9 January, 2024

Meet the staff – Santiago Hurtado

Santiago Hurtado joined our La Cala team 25 years ago and today he serves as Greenkeeper of our Europa course, as well as our Football Pitch. One of his proudest times at La Cala was when he, together with his colleagues, worked alongside Cabell B. Robinson’s architectural team during the design stages of Europa. As he was able to monitor the progress of each phase of Europa’s development, Santiago states “Europa is like a family member to me as I was there from the beginning of its life and I’m very proud”.

Santiago discovered his passion for golf courses at an early age through his father, who served over 20 years for our parent company FBD Resorts & Hotels. “I recall visiting my father at La Cala when I was just 8 years old and, from the moment that I saw the pure natural beauty of a golf course and learned about their distinct terrains, I knew that I wanted to be part of my father’s world,” adds Santiago.

Today he continues to enjoy every aspect of his job and oversees his maintenance team who share similar passions for our courses. He states, “A golf course is like a person to me. At an early age it needs special care and attention, and throughout its life it needs to receive continued love and care in order to grow”.