22 April, 2019

The Keys to Becoming a Great Golf Player at La Cala Resort

La Cala Resort offers one of the most complete, sophisticated and demanding educational golf programmes for improving your level.

Golf is one of the sports with the most reach thanks to the efforts of academies, resorts and golf clubs over the past years. Things have changed substantially—golf is now even an olympic sport. One does not have to be the tallest or fastest or bulkiest to excel at this sport. In fact, social status, sex and age are irrelevant; ‘It is fantastic for people of all ages. Everyone from children to the elderly can learn to play and compete in different ways’, Fabian Lozano, golf instructor at La Cala Resort reminds us. And although some think that the only goal is to hit the ball into one of the 18 holes on the golf course, it is much more than that.

To begin, it is one of the few ‘gentlemen’s’ sports left that instils the values of ‘honesty, respect and manners’, to cite a few. And as this professional tells us, ‘a Scottish friend always told me that it was easier to rob a bank that to cheat at golf’. Another important feature is its strong sense of equality since anyone, regardless of their physical condition or level, can play with a golfer of a higher level and win ‘thanks to something called a “handicap”’.
Last, we must not forget how easily golf can help us disconnect from the daily routine and shake out the stress. Many students agree that when they play golf, they cannot ‘think about anything else. The course gives you a special feeling’.

*Can you imagine playing Sergio García and winning? It’s difficult, but in golf, ‘anything is possible’

* Can you imagine playing Sergio García and winning? It’s difficult, but in golf, ‘anything is possible’, says Lozano. ‘In addition to offering other athletic activities, we at La Cala Resort want you to discover the game of golf as a healthy and different sport that allows you to enjoy a well-rounded life’.

But if you insist on being good, very good, La Cala Resort has packages and prices to cover all your needs.

You can attend technical golf classes to learn or to perfect different types of swings. You can even take game classes on the course itself where ‘aspects such as strategy, rules and courtesy are learned or improved’. La Cala Golf Academy offers the ‘Evolution’ package, which is a programme focused on players (regardless of skill) who want to improve their level. ‘In ten hours of class, students can learn and improve different aspects of the game’. There is even the option of training with a professional. ‘It provides good fundamentals and delves into concrete aspects of technique’.

*Creating pre-professionals and hobbyists at La Cala Golf Academy

This commitment to improvement is not limited to adults. Since La Cala Golf enjoys spreading the culture of golf and attracting many golf-lovers, La Cala Golf Academy offers discounts to children up to 13 years of age. We are so dedicated to spreading the love of golf that juniors can play in the facilities for a symbolic quantity of two euros per day. Players between 14 and 25 years of age can play for a maximum of 25 euros, depending on the club and availability.

Click on this link to check out our Evolution Golf programmes to improve your technique and increase your enjoyment of your favourite sport. You will find more details about La Cala Golf Academy in this link.