1 August, 2023

La Cala Resort continues to promote sustainability in the Costa del Sol

Designed to help promote and engage audiences with their message of sustainability, La Cala Resort introduces their new Environmental Policy page.

As one of the initial pioneers for golf resorts in Europe, La Cala Resort led the way in sustainable practices with their recycled lake water usage and state-of-the-art pumping system. 30-years later and the 4* Spanish resort continues to invest in environmentally friendly improvements across the complex, leading the way in sustainability in the Costa del Sol.

As La Cala continues to renovate and prepare for a more environmentally friendly future, the Spanish resort is now encouraging their guests and visitors to take part in this initiative with their latest Environmental Policy page.

Informing audiences about the consistent on-and-off course sustainable practices going ahead, the website link also highlights for guests what they can do to help collaborate and work towards a more sustainable future at La Cala Resort.

La Cala encourages all their guests and customers to make responsible and sustainable choices to help with overall carbon emissions. For example, housekeeping teams allow guests to make multiple uses of their towels if they wish to do so. This limits any unnecessary washing or chemicals being used during the room cleaning process.

Smaller changes like eliminating most unnecessary plastic throughout the resort is also helping benefit the planet, as well as La Cala guests. Replacing previous items with paper straws, bamboo pens, carton notepads and paper bags has helped improve the quality of most merchandise to a sustainable, recyclable alternative.

This support and encouragement for sustainability also impacts the staff at the resort. La Cala actively supports and teaches all future staff the sustainable practices that occur throughout the resort.

Other notable changes have occurred at La Cala over the years, laying the foundations for a sustainable future in the Costa del Sol.

  • In 2019, the transition to Bermuda greens was completed across all three golf courses. Reducing chemical fertiliser all year round, Bermuda greens require 30% less water throughout the year, reducing any previous water usage.
  • La Cala’s former all-petrol engine buggy fleet has since had a substantial upgrade to lithium-powered carts. Not only are these buggies more reliable, there longer-lasting battery life allows for more rounds and a better experience for our golfers.
  • Recent installation of solar panels produces a total of 130.653,84 kWh, reducing 130.099 Kg of CO2 production. This is the same as a forest reduction of 7.160 trees, or charging 13.107.000 mobile phones.
  • Installation of electric car charges, LED lights around the hotel and bio-degradable products across the spa facilities all work towards offering better energy-efficient alternatives for guests and visitors.

With more exciting refurbishments planned in the future, sustainability remains at the core of almost all decisions made at the 4* Spanish resort. Working towards specific goals and milestones, La Cala is opening up their greener mission to guests and visitors.

With the use of their new Environmental Policy page, audiences are now informed on the changes and decisions they can make to enjoy a more environmentally friendly experience during their stay.