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Newsletter October 2016

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16

A formal preface

Secretary Jenny Chesterton requests that all members note that the AGM will be held on Saturday November 26th. in the Salon Picasso. Registration will start at 1530 and the meeting will start at 1600. Notices and all relevant information will be distributed from the end of this month and will also appear on the Noticeboard. One assumes that if there is anything you particularly want put on the Agenda this should be communicated to her without delay.
Other dates worthy of mention involve changes from those previously published. Monday December 5th. now replaces Tuesday 6th. when there will be no competition. Nor will there be any competition on Sunday December 11th. Instead we have been allocated tee times for Thursday 8th. December instead. Despite this the Captains’ Dinner will go ahead on the evening of the 11th. Watch out for further details.

A technical reminder

Almost all the pictures herein can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.

Hidden talent?

This month begins on a musical(?) note with an original version of that oft heard show stopper – “I dreamed a Dream”. Known more for his multi-decibel enjoyment of Freddie Mercury and the like, our very own Captain, Vic Hilliard, doubtless inspired by the news that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, has asked for this piece to be included for the enjoyment of all members!

One, two, three – and

I dreamed a dream of time gone by
When golf was great and I was winning
I dreamed that drives would really fly
And that my chips would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
As were the ones that I defeated
I won the money every time
And to the wine I was then treated
But the yips they come at night
Putts were not the correct distance
Hands would wobble and then shake
No control of the apply,y,y,y, ance
I had a dream my golf would be
So different from this hell I’m living
I can’t sleep, I drink too much
All my money was for giving
I saw the pro and he just laughed
Charged a fortune and did nothing
I tried to practice every day
Now yips have killed the dream I dreamed

Newsletter October 16

Let it be crystal clear that there has been no editorial interference in the foregoing, despite temptation, and no responsibility is accepted. Having said which though, it is refreshing to have a contribution of any kind. Interesting that our Vic has chosen a number from Les Miserables born out of the book by Victor Hugo back in 1862. What Freddie Mercury would have made of it all one can only summise. Personally the association between Vic and Freddie is easier to comprehend although, to be provocative, “We will Rock You” sung by Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink in Rome’s Coliseum has more visual appeal than moustachioed Freddie.

Newsletter October 16

Have you heard Tomomi Kahara sing it in Japanese, Vic?
Not wishing to divert attention from Vic and make him miserable(!) but the references to Queen and their lead singer are almost unavoidable as eardrums slowly stop vibrating and tranquillity returns. Sunday afternoon at the Vicarage it was not. Kind of the tribute singer to entertain the whole resort true, and his increasingly vociferous renderings were appreciated by a succession of players coming down and on America’s 18th. Arms were waved, hips swayed, and voices were raised in chorus. It must be admitted that there was even some toe tapping on Los Altos terraces. The sound waves issued from a private function but one which was videod and later shown to a wider audience. Who knows, it may soon be showing at a cinema near you? Meanwhile, following the success of “Andrea Bocelli in Portofino” comes news from Wickileaks that Derek “We are the Champions” Steele may soon be appearing at Legends.

Medal. Europa. Tuesday 4th.

Nice to see Stuart Bewley’s name on the time sheet again, back in action after his lengthy enforced lay-off on top of his globe trotting job. This was pretty serious stuff today, being the last opportunity to qualify for the Medal Winners’ Final Day on the 18th, Frugal Fun Day in some parts of the world. No great surprise then that the cream rose to the top, as it traditionally does, as the following scores show.

1st 70 Anna Edstrom Cut 0.6 to 15.3)
2nd 72 Ursula Wetzel
3rd 76 Lilliane Castellano

1st 72 Bruno Schaefer (cut 0.2 to 4.3)
2nd 73 Bobo Syversen
3rd 74 David Wilson

Lilliane and Bruno were not available for the photo shoot.

Newsletter October 16

Bobo & David

Newsletter October 16

Anna & Ursula

Bruno is an interesting character, been around a long time, but only back on the regular scene this year. Circumstances dictate that his time away from home is limited so he is seldom seen on the social network. His passion for, and skill at golf, have developed since he took up the game during a lengthy spell in Auckland, New Zealand back in 1989/90. He had ten lessons then and none since. In 1991 he joined a nine hole club in Luxembourg, where he pursued his career in the financial world, and played just once a week from April to October. 1998 found him here in Spain with an 18 handicap but not then retired. His ambition was to become a Spanish Federation Category 1 player and he succeeded. Following his retirement four years ago he was able to play three times a week regularly and was soon down to a 3-4 handicap level.

Newsletter October 16
Bruno Schaefer

His command of the English language is very good albeit with a heavy reliance on a word not normally thought of as an adjective. We partnered each other in the doubles a few years back and it was an education for me. At that time he made many of his own clubs and had all the necessary kit at home. What with tech-talk and linguistic colour it was a pleasurable summer. We fell at the penultimate hurdle as I recall.

Apart from working on his golfing skills he took himself off to Austin, Texas, in 1997, for a practical course in golf club making and fitting, earning himself ultimately a Certificate as a Professional in both categories. For years he played with self made clubs until settling for a set of Ben Hogan Apex Plus, and they certainly haven’t done his game any harm.

Thanks to David Evans

The amazing consistency of some members is to be admired, as is the closeness of the battle to finish top of the season-end league table. Dean’s magic moment saw him leapfrog to glory whilst Mary produced a sprint at the end of her marathon run.
Well done both of them but let us not forget the diligence with which David Evans records and computes these interesting statistics. Thank you, David.

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16

“Success is just a matter of luck – just ask any failure.”

Bramble. America. Sunday 9th.

1st. 101 Geoff & Laura Thompson, Alan & Margaret Fotheringham
2nd. 95 Mike Fisher, Wendy Hinds, Iain Macaulay, Marie Wilson
3rd. 93 Eric & Sabine Faes, Marc de Jonghe, Carla Stoops
4th. 91 Lotta Syversen, Philip Shute, Monique Peters, Vic Hilliard (on handicap)
5th. 91 Richard Hinds, Libby Robinson, Elsbeth Stahl, Steve Tomlin

Newsletter October 16
The winning team


Captains’ Trophy. Stableford. Asia. Tuesday 11th.

A full house for this one. Over subscribed in fact. 18 groups of 4 went out in search of honour and glory. Two attained it and their names will be duly displayed for posterity. A marital “double” would have been nice, although Bobo might not agree.

1st. 33 Ursula Wetzel
2nd 32 Carol Rees
3rd.30 Judi Lentelink
1st. 33 Bobo Syversen
2nd. 32 Manfred Wetzel
3rd. 31 David Wilson

Newsletter October 16
The top three ladies

The Two’s Competition doesn’t usually warrant comment in the newsletter but this week there were 46 entrants and only one achiever. Chris Slattery, who would have gone home with 46 new golf balls had he been at the prize giving.

The day was also notable for another player, or part player because his involvement came to an abrupt end on the 5th. Briefly put his buggy got entangled with a rope, which taughtened, causing the stake to exit the ground like a rocket, spike first, and embed itself just below the player’s right elbow. It all happened in a moment but there was no shortage of blood. His playing partner, Iain Macaulay, took charge and also left the field of play to drive the sufferer to Xanit Hospital, which has since become a sort of second home. Fortunately nothing was broken but the wound was deep. It has not stopped my “scribbling” but golf is on the back burner for a while, and Members Festival Week a non starter. (Ed. The stitches have now been removed, fresh air is helping the healing process and, said he hopefully, golf may be on the agenda again early in November.)

Soft Bramble. America. Sunday 16th.

1st. 105 Danny Rees, Bobo Syversen, Joop Peels, Pearl Fisher
2nd. 101 James Reid, Vivian Shute, Les Wicks, Paul O’Callaghan (on handicap)
3rd. 101 Geoff Thompson, Cathy Gulya, Louis Lentelink, Vivienne Youngs
4th. 100 Peter Edstrom, Monique Peters, Jill Davies, Manfred Wetzel
5th. 99 Ursula Wetzel, Alan Fotheringham, Maddie Brooks, Dean Moore (on handicap)
6th. 99 David Wilson, Johan Van Wershoven, Helena Widegren, Carol Rees

Newsletter October 16


Stableford. America. Tuesday 18th.

Thick fog engulfed the Resort early morning, blocking out the sun and lowering the temperature. Fortunately it dispersed and by mid morning all was back to normal. In fact for most it was a very good day for golf, the friendly conditions being reflected in some good scores.

1st. 37 Marie Wilson
2nd. 35 Ursula Wetzel (on handicap)
3rd. 35 Vivienne Youngs

1st. 37 Louis Lentelink
2nd. 36 David Rogers (on handicap)
3rd. 36 Brendan Walsh (on handicap)

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16

In fact three players registered 36 points and all low handicap players. Quite an achievement. Dean Moore was the third, seemingly unfazed by his record breaking handicap reduction recently!

Medal Winners’ Finals. Europa. Tuesday 18th.

With tee times between 1110 and 1210 fog didn’t bother those involved at all. Everyone turned up, eventually, and the on-tee mood was friendly and relaxed. Your bandaged editor was on camera duty, watched them all drive off, and left them to do battle.

Newsletter October 16
Phil Van Parys, Bobo Syversen, David Lansdowen, Roy Davies
Newsletter October 16
Karen O’Connor, Libby Robinson, Jill Davies, Carol Rees
Newsletter October 16
Sylvia Robbins, Connie Maphar-Massar, Lotta Syversen, Anna Edstrom
Newsletter October 16
Mary Evans, Kate Bradley, Judi Lentelink
Newsletter October 16
Joops Peels, Monique Peters, Derek Steele
Newsletter October 16
Peter Edstrom, Les Wicks, Johan Van Wershoven
Newsletter October 16
Chris Slattery, Chris Park, Bruno Schaefer

Later, stories ranged from the inevitable tales of woe, of frustration but, in the following cases, happy faces dominated the after game chatter.

1st. 70 Connie Maphar-Massar (on handicap)
2nd. 70 Kate Bradley
3rd. 73 Karen O’Connor

1st. 72 Chris Park
2nd. 75 Bruno Scheafer
3rd. 76 Roy Davies

Prizes will be awarded at the Captains’ Farewell Dinner later in the year when relevant photographs will be taken.

A newcomer in our midst

Golf Academy Instructor - Murdo McCorquodale

A very warm welcome to Murdo McCorquodale, an experienced Scottish professional, with extensive teaching experience in Egypt, Portugal, Germany and, most recently, the Canary Islands where he worked for nine years. We all wish him well in his new position.

Hail Mary Evans

Newsletter October 16

What a season for this hard working and popular member? Ladies Doubles finalist. Winner of the Mixed Doubles with husband David, albeit only at the 18th., v Danny & Carol Rees. Incredibly consistent performances in the Stableford league and, just for good measure, a hole in one! Hit the flag stick and dropped straight in. As it should? There is no shortage of golf in Mary’s diary but, even so, she will remember 2016 for a while?

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16
Mixed Doubles Finalists 2016

Ladies in Match action.

Two fixtures against Santa Maria in La Liga this month. At home on the 14th. and away on the 20th. Both were halved so just six points each, The meals appear to have been the feature of both days, as well as yet another performance by songbird Kate Bradley, who tugged a few heart strings with her “Danny Boy”. This not proving a good month for pictures. The post lunch group shot must have been taken in a shady corner and, unfortunately, is not worthy of inclusion.

Looking ahead now, please be aware that on December 5th., La Cala Resort stages a gathering of Ladies Liga and Senior Liga teams both for light hearted competition and more serious wining and dining.

Now come the men.

The Men went one better than the Ladies and offered the newsletter no pictures at all. Their opponents this month were Miraflores. 17th away, lost 1-2, and 19th home, won 3-0. Europa was praised for being in very good condition, a compliment from various sources recently, and the meals “equally excellent” which is diplomacy at its highest. Representing La Cala were Arthur O’Connor, Geoff Thompson, Philip Shute, Manfred Wetzel, David Wiulson and Peter Penney. Roy Davies replacing Arthur as Captain for the Day in the return leg.

Recommended Light Reading.

Alex Tapscott is CEO and co-founder of Northwest Passage and has written “Blockchain Revolution;How the technology behind bitcoin is changing money, business and the world”. Curiously not yet listed by our Ladies’ Book Club despite estimates the bitcoin blockchain is now marshalling “anywhere between 10-100 times as much computing power as all of Google’s server farms put together”. Fascinating?

A very happy occasion.

Sadness touched the life of Claus Ramer a few years ago but he has embarked on a new future together with Rosa Hatz, both of them keen golfing members. They married on September 23rd., at the civil registry office in Zurich. Family members offered to arrange the transport, which they assumed meant a taxi but turned out to be a classic Ford from 1909. Their drive through the streets of Zurich to the City Hall attracted much attention and lots of friendly applause.

Newsletter October 16

Over 60 friends, family and guests enjoyed the celebration that evening when they all gathered on the big terrace of a picturesque Art Nouveau(Jugendstil)hotel commanding lovely views of the city and lake. Dinner was taken in the Ballroom which, afterwards, was put to its designated use.

Newsletter October 16

It all sounds like a memorable day and we wish them both every happiness in the years to come. Meanwhile, they should be back in action here by the time the newsletter goes on line.

Matchplay results.

Reference has already been made to the success of David & Mary Evans in the Mixed Doubles. An encounter which could have gone either way, so close was it.
In the Mens’ Doubles Final David Evans featured again, this time partnered by Roy Davies, a combination which proved just too good for the Holders, David Moore and Andrew Park.

Newsletter October 16
The combatants pre-battle

Last and, in the case of this writer, by all means least, the outcome of the Mens’ Singles cannot be hidden. The very deserved winner was David Wilson who, as we all know, is a very sound, meticulous, experienced, and competitive low handicap player. Sporting, good company, and as good a master of course management as you would wish to avoid! Thanks to a helpful allowance of shots from him the match did last as far as America’s 16th., but only because of a couple of Lee Westwood type missed putts on David’s part. Very out of character.

Members’ Festival Week 2016

The programme began on Sunday 23rd., with a Bramble. An 0930 Shotgun start with every player given a picnic bag. The forecast was grim but our own Rain Goddess must have been partied out because none fell until everyone had finished playing. . Well, almost everyone. Mind you it was cloudy, sunless in fact, and a distinct dip in the temperature was noticeable. Even so most players were lightly clad, no less than 81 of them taking on Campo America in teams of four. Your editor was able to watch some of the action from his ringside balcony before heading for the prize giving and more camera demands. La Cala Management entertained everyone to complimentary refreshment of a liquid variety, plus a multitude of assorted tapas, all nicely presented and not in short supply! Heading up the arrangements and looking after our interests day long were Ken Flockhart, Pedro Batista and Flavio Papa and it was Ken who kicked off the formalities by greeting everyone and making his team very popular by announcing that the three remaining days of competition will be preceeded by breakfast “on the house”, a generous contribution indeed.

It was then Flavio’s turn to take over the microphone and announce the winners. First up was Ursula Wetzel to claim the Longest Drive Award. Inevitably there was some mumbling amongst the men about tee positions but good luck to Ursula?

Newsletter October 16

Another Lady stepped forward to pick up her reward for Nearest the Pin. It was very very close and could have been an expensive day for Lotta Syversen!

Newsletter October 16

The winning team, probably the bookies’ favourites, finished with an excellent tally of 109 points and comprised Greg Bacon, Mike Fisher, Pauline Hilliard and Wendy Hinds, the latter contributing no less than 5 points on one hole!

Newsletter October 16

Greg assumed responsibility for saying “Thank you” for all the competitors, and wove in a nice word or two on behalf of his wife Caroline and he for having been made to feel so warmly welcome on their return.

In second place with 101 points were Jan Debrauwer, Snders Engstrem, Louis Lentelink, Gunnel Kumlin.

In third place followed Val Wicks, Helena Widegren, Derek Steele.
Fourth were Mike Tunnell, Geoff hompson, Karen O’Connor, Sylvia Robbins.
The fifth, and last prizes went to Richard Hinds, Arthur O’Connor, Laura Thompson, Vivienne Youngs.

The really serious stuff began on Tuesday 25th. on Campo Europa when both the Scratch and Stableford Championships began their two day demands on both skill and stamina. The weather made a hesitant start to the day, being overcast and lifeless, but things improved meteorogically with the passage of time so the later starters fared well. Interesting to note that seven of the fortyone male contestants chose to play off the increasingly popular blue tees.

Scores at the half way stage can prove meaningless but a 6 over par from Carol Rees might take some catching. She is not a lady to fade usually. For the record the midway leaders in each competition were as follows:

1st. 77 Carol Rees
2nd.80 Chris Slattery
3rd.82 Roger Dew (on handicap)
Two others lurked on 82 including the holder Bertil Josefsson.

1st. 42 Carol Rees
2nd. 39 Lilly Lagerwerf
3rd. 37 Johan Van Wershoven (on handicap)

Newsletter October 16
Roger Dew
Newsletter October 16
Johan Van Wershoven

Day two could hardly have been nicer for the players, this time performing on Campo Asia. As in the professional world the leaders were put together and went out late. Several described the playing conditions as ideal, from a weather perspective, but Asia wasn’t about to be conquered easily. Except by a few! After her breathtaking, pace setting first round, in which she showed form hotter than Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce, it was too much to expect a repeat performance but she did more than enough to distance herself from the field and to win the Ladies’ Scratch Championship.

1st. 77 & 88 = 165 Carol Rees
2nd. 85 & 88 = 173 Ursula Wetzel
3rd. 88 & 89 = 177 Connie Maphar-Massar

Newsletter October 16
Carol Rees
Newsletter October 16
Ursula Wetzel
Newsletter October 16
Connie Maphar-Massar

Not a lot is seen of David Krajny, which is a pity, but playing off a handicap of +1 he started as favourite and finished as winner of the Mens’ Scratch Championship. He also enjoyed success elsewhere but we will get to that in a moment.
1st. 82 & 68 = 150 David Krajny
2nd. 80 & 78 = 158 Chris Slattery
3rd. 82 & 79 = 161 Bertil Josefsson

Newsletter October 16
David Krajny

Bearing in mind how little David and Bertil play here their scores are to be admired. As is the 75 shot by Alan Hemson which won him the Day Two prize.

Newsletter October 16

The Stableford Championships were interwoven over the same two days. Separate events for Ladies and Men. Not too surprisingly Carol had the best points total but under the rules of the Festival was not allowed to capture two trophies!

1st 39 & 32 = 73 Lilly Lagerwerf
2nd 37 & 33 = 71 Laura Thompson
3rd.36 & 24 = 70 Pauline Hilliard

Newsletter October 16
Lilly Lagerwerf
Newsletter October 16
Laura Thompson
Newsletter October 16
Pauline Hilliard

In the male field a popular winner emerged in the tall, retiring shape of the most leg pulled player in the club. A deserved and well received victory and just reward for sticking to this week’s game plan! As opposed to last week’s.

1st. 34 & 33 = 67 David Moody
2nd. 34 & 32 = 66 Bjorn Kumlin
3rd. 33 & 31 = 64 Peter Penney

Newsletter October 16
David Moody
Newsletter October 16
Peter Penney

Within this category Michael Costello stepped up to the rostrum to claim the best Second Day score of 34 points.

Newsletter October 16
Michael Costello

In fact there were two male competitions, based on handicaps. In category one, lower handicaps, the final placings were;

1st. 33 & 33 = 66 David Wilson
2nd. 32 & 33 = 65 Les Wicks
3rd. 34 & 30 = 64 Roy Davies

Newsletter October 16
David Wilson
Newsletter October 16
Les Wicks

Finally, on Friday the 28th., we came to the Millennium Trophy event, played on Europa and producing some very close scores, a mere six points separating the top 25 teams of two!! Not for the first time the winners were as near predictable as any in the game of golf can be, but the combination of skill, experience, and the winning habit earned them their rewards.

1st. 43 David Krajny & Ursula Wetzel
2nd. 42 Les Wicks & Dean Moore
3rd. 40 Greg & Caroline Bacon. (on handicap)

Newsletter October 16
David & Ursula
Newsletter October 16
Les & Dean

Mike Fisher won the day’s Nearest the Pin prize whilst Asbjorn Wangerud showed that the ageing process needn’t limit you by earning himself the Longest Drive prize.

Newsletter October 16
Mike Fisher
Newsletter October 16
Asbjorn Wangerud

There was additionally a “Get better soon” sympathy award to this scribbler, which came as a total but very kind and acceptable surprise.

Newsletter October 16
Jack Perry

The Members’ Festival Week drew to a most enjoyable finale with dinner and prize giving in the clubhouse. Dress code was interestingly interpreted with only two ties visible and very few jackets. However, and in contrast to the statement from the UK’s John Lewis chain of stores forecasting the death of the table cloth, the dining area was more formally arranged and the prize table’s legs almost bending under the weight.

Ken Flockhart, Pedro Batista, and especially Flavio Papa who was at the heart of everything, are to be thanked and congratulated for a well organised, hospitable, and well supported week. Nor should we overlook Ashley Collacott who, apart from his contributions behind the scenes, smiled radiantly during the prize giving.

Newsletter October 16
Ken Flockhart
Newsletter October 16
Pedro Batista
Newsletter October 16
Flavio Papa
Newsletter October 16
Ashley Collacott

(Ed. Apparently sales of table cloths have dropped markedly all over the UK as the younger generation turn to more casual dining, trays, and a preference for seeing the pattern in the wood of their furniture, more kitcheny.)

October in action.

Newsletter October 16

Unknown golfing warrior.

The way some people persistently find fault, you’d think there was a reward? They would do well to think of the poor soul who died abruptly on the Europa course just recently. A heart attack. In his late 50’s only. A golfer on holiday. Life may not be perfect but it is far better than the alternative. A thought to remember before mumbling about Asia, or the opposition’s handicaps?

Another personal landmark.

October 27th. marked the 54th wedding anniversary of Lilian and myself. She deserves a medal – as many have been quick to point out.

Newsletter October 16

Return to childhood.

Some 12 million adult colouring books were sold globally last year, up from just a million the previous year. There was a 26% rise in the sale of coloured pencils. Potato painting, mask making, and stilt walking are also on the upward path. Barcelona has 300 Playgrounds for the Elderly. London offers The Drink, Shop and Do Bar where you can make pom poms, robots and papier mache monsters. Kidults are a new breed. There appears to be more to life than golf?

We stand corrected.

Mike Tait, he of a scholarly disposition, has corrected a statement made a year ago concerning the fruit tree on Europa’s 8th. Apparently it is not an apple tree, as its deformed fruit might have indicated. Always seeking to be a purveyor of truth and accuracy the site was visited again more recently and – Mike is right! He points out that it is a member of the Cydonia family, commonly called Quince, and used in the production of membrillo, for example, a typical spanish dessert. Thanks for pointing this out, Mike. excuse us for not using your pun. Family reading and all that, you know. Lovely to get a reaction though. Something of a rarity unfortunately.

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16

Bramble. Asia. Sunday 30th.

A mini-shotgun competition began at 0900 this morning thus testing the players on two counts. Getting up earlier than usual – and remembering to put their clocks back before going to bed. There were no casualties. Fourteen teams swung into action in nice, warm, sunny conditions but some took longer than might have been expected in the circumstances. Finally vice captain Bobo Syversen was able to announce the following five prize winners.

1st. 103 Jackie Rainbow, Les Wicks, Geoff Thompson, Ruth Johansson
2nd. 102 Wendy Hinds, Laura Thompson, Bobo Syversen, 3 only
3rd. 101 Thomas Widegren, Ann Hannam, Pauline Hilliard, Roy Davies
4th. 99 Peter Edstrom, Carol Rees, Val Wicks, Rosa Hartz
5th. 97 James Reid, David Moody, John Youngs, Brian Farmer

Newsletter October 16

Not strictly golf.

After much speculation, rumour, hesitancy, and resistance, Fibre optic internet connection has at last landed in La Cala Resort. Chris Park and Mike Tunnell, of the Monte Alto Community, can be seen celebrating the first installation. Toddlers Charlie and Ben Park didn’t want to miss the party. The other photo is of Ralf Johansson with his new toy!

Newsletter October 16
Newsletter October 16

Proboscis Cup.

Having by their own admission failed to make any impact during MFW two well known stalwarts decided to compete for The Largest Nose Award. The judges had difficulty in reaching a clear cut decision and eventually declared it a tie, rather to the chagrin of Arthur O’Connor and Derek Steele.

Newsletter October 16
Sitting at my piano
Newsletter October 16
This entrant was not a member of the Spanish Federation fortunately.

Halloween remembered.


Newsletter October 16
Taken in New England three years ago.

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