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Holistic Treatments

justB. Spirit & Dance

Bianka is our specialist for holistic topics. She offers support with questions about your spiritual practice, your life situation, and your personal development.

In addition to the Art of Life Coachings, her offer includes Energetic Healing methods, Guided Mediations, Systemic Family Constallation as well as Sensitive Readings.

Would you like a rendezvous with your soul? Are you interested in how to discover or train your intuition? Would you like to reduce stress and gain life energy? In that case you are exactly right with her!

Balance in body, mind and soul leads us to happy lifes. Dance is a wonderful tool to generate life energy and experience joy. Dancing trains our ability of beeing in the moment and also has great healing effect. As a former
world-class dancer and trainer, Bianka also enjoys teaching different dances for individuals, couples and groups.

Bianka’s mother tounge is German – she offers her sessions also in english language. More detailed information is available at

For appointments please call / Whats App or mail:
+49 172 6096797 or +34 692 93 41 66

Just B - Spirit & Dance
Bianka - Holistic Treatments at La Cala Spa
Holistic Treatments at La Cala Spa