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La Cala Resort invests 350,000 euros in new maintenance machinery for their golf courses

29 August 2016


The maintenance and presentation of a golf course are key factors in ensuring the satisfaction of the golfers. Those responsible at La Cala Resort are very aware of this fact and spare no effort to achieve the maximum potential from the golfing facilities that this this sunny coastal resort has.

With this in mind, over the past two years, La Cala Resort has completed the renewal and innovation of its infrastructure to maintain its three championship courses, investing over 350,000 euros in machinery and irrigation systems.

The equipment that has been incorporated is: six manual Toro Greenmaster Flex 2100 machines, five vehicles, a pest control unit, a Greenmaster Triplex 3400, Two Sand Pro 3040, one ProCore® 1298 for spiking Fairways, a Spiker 648 for greens, one Debris blower, a 5010H for fairways, a tipleta ante-green Reelmaster , and two tripletas Sidewinder for the rough.

The maintenance of the resort is carried out by a highly qualified team, led by Head Green-keeper Rafael Linares, a prestigious professional amongst his peers, as shown by the fact that last year he was nominated for the award of ‘Green-keeper of Spain’ in the accolades awarded by the Spanish Association of Green-keepers.

The nomination of the La Cala Resort green-keeper was based on the great work carried out in the hotel and leisure complex. Andalusian professionals valued “the achievements after only two years” of work carried out on the three golf courses, the Academy and the football field which are all found at the resort. Members of the association agreed to stress that “the improvements have been both noticeable and very significant”. On a personal level, they highlighted “the high degree of preparation” of Linares, his “responsibility” and being “a serious and hardworking person”, not forgetting, “the valuable team” that supports him.

The comments and reviews from regular golfers or those who frequently visit la Cala Resort, generally confirm the significant improvements that have been experienced in recent years on the resort’s golf courses.


Noteworthy facts from the European Tour, many throughout its 44 years of existence

11 August 2016

Seve, with his 50 victories, is the player with the most wins on the European Tour.


Would you like to know which players who are related (parents, children, siblings, brothers, uncles, nephews) have ever won on the European Tour? Here are the names and family relationships. In the history of the Tour there have been 3 cases where both father and son have won an event, namely: Antonio and Ignacio Garrido, Craig and Kevin Stadler, and Jose Maria and Alejandro Cañizares. There are also circumstances where brothers were victorious, namely: Antonio and German Garrido, Seve Ballesteros and Manuel, and Edoardo and Francesco Molinari. In addition, there have been times when an uncle and nephew have both won, namely: Germán and Ignacio Garrido, and Christy O’Connor Chrisy O’Connor Junior and Bernard and Stephen Gallacher.
As you can see, the Garrido saga takes the cake in this section of “family wins.”

Why are Asian women the best female golfers in the world?

1 August 2016

Do you know how many Asian women golfers there are in the top 10 of the world rankings? Seven, including the first & second places; the South Koreans Lydia Ko (with New Zealand nationality but born in Seoul) & Inbee Park.

mejores golfistas del mundo

And how many Asian men are amongst the top 10 golfers in the world? None.
The highest ranked among the top male players is the Japanese Hideki Matsuyama, in fifteenth place. Next in twenty-seventh place, is the South Korean, Byeong Hun,

Let us take a look at the ranking of the LPGA Tour, the Women’s American Circuit, which is the best in the world. Seven Asian women also occupy the top 10, with Lydia Ko leading the way. On the men’s side in the top 10 of the PGA tour, only one Asian male managed to squeak in … Matsuyama. (In tenth place)

It is quite clear then, that the Asians, and especially the South Koreans (with 5 among the top ten in the earning rankings of the LPGA Tour), have a gift that allows them to stand out above the rest, compared to their rivals from other parts of the world. The question is, where does this special talent for golf come from.

Six reasons why your children should play golf

27 June 2016

In these times of visual and mental distraction, especially amongst the younger ones, caused primarily by mobile phones, tablets and other devices connected to the Internet; it is very important that children and adolescents take part in sports. If they choose golf, the benefits of mental and physical maturity are increased.

It is essential to counter the pressure that studies exert on young children, and to find an outlet to help them relax their minds and their bodies. Thanks to new technology, the days when children played and ran around the streets and town squares are long gone.

Children Golf on te Costa del Sol

As children enter adolescence, and sometimes even before this time, they begin to ‘change’ from using their parents as a role model and will instead use their friends and ‘colleagues’ … the group, the gang as their new ‘family’. This is why sport is considered the best ally for parents and children. Children can learn to understand values based on effort, team spirit, and solidarity and winning, all of which help children to achieve success with their future personal and social interactions. (more…)

La Cala Resort re-evaluates its golf offer

20 June 2016

La Cala Resort strengthens its offer with the continued improvement of their golf equipment.

La Cala Golf Resort

La Cala Golf Resort

La Cala Resort has embarked on an ambitious program of updating and improving itsgolf offer, which comprises three 18-hole golf courses and a driving range. Their management team would like to endorse their prestigious facilities. One of the key developments has been the expansion of the fleet of buggies incorporating 25 new units.

General works have led to improved landscaping at the entrance to the resort, new internal road signage as well as increased security along the access to the complex.

With the prestigious green keeper, Rafael Linares, nominated last year as the best greenkeeper in Spain, the resort team has carried out the planting of indigenous trees in the three golf courses, which will increase the general tree cover. At the same time, theyinstalled a ‘ferti-irrigation’ system in Europa Course and are in the process of a major renovation and improvement of bunkers on this course.

The Asia Course has received significant attention such as the availability of new tee boxes, the widening of the fairway on hole 15, increasing the size of the 18th green and the renovation of the tee blocks. With regards to the America Course, the 1st tee box has been enlarged. In high demand for its spectacular views, the tee shot requirements are now greater.

Overall, the work carried out to improve the golf offer has allowed for the expansion of the short game area and putting green of the Club House. At the same time, the improvements have been extended to the driving range and the adjoining par 3 course.