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Restaurant & Bar La Bodega Menu

La Bodega. Menú

To start, you can nibble some cold finger food:

  • Iberian cured ham of“bellota”
  • Cured loin of pork of “bellota”
  • Chorizo & spicy sausage “Ibérico”
  • Manchego cheese (matured)
  • Goat cheese (semi-matured)

Or you might prefer an assortment of:

  • Iberian cured ham with mature cheese
  • Pork, chorizo & spicy sausage “Ibéricos”

Slices of bread with tomato and

  • Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

You can continue with the traditionals:

  • Ensaladilla Rusa
  • Porra Antequerana
    – with ham, tuna, boiled egg, tomato and bread
    – or the “Tourist version” with homemade chips
  • Roasted peppers salad
    – or the “Porteña version” with fried squid tips

Followed by the hot ones:

  • Prawns pil-pil with an aroma sherry
  • Pot of meat balls Malaga style
  • Fried aubergines with honey from Frigiliana
  • Spanish omelette
  • Assorted fried fish from Málaga (white bait marinated, small squid tips, anchovies
    and squid)
  • Lambchopswiththyme
  • Pork loin pork in lard
  • Homemade croquettes (ham, chicken, sweted meats or prawns)
  • Small kebabs (spicy chicken, troufled pork, lamb with mint)
  • Broken eggs with chorizo and raisins

And to finish, you should not miss the desserts …

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