Environmental Policy

Sustainable Success at La Cala Resort

For more than 30 years, La Cala Resort has continually looked towards the future, providing guests and visitors with improved, sustainable service on and off the golf course.

As one of the initial pioneers in Europe, La Cala was the first resort in the Costa del Sol to use recycled water throughout their resort, using a state-of-the-art pumping system to irrigate all three championship courses more efficiently.

Since this initial record investment, with the help of their owners FBD Hotel & Resorts, La Cala Resort has continuously followed up these sustainable practices with further environmentally friendly improvements.

La Cala Sustainability | La Cala Resort

Climate Change and Carbon Emissions

“Transition to Bermuda greens, innovation in irrigation systems and new lithium-powered buggies are some of our actions taken to reduce carbon emissions…”

Bermuda Greens | La Cala Resort

Transition to Bermuda greens across two of its three golf courses. Reducing chemical fertiliser usage all-year round. On average, Bermuda greens require 30% less water than other putting surfaces, allowing for improved greens throughout the year while simultaneously reducing previous water usage.

x | La Cala Resort

Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers, used for soil amendments, water amendments and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system. Through innovative fertigation techniques, we have limited the usage of hard machinery need to fertilize the golf courses, limiting fuel emissions across all three golf courses.

Buggy Fleet | La Cala Resort

Previously, La Cala’s buggy fleet was made up of entirely petrol engines. Recent upgrades have introduced new lithium-powered carts, available for all three courses. Providing a much safer and more controlled drive across the hilly topography at La Cala, the new lithium-powered fleet also reduces electricity usage compared with the old lead batteries during busy golf seasons. This improved experience for our golfers delivers a massive reduction in fuel and energy usage at La Cala throughout the year.

Irrigation systems | La Cala Resort

Innovative irrigation systems controlled by state-of-the-art computer software incorporate meteorological data and evapotranspiration (ET) techniques for improved and effective results. These methods allow for better weather prediction, helping our greenkeepers and staff plan for maintenance and watering in an environmentally friendly way.

Electric and hybrid machinery | La Cala Resort

In accordance with other sustainable practices, La Cala now utilises a fleet of electric or hybrid machinery for a portion of operations at the resort. Using environmentally friendly machinery for these operations helps reduce overall fuel usage.

Bunkers Works | La Cala Resort

In the previous 2-years, La Cala re-designed and remodelled multiple bunkers across all three championship golf courses. This change in design has helped create easier access for maintenance, and repairs as well as reducing fuel usage during mowing.

Golf School Lessons | La Cala Resort

La Cala has also elected to purchase more environmentally friendly products throughout the resort. Using more recycled and bio-degradable products across facilities at the spa and the hotel has positively impacted overall carbon emissions.

Spa Pool | La Cala Resort

The temperature of the La Cala Spa pool has been strategically programmed to remain at a consistent, comfortable water temperature throughout the year. Maintaining a constant level has allowed the Spa to save energy during the popular months.

Golf School Lessons | La Cala Resort

La Cala also encourages all their guests and customers to make responsible and sustainable choices to help with overall carbon emissions. For example, our housekeeping team allows guests to make multiple uses of their towels if they wish to do so. This limits any unnecessary washing or chemicals being used during the room cleaning process.

Air and Water Pollution

“Since 1991, La Cala has used recycled water for maintenance and watering needs, being one of the pioneers in Europe and the first resort in Costa del Sol to do so …”

La Cala's Main Lake | La Cala Resort

Since 1991, La Cala has consistently used recycled water for maintenance and watering needs across its three courses. La Cala was one of the pioneers in Europe and the first resort in the Costa del Sol to use recycled water for their golf courses. After significant investment in state-of-the-art pumping works and IT systems, La Cala began the process, reducing water usage by 15% and energy output for irrigation by 25%.

Bermuda Greens works | La Cala Resort

After multiple changes and renovations to the greens, in 2019, La Cala successfully transitioned to Bermuda greens across two of its three golf courses and by September 2024, all 3 courses at La Cala will have Bermuda greens. Requiring 30% less water than other putting surfaces, the new greens provide golfers with an improved experience, along with a significant reduction in irrigation needs.

Pumping | La Cala Resort

The combination of La Cala’s state-of-the-art pumping works and IT system allows the greenstaff to accurately and efficiently irrigate the golf courses more efficiently. This modernized infrastructure improves the overall maintenance and upkeep of the course, as well as accurately monitoring and reducing overall water usage.

Mulching | La Cala Resort

Mulching occurs frequently at La Cala Resort. Reducing the amount of rough and green areas with mulch not only helps add definition to the golf course but also reduces the need for mowing and unnecessary watering of unused green areas.

Sprinklers | La Cala Resort

The sprinkler set-up at La Cala has been designed to zone off certain areas, making sure that the sprinklers are watering only necessary areas, instead of any non-grassy areas.

Irrigation Satellites | La Cala Resort

The addition of irrigation satellites, helps to manage the right amount of water across all three golf courses, ensuring the greenstaff team waters the course in the most efficient way possible.

Energy Efficiency

“In six months, our photovoltaic cells have produced a total of 130.653,84 kWh, or in other words, emissions have been reduced by 130.099 Kg of CO2, or a forest reduction of 7.160 trees, or as if we had charged 13.107.000 mobile phones! “

Solar Panels | La Cala Resort

Installation of solar panels produces over 160kw of cleaner energy, every hour for the popular Clubhouse area. After their initial success, La Cala has continued to add to the solar panels currently featured on the maintenance facility, producing even more clean energy to help power the resort in the future.

Electric Car Chargers | La Cala Resort

Installation of new electric car chargers allows all-electric car owners the necessary facilities needed. Plans will be to introduce further charging ports throughout the resort for even easier access and availability for electric car owners.

Golf School Lessons | La Cala Resort

La Cala’s iconic hotel now features LED lights for a sustainable energy alternative, fitted throughout the entire lighting system in the hotel.

Solar Graphic | La Cala Resort

Biodiversity – Ethical Importance

Staff training | La Cala Resort

Throughout our staff training procedures, we actively support and teach all future staff the sustainable practices that occur throughout the resort. Encouraging the La Cala team to learn more about and implement sustainability throughout their daily work leads to a better experience for all guests and visitors.

Waste Management

Compost | La Cala Resort

La Cala Resort properly manages waste to reduce environmental impact, which includes the implementation of a recycling and composting system.

Merchandising | La Cala Resort

At La Cala Resort, our team works hard to eliminate the most unnecessary plastic throughout the resort. Replacing previous items with paper straws, bamboo pens, carton notepads and paper bags has helped improve the quality of most merchandise to a sustainable, recyclable alternative.

Recycling bins | La Cala Resort

Upcoming: a new recycling bin will be placed at the golf shop for all golfers and visitors to use.