

From which brain load, and four and a half hours of sweaty effort later, emerged the winners.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

1st with 160 points l/r Paul O’Callaghan, Alison Kirk, Iain Macaulay, David Wilson

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

2nd with 155 points l/r Peter Robinson, Dean Moore, Carol Rees, Isabella Rippinger

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

3rd with 153 points l/r Vic Hilliard, Monique Peters, Michael Robbins, Mike Fisher


Readers of the local press may have noticed that La Cala Resort was recently named the Best Luxury Mountain Hotel at the national Luxury Hotel Awards. There were 36 finalists so to come out top is an achievement of which Management should be pleased, and encouraged to set the bar even higher.

Meanwhile Glasgow Rangers FC were seen training here, someone even spotting Steven Gerrard, their new manager.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018Noemi Roman (r) accepts the award
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018Sean with Steven Gerrard


“After successfully bidding at the Cudeca event  for a round of golf at the Aloha golf club, George & Alison Kirk,  David & Marie Wilson spent a very pleasant day there. After a light lunch, we were sent on our way by a charming starter who warned us of some of the hazards ahead. We had a great day, good golf and company with a delicious dinner on the clubhouse terrace afterwards.”

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

(ED. Report submitted by a contented participant.)


What she will be like when relieved of her secretarial work load next week remains to be seen, but the signs are ominous for the other ladies, for a while anyway. Spells of top form are to be enjoyed, certainly, but we all know they don’t last forever. Meanwhile Judi Lentelink followed up her earlier June victory by amassing 40 points in the Stableford played on Europa, Tuesday 26th,. It cost her 1.6 off her handicap which now drops to a very respectable 19. Well played Mrs Secretary. 2.4 down in just 8 days is pretty good going?  A purple patch, one might say. One more June comp to come so forget the bottle of wine and make sure you “go out in a blaze of glory”?

38 was a good score too, registered by Isabella Rippinger, trimmed 0.6 to 17.8 and 2 shots back came Caroline Bacon, a name we don’t see as often as we would like these days.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r Captain Dean, Isabella(minus), Judi(plus)

On the male front, and clearly not willing to be undone by his wife, came Gerry Rippinger with a winning 39 points, a 0.9 reduction to 14.5.  Something is happening on the mighty Vic Hilliard golfing scene. Always a potential threat his form of late has been as bright and cheery as his attire.  38 points today sees his handicap dive another 0.8 to 18.7, no more than his consistent run deserves. David Wilson, no stranger to the headlines, took third place on handicap with 37 points and a teeny 0.2 cut to 7.3

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

l/r David, Gerry, Vic



Publishing the results each month doesn’t seem to have made much difference so, unless the Committee suggest otherwise, the practice will not be continued.


David Evans’ consistency statistics continue to excite interest and are shown below. Can Laura Thompson retain her title, one wonders?

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter May 2018


Kate Bradley managed to organise a “secret” party to celebrate husband Peter’s 70th birthday at a local restaurant on Wednesday 27th. Friends from La Cala to Florida were royally entertained throughout the evening, including a delightfully sung song by Kate to Peter. Microphones are not strangers in Kate’s hands. Of dancing there was much as the night grew older, noticeably by the ladies, although Erling did his bit, as ever, and even James was seen oscilating in some sort of highly personalized routine. A good evening, and one Peter will remember.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Peter, Kate and cake

Apart from a collective present from those invited Peter was also presented with a card, created by Judi Lentelink, and embracing pictures and stories of events in which the Bradley’s have participated since coming to La Cala.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018


Is the name of the newly recruited Executive Chef, and it is his reputation at high levels which has given us expectations of better things to come. Daniel was “un-veiled” at an invitational event held in the clubhouse on Tuesday 26th. Tapas seldom seen before were provided at a gathering which included the media, travel and golf agents, and some members. Daniel has a command of the English language, presented himself well, before setting off for Russia to supervise the Spanish team’s menus for the latter World Cup stages. Unfortunately to prove a short lived assignment!! Sean Corte-Real was also in attendance, spoke openly about his plans for the future, and will have uplifted the hearts of members, whose side he definitely appears to be on..

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Daniel left, with Sean

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Daniel introducing himself

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Noemi Roman, centre, Sales & Marketing Director,
with our Lady Captain Felima, and Mens’ Vice Captain Dean

The first project is Campo America where the intention is to make it a more ‘premium’ course. Renovation of bunkers, flattening of tee boxes, hollowcoring the fairways,improving the area for the second shot on the 15th.,flattening the left hand side of the 4th green and re-arranging the right hand side bunkers, removal of the grass bunker in the middle of the 1st fairway, are all on the TO DO list. Rumours that America will then be solely for green fee payers are un-founded.

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018Work begins on America’s 15th
La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018On 16tth too

Europa now has White/Yellow/Blue/Red “tees of the day” markers, and the plan is to replicate this on Asia and America.

Pink tees for the higher handicap ladies is still a target, and the Spanish Federation have been invited to re-slope our three courses. Patience is now required.

Sean recently attended a Committee Meeting for the first time and was very reassuring and optimistic about the future of our resort. One mustn’t get carried away because “we have been there before”, as is said by the pessimists, but all the signs are encouraging.


The Captains’ Fun Day has been “re-located”to November 24th. Weather permitting presumably?


With America in face lift mode we are down to just two courses for a while. Asia has been flavour of the month and certainly hosted the Rainbow Scramble on “Farewell June” day. Conditions were lovely, the speed of play quick, and the prize giving efficient – and earlier than some calculated. Like me, for example. Fortunately Judi – who else? – was on hand and suitably equipped.

It was a special pleasure to see Johan and Ria Van Westerhoven playing again, this time as Guests. Former owners and popular members, now living in Portugal, they are with us for a week. Nor will they go home empty handed, Ria’s team scooping up the first prize! It might be added that her squad also included Anne Hannam, still mourning the loss of Peter, but determined to make the most of life. Like winning prizes!

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

1st with 55.5 points l/r Damien Murphy, Ria, David Moody, Anne

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

2nd 56.4 points l/r Geoff Thompson, Pauline Hilliard, Danny Rees, David Wilson

La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

3rd 57.1 points l/r Carol Rees, Loraine Murphy, John Brooks, Peter Marler



“Vic and Pauline have arranged an away day at La Cañada on Thursday 23rd August. They have 48 slots so if you would like to join them please email them on and tell them if you want to use a coach”

(ED. As in transport v lesson. )


The month ended on a less than happy note for Pearl Fisher who fell out of the buggy she was driving in Thursday’s RollUp.

Her right wrist was broken and her arm now plastered to the elbow. Fortunately she is left handed, a fact for which Mike is obviously relieved.  It will probably be a month before she can grip a club again, but we hope it mends well.


La Cala Resort - Members Newsletter June 2018

Guess what?



Brian Elmore, former owner and member here, and a very old friend, isn’t able to play much these days but is President of the Mashies (veterans) at Kinsale GC in Ireland. From him comes the following tale which, hopefully, will enable us to exit June with a chuckle.

“Old man Joe limped into the doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, my knee hurts so bad, 
I can hardly walk!” The doctor slowly eyed him from head to toe, paused and then said, 
”Mr. Joe, just how old are you?” “98!” Joe announced proudly.The doctor just sighed, and looked at him again. . .

Finally he said, “Sir, I’m sorry. I mean, just look at you. You’re practically one hundred years old,and you’re complaining that your knee hurts? Well, what doj you expect?”

Then old Joe said, “Well, my other knee is 98 years old too, and it don’t hurt!”


Minutes from pressing the GO button for this issue comes news from Captain Thomas Widegren that his cancer fears have been tested thoroughly and found to be groundless. He will need monitoring over the years but is more than happy with the outcome. As are we. He and Helena will be back in Los Altos on August 23rd.

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