5 February, 2019

La Cala Resort presents the stages of love with the essence of EVOO for Valentine’s Day

La Cala Resort has created a combination of dining, wellness and accommodation to offer a truly romantic experience for Valentine’s Day. The offer will be available on the 14th, 15th and 16th of February.

A delicious love story will be reflected in the menu created by the famous ‘EVOO Chef’, Daniel García Peinado, executive chef of La Cala Resort. Inspired by this romantic date, he proposes a menu that follows the chronology of the most important moments for all couples. The dishes have names such as: It all Began, The First Kiss, I’m Thinking about You, True Love, The Light of my Life and finishes with the dessert, You and Me.

As expected, Daniel highlights the essence of EVOO in the main dishes to give them the touch of healthy Mediterranean cuisine that all menus should have.

‘There are certain foods that by season and “glamour” are considered romantic. Although I am partial to EVOO, we find, for example, cava, strawberries and duck to be ingredients that are almost always present in Valentine’s Day menus. What’s important is that the chef provide a touch that surprises the diner and, most importantly, that is healthy’, explains Daniel García Peinado.

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of February, La Cala Resort offers the possibility of combining the Valentine’s Day menu with a romantic stay that includes accommodation with a buffet breakfast, hydrotherapy circuit for two and a romantic dinner starting at only 95 euros per person for a double room.

Find out more about the menu and other Valentine’s day activities at La Cala Resort.