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At La Cala our food philosophy is simple – the freshest quality ingredients, locally sourced and cooked to perfection.
Each of our restaurants has its own unique style and character, but they all have one thing in common, a genuinely warm and attentive service.

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The Executive Chef, Daniel García Peinado | La Cala Resort

The Chef

Daniel García Peinado

La Cala Resort Executive Chef


His philosophy comes from EVOO-based (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) cuisine, but with hints of global culture, since most guests are international. The main ingredient of the new Executive Chef’s cuisine is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and he is always sure to use the latest culinary and avant-garde techniques.

Trained at La Cónsula, he has worked in the United Kingdom and at Restaurante Lasarte de Martin Berasategui (three Michelin stars). Following his time at Molina Lario (Málaga capital), Holiday Hydros and Vincci Selección Aleysa, García Peinado has gained extensive experience at luxury hotels. Currently, he is a gastronomic advisor, Executive Chef of Gourmet de la Roja and captain of the Spanish Professional Cooking Team.