Measures & Protocols

Covid-19 Hub - Prevention Protocol and Measures
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Before Play


Please respect all safety measures indicated by the club.


Avoid physical greetings, hand shakes, etc …


Reservations must be made online or by telephone.

Green Fees

The payment of green fees must be made preferably online with a credit card. The clubhouse terrace will remain open with a limited service.


Buggies are permitted for individual use only or can be shared with a family member from the same household. Buggies will be disinfected before and after use by a member of staff.


Pull and electric trollies will be disinfected by a member of staff before and after use.


The maximum number of players per flight will be 4 and they must follow social distancing measures throughout the game.


Players must arrive in appropriate golfing attire as the changing room facilities will remain closed.

Tee Times

Players must only head straight to the first tee 5 minutes before the tee-time.

During Play


Players must maintain social distancing throughout the round.

Don’t touch

It is not permitted to touch ball washers, water fountains, benches, etc. which will remain off limits.


Bunkers must be repaired by the player using their feet or club (all rakes have been removed).


Flags must remain in place at all times and players must not touch or remove them.


The cups are raised so that the ball can’t go all the way to the bottom. The players must retrieve the ball with the most possible care.


Ready Golf, play without delay, it is not permitted to allow other groups to play through.

After Play


Avoid long goodbyes and any physical contact.


It is not permitted to clean clubs/shoes after the round.


It is recommended to go straight to the car park after golf.