La Cala Resort - Mijas, Spain

Golf Playing Lessons

Take advantage of La Cala’s three Championship courses and book a Personal Golf Playing Lesson with one of La Cala’s teaching pro’s.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer your game will develop and your skill set will improve as a result of this unique training experience. The goal is to improve the tactical aspects of your game such as course management, club selection, shot selection and pre shot routine on each and every hole.

In our on course lessons you will learn how to play the golf course strategically and understand how both the technical and mental aspects of the game combine to influence your score.


  • Green Fee for desired course.
  • Shared Buggy.
  • Golf Course instruction for 9 or 18 holes.
9 Holes
1 Person€145/per person
2 People€105/per person
3 People€85/per person


18 Holes
1 Person€320/per person
2 People€170/per person
3 People€135/per person