30 November, 2018

La Cala Resort highlights food and leisure trends for the holiday season

Wellness, rest, healthy habits, seasonal products, local food, high-quality sports facilities, and a unique spa experience are some of the possibilities available at La Cala Resort, which is at the peak of the most current and demanded travel trends. It is a prime destination for those who are looking for new experiences in a unique environment. Since the time has come for company holiday dinners and Christmas escapes, the resort has decided to present some of its best offers.

Times change, tourists search for new experiences that are linked to sustainability, healthy options and local products, and facilities that are adapted to their surroundings. New explorers who are looking for flavour, the ‘native’ experience at their destination and a significant complementary offer are in the right place. La Cala Resort truly meets these requirements. Much of what you are looking for can be found in the Christmas offer that includes options for company dinners, Christmas menus and vacation packages to enjoy during the holidays. All the while, the resort continues to offer the destination of your dreams as well as sports options in a well-cared-for environment. The resort’s three golf courses (the America, Asia and Europe courses) have been finely tuned, distinguishing the resort as one of the best golf resorts in the south of Europe. Some end-of-the-year events to highlight are the San Miguel Tournament, which will take place on the 31st of December and the resort’s grand New Year’s Eve offer.

More and more people chose to spend this special time of year away from home, enjoying a different type of experience.

La Cala Resort has designed unique possibilities for families, couples and groups of friends to celebrate the holidays in an incomparable and festive setting. The icing on the cake is the cuisine, which is based on healthy trends. ‘La Cala follows the parameters of health and food associated with the Mediterranean diet, using extra virgin olive oil as one of the main ingredients, which is something that is now an undisputed “trending topic” in the hotel sector’, states the Executive Chef of La Cala Resort, Daniel García Peinado. This new air is clearly perceived, for example, in our ‘Vichyssoise’, one of the ‘most accepted creations as it is healthy, seasonal and incorporates EVOO’.

Another current travel trend is resting while harmonising the body and mind. La Cala Spa recommends the ‘Essential Christmas’ package, which is a body care treatment that invites us ‘to become radiant and beaming’. The facilities, directed by Pablo Sotoca, offer a stimulating choice of treatments based on the exotic Andalusian legend and the age-old techniques of ancient Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean. The thermal and relaxation options as well as the facial and personalised novelties for both men and women alike are worth emphasising.

The value offered by La Cala Resort makes it the perfect destination for enjoying the holidays with healthy food, comfort, nature, wellbeing and excellent service.