1 August, 2018

August has become Golf Tournament High Season

There are four golf tournaments on the calendar this August at La Cala Resort. These events will be complemented by generous dining options and top-of-the-line sport, health and wellness facilities.

August has become high season for golf tournaments at La Cala Resort. In addition to the sun, beach and unique health, wellness and dining options, golf lovers will have the opportunity to play their favourite sport.

The Summer Tournament sponsored by Summum Golf will be played on the 12th of August. One of the biggest national events for amateur players, the competition will be held on the Asia golf course, known for being the most difficult of the resort’s three courses.

Coinciding again with one of Spain’s national holidays, the tenth father-son tournament will be played on the 15th of August. This tournament is specifically designed for pairs of amateur fathers and sons with valid licenses issued by the Real Federación Española de Golf or licenses from an international golf federation. The Europe golf course, complete with a beautiful bridge, four walkways crossing the Ojén River and golf-buggy-accessible tunnels, has been chosen for this competition.

La Cala Resort will host the LARF Cornwall Foundation’s charity event on the 18th of August. This competition will be played on the Asia course and the money raised will benefit teenagers and young adults under the age of 24 who are suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment. This will be the fifth consecutive year that La Cala Resort has hosted this charity event, expecting to maintain high levels of participation and fundraising.

Lastly, the tenth Match Quality Golf Circuit will be played on the Asia golf course on Sunday, the 26th of August. This competition is one of 56 separate tournaments all held on the best golf courses in Spain.

In addition to golf tournaments, La Cala Resort will offer hotel guests and local visitors special golf offers like a two-player plus golf buggy package for €99.00. Hotel guests will also be able to participate in various other activities that will contribute to making their stay a memorable experience.