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Newsletter November 2014

Captains Drive-in

November 9th opened cool, clear and sunny for the new Men’s’ and Ladies Captains’ traditional drive in. After a light breakfast of bacon baguettes, coffee and Cava on the Clubhouse Terrace the retiring Captains, Alan and Susanne putted out to close their successful year.

Members Newsletter - November

The new Captains, Brian Farmer and Sonya Foster made their way to the forward tee on hole 18 of the Asia course to drive their balls back up towards the Clubhouse and the assembled masses.

Members Newsletter - November

After a practice, warm up shot, it was the real thing and both decided to drive in unison. Sonya hit her drive up the middle with her usual slight draw, whereas Brian opted for his usual “get out of jail shot”. His high controlled fade (some might say slice) managed to also hit the middle of the fairway. It was then back to the Clubhouse to see off the 68 players onto Campo Europa for a Bramble team competition.

The Captains, later, went out and provided refreshments by the 10th green as the groups passed through. Some were happy with a soft drink but many, for some reason, opted for something stronger.

After golf there was some Tapas and wine before the results of the day were announced.

In 3rd place on handicap, with 96 points.
Val Wicks, Bobo Syversen, Manfred Wetzel and Johan van Wershoven.

In 2nd place with 97 points.
Danny Rees, Asbjorn Wangerud, Pearl Fisher and Mary Evans.

The winning team, with a magnificent 108 points.
David Wilson, Libby Robinson, Fritz Cleven and Lotta Syversen.

Members Newsletter - November 2nd place


Sonya and Brian would like to thank all the Members and Staff for their support, ensuring that this day was the success they had hoped for.

AmAmAm Social event on 16th November

In a very closely fought event, in 3rd place on handicap with 98 points was the team of Maddie Brooks, Wendy Hinds, Ron Chesterton and Danny Rees.
In 2nd place, also with 98 points, were Vic Hilliard, Linda Jackson, Gordon Edwards and Lars Granberg.
The winners, with 99 points, were the three person team of Roy Davies, Susanne Valentin and John Brooks.

Members Newsletter - NovemberWinners
Members Newsletter - November2nd place


First qualifying event of the new season, a Medal on Asia (18th of November)

Our competition organizer for November, Pauline Hilliard, was encouraged to stop her “rain dance” for all Tuesday events as we had already lost two stablefords to bad weather. Looking at the results of the Medal some of the entrants wished Pauline had continued dancing for another day.

The Ladies results were as follows. 3rd place on handicap with a net 82, Jenny Chesterton. 2nd place, also with a nett
82, Jill Davies. The winner with a great nett 77 was Ritva Hagglund.

The Mens results were as follows. 3rd place on handicap with a nett 76, Peter Robinson. 2nd place, also with a nett 76
was Bobo Syversen. The winner with a nett 75 was Peter Penney.

Congratulations to both Ritva and Peter who are the first qualifiers for the Medal Winners Final on Tuesday, 20/10/15.

Members Newsletter - NovemberPeter
Members Newsletter - NovemberRitva

3 Little Pigs

On the 23rd of November we played a new event, “3 Little Pigs”.

For the curious amongst you, this game is individual stableford in teams of four. The difference being is that each player is allowed to drop their 3 worst scores before adding their total to the team score. Effectively, the best 60 stableford scores to count.

In 3rd place with 113 points were Carol Rees, Peter Robinson, Richard Hinds and David Lansdowne.
In 2nd place with 116 points were Brian Farmer, Jill Hornsby and Val Wicks. (adjusted for a 3 ball).
The winners with 123 points were Bobo Syversen, Ria van Wershoven, Maddie Brooks and Sten Valentin.

Members Newsletter - NovemberWinners
Members Newsletter - November2nd

On Tuesday 25th November we had our first qualifying stableford competition for the 2015 Stableford League.

The results were as follows:
Ladies:- 3rd place with 29 points, Lotta Syversen.
2nd place with 30 points, Val Wicks.
1st place with 30 points Carol Rees. (on handicap).

Men;- 3rd place with 34 points, Rolf Stigson.
2nd place with 35 points, Paul O’Callaghan.
1st place with 36 points, Peter Penney (from the Blue tees, cut from 17.1 to 16.2).

Our final competition of the month was a new introduction, a AmAm multiplication. Instead of the best two scores to be added together, the two best scores were multiplied together. Unfortunately, if one of those scores was a blob then the team score was also a big fat ZERO.

In 3rd place with 87 points were David Moody, James Reid, Alan Jewett and Wendy Warren.
In 2nd place with 88 points were Pearl Fisher, Jenny Chesterton, Bobo Syversen and David Lansdowne.
In 1st place with 90 points were Roy Davies, Derek Steele and Paul O’Callaghan.

Members Newsletter - NovemberWinners
Members Newsletter - November2nd place

An important update from the Spanish Federation affecting handicaps from 01/01/2015

May we make you aware that the Spanish Federation is introducing active / inactive handicaps from January 1st 2015.
All Federated members will be assessed based on their activity at the end of 2014.
Three qualifying card during the twelve months up to the end of 2014, are required to have an active handicap.
Active handicaps will exist whilst 3 or more qualifying rounds are on your playing record during the previous twelve months.
Once the first of these three cards expires, handicaps will become inactive until a third qualifying card is posted.

Based on this requirement, the description of the qualification for the “Knockouts” will be revised to read “ all entrants will be required to have an active Spanish Federation handicap, in force, for the duration of the competition”.

Revision: Blue Block rules for the over 70”s effective from January 1st 2015.

Members who are over 70 years of age BEFORE January 1st 2015, can, at their choice, play from the Blue Blocks.
Once that Member has made a choice to move to the blue blocks, they must play all Knockouts, Stablefords,
Trophy and all other qualifying handicap events from that tee for the remainder of the year.
They must inform the Handicap Secretary and the Club Captains of their decision at the beginning of that year.
For weekend competitions these players should also use the blue blocks but are allowed to play any hole from the yellow logs should those logs be placed forward of their blue blocks.

The handicap used will be the players exact Federation handicap “reduced” to the Men’s Blue tee slope of the course played.

Members who become 70 during a year may, from their birthdate, choose to play weekend events from the Blue Blocks. These Members cannot move permanently to the Blue Blocks for any other event until January 1st of the following year.


On Saturday 15th November at the Parador Golf Club there was held the Annual SIGA (Sight Impaired Golfers Association) Golf Tournament. 24 visually impaired and Downs Syndrome golfers took part and all were winners.
Thanks must go to one of our staff, Tim Barry and all those members who donated unloved and unused golf trophies to this worthwhile cause.
Tim was at this event and his description of the prize giving was as follows, “ it was quite overwhelming to watch the players receive trophies and see them smile from ear to ear”.
SIGA was founded in 1994 by Jack Nusbaum ( 88 years old ) and thanks to his tireless efforts it is expected that “sight impaired golfers’ will become part of the Paralympic Games in Brazil in 2016.

Members Newsletter - NovemberTrophies
Members Newsletter - NovemberWinners
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