3 February, 2023

Meet the Staff – José Fragoso

Meet José Fragoso – Head of Maintenance

José Fragoso joined La Cala Resort over 25 years ago, and today he continues to exert the same passion for his daily work together with his versatile team to address ongoing maintenance and enhancements at La Cala.

Formerly trained as an electrician, he spent his entire life living in Fuengirola.  On any given day at La Cala, Jose works diligently throughout our resort and golf academy to resolve any matters that arise together with his team.  This includes plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting and more. 

In addition, he is responsible for overseeing the daily maintenance of our Spa water and its equipment which must adhere to very specific operating standards. 

“I like that there is something different to tackle every day, so my job is always interesting, but what I love the most is our La Cala Spirit.  We all work together as a family, and everyone understands how their personal contribution helps to boost La Cala’s continuing success,” states José.