4 October, 2023

Meet the Staff – Pepe Serrano


Pepe Serrano is an electrician on our golf maintenance team that works behind the scenes to oversee any electrical and functional issues, including our state-of-the-art hydraulic system used to irrigate all of our golf courses with recycled water. His first visit to La Cala was in 1989 to attend our inaugural ceremony which marked the official start of our visionary development. At the time Pepe was employed with a sister property within our parent company (FBD Hotels & Resorts) after completing his electrician certification studies. Little did he know that six months later he would join La Cala on a full-time basis where he would serve for 33 years.

Pepe states “La Cala is my first and foremost familia, and I am extremely grateful to La Cala for the opportunity extended to me.” A typical day for Pepe begins at 6 am without a minute to spare. Pepe adds “I love every aspect of my job, whether it be to quickly resolve any situations that arise or to proactively ensure that everything is operating properly. And, I really enjoy working together with my hard-working colleagues who share the same passion for La Cala as I do.”