6 August, 2021

Taylor Wimpey and La Cala Resort reach a milestone in property sales.

Taylor Wimpey Spain has just announced that it has exceeded the number of 300 homes sold at La Cala Resort, reaching a sales figure of over 100 million euros. This great partnership will continue to thrive in the future, as it is still planned to build 700 more homes, with the aim to reach 1,000 units within the next six years.

These numbers prove that an important milestone has been reached in the construction sector of the Costa del Sol, uniting two leading companies in their activity. A strategic alliance that started from the combined knowhow of Javier Ballester, CEO of Taylor Wimpey Spain, and David Kelly, CEO of FBD Property & Leisure Group. The past 6 years of hard work and completion of successful projects have strengthened the reputation of these two companies as best in class in the area.