15 March, 2024

Meet the staff – Emily, Anastasia and Ned

Shannon University of Hotel Management
Emily, Anastasia, and Ned are students at Shannon University of Hotel Management in Clare, Ireland who are gaining on-the-job experiences throughout La Cala Resort as part their second-year university curriculum. During their one-year internship which is nearing to an end, they shared their impressions, after working several months at a time in different areas at La Cala.

Emily (from Donegal) began working in our food and beverage department (F&B) at the Clubhouse and hotel, in the kitchen, and in our marketing department. The kitchen was Emily’s favorite department, as she enjoyed being exposed to a variety of new cuisines as well as working within the special comradery that existed among the team.

Anastasia (from Limerick City) divided her time in our Spa and in our F&B department working at the Clubhouse and Hotel. For Anastasia, F&B was her preferred department as she likes a fast-paced environment that combines the opportunity to interact with guests and anticipate their needs.

Ned (from Dublin) worked initially in our kitchen, marketing department, and in our F&B department at the Clubhouse. Ned’s favorite section was in the kitchen, where he enjoyed working in a fun atmosphere as a close-knit team.

Collectively, they agreed that one lasting impression of La Cala is the diversity of our international clientele and the challenge to satisfy all cultures. They stated that all teams at La Cala always made us feel welcome, including the many guests that they served. “Spain has a more relaxed environment and working culture between the staff and their customers than in Ireland,” adds Ned. “Despite the size of our resort, our staff works like a family both internally and with our guests which is special,” adds Anastasia. “What I will always remember is that no matter how independent you are, you are always more successful working as a team,” adds Emily.

As our wonderful interns prepare their return to Ireland in the coming months, La Cala is very thankful for each of their contributions, which have equally made an impression on all of us.