14 July, 2015

Personalized training at La Cala Resort for athletes who are looking to improve their performance

The resort is the only golf complex in Andalucía which incorporates a running circuit, 8 kilometres long and with two levels of difficulty

La Cala Resort has designed a specific programme for those runners who would like to improve their results. We offer exclusive classes for performance improvement through personal training. The classes are organized in small groups and are supervised by a trainer, specialized in athletics who will work to improve the running technique of each athlete, focusing on posture, landing, efficiency in step frequency as well as proper breathing. Since the training circuit opened at the complex, a growing number of athletes have chosen it for their training.

“What’s more, it’s worth pointing out that we are visited by many foreign athletes in La Cala Resort. These international sports persons choose our facilities because of their quality as well as the opportunity for open air training on a circuit built into a natural environment with one of the most envied climates of all Europe,” says La Cala Resorts Sales Manager, Noemí Román. In the last few months, a Swedish half marathon and distance runner as well as another two athletes from Norway trained here for a month and a half along with many other runners.

Running as a sport is becoming increasingly popular and is being practiced by more and more people. Running enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and pleasant places to train as an alternative to training in an urban environment. This is precisely one of the more attractive features of the running circuit at La Cala Resort. The complex provides the opportunity to practice sport in the open air, far from the hustle and bustle of urban centres, in direct contact with nature. With four million square metres, La Cala Resort is the only hotel complex in all of Andalucía where you can practice running within the installations. The running circuit is 8 kilometres long and is situated in the privileged natural environment of the resort along two of its golf courses.

The circuit has two levels of difficulty: on the one hand, the medium level, which runs along the America golf course, with a distance of 4,105 metres and an inclination of 74 metres. On the other hand, we have the low level difficulty which runs alongside the Asia golf course. This circuit is 3,860 metres in length with an inclination of 58 metres. All of the circuit is a cardio protected area with defibrillators.

Running is a sport which can be practiced by practically anybody regardless of their age or level. La Cala Resort gives you the opportunity to train one to one with a trainer or in group classes, according to your preferences. It’s also a sport that can be practiced as a family and the perfect complement for the best holidays taking advantage of the different programmes offered by the complex.