La Terraza Restaurant

La Terraza promises to make your evening that little bit more special.

La Terraza is the preferred restaurant of La Cala Resort. Daniel García Peinado, as the greatest defender of EVOO, has created a menu that is representative of the most current Mediterranean cuisine oriented toward an international clientele.

The extra virgin olive oil not only acts as the axis but also as the common thread for cuisine choices that are full of flavours and culinary discoveries. The dishes benefit from the most avant-garde techniques when it comes to keeping the healthy properties of EVOO intact. At La Terraza, you can enjoy dishes that transmit unforgettable sensations and that, at the same time, are nutritionally balanced.

The La Cala Resort team provides quality, Mediterranean cooking that emphasises fresh and local ingredients and that, without giving up the best meats, highlights seafood. The experience is a gift for the senses.

Vichyssoise | La Cala Resort
The Executive Chef, daniel García Peinado | La Cala Resort

The Chef

Daniel García Peinado

La Cala Resort Executive Chef

Daniel García Peinado presents thoughtful cooking that highlights the role of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). This ‘liquid gold’ acts as the common thread for an array of foods and unites the principles of Andalusian cooking with the international influence of Peinado’s culinary experiences.

We are presented with a culinary proposal that is full of flavour and daring in its makeup, but in which there is much truth. The executive chef of La Cala Resort incorporates innovative techniques that transform EVOO into something different—something that is constantly adding value. The chef reaches his objective of providing cuisine that is just as surprising as it is healthy.


  • Al fresco Summer Terrace in Patio Naranjo
  • Food & Wine tasting
  • Group events
  • Flamenco Show every Saturday